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You're Next pdf You're Next, ebook You're Next, epub You're Next, doc You're Next, e-pub You're Next, You're Next f9a1d58596f Mike Wingate, Abandoned By His Father At Four And Raised In Foster Care, Is Finally Living The Life He Always Dreamed Of He S Happily Married With A Precocious Year Old Daughter, And His Construction Company Is About To Finish A Green Housing Development That Will Secure A Solid Future For Them All But Then Something From His Own Past, A Past He Doesn T Even Remember, Comes Back To Visit Terror Upon Him And His FamilyShady Characters Begin Threatening Mike And, When He Reports Them, The Police Seem Interested In Mike S Murky Past Than In Protecting Him Now, With Mike, His Wife Annabel And Daughter Kat Suddenly Under Attack From All Sides, Mike Turns To Shep, A Dangerous Man And Mike S Only True Friend From His Childhood Days In Foster Care Together They Will Do Whatever It Takes To Protect Mike S Family Against The Hidden Men Behind The Terrifying Warning, You Re Next

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    A four year old boy, Michael, is driven to an unfamiliar place by his father and told to go play Afraid to get out of the car he asks his father to promise that he ll come back for him, and with that assurance he opens the door and runs to the playground His father doesn t come back for him and Michael is put into foster care along with many unanswered questions, including what is his last name As the story progresses to present day Michael becomes a target by the people who know who he is and will chase him down with the sole intent of killing him Now married with a little girl, Kat who is eight years old he has to try and stay one step ahead of the men on his tail, and keep his family safe You re Next is quite the roller coaster ride with tense scenes and some heart pounding action Although it didn t quite tick all the boxes, it should appeal to many thriller readers.

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    Wow Oh Wow This book was an awesome thriller I gave this book 5 stars because it kept me on the edge of myseat and gave me an awesome thrill ride and had to come up for air taking quick breaths of air It was so suspenseful I love books like this I definitely will be reading Gregg Hurwitz books.It was really planned well The characters were also drawn out well I really became to know each character I can still visualize them in my head, and they made this book so good Mike Wingate at the age of four was found on a playground and his Dad left him there His Dadnever comes back to pick him up Mike is then sent to a foster home He doesn t remember his last name or address and all what he remembersOf his Dad is the blood on his sleeve Through out the book he tries to get his past in order andkeeps wondering why his father never picked himup or came looking for him He does meet a friendat the foster home and they become criminals His friend becomes dangerous.Mike years later tries to change his past where his friend still is a felon and doesn t want to change.Mike starts a family and has a wife and an eight yearold daughter Mike starts his own construction company.On one of his jobs a company he hired is fraudulent anddoesn t use PVC pipes like they are suppose to Mike is So upset about this Later some bad guys that are dangerous monsters are afterMike and his family At first he thinks they are after him because of the PVC pipes but then thinks it might be because ofhis past Mike then calls his friend from the foster home and they both do whatever they can to protect his family The book is full of twists and turns It kept me up late at nightand the suspense never stops It goes on and on.The ending was so good also Afterwards it left with with a reallygood feeling.Oh Wow I really enjoyed this book There is so much thathappens in this book and when you finish it I think your first thoughtwill be Oh Wow what a wonderful suspenseful book This bookhas become one of my favorites I strongly recommend it.

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    What should be a glorious celebration for property developer Mike Wingate, soon turns into a nightmare During an award presented for he s green housing project, Mike is approached by a stranger who hints about his upbringing after being abandoned by his father at the age of four.Taken into foster care and given a new identity, Mike has been able to forge a successful career since his traumatic upbringing.But who knows his family history and why are they intend on hurting Mike and his whole family.Another fast paced thriller that I ve revisited with the audiobook, with great narration from Jeff Harding reminding why I d enjoyed this first time around.With a nice mixture of on the run survival whilst the need for Mike to delve into his past made this a great fast paced mystery.I practically liked his young daughter Kat, who had also been unexpectedly thrust into danger The threat of their lives feels constantly intense, whilst the conclusion felt satisfying.It s not surprising that this novel had stuck with me over time.

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    I m giving this book 3 1 2 stars, it was a page turner from the first word If you re looking for a book that will keep you interested and wanting , then you want to read this It was a bit long for me, but I totally enjoyed it Will be reading from this author

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    Wow what a read this was i am still getting my breath back after reading this Thriller by Gregg Hurwitz Your e Next grabbed me from the prologue i just couldn t wait to read Mr Hurwitz is a fantastic author he does NOT disappoint.Mike Wingate is abandoned by his father left in a foster home he thinks he will come back but he never does While in the home he has no memory of his last name or address all he remembers of his dad is the blood on his sleeve.While in the home he meets Shep a boy on the wrong side of the tracks they form a friendship.Years Later Mike has a wife family Annabel kat his daughter everything seems to be okay until he hires a fraudulent person dealing in PVC pipes all of a sudden he gets threats for his life that of his family.The Plot deepens when Annabel is shot the perp goes after his daughter he then meets a person from his past William knows Mike but Mike cannot remember him, anyway William who has CP helps Mike find out who is behind this.I absolutely loved this book the suspense never waned kept up a good pace.

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    Another new author for me, and a author I will read , as I enjoyed this book, although a tiny let down with the last part of the book.Thrillers don t get much tense than when a child s welfare is threatened and in Gregg Hurwitz s You re Next there are two One is the daughter of Mike Wingate, a property developer who has made a few mistakes in his life, but nothing so serious that his eight year old daughter Kat should be threatened by two particularly nasty individuals What is even worrying to Mike is that the police seem interested in him than in going after the criminals The other child whose life has been jeopardised is Mike himself, the novel flashing back to show the strange circumstances in which he was abandoned as a child and left to fend for himself in a care home There are a lot of gaps in Mike s past and it looks like someone is trying to fill them in for him And not in a friendly way either, with some very nasty villains.However in the last quarter of the book we discover why they are after him and I felt that it dipped from here on in The reason, for me was unbelievable but it ends up satisfyingly enough When I was in the middle of this book, I would have awarded it the full five star rating but by the end I decided on 4 stars as it was very enjoyable, gripping reading.Very much in the same vain of writing as Linwood Barclay and Harlan Coben

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    Property developer Mike Wingate discovers that the estate of eco houses he has recently built are not as environmentally friendly as he intended However, it soon transpires that it is the least of his worries, when he finds himself stalked by a sinister pair called William and Dodge.At the age of four, Mike was mysteriously abandoned by his parents and spent his entire childhood in a foster home Since then, he s managed to built a decent life for himself with a successful business, devoted wife and daughter Now, it would appear, something from his mysterious past is coming back to haunt him.Gregg Hurwitz has managed to integrate many of the standard ingredients of an exciting crime thriller into this novel the secret past that won t stay hidden, the man on the run from both the bad guys and the law, a veritable miscellany of villains, the loyal sidekick and numerous roadtrips across the south western states However, the central premise that underlies the whole story is highly unusual and totally unexpected.In all, exactly the sort of story that keeps the reader eagerly turning the pages.

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    The only reason this was 2 rather than 1 star, is because it was a fast read I found the story farfetched and yet simultaneously clich d, with the delayed explanation of why everyone wants to kill the main character thoroughly unconvincing and ridiculous The Bad Guys kept coming back to life like the Terminator, and the Good Guys were way too difficult to kill The only character who was at all likable was Shep even the daughter was an irritating brat In spite of all the suspense and the clunky twists and turns, the ending was what you d expect from a Hollywood thriller with big stars The Good Guys prevailed and limped off into the sunset together Wow, who would have seen that coming

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    This is one of the best mystery thrillers I have read this year The story opens with a distraught father, who finds himself with no other choice but to leave his young son on a strange playground, far from their home The poor young boy is of no help to the authorities because of his age and unfortunately must be put into the foster care system His young life, by far, was not at all a great experience, however, he did learn some very valuable lessons that down the road, may just help save his life When Michael Doe reaches adult hood he try s to leave his checkered past behind Together with some tough sacrifices, a sealed juvenile record, and a new name, he eventually settles into a safe, comfortable life with a wife and daughter Just when all things in his life seem to be going his way, odd things start to happen that threaten to change all that Michael has worked so hard to build Strangers are following them, odd cell phone messages are being received and his young daughter is assaulted Confusion and fear for his family force Michael to call on two old friends, one is in law enforcement and one is an ex con With their help he discovers that what is happening to them is being orchestrated by someone that has power on a federal level but he still has no idea why Now in order to protect himself and his family he must pull some of his old, unsavory habits out of the closet and go after this group that is targeting his family An intriguing, smart mystery with one heck of a punch ending The characters are so realistic and perfectly matured throughout this fast moving story line Scott Brick is far from my favorite narrator but he did a pretty good job with this story driven listen Highly recommend.

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    I became frustrated with the main character early on in the book He is supposed to be somewhat streetwise due to growing up in foster care As a child he was able to remain calm in a crises and act with conviction once he d made up his mind As an adult, he is reminded me of the annoying screaming woman in bad scary movies He often acts and speaks before thinking, putting his family in danger as he does so I probably stuck with it as long as I did because I was listening to the audio book on a road trip from Fort Lauderdale to Winston Salem, NC That, and there are some likable characters in the story his childhood hoodlum friend and the gruff private investigator add some substance to the story I did fast forward as I neared home though I knew I wouldn t listen once I was out of the car.

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