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Worth Any Price txt Worth Any Price, text ebook Worth Any Price, adobe reader Worth Any Price, chapter 2 Worth Any Price, Worth Any Price 5cf62c Librarian Note An Alternate Cover For This Edition Can Be Found HereNick Gentry Is Reputed To Be The Most Skillful Lover In All England Known For Solving Delicate Situations, He Is Hired To Seek Out Miss Charlotte Howard He Believes His Mission Will Be Easily Accomplished But That Was Before He Met The Lady In QuestionFor Instead Of A Willful Female, He Discovers One In Desperate Circumstances, Hiding From A Man Who Could Destroy Her Very Soul So Nick Shockingly Offers Her A Very Different Kind Of Proposition One He Has Never Offered BeforeHe Asks Her To Be His BrideAnd He Knows That This Will Be Much Than A Union In Name Only For He Senses What Charlotte Does Not Yet Know That Her Appetite For Sensuality Matches His Own But What Nick Learns Surprises Him For While London S Most Notorious Lover Might Claim Charlotte S Body, He Quickly Discovers It Will Take Much Than Passion To Win Her Love

About the Author: Lisa Kleypas

LISA KLEYPAS is the RITA award winning author of 21 novels Her books are published in fourteen languages and are bestsellers all over the world She lives in Washington State with her husband and two children.

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    Lottie had lived most of her life under the thumb of her family s crazed benefactor She ran away and has found a semblance of peace in the country, until she s found by a certain dangerous bow street runner The first 8 chapters are magical but IMO the story goes down hill pretty quickly after There are a few mini plots secret identities, mental scars, family issues aside from the main romance protection plot With skill extremely predictable books can be enjoyable, but this ain t the case here I guess my biggest gripe is that Lady Sophia s Lover was so brilliant The Chemistry between Sophia and Ross is explosive not just the eventual sex but the banter and how we watch their attraction grow into love We re never shown that with Nick and Lottie, just told.So what he buys her a crap load of dresses and some candy Nick never fleshes out into a fully dimensional character All we re left knowing at end of the novel is mostly what we went in knowing he s handsome, reckless, and something horrible happened to him as a teen Now he just has a wife and a few other superficial changes to his residence and profession quick summary of chpts 7 12 all side plots not included purposely cue hot sex Lottie tell me about your selfNick I m so not talking to you now, I m as cold as Ice Feel the chill of my haughty retreat into myself Lottie Oh noez, I ve gone and done it again haz a sad Nick my secret is so dark, so painful sigh Nick Lets go shopping spend spend spend Lottie wait..nook yay Nick Danger is so smexy sex sex sex Lottie lets sleep in my room togetherNick NEVER I m off to run the streets, that ll learn you flips cape in the wind dramatically then flees into the night Lottie I shall cringe like a abused puppy and wring my hands until he returns fret fret fret Lottie why is he so schitzo I just want to wuvvvv himNick s Sister He s mysterious, he s always been mysterious dum dum dum dum shop spend shop spend shop Nick the crazy old man will never get you, I will protect you always frowns unless he manages to get in your bedroom while your sleeping, then your shit out of luck Lottie Your the bestest, except when you acting like a petulant ass which is most of the time but I m martyr a few temper tantrums from Nick and kinky sex scenes Lottie It s ok you can tell me.Nick I can t sigh Lottie sure you can, I bet it starts with a r and rhymes with ape go for itNick Oh no, it wasn t that The great horror of my life doesn t have the actual gravity of that Alas, I m plagued by guilt, memories of violence, criminals,and death though I ve done really bad things, am a former criminal king pin, have seen and caused much death, and partake in violence often trembles Lottie I still love you Nick shock awe So while sex scenes were smokin , there was no actual romance to speak of nor character growth Personally I think Kleypas was trying so hard to throw in enough tortured angst and cliched themes that she lost her way.

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    From the cover What is the price of love Nick Gentry is reputed to be the most skillful lover in all England Known for solving delicate situations, he is hired to seek out Miss Charlotte Howard He believes his mission will be easily accomplished but that was before he met the lady in question.For instead of a willful female, he discovers one in desperate circumstances, hiding from a man who would destroy her very soul So Nick shockingly offers her a very different kind of proposition one he has never offered before.He asks her to be his bride.And he knows that this will be much than a union in name only For he senses what Charlotte does not yet know that her appetite for sensuality matches his own But what Nick learns surprises him For while London s most notorious lover might claim Charlotte s body, he quickly discovers it will take much than passion to win her love.My Review Lisa Kleypas is one of those rare authors who seem to be able to take mere words on the page and bring them to life, giving us characters who become real to us They are people we would want to live next door to, people we would choose as our friends and no matter their circumstance, they are honorable, noble people who will always do the right thing eventually One of the things I love most about Kleypas novels is that her stories are written so that they can be read alone, yet are intertwined in such a way that they can be read as a series You always have your main hero and heroine in the current book, but in each subsequent novel we have the joy of revisiting those people who we came to love and care about previously We get to see how their lives have progressed, how their families have grown and how much finding true love has blessed them In this novel, we revisit Sir Ross Cannon and his wife, Sophia as well as Sir Grant Morgan and his wife, Victoria What a pleasure it is to see them still so much in love and to watch their affections displayed in subtle ways In this book, there was one paragraph written so perfectly that in those few sentences we were given a candid glimpse into the depth of the love Sir Ross holds for Sophia Sir Ross had just joined Sophia, Nick and Lottie as they sat visiting and drinking chocolate Sir Ross laughed as he bent to kiss her cheek It would have been an ordinary husbandly gesture, except for the way he finished the kiss with a soft, nearly imperceptible nuzzle.It was such a small gesture, yet so intimate It s moments like these, found in all of Kleypas stories, which mean so much to me I love seeing these exchanges rather than being told about them And as I said, in just a few words, we see the depth of the affection Sir Ross and Sophia feel for each other and this isn t even their book In Worth Any Price, we are given a tale of redemption, of coming to grips with a harsh past, of learning to deal with that past and leaving it behind Not an easy thing to do for a man who is used to keeping his thoughts and fears to himself, but he finds that painful burden much easier to bear when he finally shares it with Lottie, the only woman who had ever managed to work her way into his heart and she did so without trying, she was just herself.I m not going to ruin your read of the book by giving away too many details I ll only say that Worth Any Price is a story filled with love, hope, trust and the importance of family It is the story of John Sydney and Nick Gentry the boys they were and the man they became.

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    This one did nothing for me really Couldn t warm to either character I really enjoyed the first two in the series This one left me cold Skimmed the last 20% I didn t care I have no idea why.I feel I should give it a three but, honestly, I cannot It was OK but I did not love it, I did not even really like it.

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    I loved Nick Gentry since his first appearance in Lady Sophia s Lover , the previous book in this series After reading Worth Any Price , I m pleased to say I m not disappointed Yes, he wasn t perfect and did some unpleasant to put it mildly things in the past, but LK did a wonderful job justifying his actions I just couldn t not love Nick I loved Lottie too She was strong and much able to fend for herself, even though she herself doubt it sometimes In summary, she was the perfect woman to help Nick overcome his fears and accept himself.The story was also good, but it didn t take me away from Nick and Lottie They were the strongest point of the book, IMHO I kept turning the pages because I wanted to know how they were going to work things out together, not because I was interested in how the matter with Lord Radnor or the revealing of Nick s true identity would be resolved.BUT I have a minor complaint Well, maybe not so minor because it was so annoying that prevented me from giving this book a 5 star rating As many readers already said before me, I really didn t like Nick s constant bragging about learning sexual techniques from his former lover So NOT romantic If I were Lottie, I d have smacked him in the head every time he started on that road, LOL.All in all, I really liked this book and I m still a devoted fan of Ms Kleypas.

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    This review will be written in a series of letters Dear Nick Gentry,I want to sincerely apologize for my extreme dislike of you in Lady Sophia s Lover I am going to attribute it to the fact that I didn t really know you and the fact that you only showed me your Extreme Jerk Off side in the previous book.Over three years later, I now see that I judged you too quickly All you needed was someone to give you a chance at a better life to prove your worth Thank God you were able to receive that chance Because now you are no longer a reckless, devil may care bad boy You have realized that you have a good life and things worth living for You ve gone from only caring about yourself to considering the lives of others.You learned to trust another human being with your secrets, pain, fears, and doubts.You have learned to love And you learned that the love of those you care about most is worth any priceI am so glad to have been able to witness this transformation in you, my love.Love always,Leah Dear Lottie,Thank you for being you I loved you from the beginning of your adventure with the infamous Nick Gentry You immediately enchanted me with your charming, open personality and the beauty of you, inside and out You infect everyone with your wonderfulness and you are one of the best heroines I have come across in a long time.Thank you for helping my Nick grow into the wonderful person we all knew he was However, he wasn t the only one who grew You learned to trust and rely on Nick, and you opened yourself to love despite your rocky start with him I am so glad to have been able to witness the change in you also.With love,Leah My Beloved Marcus, Lord Westcliff,I sincerely thank you for being your delicious, sexy, wonderful self This book was awesome, but even if it had sucked, it would have rocked because you were in it You can always make anything better.I will love you forever,Lady Leah Westcliff Dear Sophia,You rock, girl.Love ya,Leah Dear Ross,You make me love you even with every page you are on.Yours,LeahP.S If you can find a time machine, we have these things now called condoms, birth control, and other contraception Try it if you want to prevent pregnancy Muah Sayer,If you ever again cause my Nick to get hurt, I will personally skin you alive.Watch your back,Leah Lord Radnor,I m glad you re dead.Fuck you,Leah Dear Lisa Kleypas,I bow down to your literary genius You have wooed and won me once again with the amazing story of Nick Gentry.I loved the plot and thought you executed it beautifully It reminded me a little of Ten Ways to be Adored When Landing a Lord by Sarah MacLean with Nick searching for Lottie, and a little of your own Married by Morning by Lottie being promised to Lord Radnor and running away I liked that, however, and it made me love the story even , oddly enough.To a job well done, I salute you.Sincerely,Leah P.S Yes, I know both those books were written after this one Favorite Quote You wouldn t make a wish Because I didn t know what I wanted And now I do What do you want she asked tenderly.His hands slipped behind her head, pulling her mouth down to his To love you forever, he whispered just before their lips met. Lottie Nick, page 383

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    This woman is still my go to when I find myself slipping further and further into bad reads If I m going to read fluff, it might as well be fun fluff Kleypas brings the fun every time Well, almost every time I m still trying to forget about Christmas at Friday Harbor Books 1 and 2 of the Bow Street Runners were not my favorite offerings from Kleypas I almost decided not to read Worth Any Price in favor of checking out one of her other series which I haven t read yet I m glad now that I found a copy of this book while cleaning and decided to give it a go The formula is still pretty much the same, so if you ve read Kleypas, you ll know what to expect I was almost sort of hoping that the lead character Nick would explore his kink side than he did, with the mention of his desire to tie a woman up and have his way with her His version of kink made vanilla look exotic But that s alright I don t read HR for the highly charged eroticism, even if LK always has a wonderful way of conveying sensuality and connection between a man and a woman And as always, the lead female manages to pierce through the armor surrounding the broken man We smile.We swoon a little.We appreciate the HEA.And that s good enough for me.

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    Y con este libro termino la serie Bow Street.Pues como los dos libros anteriores, lo he disfrutado much simo.Esta bien escrito, es entretenido y me han gustado mucho los protagonistas.A n as me quedo con el segundo libro, de los tres es el que m s me ha gustado Me hubiera gustado que la autora hubiera escrito un libro tambi n del m dico, jajaja, pero bueno a n as no ha estado nada mal.

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    This one would have gotten four stars from me if not for the dangling plot point regarding Charlotte s family Seriously, her parents were tossing their daughters at rich, psychotic perverts and we re not gonna revisit that topic Sloppy.

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    This was an amazing book From very early on in the story I knew two things Nick was going to become one of my favorite heroes, if not my very favorite, and this book was going to be one of the top favorites of my all time favorite books I give this book 10 stars When we first met Nick Gentry in Lady Sophia s Lover I had my doubts about him I don t really know what it was that bothered me about him, maybe he seemed cocky or something, but to be honest I wasn t that thrilled about reading his book But then I read some great reviews about his book and I changed my mind, I was excited Nick s story begins with him at Mrs Bradshaw s Brothel So my first thoughts were, ugh, I don t want to read about this guy s mistress, I want to read about the heroine But very quickly I changed my mind, he had my attention and my sympathy He was a 24 year old virgin and he no longer wanted to be one Since he was put in prison at the age of 14 he had turned away and cringed at all human touch So that made it quite difficult to be with a woman intimately Besides, no woman had ever come along that made him want to allow her to touch him But his sexual urges were growing stronger, to the point that it became important to satisfy that urge rather than continue to keep himself from being touched So he and Mrs Bradshaw began meeting over the course of three years, where she taught him all the skills he would need to satisfy a lover and himself After a time she told him it was time for him to go find another woman.Nick Gentry was looking for Charlotte Lottie Howard He had been hired by Lord Radnor to find Lottie after she had been missing for two years Lord Radnor is a disgusting old man who made a deal with Lottie s family He would give them money to eat and live on if they would give Lottie, their oldest daughter, to him in marriage But Lottie refuses to be prey to Lord Crusty and so she runs away Nick finds Lottie working as a companion to the Earl of Westcliff s mother at Stony Cross Park Yay, we get to spend time with Marcus, another favorite of mine sigh What Nick didn t expect to find was a woman who would make him feel unlike any other before There is an immediate attraction between the two of them and sparks start to fly When the earl of Westcliff finds out the true identity and fate of his mothers companion, he proposes marriage to her to protect her But Nick won t allow someone else to take Lottie from him and Lottie won t allow the Earl to settle for a loveless marriage So Nick offers marriage to Lottie He truly feels sorry for the lot that had been dealt to her and he knows that if he does not protect her from the old Lord Creep a lot, then she would be destroyed, mind, body and soul.What I love about the relationship between Nick and Lottie is that they actually get along very well They complement each others personalities very well and grow quite open and close to each other early on in their marriage It was very refreshing to see that Lottie never allowed Nick to bully her, she was able to speak her mind in front of him She did not fear him when the rumors she d heard about him told her she should fear him And Nick showed her such kindness and the fun side of life, a side she had not seen since she was a little girl of 8 years old being betrothed to Lord Dirty Old Man Lottie and Nick did have their problems to work through though Remember Nick comes into this marriage with an awful lot of baggage that he needs to work through But with his spirited and tough new bride, it was sure to happen.This was one of those stories where the hero and heroine both captured my heart They were both such tortured souls, but worked through their problems beautifully Oh, and I love the ending with Sir Ross Cannon and Nick, finally able to agree on something Amazing book and I cannot wait to read it again Lisa Kleypas is simply an amazing woman to be able to create the heroes that she does

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    As I started to read Worth Any Price, I kept flipping back to the cover to make sure I was reading a LK book and not another author by mistake I ve read a good amount of LK books and enjoy her style of writing greatly, but with Worth Any Price it was very unusual style that differ from other LK books I ve read so far, one with of a teasing sensual level, I ve only found in one other of her books Rating this book was also tough, as it was a different take on LK s style, but not in a bad way LK always seems to make the best memorable heroes and Nick is right up there with the best, he was like quicksilver at times, always moving, thinking , trying to move on while fighting against the flow and the odds At times I wanted to push him away and other times I wanted to hold him close, he was teasing with a devil may care smile and other times so very lonely and lost trying to find a new way in his life He had one of the highest sensual levels that at times I did feel got in the way of finding out of what s going in his head , but it only went to show you a deeper meaning behind his actions and open his thoughts Lottie was gentle and kind on the outside with a core of steel on the inside, while Nick came to be know as strong and reckless, Lottie really was the leader of the relationship, opening up to Nick and giving him the support he needed to face his past demons While I enjoy the sensual level between these two, I did feel Nick s lack of tack did get in the way, comparing his wife to his old lover teacher But taking a big grain of salt with that I looked at it at a different angle Nick wasn t raised to be a gentleman and was very blunt and truthful to a point of being hurtful and only had one lover beforehand so that pretty much made his a novice in a real relationship A novice with expressing feelings and emotions toward his wife Lottie I don t think he really saw what he was doing until later on Lottie took a lot of things in stride with Nick which I thought was really the only way to get though to him and which did in the end Lottie knew when to be tough and when to be gentle and had a lot bucket load of common sense that many romance women lack at times Worth any Price was a deep character driven story as the rest subplots were dealing with one or both Nick and Lottie I liked how the story of the Bow Street Runners tied up nicely with the New Police coming into play finally shutting down the once famous Bow Street Runners Giving everyone a fresh start at life, mostly Nick Giving closure to not only the Runners but the series as well Overall I enjoyed Worth Any Price with two wonder leads that really drew you into their story, LK really showed another side to her writing that I couldn t help but love in the end giving it high marks A great ending to the Bow Street Runners series.

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