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Without Lying Down: Frances Marion and the Powerful Women of Early Hollywood quotes Without Lying Down: Frances Marion and the Powerful Women of Early Hollywood, litcharts Without Lying Down: Frances Marion and the Powerful Women of Early Hollywood, symbolism Without Lying Down: Frances Marion and the Powerful Women of Early Hollywood, summary shmoop Without Lying Down: Frances Marion and the Powerful Women of Early Hollywood, Without Lying Down: Frances Marion and the Powerful Women of Early Hollywood c5ad575e Frances Marion Was Hollywood S Highest Paid Screenwriter Male Or Female For Almost Three Decades She Was The First Woman To Twice Win An Academy Award For Screenwriting From To She Wrote Over Two Hundred Scripts Covering Every Conceivable Genre For Stars Such As Mary Pickford, Gary Cooper, Greta Garbo, Marion Davies, Rudolph Valentino, Clark Gable, Marion Davies, Rudolph Valentino, Clark Gable, And Marie Dressler Irving Thalberg Adored Her And Trusted Her Completely, William Randolph Hearst Named Her For The Head Of West Coast Production For His Cosmopolitan Studios, And In , Sam Goldwyn Raised Her Salary To An Unparalleled , A Week Her Stories Were Directed By George Cukor, John Ford, Alan Dwan, And King Vidor, And She Went On To Direct And Produce A Dozen Films On Her Own On Top Of All This, She Painted, Sculpted, Spoke Several Languages Fluently, And Played Concert Caliber Piano Though She Married Four Times, Had Two Sons, And A Dozen Lovers, Frances S Life Story Is Mostly The Story Of Her Female Friendships As Talented, Successful, And Prolific As Frances Marion Was, These Relationships Were As Legendary As Her Scripts Without Lying Down Is An Eminently Readable And Meticulously Documented Portrait Of A Previously Hidden Era That Was Arguably One Of The Most Creative And Supportive For Women In American History

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    This is my go to book when I want to be inspired I ve ready it many, many, many times I find Francis Marion s life and love of writing exhilarating She paved the road for screenwriters and no one cared if she was female that came later when the businessmen saw how much money was to be had Ahh, the innocent days Also, a fun read for old Hollywood lovers.

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    If you re passionate about the early movie industry, this is the excellent book to read Before Hollywood was Hollywood, it was orange groves and dirt roads, and a fistful of pioneers, many of whom were women Frances Marion, Anita Loos, Marion Davies, Mary Pickford not the shy, petite ingenue we see on the screen In the early days of the moving picture business, Frances Marion was the highest paid screenwriter in the world Women were the directors, the writers, the producers, the people who got the actors to show up, and got the films to the screens.Cari Beauchamp is a spot on researcher, and an accomplished storyteller Who could ask for I can I d like a new book about women in film after WWII How did all of them get booted out of town

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    Frances Marion was an AMAZING woman and I must say I had never heard of her, had no idea She was the highest paid screenwriter pretty much ever a huge deal in 1930 s Hollywood and was also an accomplished sculptor and concert pianist She and her husband, a movie cowboy, had a huge farm with probably a gazillion animals She was friends with people in the Algonquin Circle and also worked with most of the big female stars of the time Mary Pickford, Theda Bara, Greta Garbo Fascinating description of early LA Hollywood, the film industry, and feminism in the early mid 1900 s.

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    This book reminds me of why I adore book research and nonfiction reading Without Lying Down is fabulous and fascinating as it follows the life of Frances Marion, the most highly paid screenplay writers of early Hollywood Back when she started in silent movies, women were everywhere in Hollywood, and for a big reason movies were not regarded as a legitimate business enterprise Women told the stories they wanted to tell, and to great success for a while As movies were increasingly censored, as the industry became bigger, women were shuttled off to one side.Frances is an inspiration, truly I first came to know her as one of the main characters in a novel called Girls in the Picture which focused on her close friendship with Mary Pickford I loved getting to know her in this book one of the source books for the fiction piece The title alone says so much about Frances as a person The full quote is, I spent my life searching for a man to look up to without lying down If you have any interest in early Hollywood, do yourself a favor and get this book.

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    My picks in biography tend to be a little on the doomed side Nijinsky, Louise Brooks, T E Lawrence , so it s nice to read a biography of someone who wasn t a mess Colette is victorious, but still a mess It s also rare to read a really charming biography, so if you re looking for one here it is.Anyway, I ve seen a good chunk of Frances Marion scripted films, although I don t think any of them hold a special place in my heart, but I didn t know much about her as an individual since she doesn t have the kind of cultural capital that the movie stars or even Hedda Hopper does Also, stories about women doing well in Hollywood don t show up that often or get much publicity when they do.Frances Marion herself is vivid witty, talented, self aware, loyal, clear eyed, self confident So many affairs with younger men So many marriages It s interesting, too, that her strongest and most important relationships were her friendships with other women.But there was something a little bit lacking in Without Lying Down It s kind of scattered and disorganized not everyone is as vivid as Marion , and falls prey to that frequent biography problem of rushing the last twenty years together There s not much discussion of the films themselves understandable, but disappointing all the same or of Marion s literary output You get the impression Beauchamp hasn t read the novels and short stories, although Marion was clearly proud of them I think Frances Marion could have stood up to a denser biography, even at the expense of the considerable charm of this one.Still, it s really interesting and entertaining, and would make a good Mother s Day gift.

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    It s hard for me to rate this book, because reading it was such a journey, and so different an experience from all the fiction I ve been reading recently Frances Marion lived a full, impressive, and inspiring life She was linked with so many interesting people, many of whom I already knew a little about before reading this book, and some of whom were completely new to me Her cohorts included Marie Dressler, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, Irving Thalberg, Louis B Mayer, Hedda Hopper, Greta Garbo, Joan Blondell, W.R Hearst, Marion Davies, Clark Gable, Lillian Gish, Samuel Goldwyn, Jean Harlow, Joe Kennedy, Anita Loos, ZaSu Pitts, Adela Rogers St Johns, Norma Shearer, Gloria Swanson, Norma Talmadge, and Lois Weber and those are just the major players in the story Needless to say, its riveting stuff, but it can also be tricky at times to keep track of everyone If you have any interest at all in early Hollywood and or strong creative women, and you re in the mood for an expansive biography, this book, a breathtaking work of biographical scholarship, is a good choice.

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    If you are seeking out info on early Hollywood then this is the book for you So well researched and written it is FULL of trivia tidbits that once again prove that truth is stranger than fiction If looking for companion books to this one, I would suggest reading A Girl Like I by Anita Loos, then this one Without Lying Down and then read another of Ms Beauchamp s books, Adventures of a Hollywood Secretary The additional books will give you an even well rounded view of what Without Lying Down provides.

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    I was heartened to read in the author notes that Cari Beauchamp called Frances Marion her friend She feels like a friend to me too All the credit goes to Beauchamp for such a vivid style which carried over all that dense studio movie history into something truly entertaining and illuminating Frances Marion said writing is a refuge for the shy She was proclaimed to be as beautiful if not beautiful than the movie stars she wrote for, but she never desired to be in front of the cameras She was a remarkable wit and a champion of women I really believe she succeeded in looking up to men without lying down But really, all of them should have been looking up to her.

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    clap clap clap clap What a wonderful book written about an amazing woman I m always interested in this era of film making and I wasn t aware that women held such a large part, being directors, camera, editors and like the lovely Frances, screenwriting.I couldn t put this down, very well written and I felt myself pulling for Ms Marion through all the trying times, laughing during silliest and crying a tear or too with her in heartbreak.I highly recommend this bio and it will be on my repeat shelf.

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    i did not know she was the screenwriter for so many of my favorite ealy hollywood movies also didn t know there were so many female screenwriters back then favorite quote I spent my life searching for a man I could look up to without lying down but the title ,of the book, based on the quote, belies the great repect she had for Irving Thalberg and also her husband, Fred Thomson

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