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Wicked Paradise pdf Wicked Paradise, ebook Wicked Paradise, epub Wicked Paradise, doc Wicked Paradise, e-pub Wicked Paradise, Wicked Paradise b9e3f3a6e55 He Must Choose Between Duty And DesireAfter A Deadly Storm Tosses Demon Assassin Ryan O Rourke Into The Pacific Ocean, He Washes Ashore Onto An Unchartered Island Alive With Magic And Evil Hellbent On Returning Home To Battle The Demons Plaguing The Human Race, Ryan Sets Out To Find His Way Back But After Stumbling Upon The Enchantress Who Tantalizes His Dreams And Stirs His Deepest Desires, His Plans Begin To UnravelShe Contains The Perfect Blend Of Magic And DangerMorgan Of The Druids Has Magic That Is Coveted By Both Good And Evil Bound To The Deadliest Threat As Well As To The Mysterious Man Intruding On Her Dreams, Morgan Is Torn Between Her Equal Parts Of Good And Bad It S Up To Her To Tear Herself From The Pull Of Evil And Join Ryan In His Quest To Save The Earth But Can They Fight For Their Lives Without Battling Each Other Or Will Their Need And Pull For One Another Take Them To A Paradise Neither Was Prepared For

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    Fall madly in love with an island in Wicked Paradise, by Erin Richards Sensual and rich, this story draws you in with all senses on high alert to smells, tastes and textures until the island world becomes real than your own Both Morgan, the last survivor of ancient Avalon and Ryan O Rourke, a man transported from an apocalyptic future, believe in duty above love Yet they can t keep their hands off each other as magic and fate twine about them with an agenda all its own Passion explodes off every page in this unique spin on Druid mythology and the epic Avalon legend The story escalates into high drama and a cataclysmic battle against pure evil Can Ryan and Morgan overcome their lack of trust in order to save the world Erin Richard s fanciful imagination brings this love story to life with exotic description and a storyteller s charm Review by Pam B Morris from a preview copy with no monetary compensation

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    I love how Morgan and Ryan are stranded on a deserted, magical island It really is lovely, if you don t count the bad guy that they need to defeat The magic woven into the story is very interesting It gets pretty steamy Probably the most creative use of air magic I have ever read Wonderful combination of fantasy and romance.

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    Ms Richards has woven a lush tale of desire, betrayal, and mystery in Wicked Paradise The story is a novel mix of fantasy and dystopian, with enough to satisfy readers who love either genre.Thrown together on a deserted island paradise, Morgan heroine and Ryan hero come from two different places in time They must overcome their distrust of each other to destroy the evil WindWraith on the island But as their bond grows, so does WindWraith When their choices threaten not only the safety of their worlds but also their chance to be together, will love be able to conquer all Morgan and Ryan are bursting with chemistry from the moment they first meet and the sexual tension rises with every page The characters are both vulnerable, lovable, brave, and noble.The description of scenery was vivid and detailed, immersing the reader as though s he were on the island The island is a character of its own and added a new layer of richness to the story Ms Richards has true talent and a gift for weaving words together Wicked Paradise was a wonderful story and I m looking forward to reading from Ms Richards in the future.

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    Originally posted at of vivid imagery and an amazing plot, Wicked Paradise is a gem in the fantasy romance genre.I was amazed at how well this story sucked me right in, from the beginning set centuries ago, to a dystopian future on a cursed, but beautiful island The two main characters are incredibly three dimensional, and I was fully invested in both I never thought they acted out of character or without motivation, and understood their reasoning for behavior good and bad easily.The sexual heat was smoking hot, even though they didn t act on it right away It built and built until I was ready to explode, right along with Ryan and Morgan It was fantastic and just how I like it a long build up with a passion right when and where it s fitting.The plot was interesting and complex I worried for our characters being trapped on the island with the magic consuming demon How would they ever survive Well woven and believable Nicely done Here s hoping to a sequel Soon I can t wait to visit with these characters including a baby flying horse soon.

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    With the pace of our rush away world, we tend to forget the pleasures of a story well told, languid in its unfolding, and rich in its depths Wicked Paradise is such a tale I was drawn in, deeper and deeper, until I could not put it down, appreciating Erin Richard s wonderful use of language, her lush imagery, and intense characterizations This is a marvelous novel, brimming with imagination Morgan and Ryan are heroic and passionate protagonists, who must find their way to each other, and to WindWraith, the evil demon they must overcome in a bid to save their mystical, shadow moon island and, perhaps, the world at large Ancient Avalon, Druid magic, time travel, twenty first century post apocalyptic ruin, high adventure, and romance Kudos to Ms Richards for mingling it all together and delivering a novel that entertains, surprises, and enthralls I loved it The reviewer, Deborah O Neill Cordes, received an ARC from the author with no monetary compensation and in return for an honest review.

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    Cudos to Erin Richards for a very entertaining story of a fantasy island word that draws you in This is a very well written story with great description, wonderful dialogue, a well developed plot and a very sexy couple Morgan is sent to Avalon with a huge burden Kill the Windraith s shadow and survive to carry on the bloodline of her beloved Druid sorcerers Ryan O Rourke, equally skilled in his magic, comes from the future with his own duty to perform He ends up saving Morgan from near death and together they must surpass their suspicions and save their world.This story is filled with a lot of passionate scenes, fantastic imagery, and wonderfully written dialogue yes, I said that already Erin s use of language is really enthralling.Here s a short excerpt that exemplifies the talent shown on every page I can t wait to see what she writes next I loved this story.

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    What happens in Avalon doesn t necessarily stay in Avalon Wicked Paradise is an imaginitive recasting of a beloved legend that transends both time and place to bring two destined lovers together to complete a deadly task that Merlin began centuries before.

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    I received a complimentary copy of this book as a part of a book tour in exchange for my fair and honest review I rated this 4.5 Stars.Avalon, the island of magic and mystery, is a key element in Erin Richard s lush time traveling tale of desire and betrayal Wicked Paradise With well developed characters, descriptions that titillate the senses, and good dialogue this book grabbed my attention from the first page A strange mix of fantasy, and dystopian romance, Ms Richard s world building is well done Adding in some light erotic elements definitely makes this a unique romance read.Seeing your own death is never pleasant, especially if you are Morgan, one of the most powerful Druid priestesses of all time Believing she has no future, Morgan is surprised when her father insists she accompany him to the magical stones on Avalon on her birthday The day she s sure is her last As her father tells her of a different future where she s responsible for the continuation of magic and mankind, Morgan finds herself transported to an Avalon in the future with only the knowledge of the task she must complete kill the WindWraith and survive to carry on her bloodline.Ryan O Roarke, a Druid assassin from the future, finds himself on Avalon with only one instruction help a powerful sorceress, his enemy, complete her task Determined to do his duty, Ryan never expected to be captivated by her beauty or having their future rely on their cooperation Tasked with saving the future, will Ryan s skills be up to the task The scenes between Morgan and Ryan are entertaining, full of good dialogue and smoking hot chemistry While they are both responsible for saving the future, their differences keep them from completely trusting each other I enjoyed how Ms Richard s developed both Morgan and Ryan s characters they both had to overcome their pasts and let go of their ingrained biases against each other in order to work together and accomplish their goal As their adventures bring them together, they have no choice but to learn to trust each other.The secondary characters are also well written and helped move the story along The setting, the island of Avalon, was well described and almost a character itself it s easy to see why it s the ideal setting for this type of story The antagonist of the story, the WindWraith, was also well done and clearly not a demon to be trifled with.Will Morgan and Ryan accomplish their goal and find the love of a lifetime How will what takes place on Avalon affect mankind s future You ll have to read Wicked Paradise to find out I enjoyed it and look forward to reading of Ms Richard s work.

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    Fascinating Truly, Ms Richards did a wonderful job painting a picture of the worlds we visit in this book We start in Avalon of long ago, end up in a time, post apocalyptic, but on an idyllic island full of charm and beauty oh, and a demon yeah, maybe not so idyllic , and we also see a bit of the world outside the island, all but destroyed by Formorians.There was seldom a time I was bored I admit to being a bit skeptical of the romance at first I m not a fan of books with predestined love affairs, and this one had all the earmarks of that but the author gives us a twist, and doesn t have the protagonists fall into bed or into love, despite their overwhelming desire and ultimately admiration for each other This denial of lust builds the sexual tension to a near frenzy and was exactly the kind of thing I look for in a love story.Honestly, I was surprised at how much I really enjoyed this book It s well written, has three dimensional characters, plenty of action and suspense, lots of smoldering heat and a thread of fear throughout along with an ending that is completely satisfying I ve never heard of the author before, but I m sure glad I have now She s truly talented and has an incredible imagination I can t wait for

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