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Who Censored Roger Rabbit? files Who Censored Roger Rabbit?, read online Who Censored Roger Rabbit?, free Who Censored Roger Rabbit?, free Who Censored Roger Rabbit?, Who Censored Roger Rabbit? 61cfa5273 Who D Want To Kill A Dumb Cartoon Bunny That S What Eddie Valiant Wants To Know He S The Toughest Private Eye In Los Angeles, And He Ll Handle Anything If You Re Human If You Re A Toon, That S Another StoryEddie Doesn T Like Toons Those Cartoon Characters Who Live Side By Side With Humans Not The Way They Look, And Especially Not The Way They Talk Word Filled Balloons Come Out Of Their Mouths And Then Disintegrate, Leaving Dust All Over His RugEddie Will Work For A Toon If His Cash Supply Is Low Enough So He Reluctantly Agrees When Roger Rabbit, A Toon Who Plays Straight Man Or Should That Be Straight Rabbit In The Baby Herman Cartoon Series, Asks Him To Find Out Who S Been Trying Unsuccessfully To Buy His Contract From The DeGreasy Brothers SyndicateThen Rocco DeGreasy Is Murdered And Roger Is The Prime Suspect The Rabbit Is Also, As Eddie Soon Discovers, Very, Very DeadWho Censored Roger Rabbit And Who Shot Rocco DeGreasy Was It Roger, Or Was It Rocco S Hot Cha Cha Girlfriend, Jessica Rabbit Why Had Jessica A Pretty Steamy Number For A Toon Ever Married A Dopey Bunny In The First Place And Why Does Everybody Want Roger S Battered Old Teakettle As Eddie Combs LA From The Executive Suites Of The DeGreasy Brothers To Sid Sleaze S Porno Comic Studio, He Uncovers Art Thefts, Blackmail Plots And The Cagiest Killer He S Ever FacedIn Who Censored Roger Rabbit , Author Gary K Wolf Has Created A Wonderfully Skewed And Totally Believable World Compounded Of Equal Parts Raymond Chandler, Lewis Carroll, And Warner Brothers This Riotously Surreal Spoof Of The Hard Boiled Detective Novel Is Packed With Action And Laughs From First Page To Last, Who Censored Roger Rabbit Is Shear DelightCelebrated Author Gary K Wolf S Cult Classic And Highly Praised Novel Who Censored Roger Rabbit Is The Basis For The Blockbuster Walt Disney Steven Spielberg Academy Award Winning Film Who Framed Roger Rabbit

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    This hardcover is numbered 40 of 300 copies produced, with an additional 20 copies for contributors, The book is signed by Gary K Wolf and Wayne Anderson artwork.

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    Growing up, I absolutely loved the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit I ve been told many times that my brother and I killed the VHS copy we had from watching it so much, and so we kept having to catch it on the Disney Channel free preview weekends when funds were too tight to buy a new copy Eventually I grew up, got a job, and for a small window of a couple years, had disposable income due to not having any financial obligations of my own So I bought a copy on DVD That s when I finally noticed on the end credits that it was based upon a book I had never ever heard about.When I eventually found a copy of the book, the story I read only had fleeting similarities beyond the names and occupations of the main characters In fact, the book was given a thorough child friendly veneer in its screen treatment, and despite the success of this effort, it still maintained it s appeal to adults If they d been true to the book, it would have lost out on its cross generation appeal.Even though I can honestly say that I prefer the movie that was loosely based upon it better, this was still an interesting read, and I like some of the key plot differences and concepts that can be found in the book.

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    This book is so amazing The ending was not what I expected it to be It kept me guessing till the very last page This is one of my new favorite books

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    Okay but far from greatI didn t realise when I reviewed on it would overtake my initial review on Goodreads I ll review again shortly.

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    Like probably just about any other person who has read this book since 1988, I decided to read this book due to my love of the film.Well, the book is definitely not the film It s a serious parody of the noir genre, complete with pulpy dialogue and shady characters.I think the problem for me starts with those parody elements None of them is done particularly well, they serve the purpose, but only to remind you that you re reading a parody rather than a tried and true novel The cartoonish elements are downplayed, somewhat associated with racism and classism, but never really addressed in such a way to get across a point.The plot is windy and twisty, but never particularly engaging The result is a book that felt, unfortunately, half realized until it reached the silver screen, where it comes fully into its own.I m glad I read the book, but would probably recommend to anyone that they skip it and watch the film instead, unless they are a die hard fan of the story and wants to see where some of the superficial elements of the film came from.It s a worthy effort, but ultimately not quite as good as it wants to be.

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    WOW I LOVED this Frickin hilarious, clever, and brilliant I was not prepared for that ending And, as in most mysteries I read I don t read many , I got a little lost in the middle But it was great If you loved

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    This book is completely different from the movie it inspired, the movie I ve loved since I was a kid and have found layers to appreciate as an adult It isn t bad, it s just wholly different I ve written in some reviews on here and in other places that in the past few years I ve come to terms with the idea of adaptations Movies and books will never be perfectly similar because adaptations require each to play to the strengths of the medium in which it s in This, however, is much than an adaptation The movie took 80% of the same characters and the thinnest connection to the plot in here and then made its own thing And that s good, because this book s plot points are quite a bit too convoluted for a movie, especially a mass market movie Getting away from comparisons and to this book itself, it s a nice homage to noir detective novels and the first person voice is pretty fun to read Detective Valiant s sarcasm and world weariness are a treat The mystery is fun to solve and doesn t seem to be poorly written most of the difficulty in predicting it ahead of time has to do with unreliable witnesses The world Wolf crafts is also an interesting one of toon human segregation There are some analogies to race based segregation, but nothing that beats you over the head with a moral Wolf also creates a demented cast of characters to populate the world that make for a fun time as he interrogates them Overall, it s a fun read if you re a fan of the noir detective genre and don t expect it to hew too closely to the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit view spoiler Interestingly, the final or penultimate plot twist depending on how you look at it is definitely derived from the book both involve toons masquerading as human hide spoiler

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    There are some films that you can t help but think This is why there is film Here s a movie that is so uniquely cinematic that it couldn t ever work as a book Every time I watch Who Framed Roger Rabbit that pops into my mind The mixture of live action and animated characters inhabiting the same world is so very film I was sure it could never work as a book So, imagine my surprise when I discovered that, in fact, the movie was based on a book Well, saying based on is a bit strong call it inspired by instead When I picked up the book, I honestly expected it to be one of the worst things I would read all year And while it might be, that will speak to the outstanding quality of most of the rest of the things I ve read, rather than to any failings of the book itself It was actually a very enjoyable, if very weird, send up of the hard boiled detective Gary K Wolf whose name is every bit as cartoonish as Roger s clearly had a love for the genre, and played with the tropes well It s a book that takes itself seriously in almost all the right places There are some aspects that don t quite work the last act, in particular, falls apart a little with the solution to the murder coming very much out of left field but, for the most part, this is a mystery about double crosses and violence that takes itself seriously even as half the cast are comic strip characters talking through word balloons If you re looking for the light hearted, goofy fare of the movie, you re in for a surprise Roger and cast are a lot grimy here, but it all sort of mostly works Not everyone s cup of tea, certainly, but worth a look if you re a fan of the genre and looking for something very weird.

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    I originally read this shortly after the Disney film came out As many have said, the only things the book and film have in common are a detective named Eddie Valiant and a Toon named Roger Rabbit, who is accused of killing a human Roger is married to Jessica Rabbit, a humanoid Toon knockout and he does work with Baby Herman From there, the stories shake hands and go their separate ways.I remembered the book being good Unfortunately, I had a cheap mass market paperback that fell apart if you looked at it cross eyed, and it s taken me a long time to track down another copy silly me, for not thinking of my Kindle sooner I actually snagged it yesterday afternoon, sat down to read last night, and finished it before going to bed I d forgotten some of the characters so it was a pleasant rediscovery Definitely worth reading again, and I m sure I ll come back to it from time to time.

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    3.5Esta lectura fue inesperada y debo resaltar que he tenido que desterrar toda idea preconcebida de la pel cula para abordar la historia pues es totalmente diferente La pel cula de Disney me encant , pero es una pel cula de Disney, debe ser pol ticamente correcta y con mucha acci n La novela al contrario es oscura No es una historia plagada de acci n, si no un old fashion detective story, fue como leer alg n relato protagonizado por Humprey Bogart, donde a trav s de las entrevistas que va realizando el protagonista Eddie Valiant vamos develando el misterio Lo nico que no me gust tanto fue que el misterio da tantos giros que cuando se resuelve andaba un poco confundido sin saber en realidad qu creer XD.

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