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Who Am I Without Him?: A Short Story Collection about Girls and Boys in Their Lives pdf Who Am I Without Him?: A Short Story Collection about Girls and Boys in Their Lives, ebook Who Am I Without Him?: A Short Story Collection about Girls and Boys in Their Lives, epub Who Am I Without Him?: A Short Story Collection about Girls and Boys in Their Lives, doc Who Am I Without Him?: A Short Story Collection about Girls and Boys in Their Lives, e-pub Who Am I Without Him?: A Short Story Collection about Girls and Boys in Their Lives, Who Am I Without Him?: A Short Story Collection about Girls and Boys in Their Lives b6d1d65b4b9 There Is The Ugly One, Whose Only Solace Comes When She Is Locked Inside Her Own Head In Wanted A Thug, A Teenager Seeks Advice On How To Steal Her Best Friend S Bad Guy Boyfriend And Then There S Erika, Who Only Likes White Boys Sharon Flake Takes Readers Through The Minds Of Girls Trying To Define Themselves While Struggling To Remain Relevant To The Boys In Their Lives This Is A Complex, Often Humorous, Always On Point Exposition Of Black Youth Resolving To Find Self Worth Any Way They Know How

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    This talks about girl s relationships with guys In the first chapter, it talks about a boy Raheem The narrator describes how she wanted to fit in and not be like the other girls, who are to referred to as, girls with no boyfriends Raheem treated her like junk, and yet the girl still pretend she doesnt see anything Even when he flirts with other girls, she sees it, but she asks herself, What am i without him I think that in that situation, the narrator feels like she needs a man s love to fill in the empty spot of love that she lacks Because it also said that, the narrator s mother tells her that You aint no beauty prize From this phrase, I could interpret that the narrator s mother probably makes he feel unworthy or valuable in this world From the way it s described, i think that girls are always peer pressured to fit in, because there is a majority of girls than guys And a girl always wants to feel loved, because the man is the one that is suppose to take care of the woman And in many television reality shows, we always see this misconception that girls always have to obey a man to be worthy In some cases, it is true, but in other cases, some woman like to be independent I think this is a wonderful book for teenagers that suffer with the consequences of hurt, and betrayal over a guy that they love

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    I think this book is very interesting because its about short love stories One of the short stories was about this girl and a boy who have to write letters to each other because its a classwork assignment The girl likes the boy but the boy doesn t like the girl because he has a girlfriend that lives in Chicago At the end of the short story the boy brakes up with the Chicago girl Him and his writing partner end up being very close friends and I think they end up being boyfriend and girlfriend.

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    Who Am I Without Him is a Coretta Scott King Award winning book, that examines the complexities of teenage male female relationships Knowing the importance of seeing oneself in literature, I specifically sought out stories featuring African American youth in a contemporary setting Who Am I is told as a series of twelve short stories with different protagonists in each Children s Books in Children s Hands authors Temple, Martinez, and Yakota had warned of predictable books with scant literary quality marketed to new generations p 296 I held my breath, hoping for the best, but fearing the worst As I read the first few pages of the short story, So I Ain t No Good Girl, I thought that I had stumbled upon the Tyler Perry of teenage literature But by page 5, when the story s protagonist makes the twisted declaration my mother says, I won t never win no beauty contest But my body, well that s something else, I was hooked This was a turning point that moved the story away from surface moralizing to a complex selection of literature that is capable of engaging and enlightening teen readers Author Sharon Flake, did not specify this girl s name or age this omission allows her to be any reader identifying with the situation The emotional tone and voice throughout the stories are both real and raw.Nine of the ten stories are told from the young ladies point of view two from the young men s In the final story, an absentee father pens a letter to his teenage daughter offering her advice for a better life The text of this letter is italicized for dramatic purposes One of the other stories exposes the reader to the content of two diaries Devita Mae has her personal diary and one for school that she shares with her writing partner, a boy named Jaquel Readers are able to keep track of the flow of information by the author s use of different fonts Devita s personal diary has one font, which is different than the font she writes with to Jaquel All twelve stories have elements of urban conversational speech rather than formal speech.If this book were a movie, I think it d be rated PG 13, therefore, I would probably have it in my library if I taught high school With themes ranging from teen dating abuse, negligent parents, abject poverty, and low self esteem, I wouldn t recommend use of this text for middle school without adult supervision This book could definitely be used as a discussion tool within a book club setting for teenage girls Although some of the short stories have better developed plots and characters than others, they provide food for deep discussion The author was inclusive in her representation of the young women in the story for both physical and psychological character traits These characters stories when combined create a multifaceted view of issues to which many urban teenage girls can relate.

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    I really enjoyed this book because it was very interesting and entertaining it kept my attention from beginning to end i feel like I was right their in the midst of the madness i believe that 8th and 9th graders should read this book because it is very informative on situations they might face i feel like these scenarios are very relevant but i wish she would ve gave some solutions to the problems but over all it was a great book and i really enjoyed it

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    This book is about teenage relationships I Learned relationships arent always easy but you have to make the best of it in order to actually have a relationship Also, in this book it describes how every relationship starts.First you flirt to get the persons attention Then ,you introduce each other and become friends Finally, you ask the person out on a date and you get into a relationship.Its all going great until the fighting starts or someone cheats The relationship ends and you realize it wasnt worth it.

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    I think it s a good book because it tells real life stories about teens and I can relate to some of these stories in the book.

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    thisis my favorite book

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    A collection of short stories focused on the way teens get caught up in the need to be a part of a couple for identity in today s world Most of the stories are told from the female perspective, but not all In fact, the last entry is really a letter from a father who has not been a part of his daughter s life Daddy tells his daughter what boys are really like, and what he wishes her mother had known years ago when they were together Each story has a strength and point of view different from the others The result of all the stories together is than the sum of their parts, but a call to both sexes to think and respect each other Fortunately, Flake s handling of her theme is not didactic and paternalistic, but shines with an awareness of the real life social, emotional, and physical pressures that teens feel about dating Characters are vividly present, as each story seems to jump into life exploring not just the sexual tension, but race and class as well Honest and valuable.

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    I love the ending passage the best The father s letter to his daughter, about boys and self respect and not to accept less than Over all it was a good book I felt some of the passages could have gone longer, had neatly tied endings, information But life isn t always neat, and the book was real.

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    I enjoyed the stories as they were told from a girl and boy point of view The stories detailed the troubles, ridicule and the pains of growing up that we all may have experienced.

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