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While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within txt While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within, text ebook While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within, adobe reader While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within, chapter 2 While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within, While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within f46c0e The Struggle For The Soul Of Europe Today Is Every Bit As Dire And Consequential As It Was In The S Then, In Weimar, Germany, The Center Did Not Hold, And The Light Of Civilization Nearly Went Out Today, The Continent Has Entered Yet Another Weimar Moment Will Europeans Rise To The Challenge Posed By Radical Islam, Or Will They Cave In Once Again To The Extremists As An American Living In Europe Since , Bruce Bawer Has Seen This Problem Up Close Across The Continent In Amsterdam, Oslo, Copenhagen, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, And Stockholm He Encountered Large, Rapidly Expanding Muslim Enclaves In Which Women Were Oppressed And Abused, Homosexuals Persecuted And Killed, Infidels Threatened And Vilified, Jews Demonized And Attacked, Barbaric Traditions Such As Honor Killing And Forced Marriage Widely Practiced, And Freedom Of Speech And Religion Firmly RepudiatedThe European Political And Media Establishment Turned A Blind Eye To All This, Selling Out Women, Jews, Gays, And Democratic Principles Generally Even Criminalizing Free Speech In Order To Pacify The Radical Islamists And Preserve The Illusion Of Multicultural Harmony The Few Heroic Figures Who Dared To Criticize Muslim Extremists And Speak Up For True Liberal Values Were Systematically Slandered As Fascist Bigots Witnessing The Disgraceful Reaction Of Europe S Elites To, To The Terrorist Attacks On Madrid, Beslan, And London, And To The Wars In Afghanistan And Iraq, Bawer Concluded That Europe Was Heading Inexorably Down A Path To Cultural SuicideEurope S Muslim Communities Are Powder Kegs, Brimming With An Alienation Born Of The Immigrants Deep Antagonism Toward An Infidel Society That Rejects Them And Compounded By Misguided Immigration Policies That Enforce Their Segregation And Empower The Extremists In Their Midst The Mounting Crisis Produced By These Deeply Perverse And Irresponsible Policies Finally Burst Onto Our Television Screens In October , As Paris And Other European Cities Erupted In Flames While Europe Slept Is The Story Of One American S Experience In Europe Before And After, And Of His Many Arguments With Europeans About The Dangers Of Militant Islam And America S Role In Combating It This Brave And Invaluable Book With Its Riveting Combination Of Eye Opening Reportage And Blunt, Incisive Analysis Is Essential Reading For Anyone Concerned About The Fate Of Europe And What It Portends For The United States

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Theodore Bruce Bawer, who writes under the name Bruce Bawer, is an American writer who has been a resident of Norway since 1999 He is a literary, film, and cultural critic and novelist and poet who has also written about gay rights, Christianity and Islam.Bawer s writings on literature, gay issues and Islam have all been highly controversial While championing such authors as William Keepers Maxw

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    Hmmm Curious, to say the least Let me get this straight no pun intended Bruce Bawer is a gay New Yorker who hooked up with a European lover and now currently resides in Oslo, Norway Yet, he is also a proud American and yeesh proud conservative who takes pot shots against the US quite personally, even going so far at one point to chastise German kids for wearing Che Guevarra T Shirts Sounds as ridiculous as the Log Cabin Republicans like Paula Poundstone once noted, Gay Republicans Grow the fuck up, you idiots Anyway, all that aside, I read this book because, as a frequent visitor to Europe, I have been noticing how out of control the immigration issue has become as of late Herein lies the problem regarding European mostly Western immigration with North Africans and Middle Eastern extremists as opposed to immigration here in the United States and Canada In Europe, they tend to be coddled and practically forced to reside in self segregated neighborhoods Paris, Madrid, London, Stockholm, Oslo, Amsterdam, Rome, Marseille, Berlin, etc etc etc As a result of that, and the odd passive aggressive assertation that, as a politically correct Union, they won t help these people acheive a level of integration necessary to help them get off of welfare and become Dutch, Danish, French, Spanish, German, Norweigian, or Swedish or whatever , the newly arrived immigrants read extreme Islamists have basically created pockets of the Middle East in the Western World and have imported some of the worst their section of the world has to offer Honor Killings Forced Marriages Female Circumcision Gay Bashing Holocaust Denial Religious Attacks on Churches and Synagogues Wife Beatings Rape While Europe Slept is an alarming, almost bordering on propagandist, book I was able to finish it because I have been there on occasion and have seen them with my own two eyes From time to time whilst reading this book, I had to crings when Bawer would stray from his treatise which is, and I agree with, Islam wishes to conquer the West and institute sharia law , and begin griping that the European papers don t like Bush Stop that, Bruce Bush isn t worth liking Yes, there s an element of racism here, but what Bawer is talking about here is how after World War II, European society set about in itself a deep rooted self hatred and that particular self hatred manifested itself into a haphazard throat baring to the sword of the Middle East Through little fault of its own, however, immigrants to these peaceful nation states of Western and Northern Europe have, through coddling and massive welfare programs, ceased to even TRY to integrate Forced marriages are still common, with wives being exported from the home countries, and, when children are born, refusing to let them learn the language of the host nation and, instead, shipped off to Pakistan or Iran or Algeria to attend Koran schools where they are taught that infidels are less than human and not worth obeying for they are the scum of the Earth Alarming stuff, how all of this begins to snowball I give it an 80% accuracy rating, and 3.25 stars Worthwhile reading, all in all It s sickening sometimes how the press in Europe just rolls over on terrorism time and time again, but a wakeup call, nonetheless Worth a read, especially when this has such serious repercussions for the rest of the Western world.

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    Despite its subtitle, this book is not so much about radical Islam as it is about the essential cultural differences between the United States and Western Europe that make it less possible for Muslims to assimilate and liberalize in European countries than in the U.S Although it made me concerned for the fate of Europe, it actually made me optimistic about the future of Islam in America than did a sugar coated apologetic like Who Really Speaks for Islam Leave it to a gay New Yorker who fled for Europe because he so loathed American evangelical Christians to make me feel proud to be an American and a Christian For nonfiction, the book is a fairly quick read and is interestingly written While Europe Slept reminded me of what I love about my country, of the importance of a nation having vibrant religious feeling when coupled with true religious freedom , and it also provided some great insight into the anti American sentiment so prevalent among Western Europeans a sentiment which, popular misconceptions notwithstanding, pre dates George W Bush and has been alive and well for decades Bawer talks of many cultural difference, but the primary distinction he explores is the way Americans view multiculturalism as compared to western Europeans While he does not claim America is without its problems and racial prejudices, his analysis made me appreciate the machine of assimilation in America, the way people really can be relatively easily incorporated into the fabric of the nation within a generation, which is not so much the case in Europe, where people of non western descent will often be thought of as second and third generation immigrants rather than as, say, Norwegians or Dutchmen or Frenchmen or Germans For Europeans, race and ethnicity is defining than it is for Americans An African immigrant who became a citizen of Holland, for instance, remarks that when he went to the U.S., the Americans accepted him as Dutch in a way the Dutch never had This is a problem when it comes to Islam because it means that, As a rule, the European establishment strives to overlook the fact that being Muslim is a matter of holding certain beliefs and living and dying by them It prefers instead to think of Muslim identity as having to do with cuisine, clothing, and skin color The consequence is that any criticism of Islamic ideology or of the actions of individual Muslims is automatically equated with racism Thus, Muslim immigrants are not generally encourage to accept Western values of tolerance and gender equality and religious freedom and are held to different standards of judgment for their actions than a native would be European multiculturalism, Bawer implies, is not so much a matter as in the U.S of the natives appreciating and borrowing from immigrant cultures and the immigrants learning from and assimilating to the native culture while at the same time retaining many of their own distinct customs, as it is a matter of saying my words, not Bawer s , I respect your culture, which is equal to mine and just as great as mine now keep your culture over there on this side of the invisible wall, and stay over there with it Don t let me change your wonderful culture in any way, and don t try to come over here and become a permanent part of mine One passage in particular warmed the cockles of my American heart with sentimentalism some might well mock The I thought about such things, the I saw how American I was in my thinking about races and ethnic groups and, by European standards, how radical For most Europeans, a foreigner was unalterably foreign An immigrant might live next door to you for decades, but he d always remain, in some fundamental sense, an alien This wasn t the way things worked in America Growing up in Queens, I never for a moment thought of myself as part Polish, German, French, English I was an American kid, the product of a society that had rejected the European way of thinking about such things One day, years after moving to Europe, I found the last names of my childhood neighbors and classmates rolling through my mind Huber Cino Salholz Friedman Maurer Kunz Toohy Conticelli Fedorowich Diaz Schmiemann Woknicki Ikeda Paluszek After years of living in Norway, I heard those names in a different way I suddenly realized I d grown up in the middle of a veritable United Nations of names And I d never given a thought to it It just was And that was the beauty of it The sound of those names names that reached back through the generations to people of primitive times who had hated, persecuted, enslaved, and made war on one another was the music of America It was one thing I d taken for granted all my life One failing in this book, however, is that he does not explore and perhaps this is because he lived away from U.S for so the way that the U.S has lately seemed to be emulating these European ways of thinking about culture, race, ethnicity, and identity by focusing, especially in the school system, so intensely on multiculturalism I feel just as he does in the above paragraph I too grew up not thinking very much about what defined me ethnically or considering that my closest friends, whose parents and siblings had been born in Korea and Vietnam and Taiwan, were anything other than simply Americans But I do wonder, will my children after years in a public education system that routinely encourages students to identify themselves and each other not so much by their common American nationality as by their divergent ethnic backgrounds feel the same A second failing is his tendency to make total approval of homosexuality a measuring stick of tolerance Because of the way he wrote about religious conservatives in general, I occasionally found myself wondering if his assessment of Muslims in Europe had at least a little something to do with his own intolerance for religious conservatives in general As for what the book has to say about radical Islam, that can probably be summed up in three words Europe, wake up The author brings to the forefront an issue that has always puzzled me why do those liberals who so loathe fundamentalist Christians and who are so certain that if only said Christians had a chance they would take us all back to the 1950 s seem to have only apologies and excuses to offer radical Muslims, who fall far to the right of fundamentalist Christians on issues such as women s rights, homosexuality, and the melding of church and state And will liberal Europeans, in the name of tolerance, allow their own tolerant societies to be destroyed from within

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    I disagree 100% with the Bush war on terror or whatever the hell his malignant policies concerning Islam can now be called The political views of the author of this book couldn t be further from my own His conclusions on many of the events described in this book are completely the opposite of mine However, I am a firm believer that this religion is a very destructive force in the world.I believe all religions are pretty much poison, but Islam is especially dangerous As a long time resident in Europe, I also feel that the immigration policy in most countries here is fatally flawed and what they have are not immigrants but economic colonists Many of the immigrants be they Muslim or Chinese are not really interested in becoming citizens, of becoming integrated, or adopting the values and lifestyles of the host country The author was mugged, gay bashed a couple of times, and found himself in innumerable verbal skirmishes with Europeans who insulted America and Americans They say that if you meet than two assholes in a day, you re one of the assholes Both physically and verbally he seems incompetent at self defense I, on the other hand, have never had anyone utter a word of anti American sentiment in my presence, ever, and I think I m much better qualified at protecting myself both from muggers and bores He also has a lot of completely ridiculous and absolutely childish ideas of what America has done for the rest of the world and how grateful they all should be He chides Europeans for being gutless pantywaists for not standing up to their Muslims immigrants, and he constantly mocks their socialist views What he never mentions or ever seems to realize is that it s just these socialist views that have built the sort of benevolent society where he has chosen to live He obviously likes something about Europe or he would never had stayed so long I defy him to point to a conservative society where an educated person would care to live Were it not for the hyper liberal mindset of many European intellectuals, Europe would be as backward and intolerant as much of the American south that the gay Bruce Bawer fled in fear and with loathing.A right wing gay man and a Christian could there be a conflicted, self loathing soul than this guy Even though I agree with his harsh criticism of Islam and European Muslims, his views on almost every other subject just I find to be ridiculous It s curious to observe that here in Spain the community that is most willing to assimilate and become inculcated in Spanish life, culture, and importantly values is the sub Saharan Africans who seem to want nothing than to become middle class Spanish citizens with all that entails and requires of the individual namely, cleaning up after your dog.Almost any time immigration is mentioned, someone cries racism no matter what is being discussed, but there really is a huge problem with immigrants not caring one bit about becoming a part of the societies in which they now live, and rejecting everything modern European countries have to offer except the high wages Half of British Muslims feel that homosexuality should be illegal, is just on example of the divide between this religion and society.With that said you are treading a very fine line between warnings about immigrants, and racism The author relies a bit too much on anecdotal stories of the crimes of Muslim immigrants It s almost impossible for me to take a man seriously who claims that the serial liar and drug addict, Rush Limbaugh, often has to set the story straight when the liberal press gets it wrong the author also chided a Norwegian dinner guest because he had the temerity to not gush about how wonderful Ronald Reagan was and he was constantly saying how Europeans are anti American because they weren t on board with the failed wars of George Bush Like so many on the American right he takes everything he sees in politics and pounds it in a square hole to fit his ridiculous narrative.To conclude, I don t feel that radical Islam is the problem I think Islam is the problem as this religion desperately needs a reformation Until that happens, radical and observant Muslims are basically one in the same.

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    Coming across this recently, I was initially surprised that the same Bruce Bawer who penned one of the great pro gay rights books, A Place at the Table , wrote this Naturally, I picked it up having recently finished the mind bending A Death in Amsterdam I m not the reactionary type being the liberal minded gay man that I am But Bawer did fully awaken my latent frustration and internal dilemma that our War on Islamic Terror has its justification, if not my quiescent approval at times Do I miss Saddam Hussein, or the Taliban in the few places they ve been wiped clean Not on my western, pro democratic, gay life, say I My kind would be quickly lined up and executed according to sharia law in those countries that live and breathe by it Bawer compares Islamism to Nazism, and I have to say that he s not far from the truth On the contrary, fundamentalist Christians may spout hatred, but they rarely brow beat, rape, or worse kill their victim the latter of which are always non believers usually Jews , women, and homosexuals Like Bawer, I ve found it increasingly disturbing that the liberal European tendency to condone Islamist sentiments in order to protect their freedom of speech and actions, as Bawer argues completely nullifies the same for the rest of us infidels It s as if because of their fear of being perceived as intolerant, Europeans have become stymied with a see no evil mentality that allows real intolerance to suffocate them It makes one wonder Did Europe learn anything from Nazism and Fascism Even though he spends most of his book with a too little, too late mentality when it comes to the future security of Europe, he does back off just a little with some recent developments in immigration and naturalization policies that are in alignment with what we already have here in the United States namely language requirements and citizenship tests.But I think they also need to ditch the state welfare pay outs that proud socialist tradition across Western Europe that has unfortunately been the sugar daddy for Islamist groups By not expecting poor immigrants to find jobs, go to public schools, and participate and respect fully western values in the public sphere what you believe in private is your own damn business, ultimately Europe has unwittingly created a monster that s been eating away at it in recent years For any red blooded gay American You need to read this You may not agree with everything that Bawer says or interprets and he certainly has a harsh and some would argue realistic take of what s going on in the West but he will force you to confront the genuine ugliness of radical Islam His points are refreshing in a time of war And it just may remind you that even in the worst of times here on the home front anti gay marriage sentiment , we ve got it good we re are moving in that direction I may not agree with everything that Bush and the neo Cons do, but I ll gladly take them any day over the likes of most Middle East leaders, if not half of the over educated yet dim witted elite in charge of Europe I never imagined myself saying this, but three words reverberated in my non Christian mind by book s end God Bless America.________________________________ Before becoming a paid public elementary school teacher, I taught citizenship classes as a non paid volunteer to elderly immigrants, and not only can I be proud that public and private donors are willing to provide grants to offer these, but also that our government values our democracy enough to require incoming citizens to go through this process Europe makes it too damn easy Although I argue that conservative minded Merckel and Sarkozy, in Germany and France respectively, are much needed shots in the arm to help protect treasured Western liberal values against palpable belligerence and intolerance.

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    Two things stood out to me as i read this book First, the dire situation that the old continent finds itself because of its cultural economic socialism and immigration policies The fact that Europeans have seriously slowed in having children is producing chaos for their economic system How can Europeans enjoy the perks of their supposed socialist government benefits if there are less and less of them Europeans to fill the employment void as and workers retire, in order for them to be taxed so that they can pump money into the system The answer leads to my second pointImmigration Bring in Muslims from north Africa and the middle east to fill the void Problem Muslims refuse to culturally assimilate with a culture they deem decadent They want to come in and partake of the benefits but often times without giving back into the system that they partake from Honor killings are happening across Europe, calls for Sharia Law to be implemented have been accepted in England where Islamic parallel courts have been set up, and Islamic intolerance to an ever growing multicultural society is causing nightmares for Europeans All of this is written by a homosexual man who ironically says that living in predominant judeo Christian conservative America seems like a beautiful thing in light of living in the midst of angry muslims in Europe.

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    Have you ever had a conversation with a friend, where you suddenly realised that you both held a secretly unpopular opinion, and then enthusiastically raved together for hours, finally able to share with sympathy Bruce Bawer writes like a man who has been supressing his unpopular opinions for years and suddenly found a friend This means that the book is an easy read and a great polemic Bawer s sincerity is clearly genuine, his passion for enlightenment values is heart warming, and his prose is simple and clear But like many great rants the book is rambling, poorly structured and often over reaches itself If you want to understand the fears and reasoning of the growing anti islamic movement in the west then this is a great place to start If you want a clear investigation into the state of Muslim communities in Europe then this is disappointing And if you were hoping for a cogent defense of the United States then move on quickly this is not it In Bawer s mind, European disdain for the USA is all part and parcel of its surrender to Islam a rejection of liberty, equality and western values But, he doesn t really argue this well and the book feels disjointed it s sometimes a criticism of European integration policies, at othertimes a colossal whine about how America doesn t get enough respect Many of his complaints about the lack of respect for the USA are anecdotes about dinner parties that Bawer attended where people slighted or snubbed him for being a yank Bawer comes across as a bit petty, to be honest a member of the chattering classes complaining that other members of the chattering classes disagree with him.On the other hand, he s not wrong It s true at least in the UK that the intelligensia are terrible hypocrites Despite the fact that a great deal of the films, TV and music that they consume is American, they feel confident to make gross generalisations about the vulgarity of American culture, the stupidity of American politics, and the obesity of American people and they consider it not only racist but utterly taboo to make the same sort of negative generalisations about Islamic cultures in their own country Criticisms of American Christian fundamentalism are de rigeur and proof of American awfulness criticisms of European Islamic fundamentalism are racist.But Bawer over reaches when he keeps trying to spin the lack of European support for the Middle Eastern wars as anti democracy To them Norwegian journalists , Iraqi freedom didn t matter nobody s did and Never mind that countless lives were saved never mind that a bloody tyranny was replaced by a democracy For Galtung, no miltary action and certainly not one carried out by America can ever be acknowledged as having positive results .Comments like these have not aged well.The Middle East is not a happy, safe democracy thanks to American intervention Instead, it s gone from bad to worse theocratic nutjobs have set up a caliphate, hundreds of thousands have died, minorities like the Yazidi are suffering genocide, Christians and Jews are fleeing for their lives, and millions have been displaced, exacerbating the very Islamic immigration that Bawer is opposed to Bawer, frankly, looks like an asshole when he insists that his opponents are motivated by anti democratic, freedom hating cowardice rather than moral and practical objections.In fact, Bawer s position seems to be an American chauvinism that is the equal and opposite of his friends anti Americanism Take this, for example If the document s authors were serious about listing America s contributions to the world, why hadn t they mentioned along with Lincoln and Elvis such inventions and discoveries as airplanes, anesthesia, calculators, computers, DNA, compact discs, elevators, electric light, artificial hearts, helicopters, magnetic resonance imaging, the Internet, microprocessors, microwave ovens, motion pictures, nylon, pacemakers, photography, phonographs, quasars, sound recording, sewing machines, mass spectroscopy, electric stoves, telephones, television, transisters, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, and the polio, measles and meningitis vaccines just for starters I realise that I m about to make a massive detour, but really These are not by any means all American inventions.The first calculators were invented by Blaise Pascal French and Wilhelm Schickard German and various improved versions were invented by Europeans right up until Frank Baldwin American and W.T Odhner Swede simultaneously developed pinwheel calculators.The first computer was invented by Charles Babbage British with programming by Ada Lovelace British Alan Turing Brit built the first model of a general purpose computer and basically founded theoretical computer science The US navy developed an electromechanical analog computer for submarines in the 1930s, at the same time Konrad Zuse German Nazi developed the first world s first programmable computer, with wikipedia crediting him as the inventor of the modern computer.DNA was discovered by Friedrich Miescher Swiss and its structure was discovered by Watson and Crick Brits based on the work of Rosalind Franklin Brit.Compact Discs were invented in a joint collaboration between Sony and Philips, the engineers were a team of Japanese and Germans, based on work by James T Russell American.Elevators have existed since the Roman period, but the first steam powered elevator was made by Burton and Hormer Brits , with various improvements made by Henry Waterman American , Gaetano Genovese Italian and Elisha Otis American.The first artificial heart was made by the Soviet scientist Vladimir Demikhov in 1937, but the first patent went to an American Paul Winchell.The internet was created by hundreds of people, not least the American military, but the world wide web i.e what most people think of when they think of the internet was created by Tim Berners Lee Brit.No one person invented motion pictures but many people contributed Robert W Paul Brit developed panning shots, Georges M li s French built the first film studio stop motioned animation was invented by Arthur Melbourne Cooper Brit The first feature length multi reel film was Australian.Nic phore Ni pce French and Louis Daguerre French invented photography.Thomas Saint Brit invented the first sewing machine A whole host of Germans, Brits and French made modified designs on sewing machine right up until Singer American made his version.Mass spectrometry was invented by Francis William Aston Brit.The first television was invented by John Logie Baird Scot , but check wikipedia for the long list of Germans, English, Russian, Scottish, and French inventors and scientists who made it possible.The first domestic vacuum cleaner was made by Walter Griffiths Brit.Telephones were invented by Alexander Graham Bell Scot , although he was working in America at the time.Washing machines were being developed by Brits from the 1700s, with Americans getting into the game later and the American company, Avco, producing the first commercial domestic machine.I apologise to any readers who were hoping for a review of a book on Islam in Europe, but instead got a potted history of 19th and 20th century inventions But really, it is arrogance of the first order to create a list of American inventions and discoveries without first checking that they were actually done by Americans This list is a mismash of genuine American inventions, collaborations that draw from many nations over time, and things that were discovered by people who were unambiguously neither American nor working in America The strongest argument that can be made here is for free markets, exemplified in America Even when Europeans invented or discovered many of these things, Americans are much quicker off the mark to commericialise and mass market film, computers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners all being good examples.He s on firmer ground when he criticises European policy towards Islamic integration The American melting pot has encouraged refugees and immigrants from hundreds of different cultures to give up their differences and embrace an American identity, while European multiculturalism has allowed colonies to thrive and deepened divisions between ethic groups But again, most of Bawer s argument depends on anecdotes the time his friend was beaten up by homophobic Muslims, the time that a Muslim anti fundamentalism march was held and embarrassingly nobody showed up despite the fact that weeks earlier thousands had turned out for the pro sharia march, the time that Jewish kids were abused at schools by Muslim kids But anecdotes are not a useful argument about broad social trends There are millions of Muslims in Europe, one could fill a book with hundreds of anecdotes about Muslim on kafir crime and it still wouldn t tell you anything meaningful because hundreds are just a tiny fraction of millions.When Bawer does try to use statistics, maddeningly, he doesn t include any references So he says things like Polls show that young European Muslims today even those born in Europe identify with their ancestral homelands than with the countries whose passports they carry Which may very well be true but which polls Likewise, he claims that there is a secretive EU initiative called the Euro Arab dialogue which works with Arabian countries Europeans gain markets for their goods and oil supplies and in return they help to spread anti semitic, anti American attitudes in European media, schools and universities Can this be true Is sounds like paranoia And since Bawer has failed utterly to include any references he makes it difficult to check or verify.In some places his argument rather contradicts itself For example, he claims on the one hand that Europeans are filled with self loathing and self doubt because of their history of colonialism and the horrors of the world wars This is, he suggests, one of the reasons that they ve failed to defend their culture and stand up for their values Buuuut, he also says that Europeans are not taught to think critically about their history, which is why they trust their governments too much But these can t both be true.This review has been negative than I intended Despite the occasional self pity and the infuriating lack of statistics, it is a very good read And even though Bawer seems overly defensive of the States, it is because he loves his country and he is a true believer in Enlightenment values There is an endearing modesty in his mixture of anger and embarrassment after he loses his temper with smug Europeans who think they know everything about his country His tone is passionate because he cares deeply about Europe, and he wants it to survive and thrive.And most of all, I think this book is a very useful look into the worldview of the anti islamic movement There has been a great deal of hand wringing about whether racism against Muslims is growing, and to what extent criticism of Islam is really motivated by racism against Arabs and Asians Bawer demonstrates the mindset of someone who wants to live in tolerance and peace with everybody, but as a gay man he isn t perpared to accept murderous intolerance from others just because it s their culture It really isn t racism, it is a desperate defense of human rights against an ideology that hates the very concept He isn t alone in his fears when he says That a silent majority of European Muslims believed in democracy and despised terror was by now a truism Observers found themselves thinking, however, that if that silent majority existed at all, it had to be one of the most silent majorities ever It had remained silent after 9 11, Madrid, Beslan, and van Gogh s murder Each time, European journalists and politicians had repeated the mantra that extremists were not representative of most European Muslims, who were peace loving and rejected violence Yet why were these declarations always being made by non Muslims and almost never by Muslims themselves What did it mean to claim that European Muslims were overwhelmingly moderate when, as Kevin Myers noted in the Telegraph, 11 percent of Britain s two million Muslims approved of the attacked of 9 11, and 40 percent support Osama bin Ladin Was one seriously supposed to consider these people moderates

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    Bruce Bawer s While Europe Slept reads like an all night, outrage fueled, feverish conversation with a fascinating, impassioned friend about shattering events that shift tectonic plates even as the conversation progresses you both know that when dawn breaks, the world you re enter may be changed utterly from the world you began talking about the night before.Though the book focuses on the destructive impact of unchecked and unassimilated Muslim immigration to Europe combined with self destructive policies and attitudes generated by Politically Correct academic and journalistic elites, for me its most poignant passages describe a change much personal, and subtle.Bruce Bawer is a literary critic He has written works criticizing the homophobia of American Christians, including Stealing Jesus How Fundamentalism Betrays Christianity One would think that such a liberal intellectual would feel akin to Europe s PC elites And, indeed, Bawer once did.As much as it is a clarion call against the dangers of PC approaches to Muslim immigration to Europe, While Europe Slept is an intimately observed memoir of political and personal coming of age.Once upon a time, gay American Bruce Bawer thought that Amsterdam was paradise Amsterdam was the mirror image of everything wrong with America What was wrong with America was right with Amsterdam.As time went on, though, Bawer received his wake up call, often in the form of a gay bashing by Muslim men Bawer soon discovered, to his shock and horror, that the sophisticated, liberal Europeans he had so admired were most likely to ignore Muslim beatings of gay men on Europe s streets If gay men complained, they were chastised for being imperialistic and racist Bawer recounts, in an unflaggingly dumbstruck tone, one incident after another in which he woke up, again and again, to the very dark side of the leftist politics he had admired so long.The coming of age portion of this book resonated for me, as it will for many If you have any passion at all, and if you are of any maturity, whether you are on the left or the right, you will have undergone a similar, equally painful, transformation You ll see people you used to admire with their pants down, and the world will never seem the same.Bawer s thesis, in a nutshell unchecked and badly bungled Muslim immigration to Western Europe, combined with low European birthrates, will, within a matter of decades, turn Europe into another Lebanon, where embattled non Muslims are overwhelmed by a violent Muslim majority who will establish a caliphate on the continent.Bawer argues, using meticulous research, that Western Europe s journalistic and academic elites have encouraged unchecked and unassimilated Muslim immigration as a twisted reflection of their own envy of, and obsession with, America Europeans hate their own obsession with all things American They attempt to overcome their obsession and envy by mouthing fashionable condemnations of America, which they depict as a wasteland where evil whites dominate defenseless blacks To prove that they are better than Americans, Europeans not only don t require Muslim immigrants to assimilate, they don t want them to A secret chauvinism, kept secret because it would look too much like the hated American racism, prevents Swedes from ever accepting a Muslim as a fellow Swede.Bawer s endless barrage of anecdotes is overwhelming I suspect that many will not be able to finish this book It is certainly the closest to a science fiction end of the world scenario that I ve ever come to reading Bawer recounts incident after incident of daughters whose genitals are mutilated by their Muslim parents, daughters murdered by their parents, daughters handed over to rapists by their parents, European children who dare to wear crosses round their necks beaten at school, homosexuals bashed in the streets while European onlookers do nothing to intervene, and Jews terrorized in a manner that can call to mind nothing so much as the ominous eve of World War Two Women raped by Muslim gangs are told, by government officials, that they brought the rapes upon themselves because they haven t yet adopted Muslim full covering Muslims declare no go areas in Western European cities that non Muslims may not enter Muslim imams demand the death of all non Muslims.As important and vividly written as this book is, it has its flaws, primary among them, a lack of organization Especially when reading such difficult material, it is important for the reader to get a sense of the light at the end of the tunnel, or, at least, that the tunnel has SOME end, even if it s just Europe being blown to smithereens by Al Qaeda in Cannes At times, though, I felt that I was soldiering through an endless gauntlet of horror stories I got Bawer s point pretty early on after that it did begin to feel like overkill.Too, I wish Bawer had done a better job of communicating that he was not just talking about Muslims behaving badly After all, various populations, including my own, and Bawer s, fellow Poles, have sometimes been accused of committing heinous crimes The problem Bawer brings to light is not just ill behaved Muslims it is, rather, the fundamental differences between Islam and other faiths There are features in Islam, including jihad, gender apartheid, and the lack of separation of church and state, that make dealing with Islam different than dealing with any other religion That case has been made by other authors, and if Bawer didn t want to make it himself I wish he had cited an author who had done so before him.

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    As Bruce Bawer begins his book WHILE EUROPE SLEPT How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from within, he introduces himself as a gay man who moved to Amsterdam and Oslo and became appalled at how European countries are undermining their own fabled tolerance of gays and freedom of expression by condoning growing radical Islamist sentiment that is anything but tolerant I am worried by the implications of EU demography, which suggest that unassimilated Muslims will soon wield immense political power in a couple of countries if, as Bawer notes, they don t already Certainly Bawer s long, long series of quotations from European media on the rise in Muslim violence and the problems of integrating immigrants into European values can serve to show just what the scale of the problem is I found particularly informative his explanation of fetching marriages , an extremely common custom where the daughter of Muslim immigrants, never allowed to assimilate herself as a girl, is married to someone brought over from her country of origin, ensuring that these communities are never integrated as intermarriages with locals would accomplish.But Bawer isn t just a gay man wanting respect for his lifestyle, he s also a strong supporter of American ideals and disillusioned with Europe So much of the book is taken over by ranting about aspects of European society that have little to do with the problem of growing Islamism He damns social services and calls the continent to adopt the American style free market He complains about the traditions of the French labour movement without considering that, hey, people are pretty happy with the way things are He thinks European customer service sucks and wants it to be like it is in America For my part, when I go back to the US, I find everyone s fake smiles annoying I know low paid employees aren t really that happy to serve me He claims that Americans are so friendly that they often invite foreigners to their homes, without acknowleding that most invitations to strangers in the US are hollow and folks would feel pretty awkward if the person did drop by European prisons are too comfortable, Bawer says, even when the incarcerated person he uses as an example isn t even a Muslim extremist.Too often he depicts the US as if it doesn t suffer from the very same problems For example, he points out the limited range of viewpoints in the Norwegian press, claiming that the entire spectrum from left to right would fit within the American left Nonetheless, the American media itself has a fairly limited range and is reluctant to directly confront the growth of Islamism, one of the reasons for the rise of the much varied blogosphere America has all the same problems with immigrant ghettoes and limited assimilation that the EU does, it just doesn t have the demographic problem because it draws enough immigrants from other sources.Nowhere in the book does he discuss the possible solutions that EU expansion to the mainly Christian nations of Eastern Europe may offer It s as if the EU stops at Germany Rather, he even calls for EU countries to withdraw from EU ideals and boost their own national consciousness, which I don t think would be very helpful And he is strangely enthusiastic about the American invasion of Iraq, which from a Realpolitik perspective probably ended up helping Islamism by removing a brutal but mainly secular dictator At one point, he even claims that the invasion of Iraq was such a shining blow for freedom that it singlehandledly inspired the people of Ukraine to launch their Orange Revolution, which is completely out there.As concerned as I am about the fate of Western Europe over the next few decades, I cannot really recommend Bawer s book I m still searching for a suitable introduction to the issues.

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    I ve sent this book to several friends If they re not buying the war on terror from the American right, maybe they ll listen to a gay guy.Bawer moved to Europe, enad by a world that had moved beyond bigotry, where people s sense of identity and self worth didn t depend on jobs or salaries, and folks are appreciative of and satisfied with everyday pleasures He wanted to love Europe, did love Europe, apparently still does.All the powerful, then, his eye opening, highly readable account of events and attitudes in Europe through 9 11 and beyond Wonder at the bizarre embrace of Islamic extremism by the European intellectual and political communities even as they encourage the flood of North African immigrants to establish their own isolated communities under sharia law.Reading this book is like watching a horror movie unfold, but you can t look away Read it with Mark Steyn s America Alone, and you ll lie awake nights Follow it up with Spencer s Stealth Jihad and face our future.Here s Bruce Bawer on Bruce Bawer quoting blogger Roger Simon What if you re one of these people who think that Gay Marriage is a natural outgrowth of the human rights movement and that the War on Terror is protecting those same rights That s not a contradiction in my mind In fact, it s almost evident.

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    As someone who has been following the problems Europeans have been having with Islamists, I found this book strongly resonant with the concerns I have for Europe and her culture.I suspected that part of the reason Europe was in the fix it is now was due in part to her abandoning her Christian heritage For all the problems European Christianity has had, it did provide Europe with a certain strength of character and a certain clarity of vision Abandoning this backbone has left her defenseless against a cultural force with a clear agenda for conquest, backed by the very thing Europe has tried to abandon religious fervor.Surprisingly, Bawer seems to agree with my assessment, given double impact by the fact that he is a gay man with no love for Christian fundamentalism in fact, he left Europe in part to get away from American Christian fundamentalism I can only respect his honesty in that regard.While he and I may disagree on gay rights issues, and I think he focuses a little too much on the threat Islam poses specifically to those rights, the book is nonetheless a very good, well written, and highly informative treatise on the growing problem of radical Islam in Europe.

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