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What a Texas Girl Wants (Texas Wishes, #1) chapter 1 What a Texas Girl Wants (Texas Wishes, #1) , meaning What a Texas Girl Wants (Texas Wishes, #1) , genre What a Texas Girl Wants (Texas Wishes, #1) , book cover What a Texas Girl Wants (Texas Wishes, #1) , flies What a Texas Girl Wants (Texas Wishes, #1) , What a Texas Girl Wants (Texas Wishes, #1) c5d698ae2d399 Kristina Knight Doesn T Hold Back On The Sass, Emotion, And Passion, Keeping Her Readers Riveted Right Up Until They Reach The End Aimee Carson, Author Of Secret History Of A Good Girl And How To Win The Dating War Kristina Knight Delivers A Fun Romp From Mexico, Through Texas, And Straight Into True Love Kelsey Browning, Author And Cofounder Of Romance UniversityKathleen Witte Is A Down To Earth Girl She Has To Be, With The Family Ranch On The Verge Of Success After Seven Months Of Keeping It All Together By Swearing Off Men, However, Kathleen Needs A Bit Of Fun In The Sun Waking Up With A Husband She Can T Remember Isn T How She Planned To Blow Off SteamThe Last Thing Jackson Taylor Wants In His Life Is A Down To Earth Girl He Has Four Weeks Of Freedom In Which To Find His Birth Mother He S Done Well Avoiding Commitment Until Now, So When He Wakes Up On A Mexican Beach With Kathleen His First Reaction Is Curiosity When He Spies The Matching Wedding Rings On Their Left Hands Curiosity Turns To ConcernNeither Jackson Nor Kathleen Want To Stay Married, But When Her Family Shows Up, They Have No Choice Once Back In Texas, However, Can They Keep This All Business Marriage From Turning Into An All Consuming Love Sensuality Level SensualOnce Upon A Time, Kristina Knight Spent Her Days Running From Car Crash To Fire To Meetings With Local Police No, She Wasn T A Troublemaker, She Was A Journalist When The Opportunity To Focus A Bit Of Energy On The Stories In Her Head, She Jumped At It And She S Never Looked Back Now She Writes Magazine Articles By Day And Romance Novels With Spice By Night She Lives On Lake Erie With Her Husband, Three Year Old Daughter, And Twenty Year Old Fur Kid Happily Ever After

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    So what does a Texas girl want really Sexy man by the pool Lots of hot sex with said sexy man by the pool Well, don t we all Seriously now, Kathleen Witte wanted love, a man by her side, honesty and a forever Add in a ranch, horses, sexy boots and family What she got was Jackson Taylor Hot, yes but so non committed to anyone Kristina Knight would have you laughing out loud from Chapter 1 I was hooked from when Jackson and Kathleen woke up naked on a Mexican beach A fast and witty read balanced with the right amount of humour, sensuality and family drama I can t wait to read her other book offerings in the future.

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    I had the chance to read an anticipated review copy of What a Texas Girl Wants, and If you have ever had a crush on a real cowboy, this book is for you, but beware Jackson Taylor is not your clich cowboy He might not sport cowboy hat and boots, but he s a strong and caring man who knows how to love and protect his woman even if he hasn t himself realized that yet Kathleen and Jackson find themselves in a romantic trap, but Kristina Knight s sexy and sassy storytelling will guide them through it all and leave us wanting .

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    I ve had the good luck to read this from an advanced reader s copy and loved it It s a fast ride across the Texas landscape following Jackson Taylor and Kathleen White as they try to bluff their way out of what happened one evening in Mexico What happens there doesn t stay there for this couple Turns out, that s a good thing Like every good romance, there s a happily ever after but it takes a few twists and turns to get there Fun ones, in this case.

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    Waking up on a romantic beach in the arms of a handsome man doesn t sound like a problem, but for Texas rancher Kathleen Witte, it s not one problem, but many.Not only does she not remember what led her to be naked on a Mexican beach with a man, but Jackson Taylor, a man she had a crush on in college But they aren t just naked, they re naked and married with no recollection of how it happened But that s only one of the problems she s going to have to deal with.This is the beginning of What a Texas Girl Wants by Kristina Knight, a novel about how bad decisions can lead to true love.Both of the main characters have sworn off love for their own reasons, but can t resist the animal attraction that drew them into each other s arms Armed with the best intentions they continue the sham marriage planning to end the relationship after one month.Kristina Knight has created a story full of wonderful characters with real insecurities and doubts and allowed them to grow and find each other and love in the ranch country of South Texas It s a fast paced fun story well worth reading Diane Jewkes

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    The Dallas of West Texas Naked Man by the pool Naked man by the pool Grandfather at the door That phrase from What a Texas Girl Wants had me chuckling all weekend as I pictured the opening scene How do you get from boozapalooza and naked man on the porch to a very happy ending Kristina Knight does it with humor, passion, and lots of Texas gumption The backdrop of a horse ranch in the beautiful Texas Hill Country is the perfect setting for her strong, determined, and very family oriented heroine, Kathleen And who s the naked man None other than celebrity photographer and total hunk Jackson Taylor who is sure he doesn t need a family at all.Kristina Knight takes the opulence and close knit family dynamics of the Dallas Ewings and moves it to West Texas Expect drama, secrets, and above all passion

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    What A Texas Girl Wants has my kind of heroine, Kathleen Witte A dedicated horsewoman who saves rescue horses, along with training racehorses, she takes a few days off to relaxand wakes up on a Mexican beach with college crush, Jackson Taylor To her immense surprise, they are married What s a Texas girl to do Take the new hubby home to meet the family, of course What A Texas Girl Wants is a super story that will leave any lover of romance than satisfied and looking for the next story from debut author Kristina Knight.

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    Wow, I was hooked from page one, and it only got better from there What a Texas Girl Wants has a great premise At several points, I alternately laughed out loud and cringed Kathleen and Jackson were both so real, I couldn t help but root for them and hope for their happily ever after I can t wait for the next installment from author Kristina Knight.

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    Kristina Knight is an author you won t want to miss and will find it hard to wait until her next book comes out In What a Texas Girl Wants , Jackson and Kathleen are just as surprised about their marriage in Puerto Vallarta as everyone else Between their surprise marriage, her father s secret, a matchmaking grandfather who knows everything, the rest of their clan and the townspeople you will find love, chemistry, chivalry, humor and a happily ever after I m hoping Monica has a story of her own.Kristina made me want and I did not want it to end.

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    My Blog HarlequinJunkie Romance ReviewsWhat Happens in Mexico, doesn t always stay in Mexico sometimes it follows you back to Texas and turns your life over.Kathleen Witte decides to take a long over due vacation to Mexico to unwind and relax, next thing she is waking up buck naked on a beach after a night of debauchery married to her college crush Jackson Taylor What s a Texas Girl to do Well. hold on to him and take him home to meet the familyJackson has always been a loner, he doesn t do family or relationships, for Kathleen it s all about family, she has been the glue holding her family together their journey to HEA is anything but easy I liked how Jackson and Kathleen characters developed within the book, their struggles and insecurities felt real and the Witte family drama was woven in nicely through the book What a Texas Girl Wants was a fun read Kristina Knight did a fabulous job with this story, it had the right amount of Sexy emotional to keep me engaged to the end.

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    It s not a new plot nor a significant twist to an old one But if you need a light and easy read, this might be just what you re looking for Waking up on a beach in Mexico naked is a bit of a shock all on its own But when you add in a gorgeous naked male specimen and a little band of gold on your left hand with no knowledge of how it got there, you have the makings of a cute and fun to read romance Jackson Taylor and Kathleen Witte were not strangers to each other It s been years since they ve seen one another but it doesn t take much to spark the flames once again especially when a night of drinking is involved But now it s time to face facts and move on with life and, as you might expect, there are some doozies to overcome Fun little Texas romp Cute and witty dialogue surrounding a dysfunctional family situations Nothing new or too deep or devastating Standalone with a guaranteed happily ever after

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