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Violent Spring (Ivan Monk Mystery, no.1) files Violent Spring (Ivan Monk Mystery, no.1), read online Violent Spring (Ivan Monk Mystery, no.1), free Violent Spring (Ivan Monk Mystery, no.1), free Violent Spring (Ivan Monk Mystery, no.1), Violent Spring (Ivan Monk Mystery, no.1) 63e06353f IN , LOS ANGELES BURNED Unearthed During A Ground Breaking Ceremony At The Infamous Intersection Of Florence And Normandie Against A Backdrop Of Increasing Racial Tensions, Black Private Eye Ivan Monk Searches For The Killer Then Another Body Turns Up And While The FBI And The Rolling Daltons The Largest Gang In The City Dog His Trail, Monk Questions Whether There S Than Simple Murder Happening Questions That Take Him From The Ghetto To The Wealthy Confines Of The City S Powerbrokers In The Tarnished City Of Angels

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    Pico Boulevard was a sort of Maginot line of the Mid City area, a buffer of the better offs against the deprived hoards South of it, along this stretch, there were the homes and apartments of mostly black working class folks The populace included quite a few young people, and, as fall out from the Federal cutbacks in social spending during the 80s, several were members of the Rolling Daltons Not that Monk laid the entire blame for gangsterism at the feet of men like Reagan and Bush Still, he had to admit that they had set a fine example as the biggest gangbangers of all with their violent escapades in Grenada, Libya, Panama and Iraq all while the cities went to hell Private Investigator Ivan Monk, A.K.A Gary Phillips, had a few issues with President Reagan The Great Communicator had only one message for the mentally ill and the fiscally disadvantaged you are on your own After all, if the government would quit being a crutch, they would just pull themselves up by their own bootstraps, right I remember I was on a business trip to the Bay Area, probably sometime in the early 1990s I d crossed the bridge to stop in a few bookstores in Oakland It was like entering a refugee camp The sidewalks were completely covered with homeless people only a narrow path had been left for people to walk and still enter the businesses along the streets I parked my rental car and was immediately hit up by a couple of men, one black, one white, who told me they would watch my car for 20 I negotiated them down to 12, but then realized, after looking into their faces, that 20 worth of protection might be a whole lot better than 12 The desperation of all these people crowding the Oakland streets was palatable I d never experienced anything like it before A friend of mine at one of the bookstores told me that San Francisco had scooped up all the homeless in Golden Gate Park, thrown them on a bus, and dumped them out in Oakland Most of the people I was seeing out there, my friend went on to explain, were mentally ill people put on the street from the Reagan mental health budget cuts in the 1980s If there were this many in Oakland, how many would there be in L.A and across the rest of the United States Philips wasn t shy about infusing his books with politics, but then how could a black detective be on the streets of L.A without realizing that politics were contributing to most of the messes he was asked to clean up When the body of a Korean American businessman was found, Ivan Monk was hired not only by the Korean American Merchants Group but also by SOMA Save Our Material Assets , a group made up of community leaders, business people, and politicians That acronym had a different meaning for Monk than what it had for the people who chose it SOMA was the name of the drug people took to induce docility in Aldous Huxley s classic book of a corporate future England, Brave New World, a book Monk reread two times as he worked his way around the world, and half again when he was an engine mechanic as a merchant seaman Hard not to see that and think huh, wonder what they were really up to Speaking of politics changing the terrain of the city that Monk has to navigate, the LAPD officers had just been aquitted of the charges of excessive force against an African American motorist named Rodney King By excessive force, they really meant beating the living daylights out of the young man The video footage of that encounter between LA s finest and King was frankly horrific to watch It s hard to investigate a murder when riots were running rampant throughout the parts of the city that Monk needed to conduct his investigations Interestingly enough, I was in L.A right at the tail end of the riots A limo was taking my boss and I and our significant others to Disneyland It was surreal walking around an amusement park while dirty smoke plumes hung over the city Something significant was happening to that city, and it was as if I was on another planet, peering at it through a telescope Monk drove a 1964 Ford Galaxie, fully restored, gorgeous, about as noticeable on a tail job as the Ferrari Tom Selleck drove in Hawaii Coincidentally, I learned to drive in my grandmother s 1964 Ford Galaxie It had a.390 four barrel engine, and that car could flat scoot when the need arose, or any time I wanted to feel the surge of the engine press me back in the seat Besides good taste in cars, he also had good taste in women His girlfriend was a gorgeous Japanese American, who happened to be a judge and also Monk s go to for legal advice It should be no surprise that he needed lots of legal advice The closer Monk got to the truth the strange the behavior became of all the peripheral people to the murder Wouldn t it be easier to just make it a drug thing and blame it on the Rolling Daltons or The Swans or The Delnines Something about this whole thing was making some of the politicians and the business leaders nervous If Monk was supposed to put the right face on the investigation, they picked the wrong man if they thought he d dig up anything but the truth Reading this book for me was like a time capsule from 1992 Phillips put me right back there in the middle of an unsettling time and made me see it up close and personal I didn t need my telescope I just needed to open my eyes If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at

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    Very cool Crazy L.A Noir, complete with hunchbacks, set in South Central the year after the Uprising I plan to read everything else this guy has written Any crime book that mentions both the Panthers and the IWW, twice each, and keeps its politics there without losing character and plot, is going to get me pumped.

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    VIOLENT SPRING OkayPhillips, Gary 2nd in Ivan Monk seriesSet in the aftermath of the Rodney King beating and the subsequent riots, a novel set in Los Angeles in which a private investigator examines the murder of a Korean shop owner Many suspect a racial motive, but it soon becomes clear to the private investigator that greed is a likely motive.it was okay, but that was about all There were too many characters and it worked too hard at being politically correct.

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    Decent debut set a couple of years after Rodney King in LA but too many characters and a bad guy that was too obvious made this a bit of a slow read.

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