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Vicious pdf Vicious, ebook Vicious, epub Vicious, doc Vicious, e-pub Vicious, Vicious bd66994eade EmiliaThey Say Love And Hate Are The Same Feelings Experienced Under Different Circumstances, And It S True The Man Who Comes To Me In My Dreams Also Haunts Me In My Nightmares He Is A Brilliant Lawyer A Skilled Criminal A Beautiful Liar A Bully And A Savior, A Monster And A LoverTen Years Ago, He Made Me Run Away From The Small Town Where We Lived Now, He Came For Me In New York, And He Isn T Leaving Until He Takes Me With HimViciousShe Is A Starving Artist Pretty And Evasive Like Cherry Blossom Ten Years Ago, She Barged Into My Life Unannounced And Turned Everything Upside Down She Paid The PriceEmilia LeBlanc Is Completely Off Limits, My Best Friend S Ex Girlfriend The Woman Who Knows My Darkest Secret, And The Daughter Of The Cheap Help We Hired To Take Care Of Our Estate That Should Deter Me From Chasing Her, But It Doesn T So She Hates Me Big Fucking Deal She Better Get Used To Me

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    2 EVERYBODY LOVED IT BUT ME STARSNO IT DID NOT WORK FOR ME Basically, this was me the entire book..Well, I will freely admit that I am NOT the intended audience for this one This is very clear to me now PLEASE EXCUSE THE SPOILER RANT BELOW To say I mostly hated this book would be putting it mildly It was very Young adult with physical abuse, verbal abuse, bullying, humiliation, random sexual hookup, and revenge f cks on ex boyfriend bed and blackmailing mom and pop and not to mention threatening the very existence of her sick sister Honestly, this book had all the crazy coming out to play With these characters having grown up together, and now this story which is taking place 10 years later but don t worry we do get flashbacks Which I personally hate The storyline might have really worked for me here if the hero had not been such a giant DICK And this was all in the name of messed up love hate or whatever the f ck you call what that was Click the spoiler below to find out view spoiler The hero would say and think such wonderful things about the heroine that made this truly a romantic delight for all Not really Little gems like when they first met Wrong fucking place and wrong fucking time Next time I find you anywhere inside my house, bring a body bag because you won t be leaving alive Now can t you feel how overwhelmed with emotions he is here Or who could forget this amazing declaration This was so on I was going to fuck Dean s ex girlfriend, use her for my personal needs, and toss her away when I was done Or how about this one when he tell her something in order to gain an advantage The reason I told her about my mom was simple I didn t want her to bail on my ass if push came to shove If I was going to corrupt her morally, I needed ammo And than when they finally get together what does he do but this Just two missed calls from Emilia She could wait First, I needed to know when we were going to read the will. Cause he had to know if his revenge was going to work and that is way important than the chick he was f cking to exact his revenge And when she leaves him because he is using her and oh let s not forget he is an asshole, he does this Georgia.I d asked her here so I could fuck her and the aching memory of Emilia from my system And then he tries to win her back and goes to see her at her work and says this to her And about Georgia he continued You and I aren t exclusive We established that long before I touched you To which she answers You did And now I m telling you that I don t do non exclusive relationships Now all hope is not lost There is the grovel The whole time I was waiting for the GROVEL I kept telling myself, this grovel will make it all go away It will make everything good I will love my kindle again and will not yell at my poor children for no God darn good reason However, for me this was not the case I don t care how many times he stood outside in the pouring rain looking like a sad puppy He needed to bring it here Not just his A GAME but the whole game Oh and the manly posturing and money exchange was just not enough for me For me the following words were just a sad example of an sincere apology You think I slept with Georgia I didn t touch her I tried Trust me, I did But she wasn t you And I know you don t expect me to give you answers, but I m going to do it anyway because there s a small part of me that thinks that maybe, just maybe, you ll give me a chance afterward Then, he goes on and on about his fairly tragic rich kid life story It was a hard life but he was rich so he could still abuse his power and hurt others because of it Which he did, repeatedly And after all this I get a HFN ending Are you for real right now NO HEA just an engagement and maybe I changed my mind about babies, Emilia said Maybe not right now or in a few years, but down the road, I want it You re joking right Everyone who read this book told me it was worth it I guess it s all subjective because I did not think it was worth it hide spoiler

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    5 Stars I m a big fan of this author and since I ve read all of her books, let me tell you something Vicious is her best book to date Leigh outdid herself with this story of hate, love and obsession She managed to create such an intriguing, addictive read, blending the sweetness and sexiness perfectly I was engrossed with this story from the very beginning and I couldn t put it down for one minute It was that good Needless to say, Vicious met all my expectations. I got to him He was in my veins But I d managed to crawl under his skin Everyone in All Saints High knows who are The Four HotHoles and everyone knows who Vicious is, the most brutal, cold and ruthless of the four He s heartless and hateful, a real a hole who doesn t give a sh t about anything or anyone, treating everyone like crap The one who is the most bullied by him is Emilia, the daughter of the hired help living at his father s mansion, who s also one of his classmates.Vicious makes Emilia s life a living hell with every opportunity Every single one of his words and every single one of his actions makes Emilia believe that he hates her like no other He s brutal towards her, his hateful behavior making her feel small and insignificant However, Emilia can t help but be attracted to her tormentor She doesn t want to crave her bully, she doesn t want to fall in lust with the one who makes her life miserable, but as much as she wants, she can t deny the strong feelings she feels towards him. I wanted to dissolve into smoke, to crawl into him and never leave It was crazy, but that was how much I craved this man Emilia s life changes completely, her feelings for Vicious becoming so very complicated when he runs her out of town.Ten years later, Vicious and Emilia meet again Both of them have changed, but in so many ways they remained the same What happens when certain circumstances make them work together, spending lots of time together I was her black And she was my pink This story was so very well written, so intriguing and so very gripping Vicious was without a doubt my favorite book Leigh has written so far Everything was perfection and I honestly loved every aspect of the story The enthralling story line kept me at the edge of my seat from start to finish and with every chapter I wanted to know how the crazy dynamic between the two main characters will progress The writing was simply brilliant and the plot was perfectly paced and so well done. I wanted to take a bite of the forbidden fruit I d convinced myself was poisonous He gave me pain, but ironically, this pain gave me life If you are like me and you love a hole heroes, then look no further, because L.J Shen s hero here is exactly that and so much Vicious s character was fantastically written, so damn well developed, so infuriating, but so fascinating at the same time He was broken, complicated, cruel, angry and tortured, but underneath all his layers of a holeness, he s really a good, sweetinteresting guy From the very beginning, he made me feel so much and like Emilia, I had so many mixed feelings towards him So, I have to admit there were times when I wanted to punch him in the face, to somehow make him pay for his cruelty He infuriated me so much at times Needless to say, he wasn t a very easy character to like But don t worry he s a redeemable character that eventually will win you over and maybe, just maybe, warm your heart a little Leigh did a wonderful job with his redemption I loved the process and new Vicious.Emilia was a heroine I liked from the beginning I really sympathize with her and my heart broke every time Vicious made her life a living hell with his words and actions She was kind, selfless, loyal, strong and the way she put her dreams on hold to care for her sister was simply heartwarming And the way she endured Vicious s treatment was simply admirable. Ask me what I want, What do you want I want you, he said simply Just you Nothing else Only ever you, The relationship between these two characters was complicated to say the least The push and pull between them was so well done and the sexual tension between them was at times combustible I loved the lust hate relationship between them and how entertaining it was These two together were absolutely fantastic, their chemistry being off the charts I loved them together, the playful interactions, the amazingly written sex scenes Everything worked for me and I wouldn t change one aspect of this story.If you are looking for an ansgty, love to hate story with an engaging story line and two fantastically portrayed characters, then you must try this one. Apologize for not being mine when you should ve been Because Emilia, baby I tilted my head sideways It was always fucking us and you know it Find me on

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    Vicious, stand alone book 1 of X A dysfunctional hate to love saga between the prodigal son the hired help s daughter He was toxic, poison, and he was going to kill everything beautiful in my life if I let him He was the storm to my cherry blossoms Books in Sinner of Saint series are stand alones Book 0.5 DefyBook 1 ViciousBook 2 RuckusBook 3 ScandalousBook 4 Bane I will write a better review with art after our Shh reading challenge is over.Vicious stand alone is a slow churning hate to love saga between arch nemesis attorney and venture capitalist Vicious Spencer, Vic and waitress turned assistant Emilia LeBlanc From opposite worlds, the daughter of the hired help stirs something in the son on the estate While her heart secretly beats for him he bullies and ridicules her When their paths cross again a decade later he is intent on picking up where they left off.Told in alternating POVs, their story will unfold in current and past events shedding light on their rocky relationship and seeking to explain a dysfunctional and impossible love Conflicted emotions confused by sexual tension will set them on a path of no return as Vic is determined to inflict maximum pain in his quest for vengeance Hero Heroine Plot Storytelling Sexual tension Sex scenes Story ending OVERALL RATING Angst MEDIUM FOCUS Darkness MEDIUM FOCUS Humor LOW FOCUS Kink MEDIUM FOCUS Romance MEDIUM FOCUS Sex frequency MEDIUM FOCUS Suspense MEDIUM FOCUS Thank you to everyone reading chatting on Shh Shhurrender your TBR

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    Check out of my reviews at www.bookaddicthaven.comWhen I first started seeing the fantastic reviews for this book from all of my friends, I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical After all, I was one of the oddballs that didn t love Blood to Dust like most of my friends did I wasn t sure if maybe this just wasn t the author for me Luckily for me, my curiosity won out While I may not have fallen in love with Blood to Dust , Vicious was a fantastic read for me This book had one of the biggest a holes ever to grace the pages of a romance noveland I couldn t get enough I could not believe the stuff that this guy did On the other hand, Emilia, was one of the kindest and strongest heroines that I ve ever encountered I absolutely loved her inner strength and her self awareness when it came to her weakness for Vicious She didn t deserve his cruel treatment, but she endured it incredibly well.Emilia s parents take a job working for Vicious parents when she is in high school He is the spoiled, but neglected, rich kid As he frequently points out, she is the Help From their very first meeting, Vicious makes it a point to make Emilia s life a living hell He bullies her relentlessly, even as he is somewhat protective and possessive She is his to torment and he makes it known.When Emilia begins dating one of his closest friends, Vicious steps it up a notch He is outraged at the defiance of Emilia and Dean, used to being in control of everyone and everything around him Emilia is essentially ran out of town by Vicious and doesn t see him again until their paths cross again a decade later.From the start, I was intrigued by the relationship between Emilia and Vicious There was a constant push and pull between the two of them, and a playfulness underlying their adversarial actions Vicious, in particular, left me feeling confounded This story is a slow burn and the history between the main characters is well developed I appreciated the thoroughly thought out back story and the slow build up of anticipation I loved the pace that this story moved at.As Vicious past comes to light, I grew to understand his actions a little better Don t get me wrong, he did some inexcusable things However, it was hard to view him as a monster after everything he d endured When Vicious screws things up and he does, of course Emilia makes him really work for forgiveness You know how I feel about the necessity of groveling, and grovel he does Emilia is no pushover and she s been at the losing end of his games one too many times.The only thing that I could ve lived without was the whole pen pal connection It felt a little too similar to Punk 57 for me, especially when combined with the high school bullying theme, and I didn t think it added much to the story Both of these books were released so close together, that they were probably being written during the same period of time However, the similarities were noticeable They probably stand out to me than usual since I read Punk 57 fairly recently.All things considered, this was a win for me This book was so much better than I expected and I m so glad that I picked it up I loved the angsty, back and forth relationship between Vicious and Emilia I m looking forward to seeing where the rest of this series will go.

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    5 STARS My obsession My muse My enemy It s official L.J Shen is a witch How else could the woman possibly crawl inside my mind and create a story that seriously felt custom written for me Uber angst Check Hot alphahole hero Holy hell, CHECK A heroine that s the perfect blend of innocent but with a steel backbone Check An enemies to lovers story that left me practically salivating CHECK A sexual chemistry and a burn so good it makes you want to slap yo mama CHECK An addicting, obsessive read from cover to cover ABSOLUTELY FREAKING CHECK This guy is going to break my heart if I let him. The Four HotHoles rule All Saints High All the guys want to hang out with them and all the girls want to sleep with them It doesn t matter that women are disposable to them than a pair of socks, they ll gladly give up their dignity for a nightor a few hours in their bed Vicious is the most brutal of the four He s a coldblooded asshole that practice bubbles over with barely surprised rage And the target for the brunt of his anger is Emilia, his classmate and daughter of the hired help living at his father s mansion Vicious was vicious It was too bad that my hate for him was dipped in a thin shell of something that felt like love But I promised myself I d crack it, break it, and unleash pure hatred in its place before he got to me Emilia was a heroine you can t help but like They say the line is thin between love and hate and that s definitely the case here She wants to hate Vicious and he surely gives her plenty of reason toand yet, he s like a magnet drawing her in.Shen did a phenomenal job with character development, that you don t just read what they re feeling, you feel it That couldn t be true with Emilia I clicked with her from the very first page Here s a heroine that s down on her luck, down to her last penny, barely making ends meet working two jobs to support herself and her sick sister, but she still has this undercurrent of strength that you can t help but respect.Intersected with flashbacks to their high school years, the story develops in the present Years after Emilia left All Saints High and Vicious behind But circumstances soon bring her face to face once with a man that made her teenage years a living hell I want to fuck you and watch your face while I do To see how you drown in me as I hurt you as much as it hurts me to have to see your goddamn face every day Now if you re an angst lover like me, you will gobble up everything about this book and be left begging for The sexual tension between Vicious and Emilia crackles with electricity I loved that added burn of hate lust between them The woman definitely gave him a run for his money and for all his thinly veiled insults that he throws her way, you can see just how much he craves her underneath it all You re pissing me off, she said quietly, her eyes still searching my face And that s turning me on, I retorted, my voice flat So you might wanna tone down the hate glares if you don t wanna find yourself being fucked on this desk with the blinds still open The writing was absolutely brilliant Shen simply gets better and better with each book she writes and she truly outdid herself with this one She gave us four heroes that you not only click with but obsess over Sure, this book is focused on Vicious and I loved every page of it But I also loved the three other HotHoles and if the set up for two of them is anything to go by, I already know I need their books.As for this book This is what obsession is made of This book These characters This romance It was too delicious for words Simply Addicting This is not a relationship It s two people fucking the obsession out of each other ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on

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    I met Baron Spencer and he became my nightmare Okay, you were all 100% correct Vicious is totally the human equivalent of Cardan Greenbriar and I immediately want to reread this book this very second Like, the first scene in his room, where he is sitting on the bed I was waiting for my good dude to sprout a tail, honest to God But yeah, this was an amazingly sexy read, and I enjoyed every single second of it I can t wait to continue on with the rest of this series Basically, this is very much an enemies to lovers story And Vicious is a bigger bully than Cardan in every way, so if that is not your thing, I might skip this read But if that is your thing Oh Lord, please pick this up immediately Seriously, I think L.J Shen made a fan for life from this book alone This is a book told in flashbacks from present day to events that happened ten years ago that lead both main characters to where they are now Vicious believes that Emilia overheard a conversation about a secret that he has been keeping forever Emilia continues to be sweet, caring, and curious, and Vicious believes he has to remind her who has the power in every aspect of their lives.That is, until Emilia is forced to leave LA forever, and goes to NY to pursue her dreams while trying to forget her tormentor Yet, ten years later, things aren t going great for Emilia she just lost her job, she was just mugged, money is now extra tight, and she is also taking care of her chronically ill sister Then one night, while she is working a night shift at a bar, the boy who has haunted her dreams walks in and gives her an offer that she is unable to refuse I see you successfully graduated from a bully to a tyrant in the span of a decade She then is forced to work under her bully, doing any and everything to keep him pleased And we get to see them both struggle with their feelings for one another and decide if it is worth it to just get the other one out of their system Emilia isn t willing to fall for her tormentor, and Vicious won t allow himself to have feelings for the one girl who is off limits for him And the chemistry is honestly off the charts Friends, I m just going to say it the sex in this book is 11 10 Seriously, I immediately had to take a cold shower after, because the angst almost killed me during this reading experience Like, the sexual tension in this is so damn extreme and some of the best I ve read in a very long while It feels like the slowest burn of all time, even though I don t think I d necessarily classify it as a slow burn I don t know, it s a really weird reading experience, but so damn gratifying The dirty talk was expertly done, too, and totally leg crossing inducing if you get what I m saying Vicious was vicious It was too bad that my hate for him was dipped in a thin shell of something that felt like love Overall, I just loved this completely I will say that if you don t like possessive partners then you probably wont like Vicious, but if you do enjoy that kind of thing then I completely implore you to pick this one up immediately, because I thought the trope was really well done Like, I recommend this with every fiber of my being if you like hate to love romances And all my friends promise me that Ruckus is even better, so I cannot wait to continue on with this series Blog Instagram Twitter Tumblr Youtube Twitch Content and trigger warnings for extreme bullying, talk of past child abuse, talk of chronic illness, talk of cancer, loss of a loved one, drug use, underage drinking, physical abuse, and extreme invasion of privacy.Buddy Read with Riley I also read this for Contemporary a thon

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    4 StarsHere s the thing anybody who knows me well, knows that cold and rude jerks are my thing In fiction, of course In real life, though And L.J Shen creates awesome jerk heroes Because Vicious was.visicou licious Cold hearted, arrogant, mean, rude, with a fuck off vibe and a zero tolerance for anything and anybody Not one redeeming quality, except for being hot In another word Contrary to some opinions that he did not redeem himself completely, I think he redeemed himself just fine You see, a jerk is a jerk He is who he is Period You know that saying Because frankly, books where a cold and ruthless hero suddenly becomes smitten with the heroine turning the good book into the complete mushy mushy, rainbow and unicorns cheese fest annoy me as hell.Thankfully, that didn t happen here For me, there was just enough grovel without going over the top Therefore, five stars for The Asshole.Now the heroine I don t have much to say about her I wasn t too impressed to tell you the truth She was likable, I guess She had some great traits artistic nature, quirky sense of fashion, sassy mouth but her thoughts and actions sometimes drove me nuts In my opinion, her character lacks some complexity and depth The book kept me interested, though one thing put me off giving this novel a five star rating the plot It was a bit shaky The whole four friends own and rule the high school and the whole damn town with Yoko Ono thrown into the middle seemed kind of ridiculous Let just say that I m not too crazy about the books where teenagers think, talk and behave like grown ups and where adults practically do not exist Besides, the story reminded me of two other YA books with the similar elements And then, there s this whole revenge thing and the heroine s role in it that had me scratching my headAnyway, all issues with the plot aside, I really enjoyed both Vicious and Vicious and I can t wait for other books in the series.QUICK REVIEW Enjoyment 4 5Writing style 4 5Storyline 3 5Hero 5 5 Heroine 3 5Secondary characters 5 5 Hotness chemistry 4 5 Romance 3 5 Angst 3 5Darkness level 3 5Humor 3 5Depth of the book 3.5 5POV dual, 1st person Triggers view spoiler child abuse hide spoiler

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    3 3.5 StarsThis was my second L.J Shen book and, while I think I rated this one higher than the first book I read, it still didn t quite hit 4 stars for me Which is annoying, because I really want to like her books I really like Shen s writing and, in both books I have read, she has displayed the ability to write characters with a lot of chemistry and believable push pull She was even able to pull off flashbacks here that didn t make me want to cut a bitch and those who have followed my reviews for a while know I am not a huge fan of flashbacks However I just felt like something was missing here for me and I can t quite put my finger on what exactly that missing thing is Something in the execution of the events in the present portions of the booknot quite sure But whatevs I will probably attempt the next book in the series not the novella prequel, but Dean s book as, like I said, I really do want to love a Shen book I feel like I m soclose.

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    5 Ask me what I want STARS image error

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    This is me logging in on GR to write up a review I got HOW many books to review I know, so dramatic But seriously, my currently reading folder should be renamed to review me already, slowpoke I digress All I m gonna say about this book is that it s awesome and the hero is portrayed really well He wears the douchebag badge with honor and almost until the very end Perhaps, in many ways he still remains a douche bag and that, in itself, is amazing to me because I still lurve him hard And I don t think I ve ever given out so many of these before Be sure to check out this fantabulous review written by Arianna in which she moans in oh so many different ways about the deliciousness of Vicious This book made it into top 6 of our January reads and is highly recommended

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