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    If you haven t read this book, I suggest you quit dicking around on the internet and do absolutely whatever it takes to snag yourself a copy this instant Granted it s probably not for everyone, but I gotta tell you, this is seriously among THE MOST VASTLY ENTERTAINING books I have ever read in my life.Imagine you are lying in a silk sheeted waterbed next to a vast swimming pool, smoking a ridiculously long cigarette, wearing an Italian bikini and extremely large, expensive hat, and you ve just gotten the most gorgeous pedicure ever administered in human history You ve done about sixteen lines of coke and have popped a few jars of quaaludes, and a leathery, bronzed older gentleman with silvery hairs all over his chest and a visible tan line where his wedding ring usually sits is alternately giving you backrubs, lavishing you with glittering jewelry, and skillfully providing immense oral pleasure While all this is going on, you are thinking about how fat and old you ve been getting, sipping from a decanter of single malt scotch, and eating slice after slice of the most magnificent chocolate cake that has ever been baked The cake is delicious, the drugs are great, the cunnilingus is stellar, and it s all totally worth the terrible sacrifices you ve made to arrive here today, despite the fact that you are clearly about to vomit yet again into the enormous pool.If you are one of the many unfortunate shlumps who will never become a celebrity, reading this incredible work of American literature is the closest you ll probably ever get to this kind of experience Please do not think that because you have seen the movie, you understand what _The Valley of the Dolls_ is all about You do not I love this book I really, really, honestly, truly, totally do And I hope you do, too

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    I bought a copy for 10p at the Oxfam shop I returned to my space age bachelor pad, switched on my lava lamp, reclined on my La Z Boy late 1970s Magic Fingers model , mixed a bright puce cocktail made out of three parts flamingos and ten parts vermouth with amusing parasols stuffed in the tall tall glass, then I threw on that cd where some genius put modern beats to Gregorian chants, and with my ultramarine dyed and topiaried poodle named Gregoire gazing raptly up at me I read up to page 100 and stopped.Hmm, I thought, this damn book really is the Encyclopedia of Show Biz Cliches, and the Bible of Looksism if you ain t got looks, you ism worth bothering about I set down Valley of the Dolls and hopped off the La Z Boy I waded through the knee deep shagpile to my phone amusingly I still only use landlines I flipped through my Little Black Book Elizabeth No, not tonight Jasmine Hmmm could be Cassandra Leona Bethany In the end I called them all and they all came round and at three in the morning I died of pure pleasure This is my ghost typing these words I m happy to report to all you bachelors out there that there are bikinis after death, and Lambourghinis, in case you were worrying about that I never finished that damn book when I was there on Planet Earth I figured life was too short for Valley of the Dolls Now I think death is too.

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    Wow, WHAT a read I can definitely see why this novel has been hailed an all time pop culture classic I loved absolutely every minute of this book and I wish I could find contemporary novels with the vim, wit, and insight that this book offered This will always have a place on my shelf and will always be one of my all time favorites Funny how my all time favs this year have been classics rather than contemporaries, eh I highly recommend this book to all women, particularly those coming of age in their 20s 30s You ll find something to love, empathize with and root for in all of these women FOLLOW ME HERE Art Deco Agency Book Blog Twitter Instagram Art Deco Publishing Agency

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    Or How To Write An American ClassicThis is going to sound crazy, but hear me out The Valley of the Dolls is totally like The Great Gatsby.One is a culturally important, best selling, drug fueled, homoerotic classic with several unfortunate movie adaptations the other is well, a culturally important, best selling, drug fueled, homoerotic classic with this gem in it Give me back my hair, you little bitch, Helen yelled It cost me three hundred bucks Hey what the hell are you doing Helen screamed She turned to Anne Jesus, she s throwing in the can, I bet I ll kill her, that little bitch Actually there a lot of other parallels the themes of reinvention through false identities, focuses on the American dream of success note that it s becoming a stinking rich capitalist for men and a famous actress model for women , and plots that hinge on characters doing stupid shit because of LOVE.But the similarity that really jumped out at me was how both novels exploit our obsession with wealth and fame by luxuriating in its excesses, and then reassure us about our lack of these things by depicting its wealthy and famous main characters as incredibly miserable and or terrible people.Hey don t be fooled by the persona I may spend some of my free time reading and deeply thinking about important literature, but people who know me also know I am a habitual online reader of celebrity gossip It probably speaks to some weird primal impulse to raise individuals to mythic proportions and then tear them down, but also, relevantly to this discussion, a manifestation of the rather schizophrenic cultural attitudes that define success If we really think success should be moral and material, why do we think they are contradictory Hell if I know And if any book offered the answers, perhaps novels that followed this narrative arc and purpose would be less compelling Until that day though, it s a winning premise, and I will probably never stop reading celebrity gossip pages, no matter how much I know on an intellectual level that the information they dispense is totally a false, b trivial, and c ethically deplorable.Does this make The Valley of the Dolls a good book Heck no Each of the three main characters we follow hardly has two characteristics to rub together Anne is a frigid New Englander, Neely is talented and needy, Jennifer is beautiful and untalented For all it s supposedly about their personal success, really it s all about them defining themselves solely through their men a mistake made by Susann as much as the characters, as she quickly scuttles the interesting backstage show business angle to squeeze in torrid sex love affairs This obsession with the men in their lives is all the baffling for how none of the male characters barely even has one characteristic, let alone any attractive ones Susann s pacing is all over the place, she appears to lose interest in Jennifer at some point, and her idea of what is shocking is actually mostly campy, sometimes to the point of hilarity view spoiler like the mentally disabled crooner hide spoiler

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    Some novels have baggage Valley of the Dolls, Jacqueline Susann s 1966 bestseller, arrived like a Lear jet rolling into Aspen and unloading a cargo hold full of contraband This rags to riches tale chronicling the show business rise and fall of three women features nightlife, penthouses, virgins, abortion, drug overdoses, a fight in the ladies room and the search for love, all doled out in the most mundane language possible Contrary to my expectations, I ate it up.Unfolding over twenty years beginning September 1945, the story begins with Anne Welles arriving in New York City Twenty years old, a Radcliffe grad with a degree in English, Anne is as fresh off the turnip truck as a girl can get Born and raised in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, Anne has fled simple existence in a small town to make it in the Big Apple Her beauty and wholesomeness make an impression on the sage and paternal Harry Bellamy, a theatrical attorney interviewing for a new secretary He hires the turnip.Anne finds a brownstone and befriends a seventeen year old named Ethel Agnes O Neill Neely who lives across the hall Neely is so exuberant that Anne finds it difficult to believe her neighbor is a vaudevillian, seeking her break in show biz A true talent, Neely hopes Anne might be able to pull some strings with her new employers These include a stunningly handsome entertainment attorney named Lyon Burke who returns to the firm after serving his country for four years in England.While Anne is given the mission of finding Lyon an apartment, she s courted by an insurance salesman she meets at the office named Allen Cooper Her friendship with Allen lacks the magnetism of her s with Lyon, but Allen behaves as a gentleman and reveals a secret to Anne straight out of a storybook Presented with the opportunity for financial security beyond her dreams, Anne refuses to be rushed into a decision She focuses on work and on a new musical fronted by Harry s biggest client, the prima donna Helen Lawson When Helen selects Anne to be her new confidante, Anne is able to land Neely a role in the show Stardom beckons and Neely changes her name to Neely O Hara Anne befriends another member of the cast, Jennifer North, a world class beauty with only modest singing or acting skills and whose age is in constant flux Jennifer, an unassuming woman who s nice to Anne, becomes romantically involved with a crooner named Tony Polar She is soon locked in a battle with Tony s stage managing sister, Miriam Anne is torn between marriage to Allen and her attraction to Lyon, who asks for nothing and promises nothing Neely become a breakout star She heads to Hollywood, bringing her new husband, a copywriter she quickly bores of Jennifer outsmarts Miriam and corners Tony into a marriage, but moving to L.A with them, is relegated to the role of Hollywood wife To cope, Neely and Jennifer turn to the dolls Dexedrine to keep them up and lose weight, Seconal and Nembutal to help them sleep.Right away, Valley of the Dolls subverted a few prejudices I had based on my knowledge of the 1967 film starring Barbara Parkins, Patty Duke, Sharon Tate and Susan Hayward It s a postwar story taking place mostly in the late 1940s and 50s, not the swinging sixties It s set in New York, hopping into and fleeing Hollywood almost as quickly as Alvy Singer does in Annie Hall And in spite of some dramatics, the book is much chaste than I expected.In terms of debauchery, Susann falls somewhere between Judy Blume and Reefer Madness here She was either unable or unwilling to binge the reader on sex, drugs and rock n roll, so instead of concocting wild plot twists or manufacturing shock, she hooks us with characters resigned to their fate, questioning free will, seeking love And they re so gosh darn innocent through it all that I wanted to pat them on the heads Hey, God, are you really up there she said Are you a big white haired man with a beard Do you understand me Tell me, what went wrong I never asked for too much Geez, all I wanted was an apartment and a guy to love me I tried why did you fuck it up all the time Why in hell did you give me a voice if you didn t want me to be great Why did you take it away She poured the last of the Scotch and dropped the bottle on the floor.I could imagine a hip sixth grader telling Valley of the Dolls to her friends at a slumber party The story might take hours to finish depending on how often the storyteller was interrupted to explain what a diaphragm was The book not only reads like an instructional guide for what a junior high school student can expect from Life in the Big City, but Jacqueline Susann writes like a starry eyed adolescent She left the square and walked down Fifth Avenue It was getting late She had to go home and change Allen was picking her up Allen She couldn t marry Allen That would be refuting everything she had said That was really giving up It was too early to compromise with even part of a dream.The reason why the writing or lack of it ends up being a speed bump in my enjoyment of Valley of the Dolls is that what Susann lacks in language arts she compensates for with a foundation in sociology and psychology She knows what makes people tick In terms of political machination, the novel is a pure delight Susann allows every character a dilemma of, If I tell A to B, then C will follow, but if I tell him D, then I might get E Then we get to see the sequence executed.Even while I was laughing at how on the button the prose was, I was hooked on the story I never considered abandoning it before finding out what happened to Anne, Neely and Jennifer There s not much character development or sense of place, but Susann is credible when it comes to writing about show business The writing is too childish for me to deem the book sexy, but I agree with Nora Ephron s blurb that Susann is a natural storyteller and for a certain type of reader, like me, I guess, impossible to put down.

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    Read this back in the 70 s My teenage self thought it was so scandalous

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    The dude who checks books out to me at my library gave an arched eyebrow and a curled lip at me when I checked this masterpiece out I promptly flipped the book over with a satisfying whomp and pointed out Uh, it s put out by Grove Press, ever heard of them Sheesh, the philistines I have to deal with daily Just makes ya need somethin to relax with say, a handful of benzodiazepines, a mug of ice cream and The Captain, the latest issue of The Baffler, and some Esquivel on the Hi Fi.Ahh, that s better.Life is too short to worry about people who fail to recognize the massive importance of this literary touchstone Hey, ya gonna pass me that It ain t incense

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    Instagram Twitter Facebook Pinterest You might know me as Nenia Campbell, but my full title is Queen of Literary Trash, Protector of Out of Print Gems, Khaleesi of Bodice Rippers, Mother of Smut, the Unrepentant, Breaker of Convention, Lady of Take Your Misogyny and F ck It So obviously when the Goodreads blurb for this book advertises VALLEY OF THE DOLLS as an addictively entertaining trash classic, you know I just have to read it For several days, the adventures of Neely, Anne, and Jennifer held me in thrall I figuratively clutched at my pearls I felt my insides figuratively curdle in disgust I cringed, I laughed, I teared up These women sometimes made me want to slap a witch, but they were nuanced and interesting and fascinating The writing fell somewhere in between Susanna Kaysen s GIRL, INTERRUPTED and Jackie Collins s ROCK STAR Which is it, you wonder social commentary or trash Now that I ve finished the book, I m wondering, though, if the people who are calling this book trash read the same book as me It s written in the vein of a lot of other books about superficiality, like Bret Easton Ellis s LESS THAN ZERO or anything written by Bret Easton Ellis, really , or anything by J.D Sallinger, but in particular, THE BEAUTIFUL AND THE DAMNED, or anything by oh, who the hell else out there plays the siren song for the disaffected and overly ambitious But those books have received critical acclaim and are praised as literature Thisisn t Here s the thing, though VALLEY OF THE DOLLS is a book about women Specifically, about women during the Civil Rights Era, at a time when women were suddenly allowed to pursue their own dreams while also being held to the outmoded conventions and expectations of the previous decade Sure, you can have your career, but only while your looks last, and people are still going to judge you by the men you re roping in and whether or not you ve managed to keep them And all the while, you have men standing on the sidelines, gaslighting you Why are you complaining You ve won Look how successful you are, you dumb broad We ve achieved equality for you ungrateful bitches now shut up and be grateful Let me tell you, some of the nastiest comments I ve gotten from people on this site were from the angry dudes who were mad at me for writing negative reviews about their beloved man lits And let me tell you something else that those men who bawl the hardest over criticism of said man lits are often also the first and the loudest to condemn and marginalize typically female dominated genres, like romance novels or women s lit VALLEY OF THE DOLLS seems like trash because on the surface it s about several young women who become raging successes but can t deal with Hollywood and New York s respective brands of sleaze and pressure, so they turn to drugs to ease the burden and let them sleep at night They booze, they pop pills, they sleep around Everyone s beautiful at first and charming at first It s a bit like a soap opera But this is different than the usual brand of pretty people f cking type books, because if you read between the lines, there s some very cutting social commentary on marriage, on success, on double standards, on beauty, on happiness, on equality on virtually any subject you can think of And it s interesting that while books like Bret Easton Ellis are lauded as classics and their odious male antiheroes are, if not beloved than at least regarded with fascination or interest, books starring flawed and odious female characters are far less apt to be forgiven and much likely to be panned by critics as trashy or morally suspect I think one of the crowning examples of this mindset are the Judd Apatow style bro comedies about unattractive slackers who end up inexplicably getting a beautiful woman who finds their man child mentality quirky and refreshing It s like an inverse of the manic pixie dream girl trope except that the woman is still the medium through which the man s narrative journey is developed and carried, even when this trope is turned on its head The woman is either the prize of his narrative arc, or the vehicle through which he is carried through the arc There is little to no agency She has no hopes, no dreams, no ambitions because that would eclipse the journey of the hero The women in VALLEY OF THE DOLLS are in full control of the wheel they might be driving their vehicles off the road or in some cases, crashing them in headon collisions, but they are in full control of their vehicles they are the ones piloting their own destinies, even if society is limiting the roads That s what made this book so compelling for me It s utterly brilliant And utterly heartbreaking 4.5 stars

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    A compulsively addictive book I can see how this book made a stir when it first hit the shelves back in 1966 and became an instant classic The women, the men are all horrible humans but that s what makes this book such a blast to read It s the old story of rags to riches and then it all goes pear shape Fame and fortune does not equal happiness, the catty and the selfish nature of the industry is shown through the vile and hedonistic characters The booze, the pills are not enough to give meaning to the empty adulation these girls receive and things turn sour quickly The second half of the book is gripping, although it s all pretty depressing stuff actually As awful as the characters and the book turn out to be it was a complete insane trip that kept me glued to the pages For that it gets the full 5 stars for pure entertainment.

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    A trashy treasure of a chick lit novel.I m so guilty. For three things.1 I liked how melodramatic this horrible written novel was 2 I could feel my brain cells dwindling as I read it.3 I stayed up for nights reading this book.ErrrrI m very embarrassed but I ll give this a five, for enjoying it 100% percent , all the way to the sleazy cliche oversexed men to the dull cliche girls I like it Not for the literary stand point of the novel because we all know there isn t any in this book Just for a good time, this novel is like the boyfriend with the hot face who can t hold a conversation to save his life I think that this might have been one of the most racy novels of the 60s, which is just a pure laugh I felt myself giggling at the book Oh my gosh sex to get ahead , pretty faces and pills how taboo for it s time I have a thing for vintage novels with female characters and I couldn t keep my hands off this novel when I saw it perched on the shelf Hollywood secrets, actresses, catty women, perfumes and lipsticks if that sounds interesting to you, I would advise you to check out this book.

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