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V for Vendetta quotes V for Vendetta , litcharts V for Vendetta , symbolism V for Vendetta , summary shmoop V for Vendetta , V for Vendetta 61153e46 Based On The Screenplay By Andy Lana Wachowski Imagine A Britain Stripped Of Democracy, A World Of The Not Too Distant Future, In Which Freedom Was Not Lost But Surrendered Willingly To A Totalitarian Regime That Rose To Power By Exploiting The People S Worst Fears And Most Damning Weaknesses This Is The Setting For The Parable Of Evey, A Young Woman Saved From Death By A Masked Man Calling Himself V Beguiling And Dangerous, V Ignites The Fuse Of Revolution When He Urges His Fellow Citizens To Shed The Blanket Of Tyranny And Oppression They Have Permitted Themselves To Be Cloaked In While Those In Power Take Steps To Neutralize The Threat, Police Pursue The Mystery Of V, Unaware Of The Terrible Truth That Awaits Them But It Is Evey Who, With V As Her Enigmatic Guide, Sets Out On The Painful Path Of Deception And Self Discovery, Deconstruction And Re Creation, Vindication And Vengeance

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    One of the best book ever V for Vendetta is just one of that stories which is almost impossible for you not to stop and think about it or at least feel something deep after reading I just love this book, specialy after watching the movie, because now i could take as much time as i want in order to decipher each one of the striking phrases mentioned by the characters.You ll find good action, police investigation and a beautifull love story in here but not only that there s also the best of philosophical thought and human condition presented in a very honest, sweet and inspiring way without being melodramatic at all.I stongly recommend this book

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    Who doesn t like their leading men to be burn victims who commit crimes in cosplay

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    I liked this story for its complex yet simple storyline Their were no love triangles, or sexual angst, but there was corruption and dishonesty Interesting.I really liked V and was curious as to who he was throughout Good job with that However, they never really reveal him and leave him a mystery Not such a good job ok, it does add to the storyline, I m just pouting At first I couldn t decide if I liked Evie, she seemed so insignificant, but she grew on me I m pretty sure I d have acted the same way she had in the first half of the book, but am not sure I d be as strong as she was in the end I knew Finch and Dominic were going to become those characters who in the end will still be teetering on the line of wrong and right mainly, because the line itself has become so blurred This seemed like a quick read, and seems somewhat plausible I d recommend this book if you want a doomsday scenario, a tragedy with a hint of something better in the end.

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    The tale of the masked V s fight for freedom against government oppression and control that started life as a comic book, was turned into a screenplay by the Wachowskis , became a movie, and finally ended up as a novel This is a review of the novel There is something good to say about all the incarnations of V for Vendetta , and the book is no exception It moves along at pace and you find yourself drawn into the story It is interesting to compare the book, which was born of the movie, and the comic book, which was written as a response to the Margaret Thatcher eighties Evey is now a woman in her twenties working for TV and not the 16 year old sex worker of the eighties comic book Dietrich, who was involved in organized crime in the original, is now a talk show host It s not only those kinds of detail that are not the same, the endings are also completely different At this stage, one is expected to move from comparisons to making some statement about where one succeeds and the other fails, but I m not going to take that path They are both versions of the same story and both to be judged on their own merits i found both entertaining and stimulating Enjoy

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    So I was hoping that the book would offer a little then the movie which I loved , I was wrong understandably so, since the novel is based on the movie, not the other way around I think there were even less of V s aphorisms in the book then in the movie, which was upsetting It seems the only thing the book expounded on was the absolutely laughable and ludicrous politic back story to the fascist regime which pretty much ruined the book for me The movie was bad enough in this regard, but I just had to laugh, the book was so politically kooky It implies the notion carried on by the media and liberals that Hitler was a man on the religious right, and if we allow conservative Christians to have their way, Fascism is the the natural end This is SO incredible stupid, I don t know where to start OK first oft, real conservatives are only an inch away from being libertarians, which lines them up with V, not the fascist They want small government, believing its a necessary evil, incompetent and prone to corruption and abuse of power While the political left throughout history seems to believe the opposite that the government is the answer to the worlds problem, that power in the hands of the progressive elite will solve the worlds woes Do liberals so easily forget the name of Hitler s party It was the National Socialist, not the National Libertarians Do they realize how similar National Socialism is to Communism Evidently NOT, they are practically twins twisted sisters but fascism has a Nationalist bent and the pretense of private property, that is completely controlled by the government It is a movement of the left, not the right Many of the communist party in Germany gladly joined Hitler Oh and Hitler absolutely HATED Christianity, but knew he had to use it for a time until he could completely remove it And by the way, why did the liberals hate Bush so much, he was practically a liberal himself, pushing bigger government and spending, and starting wars, something in our history Democrats keep doing Wilson, FDR, Truman, JFK, Obama etc Also, just read the news, Obama is of the same, carrying on Bushes policies that he once ran against, and on top of this making sure 1,000s of people are regularly murdered by drones, resulting slaughter of woman and children who are near where the missiles come down O.K Sorry this book is not about Obama But yeah, it was evidently made by liberal conspiracy nuts, Michael Moore types Conveying the message we must stand against the political right and Christianity, or see Fascism and religious oppression come again and the torture of gays and forced bible study I say all this, but then again I love the book, the parts that a good are good to the extreme that the political ideas are imbecilic If you read John Locke s Second Treatise of Government , Locke makes a case that in such a situation where there is a tyrannical government, one is merely a slave, and since the state has no regard for your life and has become your enemy, you are in the state of war that s a bad summery, but yeah in light of this, I could see the justification for V s doings One thing I hope the book is not conveying, is since this futuristic totalitarian dictatorship was the result of Bush s war on terror, The Christian right and global warming, that somehow the book is making the case that Islamic terrorist are justified and good Also, all the folks today wearing V mask is bothersome to me, because, no matter how bad things are getting now, we are not yet living under a totalitarian government Also, from talking to folks today protesting, wearing the V mask, all they can do is bitch about big business, etc they want revolution, but don t have a clue on how to make sure a revolution is like the American revolution and not the French Revolution Sure in this book V collapsed the government, but without the right libertarian principles of government those of many of America s founding , V only brought on tyranny down, providing no principles for a new one to areas that protects life, liberty and property Often you get rid of one demon, only for 7 to move in.

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    D , emotional 3 P.S V I love u 3Remember remember the fifth of NovemberGunpowder, treason and plot.I see no reason why gunpowder, treasonShould ever be forgot

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    jesus christ is this not just a look into the future of america

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    First, let me say that I did not read this book, because I never looked for it in print I found an audio book version on my library web site, read by a favorite narrator of mine, and downloaded it immediately I was curious about the story after seeing the trailers for the movie I was aware that the story was based on a graphic novel written by Alan Moore and inked by David Lloyd I had never seen the graphic novel nor really ever intended to look for it So did I like the book Yes It is a dystopian story set in the future of the 1990s in London.It reminded me a lot of 1984 Big Brother was watching and listening to everyone What people saw and heard on TV was all controlled by the goverment The guys who were listening everything was bugged and trucks roved the streets with listening gear were called The Ear The guys who were watching monitors and cameras on every lamp post and building were called the Eye The Nose were the folks who investigated everyting The Finger were the policemen The head of the government was The Leader and he controlled things via a computer system called Fate Enter V and Evey Evey is a young woman, out after curfew, on her way to go visit a friend She is caught by some Fingermen, who are by no means good cops She is about to be raped and is rescued by a strange guy dressed in a black cape and hat wearing a grinning Guy Faulks mask He kills two of the cops and escorts Evey up to a rooftop and proceeds to pretend directing an orchastra Music actually starts playing from loud speakers all over the city and then a government building blows up, followed by fireworks.In the words of an old musical I love there is big trouble in River City Wrap up This is not really a nice story V really is not a good guy He kills people He destroys property He kidnaps people He tortures and brainwashes Evey He is a terrorist.He hides behind the mask to protect his identity and his face because he was tortured and used in a medical experiment that he was the only one to survive He wears gloves to hide his damaged hands His justification for what he has done and is going to do is that he wants to free the people from a Facist government and give controll back to them He belives that out of chaos comes freedom.All of this should have provoked a very visceral reaction, right I should not have been drawn to listen to this story, but I was Why I wanted to know what he was going to do I wanted to understand who he was I wanted to know what was going to happen What I found, while listening to this book was that the soothing sound of the reader s voice allowed me to listen to the story without being bothered by what was happening When V killed people with his knives there was no blood When people were beaten there was no blood When buildings were blowing up there was no falling debree only music It was like being wrapped in a warm cocoon and insulated from the bad things, right to the very end I am not blaming Simon Vance at all He did a wonderful job of reading the story to me I do not know if reading the printed story would have been any different.

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    The prelude to this tale, written several years after publication, plants the nightmarish backdrop for this graphic novel in terrifyingly real and tangible terms most glaringly, arch conservative Margaret Thatcher s declaration that homosexuality will be relegated to the dustbin of history, even as a concept Similar terrifying and oppressive parallels can be seen in the virulent and extreme fundamentalist nations and movements that seek to impose Shariah law on secular democracies The echoes of the Christian Taliban can also be clearly seen between the images.Split into three books, V for Vendetta begins after a nuclear war has ravaged most of Europe Although England prevails, she is a mere shadow of her vibrant self, with a despotic regime stifling all dissent and making privacy impossible Police are given sweeping powers and discretion to keep things under control It is in this society that we meet 15 year old Eva, forced into prostitution to survive Rescued by the terrorist known only as V, she learns about the music and culture destroyed by the new rulers, rescued and preserved in the Shadow Gallery With rip roaring action, psychological terror and chills, this story is one for the generations to pass down There are a few flaws that made portions of the comic a chore to read, most notably the forced accents of some characters Not only did this pull me out of the book s illusion, but it made the experience considerably less enjoyable.Book two focuses on the consequences of an iron curtain that attempts to police thoughtcrime, and how even the most secure dictator will never receive true adoration or respect The conclusion is among the most gripping I have ever encountered in a comic, and is well worth the effort the mask is fun too.

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    Outstanding This is a novel based on or a novelization of a movie The movie is based on a graphic novel high quality comic book I have listened to the audiobook of V a couple of times I saw the movie first, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and it enticed me to read listen to the novel I was not disappointed Now I want to watch the movie again as I ve read that the book follows the movie dialogue closely That is fine, but this novel is not an after the fact description of a movie It includes that but is so much Like many novels written before a movie it gets into the heads of the characters, describing their thoughts and internal conversations The book gets philosophical about the events occurring It has depth of meaning IMO it s as good as if it was written before the movie Story wise both the book and movie are a great near term futuristic, collapse of democracy, extreme totalitarianism reigns plot I highly recommend them Read other reviews for story line to pique your curiosity.

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