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Upskill chapter 1 Upskill , meaning Upskill , genre Upskill , book cover Upskill , flies Upskill , Upskill 0116a84ae9317 Brimming With Punchy, Practical Ideas To Improve Your Day To Day Effectiveness, UpskillKeys To Professional Growth Is The Definitive Guide To Developing The Adaptive Skills Essential For Success At Work In Upskill, Adaptive Skills Specialist Chris Watson Delivers A Dynamic Snapshot Of Easy To Access Development Possibilities Providing You WithUser Friendly Tools And Techniques Reflecting The Latest Thinking On How To Extend Capability, Boost Professional Growth And Take Charge Of Your Career A Rich Resource Of Reliable Solutions, Grouped Around The Twenty One Adaptive Skills Most Valued By Today S Employers Including Creativity, Collaboration And Communication An Abundance Of Proven Approaches, Topical Insights, Time Saving Apps And Inspirational Videos, As Well As Helpful Signposts To Relevant Quotes, Books And Other Resources Each Chapter Focuses On One Of The Twenty One Skills, And Begins With Examples Of How The Individual Skills Which Can Be Practised And Refined Throughout A Career, And Have All Been Shown To Be Associated With Greater Operational Agility May Be Observed In The Work Environment This Brief Introduction Is Then Followed By Forty Practical Ideas To Develop The Performance Of People Although There Is No Formal Hierarchy To The List Of Suggestions, All Of The Ideas Have Been Categorised Into Three Inter Related Clusters For Ease Of Use Encompassing Ideas For Personal Development, For Delivering Results And For Long Term Gain Within Each Of The Three Clusters, All Of The Ideas For Professional Growth Have Been Laid Out In Terms Of How They Can Help You Respond And Adjust To The Requirements Of Your Role And The Ever Changing World Of Work Some Of The Suggestions Are Tools Apps, Templates, Downloads And Inventories Which Can Be Picked Up And Used Introduced Straightaway Some Of The Suggestions Are Techniques Methods, Approaches And Procedures For You To Try Out, Investigate And Explore The Final Set Of Suggestions Indicate Where To Look For Further Inspiration Including Films, Podcasts, Related Research And A Wide Range Of Suggested Reading Materials The Majority Of The Hints, Tips And Techniques Can Be Actioned Without Having To Access Any External Support Or Invest In Any Additional Outlay, And Are As Useful For New Starters In An Organisation As They Are For Experienced Managers Suitable For Anyone Who Is Committed To Developing Themselves And Their Colleagues, But May Not Have The Time, The Resources, The Budget Or The Inspiration To Know Where To Start

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    What People are Saying About Upskill If you want to develop yourself, your people and your teams, read Chris Watson s Upskill Marshall Goldsmith New York Times 1 bestselling author The book encourages constructive conversations about capability in the workplace, anchored around some of the most valuable adaptive skills No fillers, abstract theories, or tedious stories just full of easy to apply tools Curt W Coffman Co Author of First Break all the Rules with Marcus Buckingham It s positive, easy to read and based on in depth knowledge of the subject a welcome addition to the literature Dr David Duncan Chief Operating Officer The University of Glasgow A cornucopia of tools, models and techniques that will help leaders and managers improve their skills and be effective Rory Underwood MBE Motivational Speaker Former England Rugby Player A huge range of tactical tools, intelligent approaches and ideas for long term gain Dominic Monkman Global Strategy and Business Operations Director GlaxoSmithKline plc It is refreshing to read a book which recognises that people sit at the centre of their own learning Kate O Sullivan Deputy Chairman, British Rowing Chairman of the National Coaching Committee Upskill provides tools and guidance to better face complexity without getting complicated Yves Morieux Managing Director Boston Consulting Group It would be a challenge for any individual to not be inspired by the range of practical strategies that are included here Most books aimed at personal development usually only provide a couple of gems There are 840 in this book Steve Oakes AQR Associate Director of Education The clarity with which the core idea is put forward is compelling The content reflects the latest thinking on how to improve performance by building on strengths helping employees to learn at their own pace, in their own time Eleanor Cannon Chair of Scottish Golf A fantastic reference of both classic and bang up to date resources in the fields of productivity and performance Highly recommended Alison Jones Bestselling author of This Book Means Business.The serious business of learning is peppered with irreverence which ensures the reader does not take this important subject or themselves too seriously Paula Tunbridge Deputy Director of HR University of York.Upskill provides the springboard for self development and personal fulfilment An excellent addition to the area of performance psychology Dr Keith Earle Sports Psychologist Hull City Tigers A wonderful resource for anyone dealing with organisational issues or who has an interest in personal development Every single one of the hundreds of options to develop performance is worth a read.Jim Tamm Co author of Radical Collaboration Five Essential Skills to Overcome Defensiveness and Build Successful Relationships.

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    A good collection of important skills with numerous relevant resource suggestions including books, TED talks, etc.

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    Stacks of practical ideas to develop yourself and others, Upskill is a user friendly treasure trove of personal development opportunities A brilliant resource for anyone who wants learning and development in the workplace, but is too busy to access it With over 800 tools and techniques to choose from, this book is both accessible and informative and will help any employee develop themselves around the key skills valued in business today Well structured and easy to navigate, with a sprinkling of humour throughout so the serious business of personal development isn t taken too seriously Highly recommended I can see this becoming a go to book for any professional.

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    I found this book a really informative and useful read especially Chapter 4 on communication As my son will shortly be moving from full time education into the world of work, I ll be strongly advising him to take a look through every page of this fascinating book The language used and the easy to follow layout could act as a work route map for him as he takes the first step on his career path Clear, actionable tools and advice to help anyone develop inside and outside of work.

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    Really interesting content Just the sort of book I like with no fillers or tedious stories to pad things out Instead it is packed with user friendly tips, tricks and tactics to help you develop yourself and others, includes easy to apply tools, time saving apps topical insights handy hacks novel work methods carefully selected videos provocative articles inspirational quotes and resources all providing stacks of actionable ideas Throughout each of the 21 chapters the advice is clear, concise and to the point I also like the way the language used avoids any reliance on corporate speak and is deliberately jargon free Really useful although I ve found that I use it as a reference book to dip in and out whenever I need some fresh inspiration on a particular topic, rather than trying to read all of it in one go Recommended for anytone wanting to take charge of their personal or professional development or pick up some new ideas.

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    Full of evidence based ideas and suggestions to take control of your career and develop key life skills including ability to influence, collaboration, commercial thinking, change and adaptation, constructive communication, creativity and innovation, direction and purpose, planning and organisation, customer service, developing others, interpersonal awareness, intuitive thought, motivation to succeed, self development, people management, positive decisions, professional ethics, emotional control, results through action, specialist knowledge and use of information Helpful to anyone who wants to progress in their job or who is interested in personal development Also very useful for line managers, supervisors, coaches or HR when supporting others I especially like the way the language used throughout the book avoids any reliance on corporate speak and is deliberately jargon free Accessible and informative.

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    Excellent book, covering all of the key transferable skills in detail Easy to pick up and dip in to, without being superficial Accessible and informative at the same time Filled with lots of practical ideas to develop yourself and others both in and out of work Paperback edition also looks pretty good to look at.

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    One of my favourite personal development books form the last few years, containing over 800 practical ideas to develop yourself The actionable advice in each of the 21 chapters is clear, concise and to the point I also like the way the language used throughout Upskill avoids any reliance on corporate speak and is deliberately jargon free Essential reading.

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