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Underworld txt Underworld, text ebook Underworld, adobe reader Underworld, chapter 2 Underworld, Underworld 00535e Escape From The Realm Of The Dead Is Impossible When Someone There Wants You BackSeventeen Year Old Pierce Oliviera Isn T DeadNot This TimeBut She Is Being Held Against Her Will In The Dim, Twilit World Between Heaven And Hell, Where The Spirits Of The Deceased Wait Before Embarking Upon Their Final JourneyHer Captor, John Hayden, Claims It S For Her Own Safety Because Not All The Departed Are Dear Some Are So Unhappy With Where They Ended Up After Leaving The Underworld, They Ve Come Back As Furies, Intent On Vengeance On The One Who Sent Them There And On The One Whom He LovesBut While Pierce Might Be Safe From The Furies In The Underworld, Far Worse Dangers Could Be Lurking For Her There And They Might Have To Do With Its Ruler Than With His EnemiesAnd Unless Pierce Is Careful, This Time There Ll Be No Escape

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    I m trying to figure out how the author who gave us Suze Simons and Ellie Harrison plus their respective awesome male love interests turned around and put out this absolute horror show of a paranormal romance Seriously, what the hell happened, Meg Cabot Did I just grow out of you or are you selling out Underworld, the sequel to Cabot s lackluster re imagining of the Hades Persephone myth Abandon, is the first Meg Cabot book I ever had to urge to throw against the wall and never pick up again It s a dull, dreary read with very little plot and a whole lot of ridiculous relationship drama and repeated exposition because the heroine is amazingly clueless There s very little of Cabot s signature humorous and fun style in this series, possibly because of the subject matter, and it s just not an enjoyable read As bad as Cabot s writing, plotting and pacing was in this book, my main issue with Underworld was John and Pierce s relationship To say it s an unhealthy relationship is being kind it s toxic and all sorts of fucked up disguised as OMG TRUE LOVE FOREVER.Again, maybe I ve grown out of the bad boy who just needs to be loved but John Hayden is one of the douchiest love interests I ve encountered in a long ass time He s a controlling, wrathful, manipulative dick who guilt trips Pierce for being pissed that he, you know, didn t tell her that she couldn t eat food in the Underworld and tricked her into staying there for good But hey, it turns out he was actually LYING about that and let her believe she d inadvertently given up her family, friends and life to be with him, and that she d only get stuck in the Underworld if she had sex with him WHICH HE ALSO CONVENIENTLY FORGOT TO MENTION TO HER BEFORE THEY HAD SEX And the worst part about all of this Pierce is almost totally fine with the fact that he s a lying, manipulative control freak because she just needs to fix him and everything will be better Seriously Her defining character trait is that she cares about and fixes wild things and John s just about the most wild thing she s ever met Pierce knows and acknowledges John s a controlling asshole she even knows she SHOULD be angry at him for lying to her but she brushes it off as male bullheadedness and the only thing that matters is that she loves John and wants to be with him Girl, please If he didn t trust you enough to make your own decisions about whether or not you want to stay in the Underworld and withheld information from you, HE IS AN ASSHOLE AND IS MOST CERTAINLY NOT THE PERSON YOU WANT TO SPEND THE REST OF YOUR LIFE WITH I don t know if I m going to pick up the third book in this series On one hand, I want to see if Pierce will finally get her shit together and leave John which she won t, duh and on the other hand, I don t think I can read anything else about this relationship and not want to throw myself of the edge of the world.I expected better from you, Meg Cabot.

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    FINAL RATING 4.20 STARS CATCHALL If I really liked Abandon, I beyond adored Underworld It was so much better than its predecessor in every way possible I loved every minute of it and it left me absolutely breathless when I was finished It was incredible and shows that a series, no matter how experienced the author, can only get better THE HEROINE PIERCEI didn t dislike Pierce as much in this book as I had in previous books I better understood the motivations behind her actions and especially related to her fierce desire to protect those she loves She s still a little too reckless for my taste, but it s not like I m not reckless sometimes, so I m actually really not one to talk Still, I connected better to Pierce in this book than I did in the last, and so that made the book much, much enjoyable THE LOVE INTEREST JOHNYay John Damn, he s hot Really freaking hot He s probably my favorite character because hot bad boys are so hot I like how he has a layer of mystery that s slowly peeled back but still not totally revealed He shows his vulnerability in shocking and beautiful ways and I love that He s strong, but he has his weaknesses too And of course, he s also really caring and protective, but he ll do things for Pierce even if he doesn t necessarily want to THE OTHER SECONDARY CHARACTERS ALEXAlex was kind of annoying in this book and I couldn t figure out why I mean, I know why he annoyed me, but I couldn t figure out what made him act so annoyingly So I was kind of frustrated for a lot of this book and really wanted to slap him for being so dumb.KAYLAI was glad to see Kayla back She had a great sense of humor and is really fun I enjoyed her appearances and thought that she almost made up for Alex Almost THE PLOT Underworld was far action packed than Abandon, which was really nice to see Abandon was fun but didn t have a ton of stuff going on, whereas Underworld never had a single bored moment.Additionally, I liked the plot It was fun and fresh.There was so much suspense I didn t intend originally to read this book in only one day, but I found myself physically unable to put it down.It was really amazing It was also extremely original, and I didn t feel like I d read the same thing over and over I thought that it was exciting and new, and I loved that Underworld s plot was extremely intense in the best way possible and possibly the most fun I ve head in a while THE ROMANCE The romance in Underworld was a lot heavier than in Abandon, but no less sweet It really develops and John and Pierce become a mature couple They even have arguments, realistic ones, which I loved seeing They really come into their own together in this book I love seeing the way they interact and how well suited they are to each other The romance in this book made me extremely happy, and even though it almost borders a tad on instalove, it actually isn t really because of the past So, I was pleased with that THE WRITING After so many years of writing, Meg s writing is still as fantastic as ever Sometimes it sounds a bit juvenile, but it somehow fits her characters perfectly Pierce is no exception It s pretty and Pierce has an achingly real voice The description evokes sharp images and I can hear Pierce s voice in my head I love Meg s writing It s not overly complicated or roundabout It s sometimes a bit simplistic, but I honestly can t say I mind The way she does it, it fits THE ENDING Actually, I ll admit I wasn t to impressed by this I liked the very last lines and thought they made for a great but not too cruel cliffhanger, but an event that took place slightly before this completely threw me and rather ticked me off I thought it was unnecessary and far too convenient It didn t work for me, unfortunately Still, I did like how she ended the very end Even though I didn t connect to everything, WRAPUP I m totally reading Awaken I think the name is perfect, and it sounds so good I cannot wait for a cover release I just know it will be gorgeous I m also betting on a lot of suspense, fun, and romance Awaken is already one of my most highly anticipated reads of 2013.FINE.Read of my reviews on Sparkles and Lightning Why 2012 Why not, oh, today Oh, and what a pretty cover It s just so gorgeous

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    You call that a plot I call that chapter six Abandon was a series of constant flash backs that didn t further the plot Underworld was a constant reiteration of the present that did nothing to further the plot, which was full of holes, anyway.Pierce somehow got too stupid to live syndrome and John thought she knew, everything about being Queen of the Underworld when only twenty four hours have passed in Underworld, and six days passed in Abandon Basically, was it any better than Abandon No Do I have any hope of Awaken being better than Underworld My expectations are crazy low Will I still read it Probably just as soon as I get it in the mail, as I did with Underworld Why Meg Cabot I m beginning to think the woman owns me.

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    They say never to judge a book by its cover THEY LIE These are the steps to picking an awesome book like this one 1 Is the cover good 2 Is the title cool 3 read the back or flap, is it cool

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    I have this habit of reading books that are really bad then complaining about them and continuing to read them This is one of those books I wasn t fond of the first book but this took the cake Or not the cake It doesn t deserve cake But in all seriousness I really hated this book.1 Pierce I hated Pierce Sure the rambling in characters is cute at times not in this book but others but she does it SO much and talks about so many unnecessary things and it gets annoying and I want to hit her over the head with a flower pot And stupid My god is she stupid Hayden and Sons that s Johns last name what could that mean Stupid Stupid, Stupid And shallow My word is she shallow and just stupid again She is considered oh so sweet and innocent and pure by always wearing those white dresses and calling her dad a cheap skate for putting up 1 million for her rescue my entire family doesn t have that much put together and I want to rip out her hair And then hit her with a flower pot.2 John Oh John You controlling, pathetic, abusive, anger management issued dead man Claiming to love Pierce and yet neglecting to tell her anything about yourself because she might hate you Wanting her to stay with you forever by holding her against her will Breaking things and making scary thunder when she says something you don t like Real charmer you are 3 The Relationship How abusive can you get Been held against your will and alternating between being fine about it and throwing tea in his face first book not second Causing thunder and destroying things whenever she says something you don t like Lying to her over and over and claiming to feel sick about it dude then stop fucking lying Having sex and oh yeah forgetting the tiny detail of it keep you in the Underworld forever because you thought she knew never assume it makes an ass of you and me Excusing all his behavior because of masculine bullheadedness And oh yeah because she has to fix him Honey he s been dead for two hundred years he has issues you can t fix by kissing him or seductively touching his neck Most blatant relationship I have read in a long time.4 Plot What plot Nothing happens The whole book takes place in two days and what happens NOTHING 5 Other characters yeah I couldn t get over Kayla s He can kidnap me anytime good message to send to teenage girls He can do whatever he wants to me if he s hot And Alex Only character who seemed to know the real deal about how selfish Pierce is Hey let s leave my family behind without a proper goodbye because I want to be with this abusive hot guy All in all One star This was not worth the read and I m ashamed I ll probably read the third just so I can complain .

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    3.5 stars.Review to come Read an excerpt of Underworld chapter 1 2

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    2.5 disappointed stars Pierce was seriously acting dumb in this one while Alex turned just plaincrazy.The only reason I gave this book an extra star for the revilement of John s past.This book was such a drag.Honestly It felt like Meg cabot had actually meant to write this series as one whole book, before finally deciding to go against it and published it as 3 elaborately unnecessary parts.that made up this trilogy PREALLLY hope book 3 will make up for all this dissapointment

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    Unfortunately, Underworld just didn t hold my attention and I found myself not wanting to read it any

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    WHY WHY WHY 2012 I read the first book to the end, see that Underworld is the next book, read the blurb, then what do I see at the bottom 2012. Why why why why why

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    This book can t come out soon enough This series is going to be like an addiction I may not love it but I must have it After reading I love meg Cabot I am so intrigued by all of her books I like the love story in this book but there is only one thing in this book I would criticize That would be the rudeness of Alex, pierce s cousin After how rude he has been throughout the entire series I fail to see how they have developed such a deep connectionand even if we are going off the fact that she is a kind person John s character would not have tolerated the behavior of her cousin towards her I find that to be a character flaw I know that it was mentioned that she felt that he was less wild but he was protecting her and in the little amount of time they have spent together I don t think that would break the habit of wild behavior But overall I immensely enjoyed it and can t wait for the next

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