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  • Paperback
  • 230 pages
  • Tsar: The Lost World of Nicholas and Alexandra
  • Peter Kurth
  • English
  • 02 April 2019
  • 9780316557887

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    I never get tired reading about The Romanovs This book presented many photographs of the Tsar and his family that I have never seen, as well personal info that I also didn t know about, beautiful depictions of a beautiful family Sad, haunting, but insightful.

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    This is really a coffee table book that tells the story of the last Romanovs to rule Russia Peter Christopher s photographs serve as a lens into Russia s magnificent past This was a time of opulent splendor when monarchs ruled Europe by divine right The pages are adorned with photos and illustrations of 1,000 room palaces, cathedrals, yachts, coronations, balls, priceless Faberge eggs, and a wedding gown gilded with gold so heavy that the empress could barely stand up while wearing it Most of all the book contains touching photos of the beautiful family of Nicholas II and Alexandra I give the photos and illustrations five stars and the verbiage three stars but the synergy between the two makes for a five star experience You will enjoy thumbing through the pages of this book Author Peter Kurth tells the story of Nicholas, a simple family man that was thrust into the role of Tsar without proper experience or training for the job He was a devoted husband and father that liked to shoot, shovel snow, and garden but really had no aptitude to be the Tsar and autocratic ruler of 1 8 of the world s people Nicholas knew that Alexandra of Hesse was his true love since the time he first laid eyes on her when she was only a girl of twelve years of age Similarly, Alexandra was also thrust into the role of Tsarina without proper grooming for the role She was a Hessian princess and a favorite granddaughter of Queen Victoria She barely spoke any Russian at all and never lived there She was very well educated, refrained from gossiping and a bit too prudish for the busybody, risqu Russian court of the day The marriage of Nicholas and Alexandra was hastened by the demise of Nicholas s father Tsar Alexander It was during a turbulent, climactic time in the history of Russia They would have to learn on the fly.Much of Kurth s book was really a beautiful love story Nicholas s parents were at first against the marriage Nicholas threatened to become a monk rather than marry another Queen Victoria was also against the marriage and said she didn t wish to subject any of her relatives to that cold climate However, they were destined for each other Alexandra gave Nicholas four beautiful daughters before giving birth to the heir, Alexi, a sickly hemophiliac This disease was passed down to random males from Alexandra s and Queen Victoria s side of the family The pages are adorned with family photos of the girls dressed in matching outfits Before I finished the book I fell in love with the beautiful duchesses it was almost as if I were looking at photos of my own daughters coming of age According to Kurth, Alexandra was as devoted to Nicholas as much as he was to her Kurth casts doubt upon rumors that Alexandra was having a physical romance with Rasputin Kurth said that she signed letters with kisses and called herself mother to Rasputin and anyone else of whom she corresponded She considered herself the mother of Russia This was a woman that sat home and crocheted scarves and blankets for people During the war, the empress and the duchesses received training and became nurses They converted a palace to a hospital and the girls put in full days taking care of the wounded This doesn t sound like a women caught up in the sexploits of the royal courts of Europe at the time The Russo Japanese War of 1905 cost the empire dearly World War I was disastrous for the world s economies and it was the death knell for nearly all the monarchies of Europe No country suffered worse than Russia The Tsar abdicated and the Empire was torn apart at its limbs with a series of revolutions by various factions The real death knell for Eastern Europe happened when Lenin and the Bolsheviks seized power This to me was the end of an era of innocence The Tsar and his family were murdered by a drunken mob of Bolsheviks in the cellar of a house in Siberia Make no mistake, this was not an execution by firing squad but cold blooded murder of eleven people The Tsar and his immediate family members and their doctor and a few servants were murdered in a blood orgy that took a good thirty minutes In the end, Lenin s hands had royal blood on them This could have been avoided had England s liberal government of Lloyd George given the Romanovs permission to live there in exile The author said it was really King George V that shut the door on their hope for exile in England because the presence of the Romanovs in in England especially the empress would raise all sorts of difficulties for their British relations in wartime Kurth said that the problem with Queen Victoria s granddaughter was that she was of German birth Incidentally, this happened at the same time that the British royal family dropped their German surname of Saxe Coburg for Windsor because the former name was German Finally, the Great War and the abdication of the Tsar gave way to another type of autocratic rule that proved far deadly and catastrophic for the Russian people and humanity in general than the 300 year reign of the Romanovs This was another case of the devil you know is far better than the devil you don t know The murder of the Romanovs was just the startthe tip of the iceberg really for the iron curtain that would fall down upon Eastern Europe and result in the murder of about 35 million Russian citizens by their own government I m sure I will remain haunted for some time by the ghost like photographs of this lovely family The knowledge that these four beautiful girls and this twelve year old boy were murdered in cold blood by drunken communist thugs for a cause known as socialism is personal now that their beautiful faces are ensconced in my memory I try to console myself with the knowledge that there would be another 35 million faceless victims of socialism in Russia and probably 100 million victims elsewhere for that wonderful cause This way, I can console myself that their deaths really aren t that special when you consider the magnitude But still.look at those beautiful children and those matching dresses and consider how innocent they are How could they To hell with socialism.

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    f you only have time to read one book regarding The Romanovs, Russian history, and the Russian revolution, this should be the one Lush in photography, rich in detail, stunningly organized and exquisitely written, this is a gem which chronicles the opulence of the Romanovis and vividly contrasts this to the brutal massacre that ended their lives and the rule of the Tsars of Russia.The author and photographer show the before and after of the lush tranquility of summer and winter palaces and of yachts and compare this with the captivity of the royal family at Ekaterinburg and their murder in the basement of the house of special purpose.I ve read a lot of Russian history, yet this book contained tidbits I didn t know For example, the precursor and ominous signs which pointed to a doomed ending were rife from the beginning.The shabbily erected accommodations for the populous during the coronation celebration left hundreds dead and trampled as peasants fought for souvenir mugs and beer and wine to fill them.Knowing this event had occurred, still, the fantastic over the top coronation ball occurred, leaving a very bad perception from the start.Warned of Alexandra s dangerous obsession with the mad monk Rasputin, Nicholas passively ignored the possible repercussion.Involvement in WWI was disastrous as once again Nicholas passivity and lack of leadership played a major role in the downfall of him and his family.Hiding his son Alexi s hemophilia from those who could have had sympathy again proved an inability to judge the masses.I highly recommend this coffee table style book.

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    Though I ve read different versions of the Romanov story a dozen times, the photos and images in this book were an incredible supplement to the narrative The writing wasn t exceptional, but I was enraptured by the pictures, art and captions If only Robert K Massie s definitive books had been accompanied by such unique and dramatic images I was thoroughly engrossed throughout the entire big, beautiful book I read it over the course of several evenings and must confess that I was disappointed to finish it because I really felt that, than any other Romanov books I ve read, I was really present in imperial Russia I cannot emphasize enough how well structured the entire book was The images of the family, of prominent locations, and various other notables were incredibly satisfying for a Romanov enthusiast like me.

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    This is probably the best non fiction book on the Romanovs I have read thus far The writing is engaging, yet very detailed and informative, and the photographs are great too There are plenty of wonderful candid shots, along with the elegant posed portraits that we most often see Kurth managed to give thorough historical information without his writing becoming dry or dull The anecdotal details really give a sense of these legendary figures personalities, adding a lot of emotional weight to the ending The political issues that eventually led to Tsar Nicholas downfall and the murder of him and his family are explained well and provide good insights into both sides of the story Anyone interested in history, and especially the story of the Romanovs or the Russian Revolution, will find something worthwhile in this fascinating account.

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    Peter Kurth has researched and written a comprehensive and informative account of Russia s last Emperor and Empress that is haunting and unforgettable It seems like the lives of Nicholas II and his wife, Alexandra, were doomed from the very start of their relationship Beginning with their first meeting at a family wedding until their brutal murders at the hands of the Bolsheviks, Kurth s fascinating account brings to life a vanished era The relationships between members of the aristocracy, the religious undercurrents, and the evolving political and social unrest collided and resulted in tragic consequences for the Romanov dynasty Included in this wonderful book are photographs taken from the surviving personal albums of the Romanov family and their entourage which had long been hidden in Russian archives For anyone interested in Russian history, this book is a must read

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    Informal notes, rather than a formal review.More than a decade ago, business took me to Portland There I fell in love with the city s variety of gardens, its vibrant artistic craft community, and the thoughtfulness with which its residents had dotted the city streets with bubblers for four legged residents.I managed to steal an hour to visit Powell s, and there I found this and several other books, gently used, in double filled shelves The concept of a place so packed with an esoteric array of books that one could buy and bring home visit anytime one liked still makes my heart beat a little quicker.I remember sitting on the floor in the midst of the stacks and leafing through Kurth s book and knowing that it needed to come home with me Before that day, my only focused reading about the Romanovs was Massie s excellent Nicholas and Alexandra, and this was my first real chance to see the people he had brought to life so stirringly.Over the years, I have revisited this book and continue to appreciate the selection of images, and the large format that enables them to be studied in detail This is a worthwhile companion, even though additional images continue to become available.

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    Fascinating Had me spellbound, even though I knew what was going to happen, I couldn t put it down I have read other books on this subject, and came across this one by accident at my library Many pictures that I had never seen before, and I especially liked the then vs now comparison shots Still can t believe that this was how a country got rid of its monarchy Chilling Enjoyed it so much that I bought it on eBay for my personal collection before I even finished it.

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    Gorgeous.There are no other words to describe this book The photographs from the last Tsar and his family in the 1900s and from Russia today are breathtaking No one can see them without wanting to visit Russia And lots of family pictures have only been published in this book The text is fine this was one of the first books I read about the Romanovs, so had a lot of great, easy to read information apart from the conspiracy theories, Peter Kurth believed in Anna Anderson until he passed away which was after the dubious DNA testing and before all the bodies of the children were recovered , but nothing in depth Highly recommended

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    Amazing pictures I haven t seen anywhere else and new details about the family this book is a treasure

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Tsar: The Lost World of Nicholas and Alexandracharacters Tsar: The Lost World of Nicholas and Alexandra, audiobook Tsar: The Lost World of Nicholas and Alexandra, files book Tsar: The Lost World of Nicholas and Alexandra, today Tsar: The Lost World of Nicholas and Alexandra, Tsar: The Lost World of Nicholas and Alexandra a74a8 This Spectacular Illustrated History Tells The Story Of The Last Romanovs One Of The Great Tragic Love Stories Of All Time With Unparalleled Vividness Intimacy The Text, Which Follows Nicholas Alexandria From Their Childhood S To The Siberian Cellar Where Their Lives Ended, Is Complemented By Rare Images From The Imperial Family S Private Collections Locked Away For Decades In Soviet Archives, Published Here For The First Time , As Well As By Contemporary Full Color Photographs Of The Places Palaces The Romanovs Knew

About the Author: Peter Kurth

PETER KURTH is the author of Anastasia The Riddle of Anna Anderson, American Cassandra The Life of Dorothy Thompson, Tsar The Lost World of Nicholas and Alexandra, and Isadora A Sensational Life, and co author with Eleanor Lanahan of Zelda An Intimate Portrait His work has appeared in Vanity Fair, Cond Nast Traveler, Forbes FYI, The New York Times Book Review, The New York