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Trigger summary Trigger, series Trigger, book Trigger, pdf Trigger, Trigger b703c8d57a Jersey Hatch Can T Remember If He Rammed The Car Into His Parents HouseHe Can T Remember Why His Best Friend Won T Speak To HimHe Can T Remember The Right Words To Have A Real Conversation And He Can T Remember Why He Tried To Shoot His Own Head OffBroken In Both Mind And Body, Jersey Must Piece His Life Back Together, Step By Painful Step He Must Re Learn To Tie His Own Shoelaces He Must Somehow Pass Algebra And Graduate High School And He Must Try To Repair Old Friendships As Severed As The Connection Between His Brain And His Once Athletic Body With A Compelling And Unique Literary Voice Susan Vaught Thrusts Readers Directly Into The Bitterly Funny Head Of Jersey Hatch As He Navigates His Own Damaged Existence, And As He Tries To Answer The Question Not Just Why He Wanted To End His Very Good Life, But Whether He Can Stop Himself From Trying To End It Again An Eye Opening Story That Expertly Navigates The Triumph Of Family, The Depths Of Despair, And The Humor Of The Most Mundane Details Of Life

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    Want to see bookish things from me Check out my youtube channel StarsJersey Hatch tried to commit suicide by shooting him in the head Now, half his body is left useless and he can t remember a lot of things He doesn t remember why his best friend won t talk to him, he doesn t know why he can t control the things that come out of his mouth and he can t remember why he tried to commit suicide in the first place.I enjoyed this a lot than I originally thought I would The concept of the book was interesting, Jersey returning to his old life after his failed suicide and year of rehab It was interesting seeing Jersey learning to cope and come to terms with what he had done to himself I liked how we got glimpses into how Jersey s attempt affected so many people in his life There was a great balance between the heavy topics in the book and lighthearted funny moments.Definitely a book worth reading.

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    Suicide victims often times are misunderstood by others Many tends to be judgemental of them, calling them selfish, attention seeker or even mad Suicides account for twice as many deaths as AIDS and over half of suicide deaths are by firearm.Jersey Hatch is the voice of all those vulnerable, troubled teens out there Vaught has crafted him based on her experience of working with young people as a practising neuropsychologist Jersey suffered permanent physical and neurological impairment after a botched suicide attempt His sentences are often punctuated with random odd words in between and half of his body no longer work like it used to be A big chunk of his memories leading to the day he shot himself in the head was obliterated after the tragic attempt to end himself The Jersey After has no recollection as to why he pulled the trigger that day Together we navigate along with him through his unsynchronized mind as he tried to piece everything together again while he faced hardships due to his disabilities and from his family, friends and teachers Would the truth give him the peace he needed to finally settle down or would it cause him to want to pull the trigger for the second time Trigger gave us insights to a suicidal teen s mind enabling us to better understand this widespread devastating act of self harming Aside from that it also explored the aftermath of suicide on family members, friends and those around the victim The book represents a wake up call to us to start paying attention to those we cared about, start to listen , judge less, for you might save a life I would say that Vaught handled the theme of this book really well It wasn t judgemental or clinical, she let the readers decide for themselves based on what they see this would create deeper impression on the messages within As extra food for thought, she even managed to raise several other social issues such as parenting, school bullying and also the responsibility and risk of firearm ownership Although Trigger addresses a heavy subject, it wasn t a difficult book read as I have first thought it would be Vaught has included the right amount of humor to smooth out the rough edges I admit to burst out laughing many times because of the humorous situations Jersey unintentionally created due to his runaway mouth.Frankly there are some plot holes that chips away bit of the realism but it wasn t that big of a deal and since the book did achieved its aim on creating awareness on suicide, it didn t bother me that much I would highly recommend this book to older teenagers and to adults as well In fact, everyone should read this book Knowledge could save lives even your own life Prevention should always be the first step.FACTSKnow thatConsider this statement below before you act on your impulse or start judging othersIMPORTANT to continue reading about the above statement here MetanoiaBOOK DETAILS Title TriggerAuthor Susan VaughtPublication Date April 10th, 2011Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing PLCGenre Young Adult, Realistic Fiction, ContemporaryType Novel, approximately 75,000 wordsMain Characters Jersey Hatch, MrMrs Hatch, Leza Rush, Todd Rush, Mama RushTags Keywords view spoiler brains, brain damage, patients, rehabilitation, gunshot wounds, suicide, wounds and injuries, teenager, depression, school bullying, firearm, parenting, stigmatize hide spoiler

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    Whoa Interesting premise for a book a boy attempts suicide by shooting himself, but survives The books begins as he comes home for the first time after a year of rehab He barely believes he tried to kill himself and spends the whole book figuring out why he pulled the trigger hence the title He also has to reconcile with his extremely upset parents and angry friends On top of all this, he is now severely physically handicapped and can barely think or speak coherently The enire book is narrated in his stumbling, cloudy headed voice, which makes it a little hard to read Nevertheless, I think this book would really appeal to teens, especially since most of them will inevitably be confronted by suicide in their high school or college years In all, I highly recommend this book It raises issues about the effects of suicide that only a failed suicide could.

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    5 Moving, Inspirational, and Captivating Stars I haven t written a review in a while Nothing really worth the time recently, until I came across this gem I really step out of my box with this one, not being a fan of young adult From the first chapter your dragged into the damaged mind of Jersey Hatch, and you don t want to leave.Without giving to much away, Jersey is a young man who tried to commit sucide, but fails He now has to live with the reprucions of his actions Going through life with ex friends that want nothing to do with him, a family that wants to put him in a bubble, and a memory full of holes are just some of his hardships This book is very character driven The author allowed you to see how Jersey s sucicde attempt effects everyone in his life, even though your reading from Jersey s POV From Todd, to Leza, to Jersey s parents you get the full impact of emotions involved I spent my time going between laughing hysterically to being a blubbery mess FYI the interaction between Jersey and his mother HEARTWRENCHING If you looking for something unique, and aren t afraid of the heavy stuff you should pull the TRIGGER on this read

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    Susan VaughtTriggerNew York Bloomsbury USA, 2008292 pp 8.95978 1 59990 230 2 Suicide can ruin a teenager s life, as well as affect everyone else s around that person In Trigger, the author Susan Vaught, portrays this aspect very clearly She also uses other tactics to put the reader into the mindset of 17 year old Jersey Hatch, who attempted suicide and is now dealing with random outbursts and scars all over his body The last trait of the novel is how much science is lying beneath the story Vaught includes the deep sorrow of his parents and the pain and anger of his friends She includes viewpoints from different people in Jersey s life to show how greatly it affects each individual Since the novel is in first person, the author also has to take the reader into the mind of the suicidal boy For some people, this could be a drawback, seeing as Jersey has tourettes from holding a gun up to his head and pulling the trigger At some times in the novel, what Jersey is thinking can be extremely confusing At other times, Jersey s mind can be very helpful in the course of the novel You may think that most authors don t care about what detailed facts they put into a book Susan Vaught happens to be neuropsycologist, a person who treats kids with head trauma She helps many patients, and she states in an interview at the end of the book that Jersey is a makeup of all of them Vaught also includes that she decided what exactly the damage would be by shooting your head, and included all of the factors This really helps the reader understand real life situations so he she bring them into the book If you re looking for a book to read, Trigger by Susan Vaught may be a good choice It has a scientific background, a great way of taking the reader into the mind of the main character, and developed viewpoints from the surrounding characters I greatly recommend it.

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    This is about a teenager who shoots himself in the head, but it doesn t kill him The book starts with him being released from the hospital a year later, but he remembers nothing about trying to kill himself or anything about the year before that He s also come through it with a weakened side and brain damage than just the memory It s an interesting mystery as the reader follows Jersey on his quest to find out why he shot himself Many people are angry with him and seem not to like him any This is explained throughout the book, but there were times when I felt he was being called a freak for no reason To me, that just shows people s prejudice against the disabled However, the people that had a right to be mad at him, I felt were sometimes being jerks It was obvious that Jersey didn t remember and was trying to piece together his past What s the use of holding a grudge against someone who doesn t even know what he did to deserve it It was good read, but I think some of the past events that drove him to shooting himself, could have been delved into a little A reason the author didn t dwell on them could be to show that the reasons weren t that important But I would have to disagree with that to a certain extent Another issue I had were some red herrings Jersey and his best friend were at odds over a girl and it was hinted that something big had happened there So big that she moved away But all that happened was that Jersey went out with her knowing his best friend liked her Then Jersey cheated on her To me, that s not a good enough reason for the girl s parent s to have moved Then there was the fact that at times, it hints at Jersey s house being damaged Possibly by a car, but that goes nowhere Of course, those thoughts may have been showing Jersey s distracted thoughts Those issues weren t huge and didn t detract from the novel, but it was a bit of a let down Overall, I would recommend people to read it.

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    On the fence between 3.5 and 4 stars

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    Excellent, excellent book It gets better each time I read it I believe this is the third time I ve read it Told from Jersey s pov, it is really an eye opening way to look at how all people suffer a suicide attempt, including the person who attempted suicide This review does contain SPOILERS, so if you don t want to know ahead of time of some events in the book, don t continue reading this review Jersey may have seemed like he lived the perfect life to everyone on the outside, but the pressures to live up to that image of perfection are intense for kids in today s society It didn t really delve into if his parents pressured him to succeed, but generally that s the case His mom is a bank president a highly successful job his dad is also successful A lot of times to kids they don t see failure as an option Then when teenage hormones hit not using this as an excuse, but, it is a reality it can make things much worse they don t see a way out Also they can be clinically depressed it s overlooked because others think its just a phase or teenage hormones Well you don t always get a second chance with suicide, and with a lot of attempts like in Jersey s case, there is a lot of extensive damage done One thing I think the author should ve mentioned which in a round about way she did, is that once a person attempts suicide, there is a very high likelihood I forget the percentage but it s is over 90% will attempt again Spoiler Alert That s why it really surprised me that in the book when they discharged Jersey from Carter his first Outpatient Counseling for him his family was 6 months after discharge They knew how much harder stressful it would be for him after he went home I would think that they would suggest they drive a distance while until the local counselor had the an opening Also the mom not participating visiting jersey while in Carter was a red flag that things would be very difficult after discharge And to put him back in his room where he did the attempt Even if he supposably didn t remember Where were the discharge planners in all this Continuing with the SPOILER ALERT I couldn t believe the Dad kept the gun after everything , he even kept it in the house after Jersey found it his mom flipped out beat on Jersey You would think the Counselor could somehow move up the appointment because obviously this family is in crisis Then later, After the dad promises to take Jersey to the police station to have the gun melted down, that ends up never materializing Then after an awful day at school adolescents can be impulsive an often don t see long term, then add to that a brain injured adolescent Jersey finds the gun again this time looks for the bullets finds them also I won t say any Just leave that much It was an excellent book One I think that all parents of Tweens should read as well as maybe kids starting in 7th grade health class I m currently listening to a book by Jodi Picult that also deals with teen suicide, teen suicidal ideation, teen bullying a school shooting its excellent so far, give it a try Also my next hard book read will be Harlan Coben s Hold Tight it also deals with teen suicide it s after affects I will definitely recommend trigger This author did such an excellent job I also loved how she shows the difficulties with Jersey s speech I worked as a nurse before I had to quit due to illness I had a patient who was a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head, she was in her early 50 s It was early in my career I was working at a nursing home At the time she was one of if not the youngest person there The big question of course was why. She didn t talk like Jersey She was really fortunate as the bullett hardly did any brain damage at all She did have some altered mental capacities some change in behavior Fortunately she was able to move her arms legs talk with some physical and occupational therapy She ended up going back home I m grateful to the author for writing a book like this A lot of times well just about always the person who attempts or commits suicide honestly believe everyone would be better off without them don t realize the mess pain they leave behind Definitely An Absolutely must read book

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    After reading the last perfectly imperfect page of this novel, I took a deep breath, tears lining the edges of my eyes I felt as if I had suddenly realized I had been holding my breath in a completely different space than shared reality, maybe like diving underwater, into a space where nothing existed except the world of this book And it was amazing.I don t typically like books dealing with the theme of suicide too depressing , but this one was different It flowed With honesty Hope With a beautiful, natural rhythm of believable lives And the important page turning quality of novels suspense Jersey s struggling thoughts and struggling body and struggling emotions were all organic to his personality and to his changes after his brain was damage.The theme that popped out most to me was the self journey from something seemingly unsurmountable to hope, new perspectives and redefining a very personal sort of quiet success and happiness.Only a single criticism Jersey s dad still had his gun and bullets easily accessible Unbelievable I surfaced briefly from story absorption to think, I am absolutely not convinced this loving, worried dad would be that irresponsible But I was quickly sucked under again, so, forgivable.Superb.

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    4 of 5 starsTRIGGER is told from the POV of high school senior Jersey, who has just been released from a rehabilitation facility, recovering from severe brain injuries from a self inflicted gunshot wound He doesn t remember the incident, or know why he would attempt suicide What he does know is that his parents are walking on eggshells, his ex best friend hates him, he s bullied at school, and the harder he tries to speak and make sense of things, the jumbled his thoughts and speech With the help of an older woman, Jersey tries to piece together what caused him to pull the trigger.TRIGGER is a compelling story, about suicide, brain injury, bullying, and forgiving oneself and others Jersey s brain damaged voice is brilliantly expressed showing his limitations while still being readable There was some repetition in his memories that I skimmed over I wish the writer had spent time on depression and what caused Jersey to become suicidal, although there was some mention, the topic was glossed over We never not much insight into the secondary characters, but that would have been hard with the POV used Still, this is a very good YA novel.

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