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Tree Change txt Tree Change , text ebook Tree Change , adobe reader Tree Change , chapter 2 Tree Change , Tree Change 441341 Forced To Choose Between The World She Wants And The Man She Loves, Cassia Opts For Fame And Fortune But It S Not Enough One Taste And She S Hooked Again Despite Her Success In The Sydney Art World, Cassia Yearns For The Idyllic Life She Once Lead With Jake In Their Shack Over Looking The Pacific Ocean Seeking Closure She Falls, Like An Addict, Straight Back Into His Arms, And Out Again Equally Quickly Not Only Has He Taken Up With His Brother S Wife, But It Seems They Have A Child Truth Is, Jake S Living A Lie, Sworn To Secrecy, And Hamstrung By The Debt He Owes His Estranged Family But One Glimpse Of Cassia And He Knows He Cannot Live Without Her Her Fey, Artistic Character And Magical Body Possess His Imagination And His Heart Can He Convince Her To Trust Him Long Enough To Save The Crumbling Remains Of Their Relationship

About the Author: Tea Cooper

Tea Cooper writes Australian contemporary and historical fiction In a past life she was a teacher, a journalist and a farmer These days she haunts museums and indulges her passion for storytelling.

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    I read the first chapter of Tree Change over a year ago and have been eagerly waiting to see the rest it didn t disappoint The setting is beautiful, and I have a definite soft spot for characters like the artistic Cassie, who I instantly warmed to Both Cassie and Jake are passionate about preserving the natural beauty that surrounds them and are passionate about each other For me, one thing I really liked about Tree Change was the message about the sacrifices we make in life, that seem large at the time but are ultimately small in the wider scheme of things A great debut story that I stayed up late to finish looking forward to reading the next of Tea s books.

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    Tree Change is, when all things are said and done, a sweet romance story about two people who have an obvious chemistry, despite trying to keep themselves apart The first 25% was lovely You got introduced to Cassia and Jake, you got to see Sydney and the South Coast through their eyes, the beauty in both locations despite them being striking opposites I enjoyed the physical description, the uncommon use of groken glass to describe Jakes eyes I loved that it was very vivid I too, loved the amazing and often rather amusing banter between the two, verbal, mental and physical I loved being taken along for the all consuming ride of barely controlled lust and love that they both felt The incident that drove them apart was a different matter While I can fully understand the situation, I don t believe that someone who was so in love with another could have continued along that path for so long I think it was a valiant effort to give the reader insight into the characters, but in this instance I think it actually caused me to dislike them.From there, things fell apart I was very frustrated with the to ing and fro ing of the emotional state of both main characters I know that this sort of thing would happen in real life, but I felt too much emphasis was given to it It seemed to drag on way too long The last 10% of the book seemed extremely disjointed from the rest I believed based on my initial introduction to Cassia and Jake that they had been together for a while prior to the split and that they had lived together and knew each other very well They seemed able to read each other well.What bothered me with the last 10% of the book was the warring themes, the sudden acknowledgement of hidden past hurts and truths versus the clear knowing of the other person s inner most workings longings desires I was so utterly confused how someone could know another person that well, but not know certain things about them certain BIG things Certain things that you wouldn t keep from someone you love.For this reason, Tree Change gets 3 stars, up until about 60 75% through it was tracking for a 4 4.5 stars On a positive note, I saw no typos or errors Great work on that Tea Note I was provided with an electronic version of this book in return for an honest review

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    A MUST READ TALE OF LOVE AND LOSS.From the first chapter of Tree Change, I cared I cared about the characters and what had happened and what would happen to them A riveting mix of romance and drama this debut novel by Tea Cooper is set in Sydney and the north coast The settings are depicted with vibrancy and colour, as are the characters Tea s grasp of characterization, descriptive language, plot and themes of love, loss and preservation have an originality that shines through and embraces the reader until the final page Congratulations Tea and I m looking forward to the release of Lily s Leap

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    I could taste the salt on the sea breeze as I lost myself in this delightful story about Cassia and Jake My heart bled for Cassia when she returned to the home they had both shared to find she had been replaced by another woman I can t reveal in case I spoil it for other readers but not is all as it seems.A fabulous tale of love lost and found with a decent dash of mystery to keep the heart pounding.Congratulations on your first release Tea Cooper I look forward to of your work.

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    I really enjoyed Tree Change Strong characterization, great conflicts and characters I really liked The descriptions are so vivid I really felt like I ve been to The Shack Lovely scenery Cassia and Jake really love each other, but because her lack of trust and his promise to help his brother they can t be together I kept turning the pages so see what was coming next Wonderful book Will definitely read from Ms Cooper.

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    Read this if you like second chance romances I do , if you like beach settings, and if you like a dollop of suspense with your romance Cassia is a sculptor and does some amazing things with driftwood I loved the scenes set in Sydney felt like I was reallyt here Great pick for a holiday read.

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    I am a great fan of Tea Cooper s Australian home grown romances and Tree Change is another beautifully crafted, heart warming love story Cassia has been forced to make the decision to further her art career in the city, leaving the idyllic beach shack she shared with her lover, Jake But she has not only left her old life behind but also her heart It was never her intention to end the relationship but Jake appears to have slipped easily into a new life with another woman, a baby and a secret Jake never stopped loving Cassia but it s too dangerous to tell her the truth and his betrayal has destroyed her ability to trust him Tea Cooper renders in vivid detail the stunning north coast of New South Wales and The Shack as well as the unique character of the City of Sydney I could feel the sand between my toes and the soft warmth of the ocean as well as see the changing colours on the sails of the Opera House at sunset This book not only had well developed characters and a great storyline but also intrigue, danger, love lost and found and a fascinating peek into the world of contemporary sculpture Wonderful book.

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    This book was romantic, refreshing, and addicting I could not put it down once I started reading it Cassia and Jake were made for each other, the plot had some unexpected turns and overall it left me laughing, crying, and at times holding my breath The book is well written, the scenery is described so vividly that I can see, hear and smell everything Most of all I love how the main characters really knew each other You get a definite sense they belong together despite the circumstances.Highly recommended.

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    2.5 stars The first 25% was wonderful I was dying to know why how 2 people who obviously still love each other could be apart But after 35%, the rest of the story tested my patience I just wanted him to tell her view spoiler If the brother was ready to reunite with his wife and felt that the prosecutors are done, why did Jake need to wait to finally come clean hide spoiler

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    What a book Tea Cooper had me at every page wanting Thankyou I loved it

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