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Town House explained Town House, review Town House, trailer Town House, box office Town House, analysis Town House, Town House fb9c Jack Madigan Should Be Leading An Enviable Life He S The Sole Heir Of A S Rock Icon He Lives With His Retro Obsessed Teenage Son, Harlan, In A Once Magnificent Boston Town House But Now , Jack S Painting Career Is Buckling Under A Raging Case Of Agoraphobia And When The Foreclosure Notice Arrives, Jack Must Face Losing The Only Home He S Ever Known And His Only Safe Zone When Jack S Ex Wife Announces That Harlan Would Be Better Off Living With Her And Her Vitamin Enriched Fianc , Jack Has To Figure Out How To Deter The Perky, Inexperienced Real Estate Agent, Hold On To His House, Keep His Son At Home, And Through The Tenacity Of The Little Girl Next Door Finally Step Out Onto The SidewalkFox Swooped In To Pre Empt The Film Rights While Town House Was Still On Submission To Publishers Ridley Scott S Scott Free Productions Is Set To Produce The Movie And Pulitzer Prize Winning Screenwriter Doug Wright Memoirs Of A Geisha Is Adapting The Screenplay A Book With The Ability To Both Entertain And Move Us, Town House Is A Smart, Acerbic Novel Bursting With Heart And Quirky Charm

  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • Town House
  • Tish Cohen
  • English
  • 27 September 2019
  • 9780061131318

About the Author: Tish Cohen

TOWN HOUSE, a 2008 finalist for the Commonwealth Writers Prize Best First Book Award Canada and Caribbean region , and in development as a feature film with Fox 2000 Ridley Scott s Scott Free is producing and John Carney, the award winning, critically acclaimed director of ONCE is directing TOWN HOUSE was released to massive media interest in Canada and has been published in Italy and will soon be released in Germany.Cohen has also written the middle grade novels

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    What a delicious, funny book Made me smile, made me laugh the one eyed cat with the little house on the prairie bonnet really Great characters, great story I m sure this is going to be a movie at some point, hope John Cusack is in it and Ozzie as the dad

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    A fun read I loved the quirky characters and the sarcastic side of Jack It will be a great movie, can t wait to see who plays Jack and Harlan.

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    What a cast of characters The agoraphobic son of a rock star, the rock star himself who dies after being bitten by a snapping turtle, the little girl next door who pretends to be a dog, the real estate agent who wears exceedingly large thrift store shoes throw these folks into a compelling, well written story and you ve got a book that will stay with you long after you turned the last page.

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    This was a quick read it was quirky and funny I liked the story of the father daughter relationship and the fact that it took place in Boston.

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    This is the Big Rothesay Read reveal for 2013 and I am starting my copy tonight

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    Town House is a fun, lively read with quirky characters that quickly capture a reader s heart Jack Madigan, son of famous rock n roller Baz Madigan, is an agoraphobic living in his childhood home with his son Harlan Surviving off of royalty checks, Jack and Harlan are getting by just fine until the money begins to dry up When this happens, they find themselves facing eviction from the bank who is trying to sell the very marketable house Enter Dorrie Alsop, the real estate agent given the sale Dorrie is a first time agent whose knack for talking too much and pointing out the negative characteristics of a house makes her the perfect choice in Jack s opinion Plagued by Dorrie s constant appearances at the home and a pesky little girl who lives next door, Jack feels like his life is falling apart Little does he know that these people who are falling into his life will be the ones who change it forever.Tish Cohen did a fabulous job building her cast of characters in this book Jack began as a strange boring man with a pathetic attachment to his home and turned into a sympathy inducing, lovable fellow who simply can t move forward in his life after the loss of his father His unusual penchant for white paint and his love for his 70 s time warped son make him real and a reader can t help but root for him to win in his quest against the bank In a similar fashion, Dorrie Alsop is the perfect counterpart for Jack She is rough around the edges and desperate to prove herself to a family filled with overachievers Her modest attempts to make the right choices in the real estate world are endearing and her oblivion when it comes to Jack is amazing Adding a final piece to the puzzle of Jack s life is the little girl who lives next door to him Lucinda is painfully neglected by her parents and desperate for attention, she is drawn to the strange hermit who lives next door Forcefully inserting herself into his life while knowing that he can t run away, she captures Jack s heart and creates a feeling in him that leads him to begin breaking boundaries These lovable characters can only make the story so interesting though and this is where the book begins to unravel a bit While the setting joins the characters in it s fantastic detail, the plot is incredibly predictable and this makes the story a bit boring at times The middle of the book has several spots where the story drags and there seems to be a lot of filler involving pointless meetings with Jack s psychologist which result in no progress at all for Jack or the story If not for the engaging characters, this book would have been a complete dud with a repetitive set of events that do not capture the readers attention at all For this reason, I can only rate Town House with 3 stars or a grade of C I would recommend it to readers who are looking for something light to fill the time however if you are looking for a story with a little meat you will be sorely disappointed.

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    What can I say except that this book reads like a movie And when I did search for information about this book, I found out that there is indeed a movie in the makings and Zach Galifinakis and Amy Adams will be playing the main characters The funny thing was, when I was reading this book on a lazy Sunday morning in the comfort of my bed, I imagined Zach as Jack Madigan, son of the famous, turtle eating rockstar Baz Madigan Or maybe it s because I just finished watching It s Kind of a Funny Story the night before Jack is an agoraphobic He can t even step out of his porch to fetch his newspaper So how does he live Well, there s his dead father s royalties and his son with an eccentric fashion sense, Harlan But then, life forces Jack to finally step out of his house and his shell The bank is foreclosing and his house is on the verge of being taken away from him Also, his ex wife does not only gets married again but also threatens to lure away his son with promises of a laid back life in California Not to mention that he has two frequent, albeit unwelcome guests on his house Dorrie Alsop, the real estate agent and Lucinda, next door neighbor kid who is neglected by her parents.The characters are lovable although they are flawed in their own ways You can t help but cheer Jack on Get out of the house goddamnit Get the newspaper and admire Harlan s no bullshit approach on fashion and life itself Sure, this book is not heavy on aspects that make a great book when it comes to depth and structure and tone and language But sometimes, it s the simplest of the storyline that gets to you How human the characters are and how they are able to rise above the problems life has thrown into them I really wish I could read of these kinds of books in the future.

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    You can t help but think that Tish Cohen is going for Hollywood with her novel Town House There s the wacky ensemble cast Jack Madigan, son of deceased rock legend Baz Madigan Jack s son, the eccentric stuck in the 70 s teen, Harlan Jack s ex wife, Penelope, and her soon to be new husband, Yale the strangely mature girl next door, Lucinda and Dorrie, the real estate agent so inept and adorable you just know she and Jack will end up together It will come as no surprise that Town House is, in fact, destined for the big screen.As for the plot, well, Jack s agoraphobic he can t leave the house without having a meltdown so he doesn t leave He rigs up a groper to retrieve the paper and the mail Harlan looks after the groceries and Jack lives quite happily in the huge albeit, slightly decrepit Boston town house his father left for him The hilarity starts when the money stops and the bank decides that the house must be sold Town House isn t all that funny, though Sure, it ticks along, but the characters didn t really interest me And some of the plot twists just seemed contrived and unrealistic I absolutely hated the ending Cue music, already.Sometimes the plot seems to be pointing in one direction for example Jack is apparently a master paint mixer He has discovered and understands the perfect white A subplot involving that goes nowhere Also, I thought his love interest was spineless And, despite his illness, of which, I admit, I know nothing, Jack isn t all that likable How is he, after all, able to bust free of his illness when Lucinda needs him, but can t do the same for his own son So I didn t love this book It was moderately entertaining, and might make an amusing film, but it wasn t my cup of tea.

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    This was my second Tish Cohen book I must say I started reading it without expecting anything and knowing only that it was about an agoraphobe Although I found myself lost in the first 2 3 chapters a little unsure how things fit together I didn t realized that the chapters were skipping between generations Once I oriented myself timewise however, I LOVED the book I have never read a book so saturated with humour and sarcasm And despite my laughing out loud in public cafes while other patrons looked at me all weird , it still held a very good plot and was an honest and deep look into the life of someone who is afraid to step outside of his home.How do you understand the world, navigate the world, if you re scared to step foot in it Jack is deathly afraid of going outside of his family home and because of that he has not worked anywhere, living solely on the money his deceased father left him When this money dwindles down his house is put on the market The book is rich with quirky characters Jack s ex wife and her active husband to be, Harlan Jack s teenage son who is everything 70s, the clumsy and chatty real estate agent, his disfigured cat, the sleepy and completely uninterested psychiatrist, and a neglected little neighbourhood girl This book is honest and silly, it is happy and very sad It looks at society and the hurt that can take place when children grow up without their parents, or have to grow up to help their parents The innocence and intrigue of the Anne of GreenGable ish little neighbourhood girl brings light to the inner struggles of Jacks daily life A must read for sure I will be reading Tish Cohen s other books for sure

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    I picked this book up at the library because it was on a table of books by Canadian authors I hadn t read anything by Cohen before.I enjoyed it I liked the writing style Given the subject matter, at times the book was funny.The story was interesting Though I have no problem leaving the house and have never known anyone who has agoraphobia, Jack did and I could feel his panic and fear when he tried to He wanted to overcome it so much but couldn t.I liked the characters All were quirky in their own way Jack s father had been a singer I pictured a young Alice Cooper before he died in an unfortunate accident when Jack was a kid Jack felt the loss of his dad all his life Jack s teenage son, Harlan, was great a funny kid He knows his dad has a problem and, though he encourages him to get better, takes such good care of him I was concerned that Lucinda, the little girl next door, would be annoying but she wasn t She had a wacky family who neglected her and was a good friend to Jack Dorrie, the real estate agent, sounded like a ditz who realized she kind of realized she was but didn t realize how much.I d recommend this book if you are looking for something quirky about an unusual topic.Blog review

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