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To Sir Phillip, With Love pdf To Sir Phillip, With Love, ebook To Sir Phillip, With Love, epub To Sir Phillip, With Love, doc To Sir Phillip, With Love, e-pub To Sir Phillip, With Love, To Sir Phillip, With Love f8c71abd378 An Alternate Cover Edition Can Be Found HereSir Phillip Knew From His Correspondence With His Dead Wife S Distant Cousin That Eloise Bridgerton Was A Spinster, And So He D Proposed, Figuring That She D Be Homely And Unassuming, And Than A Little Desperate For An Offer Of Marriage Except She Wasn T The Beautiful Woman On His Doorstep Was Anything But Quiet, And When She Stopped Talking Long Enough To Close Her Mouth, All He Wanted To Do Was Kiss HerEloise Bridgerton Couldn T Marry A Man She Had Never Met But Then She Started Thinking And Wondering And Before She Knew It, She Was In A Hired Carriage In The Middle Of The Night, On Her Way To Meet The Man She Hoped Might Be Her Perfect Match Except He Wasn T Her Perfect Husband Wouldn T Be So Moody And Ill Mannered And He Certainly Should Have Mentioned That He Had Two Young And Decidedly Unruly Children, As Much In Need Of A Mother As Phillip Is In Need Of A Wife

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    Another fun read and Phillip was the third hero, after Simon and Anthony, where daddy played a big role in how their life Sadly it was bad influence here and innocent kids had to suffer In all three books, this influence played a huge part in some of the vital decisions that our heroes took and it felt a little repetitive

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    Book five and it is Eloise s turn to find her life partner We had lots of indications in the previous book who it might be but not of the amazing way Eloise would set things in motion Georgette Heyer would turn over in her grave at the lack of chaperones but at least this set things up for an amazing and very funny scene when all the brothers turn up together to defend Eloise s honour There were a lot of sad moments too, especially when the children were involved Quinn actually wrote this very effectively particularly when Phillip is fighting his own demons, having been beaten as a child himself.This was one of those books which was so readable that I would have read it in one sitting if only real life did not intervene Now I wonder who gets married in book six..

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    any day with you Wow I did not expect to fall in love with this book so much But that ending that freakin ending just blew me away What a sad existence Sir Phillip lived And I ll have to be honest, I did not like this man very much Not until the very end But boy oh boy did he blow my knickers off at the end I had planned on taking a break with the series after this book But now I think I must move forward I am humbled Ms Quinn by your ability to spin a story.

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    Quinn hits another 5 stars with this latest addition to the Bridgerton series It s brilliantly written, fun, funny, serious and heart warming all at the same time with a nice dollop of steam to go with it The novel starts out with Eloise Bridgerton s quest to find a husband because she s feeling spinsterish at the ripe old age of 28 Everything starts when she sends out a standard condolence note to her cousin s husband After corresponding for some time he decides he wants to meet her and the story unfolds Sir Phillip Crane is this this quiet man full of doubt but with lots of hidden inner strength Eloise Bridgerton is outgoing, smart and knows what she wants but she doesn t overshadow him and he still keeps his sexy alphaness.For those of you who have read the other Bridgerton novels you ll get back that family familiarity as the other members of the clan the brothers primarily and they are hilarious become central to the story at one point Violet turns up too to give her motherly advice and though her part is short you just get all these fond memories of when she was with Daphne in The Duke and I Quinn also keeps up with her little intro blurbs to nearly every chapter like she did with Mrs Wistledown only this time it s snippets of Eloise s way too funny given her current situation correspondence to friends and family over the years Often when authors do this it feels like they re copying everyone else, but Quinn has a way of making it feel original as well as adding to the story.Quinn s famous wit is also scattered throughout the pages There are moments when Eloise is arguing with Phillip and he has no clue why he s in trouble which will have you easily in stitches The stereotype of the man who has no idea what he s done wrong and the woman, completely exasperated trying to explain it to him but he still doesn t get it, is so comical you can t help but laugh out loud.As with all the Bridgerton novels there s a light side and a serious side which grounds the book making it than just a light romance There s a sub story about depression and how it affects the people living with the person who suffers from it It s heart breaking to see how Phillip tried to cope with his wife s illness but just ended up retreating into himself almost cut off from the outside world including his children Then here comes Eloise, a ray of sunshine in his life and that s what she feels like throughout the book.The only thing I would ve liked to have seen is maybe longer steam scenes but everything else certainly makes up for that The ending is excellent and certainly makes you want to continue on with the series to see what happens to the remaining Bridgerton troupe An easy 5 star read here that will leave you happy and smiling

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    My ReviewWell, what is there to say that hasn t already been said This is yet another fun installment of the Bridgerton series I enjoyed the storyline, as it was different from the others, unique a nice change of pace from the usual plot in so many of today s Historical Romances sigh I really, really loved Sir Phillip What a tortured soul What a brave man What a sexy hunk of man flesh sigh Eloise, with her common sense ways and affection for children which comes from being part of a large family, is probably the one person who can save Phillip and his two young children from a life of loneliness and misery but is he too scarred by his past to accept what she has to offer You ll have to read it for yourself and find out.With her Bridgerton series, Julia Quinn has come up with a delicious recipe for magic which she prepares and serves up beautifully each and every time.

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    And this is said to be one of the not so books in the series I loved it Phillip was a flawed, traumatized, silent and brooding hero, just like I like them Eloise was like a heroine by Julia Quinn should be strong, stubborn, talking a little bit too much, but in the end endearing as ever Together, these two were a well fitting couple, and I felt myself very much invested in their romance, seeing that it was just adorable The twins were a delight to read about, and the relationship to their father was so bittersweet to watch, it made my eyes misty All in all, I must say that the darker undertones in this read didn t bother me at all, because they were done in a perfect blend with the humorous scenes Nothing left to say here, other than that this read was perfect.

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    It started off with a letter, and turned out to be a correspondence that lasted well over a year, but when Eloise Bridgerton is asked an marriage proposal through a missive she s a leery to even think about it, but when an event of marriage between her best friend and fellow spinster takes place, Eloise feels this may be her last chance at marriage and love Sir Phillip Crane is speechless when a beautiful woman appears on his doorstep, this couldn t be the woman he s been writing to He image a homely woman someone whom could be a mother to his two hellion children and a wife who would take care of everything while he focus on his works with plants Now this beautiful woman, Eloise is changing his life and talking non stop as he s torn between laughter, anger and the need to kiss her Either expected this marriage of convenience would change not only their lives but their very hearts Eloise always came across as a busybody sticking her nose where it didn t belong, always quick to jump the gun but planning ahead With To Sir Phillip With Love, I felt Eloise started to come into her own, she started to see that taking your time, not pushing your way through things and learning to listen then having to fill the air with nonsense It didn t mean she still wasn t a busybudy but she learned through her journey and started to see with different eyes Phillip was a just as hard to like off the bat Although he suffered greatly from the abuse by his father as a child, then the death of his first wife, he kept running away from two children whom needed him the most Even after the marriage to Eloise, he cop out and laid everything on Eloise shoulders so he could have sex with her and work in his greenhouse But it was he who really took me by surprise and showed me a human flaw we all have to face His fear about being his father, that someday he lose his temper and beat his children like he was beaten, made him fear true involvement But sometimes it takes a huge wake up call to make us open our eyes, and that s what happen to Phillip, it made him stop running and finally face what he s been running from Eloise was there to be his support and helped along with his children face his fears His wife also did a number on him, which made him feel nervous and unsure of himself on how the truly treat Eloise, through these trail and errors both learned to compromise with each other and that only built a stronger and loving relationship that all couples face and deal with Meeting each other half way The love scenes were great, but the romance and building of a relationship took center stage between Eloise and Phillip, which I really enjoyed as it s not shown to much in romance novels The humor was still there as the Bridgerton brothers come and rescue the runaway Eloise from certain doom, only to find out they needed to get her married instead But once again it s Violet the Bridgerton s mother that adds the true words of wisdom that made me get teary eyed as I thought of my own mom and how I always turn to her for advice and a simple hug Overall another great JQ story with a few lessons about compromise, trust and just wiliness to listen to those around you Most of all, that even happy ever afters take a little work, but it makes it special as you learn to understand and grow closer to the one you love

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    This is fifth in the series and the couples from the others show up periodically in this one They aren t terribly important, though, so this one is relatively self contained It s probably good if you ve read Romancing Mister Bridgerton, though.Wow was this one a waste of time I definitely expected better characterization for Eloise but she s mostly just generic Regency girl with a side of doesn t she talk a lot Phillip, on the other hand, is a self centered snot weasel and never actually gets past that He sure loves his plants And that s fine, I guess But he neglects his children and seriously expects to spend all day every day at his work I m not sure what that work is, but there sure seemed to be a lot of it judging by how much time he spends doing anything else i.e none I almost threw a fit when this happens in the first quarter, so I m not going to spoiler tag it it becomes clear that something is wrong with his children and he s all I m such a bad father, I d better make sure I keep my distance Oh, and if I can find the perfect mother for them, that d make everything all right Heck, it d practically make me father of the year So his plan to help his children is a avoid them and b find someone else to fix it I should have stopped reading then because view spoiler he never gets better or changes his plan or does anything at all to help his children Not a single stupid thing hide spoiler

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    An amazing installment of the Bridgertons series again It deals with serious issues such as depression, suicide, grief, guilt The characters struggle with real problems, and ambivalent feelings Ambivalence makes this novel so real, because feelings and relationships are never black or white The tone of the story mirrors this it s light and humorous, but also serious and heartbreaking.I loved Phillip s character He is so lonely He suffers from the memory of his painful childhood, and suffocates with guilt he feels for his tragic first marriage He loves his children than anything, but he is unable to be affectionate with them He is earnest and reserved, and always does the right thing But by the side of Eloise he becomes open and easy going.Eloise longs to be married and have her own family Although she is 28, she is not bitter, and doesn t settle for anything less than a love marriage She is vibrant, outspoken, curious, and insistent I liked her very much.The chemistry between them is real, the erotic scenes are authentic, and not awkward at all My favorite scene is the entr e of the Bridgerton brothers into Phillip s home My favorite quotes.

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    I ve given this an A for narration and an A for content at AudioGals.This fifth instalment in Julia Quinn s Bridgerton series is one of the books I have somehow not got around to reading, and which, for some reason I can t remember, I had thought to be one of the weaker books in the series This new audio version has laid that misconception firmly to rest however, and is, I think, now one of my favourites of the set To Sir Phillip With Love is perhaps not as light hearted as many of the author s other titles, but it clearly shows that she has the ability to tackle difficult themes and write deeply flawed characters that listeners can root for even as we re wanting to smack some sense into them or questioning the wisdom of lack thereof of their actions.One such character is Sir Phillip Crane, a widower whose eight year old twins are a complete handful He inherited his baronetcy upon the death of his older brother, and seems to have also inherited his brother s fianc e, Marina, a very distant cousin of the Bridgerton family When he receives a note of condolence upon Marina s death from Eloise Bridgerton, his response engenders a cordial correspondence which lasts a year, and ends in his suggesting that perhaps Miss Bridgerton might be open to the idea of marrying him It s an odd notion, to be thinking of marriage to a woman he has never met, but from the tone of her letters, Phillip judges Eloise to be an amenable, sensible kind of woman and quite honestly, he is so desperate for someone to run his house and, urgently, manage his children, that marriage to almost anyone would be preferable to things continuing as they are.You can read the rest of this review at AudioGals.

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