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Titan chapter 1 Titan, meaning Titan, genre Titan, book cover Titan, flies Titan, Titan 380dcc09c4fcf It Begins With Humankind S Exploration Of A Massive Satellite Orbiting Saturn It Culminates In A Shocking Discovery The Satellite Is A Giant Alien Being Her Name Is Gaea Her Awesome Interior Is Mind Boggling Because It Is A Mind A Mind That Calls Out To Explorers, Transforming All Who Enter

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    Christmas 2010 I realised that I had got stuck in a rut I was re reading old favourites again and again, waiting for a few trusted authors to release new works Something had to be done.On the spur of the moment I set myself a challenge, to read every book to have won the Locus Sci Fi award That s 35 books, 6 of which I d previously read, leaving 29 titles by 14 authors who were new to me.While working through this reading list I got married, went on my honeymoon, switched career and became a father As such these stories became imprinted on my memory as the soundtrack to the happiest period in my life so far.I wish that s look inside feature used the edition of this book that I have When you flip open my version, the inside of the cover has a brilliant colour picture of a naked woman riding a centaur through a lush alien landscape with a whale like blimp creature floating in the sky.Before you ve read a single page it lets you know ho ho ho we re in for THAT kind of ride Titan won the Locus Sci Fi award in 1980 ahead of Pohl s Jem and Clarke s The Fountains of Paradise which won the Hugo award that year The story is a classic example of the Big Dumb Object sci fi trope Under prepared explorers encounter a big mysterious object in this case an alien habitat orbiting Saturn and are overwhelmed when they try to investigate So far so standard Titan then takes a splendidly silly tangent by populating said space station with a war between centaurs and angels watched over by sentient blimps Wonderful To quote the magical maestro, Mr Mi ville Part of the appeal of the fantastic is taking ridiculous ideas very seriously and pretending they re not absurd This is a story that treads the borderline between sci fi and fantasy, pick n mixing conventions to suit all with deadpan seriousness I didn t know that this was the beginning of The Gaea Trilogy I knew nothing except that it won the Locus SF in 80 and based on the inside cover pic my expectations weren t exactly stratospheric But I found myself pleasantly surprised and enjoying it.None of the human characters left much of an impact on me and the overall explanation view spoiler of the TV addicted Gaea hide spoiler

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    Titan is a rather surprising and accomplished find among ANY SF collection There s a lot of imagination and world building stuffed in these pages I d say it s better than Farmer s Riverworld series, but since I hadn t read them all, I can t say for sure Here are the really cool bits Varley literally builds a world with a vast intelligence playing god within it I was reminded of Bear s Eon at first until I realized that Titan came first and the whole tunnel of alternate dimensions doesn t show in Titan, either BUT when it comes to sheer adventure and exploration and learning about the modified intelligent creatures within it, Titan wins the contest hands down I was already hooked by the Saturn expedition even with the whole 70 s sex focus which got old pretty quick , but everything else surrounding it, even the cocaine addiction, did wonders for getting my interest high Cirocco Jones is a rather interesting female captain After things go to hell and the strangeness begins, I m all behind the rest of the novel.Except I m of two minds about the end One part of me was all nuts over the SF and Fantasy homages I really got all giddy over the way Varley incorporated everything and the twist at the end were just so delicious that it turned this damn solid worldbuilding hard SF novel into a popcorn read.And the very same twist and incorporation of nerdiness kinda threw me for a loop.I almost wanted mystery and a much complicated reveal rather than a gimmie oh that s cool crowdpleaser There was already so much going on It almost feels cheap And yet, I loved it and it makes me yearn for the next book Oh, the conflict Even so, everything about this was pretty jaw dropping and gorgeous and the whole idea is made all the delicious because it s fully realized and focused It has reveals than Rama, intelligent life than Eon, and enough nerdy entertainment to fill three books of lesser quality.

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    While it s true that I have plenty of never before read fiction on the To Read shelf, I ve been hankering recently to reread this series, one of my favorites.Not only does it have one of my favorite characters Cirocco Jones, subsequently the Wizard of Gaea but also one of my favorite alien races the Titanides view spoiler hide spoiler

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    Check out that crazy dreamy cover by someone named Freff from 1979 I guess I could have read this when it was new, if I weren t still enjoying children s books as a teen, and if my small town library had it Well, better late than never hope it lives up to its reputation The interior illustrations are pretty cool, too And it s not all that crazy it s actually pretty accurate Varley explores a lot of ideas here, about feminism, and free love, and quests, and aliens, and gods And the addition of Xena the Warrior Princess Captain Cirocco Jones and her sidekick Gaby is an interesting touch Were the creators of the tv series inspired by this team of strong women But Well It feels like it s a mock up Even with the help of a couple of maps , I couldn t follow along on the geography And yet there are so many words describing everything Sure, Varley needed to know all that stuff, but imo he didn t need to leave all that development in the book And the characters are under developed, iconographic representations of types than real people The plot itself if basically just a quest The sex is excessive, but, then, this was published in the late 70s, so, yeah All in all it s much like much other SF from its era Not my favorite era, pretty weak book Sorry.

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    1.5 stars An okay story but after reading Varley s Ophiuchi Hotline, this was a big let down Definitely a product of the 70 s and I found the free love aspect of the novel a bit tedious I will say that the concept of Gaia was very interesting and some of the alien characters original The problem for me was that I found all of the human characters boring Nominee Hugo Award Best Science Fiction Novel 1980 Nominee Nebula Award Best Science Fiction Novel 1980 Winner Locus Award Best Science Fiction Novel 1980

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    Generally considered SF, this book has a lot of fantasy in it It s full of interesting ideas and well written Definitely worth the read.

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    Books like this are why sci fi rides the short bus of literary culture It has some great ideas and is in a way a tremendous page turner , but ultimately fails thanks to weak writing and weaker characters This was the first time in a LONG while I ve though why the hell am I reading this as I plowed through a book.For the most part I love all kinds of entertainment from RPGs to movies with the detailed underpinnings of top notch world building I ve seen Varley s Gaea books referenced number of times with respect to great works of world building like Dune, Middle Earth, etc., hence my interest So imagine my suprise when in the end it s revealed that all the creatures in the book just pop into being because the god creature spaceship likes greek mythology and war movies Something with the potential to be truly alien and amazing was instantly rendered silly.Could go on and on about the thin characters and weird alien abortion scenes, but I think I ve said my peace on the matter.

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    A fantastic book that should not be judged until all three books in the trilogy have been digested This book lays the foundation for the two to come This epic trilogy was the first thing I thought of when I saw the previews to the movie Avatar and I was so bummed when I realized that I was not looking at the broad face of a Titanide, but another creature from another story If this trilogy is ever put on the big screen, I hope they stay true to the tone of the books, dont remove or dumb down aspects that fly in the face of puritanical thinking, and bring fully to life a 50 foot Monroe world god punt kicking an elephant in a fit of temper A quote from Demon will give you an idea of what you can look forward to Whoever or whatever you may be, she sang, you might want to take these departed human souls to your breast I dont know anything about them except one was very young The others were, for a time, zombies in the service of Luther, and evil thing, no longer human No matter what they may have done in life, they must have started out innocent, as do we all, so dont be too hard on them It is your fault for making them human, which was a dirty trick If you are out there somewhere, you ought to be ashamed of yourself She had no expected an answer and did not get one.

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    1.5 stars An okay story but after reading Varley s Ophiuchi Hotline, this was a big let down Definitely a product of the 70 s and I found the free love aspect of the novel a bit tedious I will say that the concept of Gaia was very interesting and some of the alien characters original The problem for me was that I found all of the human characters boring Nominee Hugo Award Best Science Fiction Novel 1980 Nominee Nebula Award Best Science Fiction Novel 1980 Winner Locus Award Best Science Fiction Novel 1980 less

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    Spoiler Alert Titan, by John Varley, is an amazing science fiction book, the first one in the Gaea Trilogy, and it deserves a place among the 100 best science fiction books of all time.John Varley has had my attention ever since I ran into The Persistence of Vision many years ago In that collection of short stories, I was awestruck with his creativity and unique approach to science fiction Each story was challenging, innovative and showed new ways of thinking about old problems.Although Titan isn t so much a cutting edge work as some of his whimsical short stories, it definitely has moments when you have to slam the book closed, stand up, and walk around in a circle laughing It is part science fiction, part comedy, part fantasy and part homage to great and not so great science fiction of the past.The book is set in the not too distant future of the next few hundred years It tells the story of the Deep Space Vehicle Ringmaster and her crew while on a mission to Saturn.The captain is a woman named Cirocco Rocky Jones an homage to the old serial Rocky Jones who was born in a wandering family that travelled the globe at the beck and call of the corporations who actually run Earth Brought up by her mother, Jones always wanted to be an adventurer and ended up becoming an astronaut so that she could hopefully see things no one had seen before.Her navigator is Gaby Plauget, a small woman who has been fascinated with space since childhood and really cares for nothing else Other crewmembers include a doctor, engineer and pilot males and two cloned sisters Sex is a rather open prospect on a deep space vessel, both hetero and homo and Rocky and Gaby have slept with all of the men The Polo sisters, the clones, are Lesbian.Upon approaching Saturn, they discover a rather large space object that they at first think is a rogue moon, but when they get closer, the object appears to have been built by intelligence They scrap their mission in order to investigate this phenomena In form, the object is like a huge ring with spokes attaching to a hub, but literally hundreds of kilometers in circumference and doing one full rotation per day as it makes its way around Saturn.Before they can figure out an approach to the object, they are grabbed and the Ringmaster is pulled toward the object, smashing apart in the process The crew is absorbed into the soil, kept alive, but with intense sensory deprivation, for months before they are finally coughed up from the ground onto the surface of the ring The great hub rotates hundreds of kilometers above them Rocky finds Gaby and eventually the others The wheel is full of bizarre life forms, such as an intelligent blimp like creature that floats through the skies and a species of Centaurs called the Titanides, half human, half equine , intelligent, musical and obviously created to look like humans from the torso upwards The crew begins to name features of the lands around them using Greek mythology, especially derived from the Titan myths Ultimately, they decide to call the planet or object Gaea.Rocky decides that she must travel to the hub to discover if there are any builders alive or if there is a radio so she can contact Earth The novel becomes picaresque as Gaby travels with her on a torturous journey up the strands of cable that hold Gaea together, discovering along the way that the object is actually a living creature, both goddess and planet at once.I won t divulge what happens when they reach the hub it must be savored by the reader when they actually reach that point Let s just say that it is one of those moments when you must slam the book closed, stand up, and walk around in a circle laughing.But I do give the warning that this book is for mature readers only It contains a lot of descriptive sexual relationships, including a detailed description of the Titanides sexual construction and the many ways that they may enjoy sex.I highly recommend this novel to those with open minds and who appreciate creative and whimsical writing If you ve ever wanted to jump into something that will surprise and amaze you with its creativity, this is a book you will want to look into And it s hard to put down once you get started.

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