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    This book is trying to be too many things It starts off as a family story about a grandfather and his family rebuilding a model T, but then halfway through it becomes a complaint on overpopulation, pollution, and infrastructure issues While I certainly support teaching our children about environmental issues, this book was not the way to do it The story got lost when the message took over My child was not impressed But, since we have a Model T ourselves, we did like the artwork of the Tin Lizzie.

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    There are many things going on in this story The illustrations to start off with are wild It becomes a little hard to distinguish what some things are because everything is moving at such a fast pace It is a story about a young girl, Lizzie and her grandpa who love wheels It is mostly all about cars and how they affect society We are all so dependent on cars that we forget about the problems going on around us such as pollution, oil, overcrowding, traffic, and global warming in general This story really makes the readers think critically about ways we can help our world by using other methods with wheels that would be beneficial to society I thought this would be a great story for older students to begin thinking about the world, their routines, and have them come up with possible solutions.

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    Crazy sketchy looking drawings colored with watercolor make the pictures pretty wild Lizzie works with her grandpa on his antique car and treasures the time they spend together As the family gets bigger, people help grandpa with his car It also draws a nice comparison between how the world used to be dirt roads, fewer cars, space to how it is now crazy, overpopulated, etc Then the kids talk about what transportation changes would be good for everyone carpooling, riding your bike, cars that don t run on oil, etc.

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    The illustrations in this book are noteworthy as they are detailed and invoke a sense of motion and movement, but the text is preachy and lacks story quality Although it is encouraging to see a picture book aimed at children with the intent to provoke discussion and change in terms of public transportation options and air pollution reduction, I think this particular attempt will fail to captivate and inspire.

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    A little girl has a grandpa who loves his cars She helps him in the garage and learns all about the history of cars, like Henry Ford and his first car made, nicknamed Tin Lizzie Then the story goes into how the number of cars are growing and space is getting smaller, so we need other means of transportation, like buses and bikes An environmental friendly book that teaches kids that we need to be careful about oil, pollution, etc.

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    Lots going on in this book Starts out about a family putting together an old model T Then it starts talking about Henry Ford Then it starts talking about overcrowding of cars and traffic, and becomes almost a Global Warming diatribe.For older kids only if you re doing some sort of specific book talk.

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    The title would lead you to believe this book is about Henry Ford s Model T but instead it is a book on over consumption It could lead to an interesting discussion on where Ford s invention has led, but it does not give any details on the invention of the car.

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    PB 38 Really cool story, pictures lacked a lot I think But the point of the book is interesting I think The author is getting readers to think about the over use of cars, under use of public transport, and also the fact that as children they are the future

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    car pollution, crowding, model T, didactic

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    Notes Not about Lizzie s at all.Horribly crowded illustrations.

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