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Timepiece chapter 1 Timepiece, meaning Timepiece, genre Timepiece, book cover Timepiece, flies Timepiece, Timepiece 0f85b24c5351d A Threat From The Past Could Destroy The Future And The Clock Is TickingKaleb Ballard Was Never Supposed To Be Able To See Ripples Cracks In Time Are His Powers Expanding, Or Is Something Very Wrong Before He Can Find Out, Jonathan Landers, The Man Who Tried To Murder His Father, Reappears Why Is He Back, And What, Or Whom, Does He Want In The Wake Of Landers Return, The Hourglass Organization Is Given An Ultimatum Either They Find Landers And The Research He Has Stolen On The People Who Might Carry The Time Gene, Or Time Will Be Altered With Devastating Results For The People Kaleb Loves Most Now Kaleb, Emerson, Michael, And The Other Hourglass Recruits Have No Choice But To Use Their Unusual Powers To Find Landers But Where Do They Even Start And When And Even If They Succeed, It May Not Be Enough

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    When I finished Hourglass I knew there was a sequel planned, but I had no idea it would not be told from our original narrator, Emerson s, POV Timepiece continues the story of Hourglass, but this time from Kaleb s POV This was especially fun because Kaleb is a classic bad boy To hear his flippant and flirtatious comments throughout had me cracking up When we pick up the story, rips, visions of the past or future, are appearing everywhere and with increasing magnitude and frequency Not only can Emerson and Michael see them, but now all the member of Hourglass can too Our hopes that Jack faded out into a pile of goo are dashed when he appears to Kaleb and the gang to taunt them Add to this list of problems, the Hourglass members are given an ultimatum from Chronos, the infamous powers that be, to find Jack Landers and bring him to them If they don t, time could be altered in ways that wouldn t be so favorable to their members This could mean life or death for Michael and Liam, and sanity or crazy mess for Emerson With this urgent need to find Jack, the team starts to look for a way to find him, and they begin to test out Lily s Emerson s best friend in Hourglass powers of location In this installment we get to flesh out Kaleb and Lily s abilities a little We also get some background on the Hourglass and Chronos organizations We find out about Jack and his past as well So we get some answers, but also a lot of questions Getting the story from Kaleb s POV made this a fun read Here s a sample of his thinking Hayrides were the perfect place to make out with a girl and get away with grabby hands Could always blame it on bumpy farm roads I had no idea how she got that ridiculously curvy body into a skintight golden cat suit, but I was all for helping her get out of it I leaned toward her Meow Yes, he s a typical guy and a bit of a jerk at times, but he still had me laughing He fits the bad boy persona pretty well heart throb good looks, tattoos, piercings, breaking hearts wherever he goes, but any of us who read Hourglass knows this is just an act for the most part I loved that he has such a big heart even though he doesn t let that secret out to many We really do get to see the softer side of Kaleb, and I couldn t help but fall him Lily was also a big part of this story, and I really enjoyed getting to know this sassy, confident girl She is all about saying it like it is While Kaleb and Lily were the main focus in Timepiece, we do get quite a bit of Emerson and Michael I was delighted that their romance is still going strong and they seem closer than ever My one complaint with this book is that at first I had a hard time remembering some of the paranormal aspects, like what rips were and how some of the abilities of the members worked A bit recap would ve helped me I sorted some of this out by flipping through Hourglass I guess this is just one of the drawbacks of having books releasing a year apart from each other While most of the important issues are wrapped up and no main characters are left dangling, we are left with an abrupt ending and a lot of questions I look forward to the answers coming in Infinityglass Thank you to Netgalley and Edgmont USA for allowing me to read this This review and can be found at The Readers Den

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    My only reaction to this book meh I think I couldn t enjoy this book partly because I remember next to nothing from Hourglass and didn t have the time or patience to reread it again, and partly because I didn t much care for Kaleb s character Too many rules There are way too many rules about time traveling, and I couldn t keep all of them straight For the first half of the book, I was just wondering, Who s Dune Who s Nathan actually, I still am not too sure who Nathan is What s duronium When did Michael and Em get their rings Who the hell is Poe Too many characters, too much going on Too much of everything, with the exception of an engaging plot It s a cheap trick, I m starting to think, to take away lives easily by changing time It s redundant, and frankly, boring The same problem can t keep popping up every ten pages the point of a story is for the people to hurdle barriers and meet new ones Also, the way McEntire tells the story wasn t particularly interesting, either The climax at the end lasted about five pages, while there were about a couple hundred pages of Kaleb and Lily running around from place to place discovering new things in massive info dumps Seriously, this is how the climax went down Kaleb He has my girlfriend I ll kill him Lily Aahhh I m scared Kaleb He has my girlfriend I can actually see it happening now I ll kill him Jack evil laughter Kaleb Ohmygod where did you come from What do I do now Lily I was too stupid to lie before, but I am now because my boyfriend told me to Jack evil laughter Teague The answer to all your problems me is here Lily suddenly gets smart and strikes deal with Teague that Teague is too stupid to see through Kaleb We re safe But Em and Michael are gone Em and Michael We re here Everyone Yaaaay If you do not have the reaction of wtf to my summary of the last part of this book, I beg you to explain it to me Because I fail to understand what the big deal was, if everyone was just going to magically appear not kidding, they really do There is no thought out resolution Everyone Just Appears And the cliffhanger Come on It s so soap opera like that I cringed Jack is a failure of a villain I mean, rotten to his core Come on The explanation of why he was doing everything was rushed, so I came away going, okaaaaaaay, and I should care about this why Kaleb seemed to be a shortcut of explaining all the emotions of the characters so McEntire wouldn t have to actually describe them Maybe if she d bothered to write according to how the others interacted with Kaleb instead of how Kaleb was feeling what they were feeling mega confusion, right , I would ve felt connected to the story I didn t like the main character of this story Not at all He is, of course, the reformed bad boy with a drinking problem, tats, and piercings all over the place, as well as an unhealthy libido that is what attracts him to Emerson s best friend, Lily, in the first place He also is so full of rage and desperation that it blocks out anything interesting about him Half the time, he s ranting about his anger and sadness, and the other half he s waxing poetic about Lily In other words, he seems like your average teenage girl minus the lusting after Lily thing.Don t even get me started on their relationship Three quarters of it was comprised of Kaleb talking about Lily s smell or how she looked Their emotional reasons for liking each other were painfully shallow Just because a guy is desperate and self destructive does not make him attractive If I met a guy like Kaleb who tried to cop a feel when I was clearly uninterested, in addition to his constant rage over everything, I would scream and run Really So no points to Lily, even though she was clearly McEntire s attempt at a kickass female character I totally rooted for her in the beginning, but when she started showing off that lacy camisole and touching Kaleb s face lots of face touching , I was out of there There s I could say about this book, but that s it for now I don t think I really like much about it, although I did enjoy the descriptions of the rips I love the concept of time travel, especially when the characters go to different centuries or places, but and the series in general has none of that appeal However, I will say that the characters aren t as stupid as some of the ones I ve read Which is why I gave the book 2 stars I may also have been so confused by information overload and all the different places they were running to that I might not have even realized they were being stupid I think I ve given up on this series, but that s no reason for you to I m sure if you ve read Hourglass recently, this book will be much enjoyable I do love this cover very much, despite the fact that it s very deceiving It should show Kaleb punching through a door instead This review also appears on my blog Thank you to NetGalley for giving me a chance to read and review this book.

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    Go ahead and be jealous I won t judge you.

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    Published on Page Turners Blog on 6 6 2012Surely, I m not the only one who gets those oh noes butterflies in her stomach when starting a sequel But, it s exactly how I felt when I opened the first page of Timepiece I always wonder what will become of my much loved characters in this case, I shouldn t have worried You see, this story is in Kaleb s point of view and as the resident bad boy of Hourglass, let s just say he makes for an interesting read One of the many things I loved about the first book was the way Myra developed Emerson s character Emerson was multi faceted and believable in both her despair and in her strength Myra does the same thing with Kaleb in Timepiece Because we get to read his point of view, we get to see the layers of hurt and loneliness that he disguises so well Although he has a tough exterior, there are surface cracks that are clearly visible when Lily is introduced to him I have such a soft spot for the bad boy who meets his match, and Lily is Kaleb s perfect match Their verbal banter will make you smile and the will they won t they moments will be maddening in the best possible way I promise that you will hold your breath when you read the action filled plot because the stakes are higher than ever in this sequel There s also a scientific logic that Myra s built into her plot that the geek in me loves and appreciates Because for me, science is magic Now for all of my fellow Team Michael ers, please don t worry Yes, it s Kaleb s story but there s plenty of Michael and Emerson to keep us happy And there are new characters who kept me guessing their motives late into the night If you love time travel, appreciate a romance that is slow building and filled with snarky banter and a plot that makes you think wait, I know what s coming next only to find out that you re dead wrong, well, you will adore Timepiece I know you will Go on and enter the giveaway below and see if I m right.

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    This time the story is from Kaleb s point of view, what makes the novel interesting and slightly different from the first one I liked the romantic part as well and I found the plot engaging.

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    Since Hourglass had Emerson s viewpoint, this one is from Kaleb s side I have to admit I like reading from Kaleb s viewpoint simply because he s sarcastic His little conversations with Lily make me laugh out loud He teases her endlessly and she does the same to him Yet there s an underlying softness about him You witness a vulnerable side to him, especially when he brings up the past about his mother He s a good man and he can t help but feel overshadowed by his best friend Michael.We see of Lily in this one Not necessarily taking a backseat like in Hourglass any, she comes with the time traveling gang and has the ability to seek others out This is quite useful since they need to stop Jack from ripping up the space time continuum before everything disappears.I ve always enjoyed the concept of time traveling and always know there s someone who wants to mess it up In this case Jack Landers is in the way He s done something so bad that rips are being seen over and over again And I can t help but try to figure it all out I really wish some questions were answered, but there wasn t There s just questions How frustrating I m guessing Myra McEntire wants to keep her readers on edge, because I know I certainly am waiting for the next installment in this series.

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    Kaleb takes over from Emerson to narrate Timepiece After Emerson and her friends changed history to go back in time to save Kaleb s father from death they caused a disruption in the space time continuum to Their actions catch up to them, when Kaleb and the Hourglass gang receive a warning from a man named Poe to find Jack Landers and repair the natural order of things If they fail they ll be killed The first half of the book is spent on Kaleb s man pain, his mummy and daddy issues, his jealousy over Michael and his flirty and sarcastic ways The rest of the book has Kaleb and co run round in cirles in trying to locate Jack and find out about Chronos Jack pops up now and then to say something cryptic or just to talk BS it was all so boring Jack was a mildy intriguing villain in the first book but he s now become a flat, uninteresting character that has daddy issues..ugh A lot of the plot was confusing there was random talk of veils, rips, continuums, Duronium, Poe, TPTB, exotic matter and Chronos It was all nonesensical and all over the place I don t even think the author knew what was going on most of the time I couldn t stand Kaleb, he was an awful narrator I like flawed guys, but I didn t find Kaleb s particular flaws endearing AT ALL He was the typical bad boy who drank, slept around and was constantly sarcastic Naturally his douchebag ways was all to hide his inner man pain I ve read this character a thousand times and at first it was great but now it s just annoying and cliched Kaleb s constant strops with his dad and Michael just made him seem like a sulky brat He had a great childhood, a great home and a loving dad but he acted like he was so hard done by I know he had problems but the ones he had to me weren t enough to excuse his poor attitute and behaviour When I m reading, I draw on my own life experiences so I m put off when I read about characters that have so much good going for them yet refuse to see it because they re so busy wallowing about the few problems they do have The only time I tend to excuse characters for poor behaviour attitude self pity is if they have absolutely nothing going for them or if I think they ve changed enough Kaleb didn t change enough for my liking and the little change he did go through only occured because things started to look up for him, i.e falling for Lily, clearing the air with his dad and his mum recovering I would have respected him if he became a better person when things were still bad for him I wasn t impressed with the romance between Lily and Kaleb The only reasons he even seemed to like Lily was 1 she believed in him and 2 her looks he kept going on and on about how sexy she was Their relationsip was shallow and predictable I m not convinced of Kaleb s love for Lily when it wasn t all that long ago when he thought he loved Emerson How am I meant to believe in the depth of Kaleb s feelings when he so easily falls in and out of love Kaleb s BFF, Micheal is too bland, too perfect and a bit of a Gary Stu but I personally like that over Kaleb s character I can understand why some readers would like Kaleb better as a love interest, there s a lot to be said for a reformed character but I personally didn t like Kaleb s character and journey Emerson was tolerable in Hourglass but I thought she was a right little cow in this one She goes around punching everyone but as she s small and a girl everyone thinks it s cute rather than violent I hated how much she felt sorry for herself and was all woe is me And I also got sick of how many times she said y all it made her sound like an old woman Even though she was largely unlikeable in this one, I still would have preferred her POV over Kaleb s.I somewhat enjoyed the first book but this one was quite a bit of a let down I wasn t impressed with Kaleb and I thought the plot was far too muddled I ll consider reading the final book if Emerson goes back to narrating.

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    I am not in the book swoon club I am not a romance driven reader I am also not a big fan of books in which teenagers decide they ve met the Love Of Their Lives, but that s probably because I m grateful everyday that I don t have to live with any decisions that I made when I was that age I also think it sets young readers up for disappointment, but that is a topic for another day So, why am I reviewing a book that many readers view as straight up romance Because I think it s about a lot than hormones I really, really, really enjoyed this second book in the Hourglass series Kaleb was my favorite character in the first book I know that Michael is the one we are supposed to lust after, but nah For the record, Emerson grated on me at times, too Maybe I am just a cranky old lady Kaleb, on the other hand, intrigued me, because I knew there was to him than the stereotypical bad boy So, once I sorted that Kaleb, not Emerson, was narrating Timepiece, I was all in At the beginning of Timepiece, Kaleb has not changed he still sees most girls as sexual objects to distract him from his pain I m not sure why that surprises readers and judging by some of the other reviews I ve read, it does , especially the self professed swooners Sauce for the goose but not the gander But I digress Kaleb is not a long term actions consequences thinker Not to get all academic y, but learning about actions and consequences is part of the emotional developmental that we have live learn through in order to grow into our adult selves Kaleb s progression through this stage is complicated by the tragedy of his life No, this is not an excuse for his behavior, but an attempt to understand him.I ve read reviews that judge Kaleb harshly for his coping mechanisms of choice my guess is that those readers have no understanding of how strong the desire to escape grief even momentarily can be People do extreme things to avoid feeling grief and pain Perhaps that s why I connected to Kaleb in the first place I m not excusing Kaleb s propensity for hooking up and or drowning his sorrows I just think it s a realistic portrayal of grief, grieving, and growth Therefore, I was delighted that Kaleb was jolted out of his numb dumb approach to relationships no spoilers about who or how here, but if you read Hourglass, I m sure you can probably guess the who , and that he was willing to take the risk of growth And if the growth results in romance, I m OK with that 0 UPDATE I should have re read my review before our D13BC meeting this month I had forgotten all the things I liked about the book as described above The meeting did, however, help me to parse out some of the things in the book that didn t work as well for me I stand by my statement that Kaleb Emerson s voices are too similar I also left our meeting feeling Ms McEntire tossed in under developed wikipedia like science timetravel factoids into a novel about relationships Don t get me wrong I love a good paranormal novel Even paranormal with romance as long as the romance isn t the primary motivation Timepiece left me wishing for a lot less paranormal, and dare I say it romance

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    You can find reviews BloodyBookaholicMore time traveling awesomeness for all of us who loved Hourglass Hell yeah True this one wasn t as awesome as Hourglass was in my opinion, but it was still a solid, and fast paced, sequel No Sopho read lull for this series.The main difference in this installment is that Kaleb Ballard is the narrator instead of Emerson The thing is that I loved Hourglass mainly because of Emerson, she was a very kick ass heroine and having her gone as main character was a little weird and sad The good thing is that we get a man s POV And Kaleb is a sweet heart, a player but with a golden heart go figure The dialogue is hilarious He is a good replacement if there ever was any, I just wonder if the next installment is going to be told from a different character s POV I think being inside Ava s mind would be very interesting for the next installment if we don t go back to Emerson Crossing my fingers One of my favorite lines in the book view spoiler The scene between Kaleb s parents gave me goose bumps He rushed past me, wrapped her in his arms, and kissed her.Every light bulb and electrical appliance in the room blew at once I wonder what is going to happen to all the electrical appliances in the house if they plus Michael and Emerson hang out in the same building hide spoiler

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    I m going to be honest and say upfront, I had a not of a hard time getting into this at first I m not sure if it was because the story was being told from a different perspective than the first book or what the issue was but after a little getting used to kalebs voice, I got sucked in This story was not at all what I was expecting, but I ended up really enjoying myself I am still interested and curious where 3 will take us So many unanswered questions Again, I have to note that scientifically, I don t know if any of this adds up so, if that end of things is what you are looking for, this is probably not for you On the flip side, if you are looking for a fun, fast paced young adult series to read, this is it 3.5 stars for me.5 stars deducted for slow start up

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