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Tick Tock chapter 1 Tick Tock, meaning Tick Tock, genre Tick Tock, book cover Tick Tock, flies Tick Tock, Tick Tock b348dd5585081 A Bomb Set In One Of New York S Busiest Places Is Discovered Before It Explodes But Relief Turns To Terror When The Police Realize It Is Just A Warning Of Greater Devastation To Come The City Calls On Detective Michael Bennett, Pulling Him Away From A Seaside Vacation With His Ten Adopted Children And Their Beloved Nanny, Mary Catherine Leaving His Entire Family Open To AttackBennett Enlists The Help Of A Former Colleague, FBI Agent Emily Parker His Affection For Emily Grows Into Attraction And Then Something Stronger, And His Relationship With Mary Catherine Takes An Unexpected Turn Another Horrifying Crime Leads Bennett To A Shocking Discovery That Exposes The Killer S Pattern And The Earth Shattering Enormity Of His Plan

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    SOON TO BE A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE I have no idea whether the above statement is actually true but I would bet my Kindle on it This flashy but unsubstantial thriller has movie deal written all over it and has all the pitfalls that a slick blockbuster film would have First, there is a super sensationalist plot Why have just a terrorist or a serial killer when you can wrap up both in the same package Throw in a little romancenomake that two romances..that have no connection to the story and let s have a sub plot that make you care for the hero but again has no connection to the rest of the movie Gaping plot holes The audience won t notice if you wow them with violence and totally unbelievable villains.Am I being cynical Am I being melodramatic Probably I ve been accused of both before but this formulaic over the top novel is a sad reflection of the state of the bestseller suspense genre Patterson turns them out faster than the colonel fries chicken I must admit the beginning had me hooked but it eventually falls apart when we learn the identity of the killer way too early and it descends into a long chase I actually liked the sub plot better where a vacationing Detective Bennett and his ten children are harassed by a local family There was some promise of character development But that came to a halt early only to return in a feel good, and artificial ending I teetered between two stars and a generous three stars on this However I will have to go with two stars because there are way too many good thrillers out there to waste your time on this one.

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    4.5 Well what an ending This will be a short review because I want to move on to book five before bed I really enjoyed the summer non vacation for Bennett The crime plot was good but I was into the family dynamic in this one and interpersonal relationships My quick and simple overall great and now I must go start book five

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    Second Read Another fast paced thriller from Patterson and company This is the fourth in the Michael Bennett series about a New York cop who has 10 adopted children In my opinion, this is one of Patterson s better series.a close second to Alex Cross In this one, Bennett is after a killer who is copying the crimes of past serial killers including the mad bomber and the Son of Sam But is the killer merely copying these crimes or is there another connection with the victims And is the killer working alone or with someone else Overall, a pretty good thriller that I would recommend I also liked the side stories involving Mike s large family and his love interests First Read Detective Michael Bennett has a huge problem the Son of Sam, the Werewolf of Wisteria, and the Mad Bomber are all back The city has never been terrified A rash of horrifying crimes tears through the city, throwing it into complete chaos and terrorizing everyone living there Immediately, it becomes clear that they are not the work of an amateur, but of a very calculating efficient, and deadly mastermind The city calls on Detective Michael Bennett, pulling him away from a seaside retreat with his ten adopted children, his grandfather Shamus, and their beloved nanny, Mary Catherine Not only does it tear apart their vacation, it leaves the entire family open to attack Bennett enlists the help of a former colleague FBI Agent Emily Parker As his affection for Emily grows into something stronger, his relationship with Mary Catherine takes an unexpected turn All too soon, another appalling crime leads Bennett to a shocking discovery that exposes a lot of the crime ring going on in their city and with his family His neighbors and loved ones rescue him from a very serious beating he takes from a very bad guy and murderer.The Epilog is a highlight for me His deceased wife Maeve crosses the veil and is able to spend a few precious minutes with Michael I m a firm believer in that concept and don t think our loved ones are that far away from us.Highly recommend, Great read

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    This book was my first experience with James Patterson, and is definitely also going to be my last I got the book from a coworker who claimed it was one of the best books he d ever read, so I figured I would give it a shot.Holy lord is this bad Like beyond being it s so bad it s funny and just straight into offensively terrible I have no qualms with the subject matter, violence and crime and everything else is fine by me What offends me is the abysmally lazy writing It feels like a Goosebumps book Every chapter is about 3 pages long, and most end on a CSI Miami worthy one liner It s painfully corny and feels incredibly forced The book feels like a shopping list, with name brands of products being dropped every second sentence It s like the author authors are trying to simulate character depth by just listing the stores people shop at It s like watching a movie that has blatant product placement that s so prevalent it s aggravating Why the hell do I care as a reader that Tears for Fears is playing on the XM Sirius radio One of the most painful instances of this brand insertion is when a character working on an investigation goes to Wikipedia for insight into the recent crime wave This is a character who d been previously described as intelligent and at the top of her class in the NYPD, yet has to resort to a notoriously sketchy online encyclopaedia for insight into some serious crimes What makes it worse is that the writer makes the character announce she s using Wikipedia, instead of just saying something like I looked it up online or I did some research and discovered making the entire scenario feel like it was just constructed to name drop something people recognize so they could go Yeah Wikipedia is a thing I use that This book is so realistic Speaking of Wikipedia, it feels like this book is written heavily with the aid of it Several times someone will make a reference to something and then essentially spell out facts about the reference just in case you re too thick to get the subtle commentary This is really apparent in one of my favourite passages from the book The main bad guy shaves his head into a mohawk and puts on an army jacket, which sounds like a nod to Taxi Driver Just in case you didn t know that though, here s the following lines to really hammer that point home He was dressed as Travis Bickle, the anti hero from Martin Scorsese s seventies classic movie Taxi Driver Played by Robert DeNiro, Bickle, like Apt, was a soldier turned idealistic assassin So not only do we get hammered over the head that yes, this guy is dressing up like Travis Bickle, we also get informed of who directed the movie, what era it came out in, the name of it, who played the character, AND explanation of the character s backstory Doesn t it defeat the purpose of an homage reference when you break it down so blatantly It s like they don t trust the reader to draw their own realization and so they went on IMDB and put in some factoids so you don t get lost What else Main character Michael Bennett seems to have every personality trait known to man He s a loving dad, but he s crazy bad ass, and he s prone to violent thoughts but he s also supposedly one of the best minds on the force He stumbles into romantic situations with pretty much every woman in his life with little to no effort, and won t ever stop talking about his beloved 10 children though as a reader I d challenge you to separate any of those kids into actual characters He s adopted 10 kids of various races and this makes him a target of ignorant bigots, though Mike himself indulges in dozens of Irish stereotypes and half the secondary characters in the book are simply referred to as that black guy or those Asian ladies There s so little depth to Mike s family that all I could see was a bunch of names just floating around and appearing whenever the plot needed some sort of distraction I couldn t tell you who Ricky or Eddie or Trent is or what they look like, only that they exist and apparently have seven other siblings.I haven t even touched on the actual plot of the book, which is probably the only thing that isn t a complete debacle A crazy guy is out doing copycat crimes of famous murders from New York s past Neat, sounds fine by me Where it falls apart is in the execution We just drift from crime to crime, with time spent on talking about Bennett driving from his vacation house to New York City and back than actually explaining his detective process This is probably because it would require actual insight and originality to explain a deductive process Instead we get treated to scenes of Mike listening to Gov t Mule in his car and thinking about banging his Irish nanny The climax is completely ludicrous and Bennett s narration of his savage beating from a first person point of view is hilarious He s getting head trauma and stabbed yet he s able to provide us with such a clear account of events What a guy I probably would have enjoyed a book like this when I was twelve It s got cool blood and violence, dirty words, and reads at an eight grade level Unfortunately it s something marketed to adults and for some insane reason has a ridiculously high rating on this website I enjoy a bit of fun pulp now and then, but Patterson makes Stephen King look like William Faulkner This book actively argues against the notion that reading makes one intelligent, and in fact actually makes you duller.

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    This is the first I ve read of the Michael Bennett series, but I already love it It was a definite thriller, full of suspense, action, and goreand that got some getting used to because I don t generally read thrillers But I loved every second of it, and plan to read the first three before this one What I especially loved was that with each chapter or so you alternate third person of the two main characters, and you get some really great insight into their mind and thoughts and personality By the end of the book you feel as if you have known this person your entire life, especially Detective Bennett, and you thrive to know what is going to happen to him next I love the relationship he has with his children and how personally you get to know their family The book is so strikingly realistic it is kind of eye opening, maybe not so much when it comes to the heinous crimes, but simply with life and relationships and the everyday happenings it is slightly surprising how sucked in you get.

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    Although I ve said it before, this may be my last Patterson book I think the only reason that I bothered to read this one was that I got the full book for free for my Kindle when the book was first posted on in December The book is plot driven rather than character driven which generally makes for flat characters which was not helped by the fact that it s a lousy plot By the end of the book, I really felt I had come to think of Bennett as flat Stanley for the interest that he generated and unfortunately, not just in that character I appreciated the difference between the first person third person approach unfortunately, the character development was so poor the approach didn t salvage the book.I knew that the Michael Bennett character is part of a Patterson series However, except for the Women s Murder Club series, it has seldom seemed necessary in any of Patterson s books to have read the previous books or to know the background of the character s I did have a passing thought that it might be interesting to know how Bennett s children came to the family, but then the kids just seem to be of the background than any important part of the story whose children are that well behaved and cheerful all of the time, especially with what is going on around them I was quite disappointed in the ending no spoiler here almost like the authors looked over their work, saw that they had a hundred and some chapters written and it must be about time to wrap up so we better move along on with this list and certainly they were working with a list and not a story line.

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    Very disappointing for james Patterson I love most of his books This one had so much potential and started off good then it kinda just lost it For a thriller it wasn t very thrilly I didnt enjoy the case or the characters really I feel like its not normal patterson work.

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    I got this one because a detective who has adopted 10 kids sounded different and original and I liked James Patterson This book has ensured I will only get his books from the library in the future This was horrid and only got the second star for the originality of having a father of ten since that is at least different The last time I read one of Patterson s series it was Daniel X and every chapter was 3 pages long I assumed that was because it was YA No, this was too 106 chapters, none longer than five pages probably to quicken the pace It failed It was a choppy mess but that would have been forgivable if the writing was better.I didn t realize this was the fourth book in the series until I looked it up on goodreads because the main character is SO flat and uninteresting that after nearly 400 pages I couldn t remember his name.Michael Bennet is trying to be on vacation but gets called in on a killing Back at the vacation house, his kids are tormented by the local bullies wherein the violence escalates and he handles it unprofessionally and unbelievably for a cop and or a father His wife has passed on and he has a nanny Mary Catherine who seems to be a college student His dad, now a priest, keeps popping up though I m not sure why He adds nothing Back in the city, some killer is revisiting all the other serial killers of NY because that s original, cough, such an overdone plot So Michael is running back and forth from city to vacation I couldn t tell you a single kid s name since they barely exist Michael is also teaming up with an FBI agent Emily and he s trying to sleep with both women Wow You can tell two men wrote this since it s a male fantasy and frankly, it s down right creepy Not that he s trying to sleep with two women per se but HOW he does it Mary Catherine is obviously much younger He erases messages from her friends if they happen to be male etc Creepy Controlling And he has the mentality of his teenaged kids.I don t even really know why the bad guy was doing what he was doing because chapters in his point of view were so self aggrandizing and boring I started skipping them The end was over the top and ridiculous I hate writing reviews like this seriously, go look most of my reviews are 3 stars or higher but this book is literally just that bad When all the characters are such cardboard cutouts you can t even remember their names, there s a problem.

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    New York is not a city I wish to live visit Ok There s too much mayhem and trouble when you re just trying to live each day With that many people living in one city, it s easy to determine why psychopaths choose this city.A killer is on the prowl, committing copy cat murders from previous serial murderers He has no qualms about taking the life of a man, woman or child The story drags a little but at the same time it takes time to find a killer Not as great as book 3 but okay.

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    Can I say, I m obsessed I love the Michael Bennett series Listening to the audible version is truly the best The mix of detective personal story for Michael is awesome I love how James is weaving the story about Mary Catherine and all the kids plus his grandpa It s just a great series 5 stars

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