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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 360 pages
  • Thief of Shadows
  • Elizabeth Hoyt
  • English
  • 11 October 2018
  • 9781455508327

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    Excuse me for just a moment One of my all time favorite romances THIS is why I refuse to give up on romances THIS Lady Isabel Beckinhall is two and thirty She is a high born widow and has had several lovers She knows how to play the game of polite society, is confident, funny, independent.Winter Makepeace is six and twenty The son of a brewer, he manages a home for orphans He has dedicated his life to championing the weak and helpless By night he is a sort of 18th century superhero The Ghost of St Giles Now that the home has wealthy patronesses, in order to keep his position, Winter must take etiquette lessons from Isabel, in order to learn how to properly engage the elite at balls and operas and other social events.It s the PERFECT set up for flirtations and bantering Isabel is a widow and older than Winter Winter is a H virgin It even has the hidden identity trope going on since Winter has a side job at night as the infamous Ghost of St Giles I LOVED IT Isabel is AWESOME and one of the best female protagonists ever This book basically shatters almost all conventional stereotypes, especially in historical romance.And WINTER MAKEPEACE Oh yes Winter Makepeace is one of THE BEST male characters EVER He s not your typical alpha I would even go so far as to say he is not an alpha, yet he is incredibly sexy and strong and confident I would do violence for one glimpse of your naked breasts Bleed for one taste of your nipple on my tongue No, that was probably not the type of compliment she was looking for I lay myself completely in your hands, Lady Beckinhall Please Teach me There are just so many good things going on in this, I can t even Side plots and characters were also excellent The steamy scenes were scorching SO MUCH WIN.I was close to giving up on this series because I started with the best one Duke of Sin, and books 1 3 paled in comparison THIS ONE, however YAS YAS YAS.

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    Warning Be prepared When you start this incredible book, you will not want to stop until the end Promise me this that you ll show me only your true face, no matter how ugly you might think it That s our true intimacy, not sex, but the ability to be ourselves when we are together From the very first pages, I was held tightly in the grip of this remarkable story There s no wading in here to get to the goodies as once again Hoyt works her magic and gives us another winner This is an unforgettable, passionate romance that ignites the pages with sizzling sensuality, tenderness, and a mystery that I was dying to have solved And as always, the characters are so real it s as if you know them personally and the stimulating dialog is amazing I loved every minute of it Winter Makepeace is unlike any hero I ve read before There is a uniqueness about him that completely stole my heart Who would have thought this mild mannered and somewhat dour headmaster of the children s foundling home would end up being one of my all time favorites One of his most endearing qualities is the depth of feeling he has for the children living in the desolate slums that surround him He is totally committed to provide for, protect and defend them In keeping with his vow, he has erected a shell in order to protect himself from his own desires and needs Keeping his emotions completely contained makes him appear to be stiff and unapproachable But Isabel knows better and I completely agree with her assessment that there was a volcano somewhere under that granite shell And if it ever blew, she wanted to be there to witness the explosion And what a magnificent explosion it was Riveting in its sensuality, powerful in its sexual draw, heart wrenching as it pulled you into the tenderness of emotion, sweltering in the burning heat of a need that could no longer be denied His utter seductiveness is palpable By day he goes about the business of running this orphanage efficiently, but at night, dressed in disguise and known as the Ghost of St Giles, he roams the streets of peril seeking justice for those who have no voice The beast that he keeps locked inside is released And I very much liked this side of Winter There is a hideous crime being committed against the poor, innocent children of St Giles Time is running out and he is desperate He will risk everything and will not stop until these children are freed and the perpetrators are apprehended There are so many aspects to Winter s character and as I came to know him better, I was completely drawn as a moth is to a flame In addition to a strong, beautiful athletic male body this sexy as sin man is also compassionate, caring, intelligent, and totally devoted to his vow At first, I couldn t understand his self sacrifice But soon it becomes completely clear I live and work in the bleakest part of London, my lady Here people beg steal, and prostitute themselves, trying to obtain the most basic human needs food, water, shelter, and clothing They have no time to lift their heads up from their toil, no time to live as human beings, graced with God s gifts of laughter and love.That is what St Giles is That is what I live in I want them to care just as much about a poor child as they do a gentleman I want them to make sure every child is fed and clothed and housed I want them to see that London cannot continue this way with people dying in the gutter There is no doubt the depth of his convictions concerning these children Their plight pulled on my heartstrings and Winter is a magnificent hero But when he sets his intense sensual desires on Isabel, I thought the pages would burn This book has some of the best love scenes I ve read Not only are they deliciously hot, but the emotion is incredible Lady Isabel Beckinhall is a heroine I adored She s thirty two years old, a widow, and member of the Ladies Syndicate for the Benefit of the Home for Unfortunate Infants and Foundling Children This smart, somewhat bold Baroness presents a believable front to her aristocratic peers Yet, underneath the smiles and witty charm lies a pain that torments her happiness and prevents the kind of future she desires Without thought of danger, she rescues the Ghost of St Giles as he lay injured in the streets As she tends his wounds, she allows him to keep his identity secret by leaving his mask untouched But there are sparks here and a strong sexual pull as the remaining parts of his body are uncovered Isabel glanced up for a moment and froze His chest was delineated with lean muscles, his nipples brown against his pale skin, with black curling hair spreading between His belly was hard and ridged, his navel entirely obscured by that same black, curling hair She blinked She had seen a man men, actually naked, true, but Edmund had been in his sixth decade when he d died and had certainly never looked like this And as she continues to undress him to tend to those wounds Isabel swallowed and untied the garment, a little surprised by the tremble of her fingers, and drew them down his legs His genitals were revealed, his cock thick and long, even at rest, his bollocks heavy Well, Mrs Butterman said, he certainly seems healthy enough there Isabel and Winter are forced to spend time together as his position at the orphanage is challenged He has agreed to be tutored in the ways of society by the lovely Isabel As each day progresses and she comes to know this remarkable man she finds herself feeling way too much and wanting things she thought she could never have He makes her feel alive and the sexual tension between them is combustible She is determined not to give her heart away and besides, there is something about Winter that reminds her of the Ghost She begins to wonder if he could be the secret avenger Winter tries to stay aloof, not wanting his secrets revealed and knowing there is no place for love in his life He s never had a problem before keeping his desires under control But with Isabel, the need is too great and he soon knows he is fighting a losing battle As he uncovers the real Isabel he realizes his life can never be the same His self control has always been strong, but now she has released the beast in him, and it adored her There is so much to this story but I don t want to give anything away It is full of surprises and is one of the best I ve read If you like a romance that not only gives you scorching hot love scenes but a truly beautiful and tender love story, then this book is for you Wear your social mask at your balls and parties and when you visit your friends out there, but when we are alone, just the two of us in here, promise me this that you ll show me only your true face, no matter how ugly you might think it That s our true intimacy, not sex, but the ability to be ourselves when we are together What could you ask from someone you love, that they know you they get you, warts and all, and still love everything about you Ms Hoyt gives us a powerful, riveting and poignant love story while touching on the horrors of poverty The story is captivating and will keep you invested until the very last page The characters are compelling and the dialog is perfect I loved every minute and as happy as I was to see this deserving couple get their HEA, I hated for it to end The epilogue leaves us anxiously waiting for the next installment, Duke of Midnight And as always, I loved the fairy tale that is given in stages at the beginning of each chapter.Thief of Shadows by Elizabeth HoytBook 4 in the Maiden Lane SeriesRead 6 9 2012Heat Factor 5 5 Sizzling Sensuality Hot smexy Love ScenesMy Rating 5 5My thanks to Netgalley and Grand Central Publishing for providing me with a copy of this eBook in exchange for an honest review.

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    I can survive the loss of something I ve never had I cannot survive losing you Honestly, I didn t expect much from this book, probably because I wasn t impressed with Lady Isabel Beckinhall since I met her in the previous one, Scandalous Desires Besides, I d never felt the aura of hero radiating from Winter Makepeace, and I thought he was a bit boring Oh boy was I wrong I must admit, I almost skipped this book and if I had really done that, I would never have known how amazing he was Now I m so glad I picked up this one It was so good and enjoyable, so much so that I could hardly put it down.Winter is unlike any hero I ve ever read before He s a complex character, but there is something endearing and mysterious about him that totally melted my heart The better I knew him, the he grew on me Oh, view spoiler my sweet virgin hero hide spoiler

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    Every one of my reviewer friends are all a twitter after Winter Makepeace, the hero in this book He is a swashbuckling man who dons the mask of a simple school teacher by day By night, he is fighting crime with super hero powers He s like a ye old Superman acting like ye old Clark Kent.But, luckily, our ye old Lois Lane, aka Isabel, isn t as easily fooled by a simple pair of glasses and sees through Winter s facade pretty quickly I liked her the most just for that It s ridiculous how the average superhero girlfriend is so easily fooled You could dress my husband in a full on horse costume the ass part, and I would figure out it was him in about 5 seconds flat I know that ass.Best part of the Green Lantern movie Okay, only good part of the Green Lantern movie.I did like both of these characters, but I didn t like this book quite as much as the last one It got a little too cheesy and forced for me a couple of times Like the sword fight on the balcony of the opera house, and the very contrived reason that Winter was in danger of losing his job What Like aristocratic men are lining up at the door to get the honor of running an orphanage Yeah, I m buying that I m also buying a nice beach house in Kansas It was a great deal.I LOVE an open floor plan But, in spite of those things, I still liked the book There is a lot going on in the world that is promising for the future of the series I can t wait to find out about Lord d Arque Just the fact that his name is pronounced Lord Dark works for me See, that s the thing, I prefer Loki to Superman I want the sinner, not the saint The thing I liked best about Winter is that he saved my sexy pirate from hanging in the last book For that, I am grateful But, all of you fan girls are welcome to him He s not going to be put onto my book boyfriend list.

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    REVIEW COMPLETED, EDITED JUNE 28th, 2012 Every gentleman you meet must voice his admiration, his wish to make love to you And those are only the ones who may voice such thoughts All about you are men who cannot speak their admiration, who must remain mute from lack of social standing or fear of offending you Only their thoughts light the air about you, following you like a trail of perfume, heady but invisible Baroness Isabel Beckinhall s carriage had come to a standstill in the worst part of London the streets of St Giles She is in St Giles because she d volunteered to represent the Ladies Syndicate for the Benefit of the Home for Unfortunate Infants and Foundling Children at the final inspection of the new home The carriage had come to a standstill because of a wounded, not yet dead man This man is dressed as a harlequin It s the notorious Ghost of St Giles. Isabel s footmen put him in her carriage and when they arrive at home, she s tending to his wounds Unfortunately, the next morning he s gone without revealing his identity.Since the new home s grand opening, Lady Penelope a member of the Ladies Syndicate would like to replace Winter Makepeace as the home s manager Winter is a perfectly fine manager, but he d be a disaster in society They need someone who can converse with a lady without offering insults Someone who can rub shoulders with dukes and earls Finally, the ladies agree that someone should teach Winter good manners What we need is a lady who is no longer a maiden A lady with a full understanding of polite society and its intricacies A lady with enough self possession to polish Mr Makepeace into the diamond we all know he is Oh, dear. Oh, yes, my dear Isabel you re in for a surprise Thief of Shadows is a very good, entertaining, and enjoyable read, however, I have to admit that I m not over the moon The plot, the heroine, and the hero don t stand a chance against Scandalous Desires, Silence, and my Charming Mickey Yes, Mickey totally blew me away 3 3 3 Honestly, I m a little bit disappointed since I expected another five star read Sadly, this was not going to happen Beyond doubt Thief of Shadows features interesting and complex characters, witty and richly textured dialogue and a delightful love story I liked their little game of cat and mouse and Isabel tutoring the reluctant and rather unwilling Winter was entertaining to witness From time to time these two gave one another a piece of their minds, that s for sure Sometimes I really had to smile I appreciated the steam factor as well That said, I wouldn t have expected anything less from this author because one thing s for sure when it comes to sex love scenes, then Ms Hoyt delivers in spades I really adore the author s ability to create so much intimacy and heat during a love scene Not every author can do that Kudos, Ms Hoyt Winter is a virgin And yet he is a very quick study and boy, does the man talk really sexy I d say I loved the way Isabel guided him and showed him what she liked and how he should touch her On the one hand, it was sweet and on the other hand, it was sensual and erotic Although Winter is sexually inexperienced, he is open minded and on top of that, he is quite adventurous Moreover, it was interesting to see how he took over the reins, and I felt that Isabel was quite a bit surprised by his demeanor Well done, Winter Without a doubt Winter is a honorable, devoted, and self sacrificing man He cares for those he loves I want them to care just as much about a poor child as they do a gentleman I want them to make sure every child is fed and clothed and housed I want them to see that London cannot continue this way with people dying in the gutter What I dislikedAt a certain point of the story I just felt that I ve had enough of the Ghost of St Giles. The ever present masquerade was a bit tedious I d have preferred to see relationship development between these two instead of Winter hopping over the rooftops all.The.Time I didn t appreciate it either when Isabel insulted Winter Admittedly, she was hiding a painful secret but I found it needless to lash out the way she did It was a low blow Overall, her character was not very lovable even though she certainly had her moments I don t like it, though, when a heroine is acting snobbishly.What I found kind of weirdWinter s physical appearance in Scandalous Desires was very different He was described as very thin and unhealthy looking Uh, yeah, wonders never cease cough Final verdictThis is a must read for every addict of the Maiden Lane series and I hope that you ll be enjoying Winter s story, too I m already looking forward to reading Lord of Darkness. I ll never look at you in any way but complete admiration

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    4.69 A buddy read with the Romance Readers at the MacHalos Yes, we do exist I would have liked to write a brilliant review about this book, since it made me all romantic and put me in a loving and worm mood, but I just don t have it in me today It has nothing to do with the book It was wonderful Winter made me fall in love with him from the get go and Lady Isabel Beckinhall, the lightly older and experienced woman, was everything a strong but still sensitive lady should be I kind of envied Winter, who has not hmmm known a woman in a literal sense, who gets to hit the ground running with such a seductive, smart, and sensuous lover The lucky dog But he is also a bit blind to what is in front of him, since he has dedicated all of his life to the orphanage and seeking justice for those no one cares to find justice for with almost priestly fervor Or accurately, monks dedication One or the other, depends on the religion I guess But you must be awash in a sea of compliments, my lady Every gentleman you meet must voice his admiration, his wish to make love to you And those are only the ones who may voice such thoughts All about you are men who cannot speak their admiration, who must remain mute from lack of social standing or fear of offending you Only their thoughts light the air about you, following you like a trail of perfume, heady but invisible Winter Makepeace The kids were adorable and the ladies who have found it in their hearts to give something of theirs to those less fortunate, one by one find love, although not by taking the easiest path to it, usually going through quite a bit of pain and disillusionment, before being settled with their own Happily Ever After The closer to real life, I say If you want to see some really cool and propper reviews for this book, please refer to my friends Shelley s Review, our partner in crime Joanita s Review, and finally the always gracious Alp s Review Those ladies know what they are talking about I would recommend this book and series to all romance and historical romance fans It is well written and very easy to read Also, it makes your heart full of little fluffy and sunny thoughts Wish all of you Happy Reading and much love, in the books and in real life

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    4.5 starsLady Isabel Beckinhall finds the Ghost of St Giles lying wounded on the streets With a mob bearing down on him, she orders her men to lift him into her carriage Having saved the notorious pirate Charming Mickey O Connor from hanging earlier in the day, the mob are now baying for the Ghost s blood Isabel takes the Ghost, aka Winter Makepeace, to her home where she tends his wounds The following morning the Ghost has gone, leaving Isabel wondering about his identity.Winter is by day, the dour and responsible manager of the home for orphans With the patronage of so many aristocratic ladies, the home and its manager have drawn attention Born the son of a businessman and brewer, and now a rising figure in London society, Winter needs to be trained in manners and etiquette As a member of the Ladies Syndicate overseeing the running of the home, and a widow, Isabel is the perfect choice and appointed the task of bringing Winter up to scratch And when young girls start being taken in St Giles, Winter has to solve the mystery, and stop the lassie snatchers.Isabel at thirty two is six years older and a world experienced than Winter Her bold and flighty outward demeanour hides a caring and kind heart She is the perfect foil for Winter s restrained and severe character Their initial attraction gives way to a steadily building romance And their first sexual experience together is potent and erotic.Winter Makepeace rarely smiles Outwardly, Winter appears unemotional and self contained but underneath, in his persona of the Ghost, is a man of action and passion Ms Hoyt has created some memorable characters and especially heroes, in this series Winter gives Charming Mickey O Connor a run for his money to claim the title of numero uno hero in this excellent series So, Winter or Mickey Winter does not have quite the charm of Mickey Who could compete with that accent But for me, it s Winter Since I have a predilection for view spoiler virgin heroes And Ms Hoyt has written one of the very best virgin heroes I ve ever read His characterisation is fleshed out, his reasons for remaining a virgin are plausible He stays true to himself and his ideals until he can no longer deny his passion, his love for Isabel This line perfectly sums up Winter I regard physical lovemaking as something sacrosanct to love And if I loved a woman enough to take her to my bed, then I would love her enough to marry her When was the last time you heard words like that from a romance hero I adore the type who is all self restraint on the surface but bubbling underneath, a wild man wanting to be unleashed Though I loved Mickey, I thought his character was inconsistent at times Not so with Winter who maintains his ideals and doesn t waver Even Winter and Isabel s first sexual act is consistent with Winter s attitudes and beliefs Afterwards Winter feels like he has failed himself and failed and used Isabel She of course, didn t feel that way at all But his reaction was so true to character He finally realises of course, that he has been too strict, too harsh on himself, and that Isabel is his perfect mate hide spoiler

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    So, what did I think about this Maiden Lane installment I m not exactly sure I hate those times when I finish a book and walk away thinking, it was good Not great But good But I can t put my finger on the issue Unlike that guy who managed to put his finger where it did not belong Read as a BOTM read for Historical Book Club, Virgin Hero tropeSeries Yea.Sexy times This is Elizabeth Hoyt and she excels at HR sexy times Virgin hero, experienced heroine What s not to love about that Plan on reading by the author Yes I really do want to finish the series Synopsis We are back at Maiden Lane and the home The Women s whatever it is for foundling children has helped the home move into a new location after the last one burned down and Winter Makepiece is doing his head honcho thing Ok, actually we enter the story with the Harlequin getting knifed and Isabel rescuing him Back to her house they go, where the best scene in the book occurs at least in audio Well, Mrs Butterman said, He certainly seems healthy enough there Oh my, yes Pinkney breathed Apparently, the Harlequin comes packing heat Anyhoo, Isabel saves him but doesn t learn his identity Things happen The Lady s Syndicate has decided Winter needs manners apparently, his are ton societally unacceptable and send I off to teach him They have lessons and they have moments and the next thing we know, view spoiler Lady I is blowing the Harlequin behind a curtain at a ball or some such Now, she has put together that Winter and Harlequin are one hide spoiler

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    There s two emotions I can always count on when reading Hoyt s books joy and disappointment Joy because I m reading such an awesome book, and disappointment cause when it s over What happened to savoring the book Rane But I couldn t help myself cause it was awesome Thief of Shadows picks up right up where Scandalous Desires, and where Scandalous Desires had some weakness in the heroine and some anti climatic moments toward the end, Thief of Shadows had none of this, the heroine Isabel Beckinhall was quickly on par with Winter Both characters were truly human in everything they did and felt Isabel might have acted flighty but had a huge heart, very warm and open to all those around her and even bigger scar left from her marriage Out of all the characters I ve come across in Hoyt s book Isabel felt hit the nail on the head about being a woman and truly being a mother is Cause nothing is great then being a mother is any form and having Winter help her with her own scar helped him deal with this own past and present She loved Winter completely and when she sees how much she loves him she ll risk her life for love I and no doubt along with everyone knew there was to Winter then meets the eye and when it s reveled about him being the Ghost was a surprise but also curious as to why and how Hoyt doesn t disappoint in Winter, calm on the outside but a ball of passion filled fire inside view spoiler and him being a virgin was even delicious cause when he s hot, he s smoking hide spoiler

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    3.5 stars Has anyone cherished you just for yourself I wasn t highly anticipating this couple but they showed me and had some great heat between them Our hero Winter is the epitome of still waters run deep His and Isabel s back and forth, especially in regards to their sexual innuendos, had some spine tingling moments I posted my favorite secondary characters of 2016 just this afternoon but let me add a late addition, Joseph Tinbox Gah, I NEED his and Peach s story this pairing has to happen.

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Thief of Shadowscharacters Thief of Shadows, audiobook Thief of Shadows, files book Thief of Shadows, today Thief of Shadows, Thief of Shadows fed7f A MASKED MAN Winter Makepeace Lives A Double Life By Day He S The Stoic Headmaster Of A Home For Foundling Children But The Night Brings Out A Darker Side Of Winter As The Moon Rises, So Does The Ghost Of St Giles Protector, Judge, Fugitive When The Ghost, Beaten And Wounded, Is Rescued By A Beautiful Aristocrat, Winter Has No Idea That His Two Worlds Are About To CollideA DANGEROUS WOMANLady Isabel Beckinhall Enjoys Nothing Than A Challenge Yet When She S Asked To Tutor The Home S Dour Manager In The Ways Of Society Flirtation, Double Entendres, And Scandalous Liaisons Isabel Can T Help Wondering Why His Eyes Seem So Familiar And His Lips So TemptingA PASSION NEITHER COULD DENYDuring The Day Isabel And Winter Engage In A Battle Of Wills At Night Their Passions Are Revealed But When Little Girls Start Disappearing From St Giles, Winter Must Avenge Them For That He Might Have To Sacrifice Everything The Home, Isabel And His Life

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Elizabeth Hoyt is a New York Times bestselling author of historical romance She also writes deliciously fun contemporary romance under the name Julia Harper Elizabeth lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with three untrained dogs and one long suffering husband.