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The White Giraffe quotes The White Giraffe, litcharts The White Giraffe, symbolism The White Giraffe, summary shmoop The White Giraffe, The White Giraffe f7879bcd When Martine S Home In England Burns Down, Killing Her Parents, She Must Go To South Africa To Live On A Wildlife Game Preserve, Called Sawubona, With The Grandmother She Didn T Know She Had Almost As Soon As She Arrives, Martine Hears Stories About A White Giraffe Living In The Preserve But Her Grandmother And Others Working At Sawubona Insist That The Giraffe Is Just A Myth Martine Is Not So Sure, Until One Stormy Night When She Looks Out Her Window And Locks Eyes With Jemmy, A Young Silvery White Giraffe Why Is Everyone Keeping Jemmy S Existence A Secret Does It Have Anything To Do With The Rash Of Poaching Going On At Sawubona Martine Needs All Of The Courage And Smarts She Has, Not To Mention A Little African Magic, To Find Out First Time Children S Author Lauren St John Brings Us Deep Into The African World, Where Myths Become Reality And A Young Girl With A Healing Gift Has The Power To Save Her Home And Her One True Friend

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    This book sucks VERY badly.I am warning you.First point It seems like Martine Allen, Jeremiah and Tendai are a love triangle For those who don t know, Martine is an eleven year old girl, Jeremiah is the white giraffe, and Tendai is forty.Second, NOBODY RIDES GIRAFFES There s a reason why it never happened.Thirdly, what s with the odd dialogue Lucky I missed you, hey There was nothing wrong with that kudu, nothing Who the hell writes like that Lauren St John, that s who.Ah, yes That lady If you were to flip to the last page, you may see this This is her first young adult novel There s no way that The White Giraffe is a young adult novel as IT WOULD BE SHUNNED BY THE YOUNG ADULTS.Overall, the writing is only okay Everything is meh The story line is pretty bad and the characters .Don t get me started Martine Allen is so friggin annoying and cries like, 24 7 Oh my God, Jemmy might get captured Boo freaking hoo.And Ben Like, omigod, he s so hot He s eleven yet somehow, he s got muscle He s so smart And he s soooo sweet and just plain hot, hot, hot .Sarcasm noted.So, yes, never ever ever again will I read this book If I wasn t reading this at school, this book would have been burned and its ashes would be floating in the Pacific, Atlantic, Merridean .It s that bad.

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    Overall, this tale of a girl reluctantly sent to live with her grandmother on a game preserve in South Africa is a fun adventure with a lot of animals and a tiny bit of culture thrown in However, I found the inclusion of magic somewhat disturbing, similar to other semi fantasy books set in Africa The portrayal of blacks as some sort of shaman always tends to disturb me, as it seems somewhat unlikely that this is an attitude that they would be comfortable with Most blacks are Christian and while they may incorporate traditional beliefs, magic could be seen as a primitive association In this book, Martine, a complete foreigner, seems to come and usurp their magic as some sort of savior, which also seems like the wrong message At least the book has been written by someone with some personal experience in this part of Africa so the viewpoints presented aren t wholly from an outsider I guess I m also not a big fan of unrealistic mixing of animals and people a la Animorphs where so many people seem to get the wrong idea from zoos that animals and nice and cuddly and innocent Instead, I think the recent movie tv series Earth presents a much accurate picture of animals as organisms that think but act powerfully to achieve their needs, ignorant of the human needs for love, relationship, conversation, and even letting the underdog win.

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    10 10 08Audiobook formatI have been listening to this book for about three days now It is wonderful Really great One of the many wonderful things about it is the audiobook reader This woman is nothing but incredible I mean it She is the best audiobook reader I have ever heard OK She ties with the reader of Shadow of the Wind I m going to be looking for books narrated by her I love having Sloane come to school with me It is so wonderful to be in the car together On the drives we talk and laugh and I really know what is going on with her The only thing is, I have really missed my time with audiobooks Before Sloane started school, I used my drive time to listen to books on tape Talking with her is much better, but she has discovered audiobooks in a big way She has her own mini iPod and wants to listed to her books So, one way we talk The other way, we each stick buds in our ears and listen to our own books Are we a bookish family or what More on The White Giraffe when I finish it 10 12 08I finished it, and I must say I was sad to have it end Fantastic book Of course, am not feeling very verbose today So, all I will say now is, Give it a listen I think you ll like it.

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    I had one of my student s randomly select a book from my library one day so I could model how we read and think The lesson however took a slight turn as instead of giving them the planned for assessment, we continued reading for the rest of the hour We couldn t put it down and when I told the kiddos we had to stop and go to lunch the glorious whining rang through my classroom, Noooooo My students would rather read than eat I call that a TEACHER WIN I plan on using this book in the future to practice many reading skills, but also to share with them the process Lauren St John took to create this brilliant piece of work I m going to use it to teach passionate writing It is day one of my summer and I cannot wait to get back in the classroom again.

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    Listened to this on audio while driving, and it was a definite upgrade in narrator from the last audio book I listened to I found the story to be pretty compelling, considering that animal narratives are never my favorite genre BUT, I have some major concerns with the way race is dealt with in this book Here we have a white girl who moves to Africa and gets to be the long awaited savior of the animals who the mysterious, wise tribal woman assures us is going to save them all Ugh It s not just that nearly all of the sympathetic characters in this AFRICAN story are white it s that nearly all of the CHARACTERS are white And those that aren t are pretty stereotypical.

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    I read this book back when I was in sixth grade thanks to my wonderful teacher who had recommended it to me I absolutely fell in love with this book and went on to read the second book and almost went through the third book For some reason, I was just thinking back to all of my books I had read about three or four years ago and this one really stood outnow I am really wanting to reread this series

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    If I had read this book first, I may not have read the 2nd I doubt if I will read the other two books in the series.

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    For summer reading I read The White Giraffe by Lauren St John After a tragedy at her home in England which caused Martine is forced to move with her grandmother Gwyn Thomas who lives on a South African game reserve and whom she s never met before Martine discovers a whole different living situation and almost a completely different world When Martine arrives in Africa Tendi who is a worker in the dame reserve with Gwyn brings her to meet his aunt While Martine and Tendi s aunt are talking Tendi s aunt tells Martine that she has a gift but ,Martine had no idea what she was talking about When Martine is getting settled in and starting school she hears a village legend about the white giraffe which is said to leave footprints at night When Martine asks her grandmother about the legend Gywn insists its nothing but a silly rumor One night before going to bed Martine believes she sees the white giraffe and goes out into the game reserve to go look While in the reserve Martine is almost bitten by a cobra and next finds herself with the white giraffe and she decides she will call it Jemmy Later in the book Martine goes back to into the game reserve to find Jemmy while there she meets grace who is gifted at heeling Martine find Jemmy hurt from the poachers and heels him with the medicine that Grace gave to her and Jemmy gives Martine and ride back home and you will have to read this book to found if they catch the poachers or not.

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    This is a children s book, but it was delightful to read as an adult too Children ages 10 and up should be able to read it on their own and children ages 6 and up will love to have it read to them There are many great themesbeing kind, repecting wildlife, love of nature, respect of elders, bravery, anti bullying and adapting to new situations I found it especially timely with our upcoming trip to South Africa and going on safaris.

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    Fairly mediocre book, but I have fond memories Still kind of had to drag my way through it though maybe because it s aimed at like nine year olds but, y know, a children s book should be enjoyable readable when you re older too, right

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