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The Theater and Cinema of Buster Keaton quotes The Theater and Cinema of Buster Keaton, litcharts The Theater and Cinema of Buster Keaton, symbolism The Theater and Cinema of Buster Keaton, summary shmoop The Theater and Cinema of Buster Keaton, The Theater and Cinema of Buster Keaton 54809a2e Famous For Their Stunts, Gags, And Images, Buster Keaton S Silent Films Have Enticed Everyone From Hollywood Movie Fans To The Surrealists, Such As Dali And Bunuel Here Robert Knopf Offers An Unprecedented Look At The Wide Ranging Appeal Of Keaton S Genius, Considering His Vaudeville Roots And His Ability To Integrate This Aesthetic Into The Techniques Of Classical Hollywood Cinema In The S When Young Buster Was Being Hurled About The Stage By His Comically Irate Father In The Family S Vaudeville Act, The Three Keatons, He Was Perfecting His Acrobatic Skills, Timing, Visual Humor, And Trademark Stone Face As Knopf Demonstrates, Such Theatrics Would Serve Keaton Well As A Film Director And Star By Isolating Elements Of Vaudeville Within Works That Have Previously Been Considered Classical, Knopf Reevaluates Keaton S Films And How They FunctionThe Book Combines Vivid Visual Descriptions And Illustrations That Enable Us To See Keaton At Work Staging His Memorable Images And Gags, Such As A Three Story Wall Collapsing On Him Steamboat Bill, Jr And An Avalanche Of Boulders Chasing Him Down A Mountainside Seven Chances, Knopf Explains How Keaton S Stunts And Gags Served As Fanciful Departures From His Films Storylines And How They Nonetheless Reinforced A Strange Sense Of Reality, That Of A Machine Like World With A Mind Of Its Own In Comparison To Chaplin And Lloyd, Keaton Made Elaborate Use Of Natural Locations The Scene In The Navigator, For Example ,where Buster Brandishes A Swordfish To Fend Off Another Swordfish Derives Much Of Its Power From Actually Being Shot Under Water Such Hyper Literalism Was But One Element Of Keaton S Films That Inspired The SurrealistsExploring Keaton S Influence On Salvador Dali, Luis Bunuel, Federico Garcia Lorca, And Robert Desnos, Knopf Suggests That Keaton S Achievement Extends Beyond Hollywood Into The Avant Garde The Book Concludes With An Examination Of Keaton S Late Career Performances In Gerald Potterton S The Railrodder And Samuel Beckett S Film, And Locates His Legacy In The Work Of Jackie Chan, Blue Man Group, And Bill Irwin

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    Among Buster Keaton enthusiasts, I ve noticed a couple of competing viewpoints One is that Buster s work had a surreal, absurdist, avant garde edge to it, while the other emphasizes the humor and entertainment aspects I myself try to take a ambivalent approach, since Buster was obviously never exposed to the avant garde art scene of the teens and 20 s, but there s no doubt something distinctly surreal and absurd about his comedy So I like Kopf s analysis of Buster Keaton s work, though his prose does suffer from being unnecessarily dry One almost forgets that Buster Keaton was pretty damned funny Nevertheless, for those who don t mind reading dry film analysis and desire to study Buster Keaton s film work in relation to his background in vaudeville, it s an interesting, quick read.

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    This is short, well written and very well researched book that approaches Keaton from 3 different perspectives Vaudeville, Classical Hollywood and Surrealism , introduces the arguments of the proponents of each way of looking at Keaton, while trying to remain neutral at the same time, and at the end suggests that Buster Keaton was, in fact, a blend of all 3, and shouldn t be pigeonholed into one category or the other A pretty good brief intro to Keaton scholarship, if nothing groundbreaking on its own.

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    Not as dry and academic as the other reviews would have you believe However, I m someone who often reads literary criticism for fun so take that with a grain of salt I found his analysis of different approaches to Keaton super interesting and his explanation of the horizontal repetitions of narrative versus the interupting and self serving vertical repetitions of gags to be super interesting It s a concept that I think will stick me when thinking about other comedy in the future.

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