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The Texan's Wager chapter 1 The Texan's Wager, meaning The Texan's Wager, genre The Texan's Wager, book cover The Texan's Wager, flies The Texan's Wager, The Texan's Wager fc24d693b4ef2 Thrown Off A Wagon Train With Two Other Women And Trying To Avoid Jail For A Murder They Committed, Bailee Moore Agrees To Enter A Wife Lottery A Ploy Concocted By The Cedar Point Sheriff To Secure Wives For The Men In The Small Texas TownFor The Sensible Bailee, However, Marrying Carter McKoy Is Like Exchanging One Life Sentence For Another Especially Since Her New Husband Hasn T Even Seen Fit To Utter A Single Word In Her Presence But Still, She Can T Help Thinking That Something About This Strong, Silent Farmer Could Be The Key To Leaving Her Troubled Past Behindand Making A Worthy Wager With Her Heart

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    I can t tell you how much I love this book It s a special love story, with characters you will never find in another book Carter McKoy has my complete and utter devotion He may not attract all romance novel fans He doesn t talk, not that he can t He just doesn t He s a recluse He s a virgin But he s a survivor His family was horribly murdered while he was forced to hide out His parents told him to survive and that s what he did His strength of will and character are what attracted me to him and earned my eternal devotion He s a beta hero, but he s no pushover He s capable and resourceful, and reading this book only shows just how endowed with these traits he is One day he decides to find a wife His chosen bride is Bailee, who has the choice of getting married to one of the men who shows up for the wife lottery or possibly being hanged for killing a man who tried to assault her and her friends The town is so small and devoid of women that the lawman would much rather marry off the three women criminals than see them hung It turns out to be a very fortunate day for both Bailee and Carter Carter takes home his new bride, and the love story begins It s a true, simple love story Although they are not alike, Carter and Bailee are true soulmates They embody what a marriage should be Watching them grow to know and to love each other and take care of each other is a true joy They truly meet each others needs If you want to read a different kind of romance with a very unique hero, but one that shows the true spirit of romance, read this book I doubt that you would be disappointed They don t call Jodi Thomas the queen of Texas romance for no reason.

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    Be my wife, all my life.That s all that Carter McKoy asked of Bailee Moore, the woman who would become his wife if he won the Wife Lottery That wasn t too much to hope for, was it And in truth, he didn t even expect his name to be chosen After all, there were probably 40 men waiting, hoping to be one of only three names drawn in the lottery, and Carter s life had been anything but lucky So why expect that to change now Well, much to his surprise and dismay, things were about to start looking up And I thank Sheriff Riley for his part in that.I ve come to realize that if I don t connect with the hero, if I don t become invested in him as a person, and if I don t feel like he s overcome some some something in his life, the story never quite makes it to 5 stars The poor heroine could go through hell and back and it won t mean much to me unless the hero is amazing and has done the same The Texan s Wager is a fast paced, comfortable read easy, but not dumbed down It isn t a deep, dark tale, nor is it the most amazing writing I ve ever come across But what it is, is a really sweet story with the key ingredients for a 5 star read.Tormented hero Check Great heroine Check Believable, gut wrenching and heartwarming storyline Check A happily ever after with a heroine worthy of the hero Check I wish I could tell all about Carter, but to do so would take too much away from the story, because his past is told in small bits and pieces beginning with his very sad childhood right up to the present time But I will say that this man, this Carter McKoy who very seldom talks, speaks volumes with this actions and he now holds a place of honor on my Top Heroes shelf.For those of you who might be wondering about the steam factor in this book, while there s plenty of passion there is very little, if any, descriptive sex But trust me when I say this is one of those instances when I feel that the story wouldn t have been nearly as sweet if there had been.

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    4 stars I loved, loved, loved this book But then, I m a big fan of a vintage western or a western romance My father, when he was eighty three and still sharp as a tack , taught me to appreciate them when I used to read to him the last three months of his life I was amazed he was so knowledgeable about this era of American history I loved discussing the books with him And he would have loved this one too sans the sex scenes, of course and the hero, the taciturn Carter McKoy Yup My dad wasn t much of a talker either One of his favorite jokes was this one Some cowboys on a cattle drive were around a campfire, listening to the lowing of the livestock Nobody spoke while they ate their meal Finally one of the animals made a bleating call.After a while, one cowboy voiced an opinion, Heifer After about an hour, a second cowboy said, Bull In a bit, a third cowboy got up and started packing his gear and saddled up The first man asked, Going somewhere Leaving, said the third cowboy Why Too much arguing If you ve read the back of the book synopsis then you know that Bailee marries Carter to avoid jail or hanging This part was just a little contrived, and kept it for being a perfect , as men in Texas hung other men for attempted rape and or kidnapping nevertheless, I bit the bullet, while shrugging my shoulders and went with the set up.To say Carter is not much of a talker would be an understatement He s downright silent at first which causes Bailee, conversely, to start to babble I love what he thinks of the quixotic rules she makes up and changes on the spur of the moment after their kissing secretly flusters her He has secrets too secrets that are delicious and heart touching to uncover in this tender, sweet, surprisingly action packed story Want just a hint view spoiler hide spoiler

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    3.5 STARS.Enjoyed this one Sweet Hero yes, I can do sweet hero too Feisty Heroine Life must have been tough in the heartland of American back in the day No electricity, no motor vehicles Weather was harsh.I have to organise dinner so have no time to review properly.

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    Surprisingly, I loved this sweet, poignant love story.and I didn t think I would There are many elements to this story that are totally opposite of what I normally want in a romance novel view spoiler I haven t read many western romance novels, especially those where the hero is the sweet, beta type and also a virgin hide spoiler

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    A different sort of western cowboy romance.The heroCarterA man who rarely speaks, a farmer that the entire town mocks for his reclusive ways Carter puts his name into the wife lottery on a whim and almost instantly regrets his decisionwhat does he know of being a husband The heroineBaileeA woman on the run for murdering a man, shunned and shipped off by her own father On a wagon train west, Bailee teams up with two other lone women, one a young teenager woman who speaks too much and the other who is at death s door after losing her child and husband Accosted while alone, another death is laid at their feet and to escape the noose, they are entered into a wife lottery in order to give the male dominated town the option of a wife.My Thoughts This was just the kind of unique, detailed read I was looking for I d only read one Jodi Thomas book before but it was a contemporary and I have to say that this was much betterno wonder she s got so many Texas romances with fantastic ratings When I say unique, it s because of a few reasons, one of them that intangible authentic quality that some authors just have Thomas just has it This wasn t a cheesy, over the top yee haw cowboy romance This was a genuine story of something that could have actually happened a long time ago in this great state that I live in The male dominated southwest was a tough place for a woman to be if she was unprotected The random chance of these three women finding men who were somewhat honorable buying a wife Oh, well and chivalrous really is attributed to the fact that the sheriff gives them an outin order to make sure that they aren t stuck with horrible, abusive husbands, he will check up on them three times Each time he ll give them the chance to go back to jail or stay with their husband I loved that out My reasons for not five starring is pretty simpleI felt like a couple of things weren t explained very well Bailee s past, for one Did she or didn t she kill the guy It s never explained at all, which I thought was weird What happened Also, view spoiler When the little girl goes back to her dad, there s no follow up to that, which I felt was sorely missing I wanted to be assured of her welfare somehow hide spoiler

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    I have read many romance novels by Teresa Medeiros and Lisa Kleypas, but this is the first time that I have read a romance novel by Jodi Thomas The Texan s Wager is the first book in Jodi Thomas s Wife Lottery series and it is full of hot romance, drama, adventure and excitement that will make this book one of a million Bailee Moore was thrown out of a wagon train along with two other women named Lacy and Sarah after Bailee had supposedly committed a murder in her hometown and was thrown out of town After the three women got to the city called Cedar Point, they meet up with a vicious man named Zeb Whitaker who starts assaulting them and that led the three women into beating him up to defend themselves The three women are then thrown into jail and the sheriff proposes that the only way for the three women to get out of jail is if they are selected in the Wife Lottery, which is where men come all over Cedar Point and pick one of the three women to be their wives Bailee Moore is then chosen to be a wife to Carter McKoy, a silent man who has not spoken a word since his parents brutal deaths However, Bailee will soon realize that there is to Carter than meets the eye Wow All I can really say is wow I have never in all my life read such an exciting and romantic western romance novel that is full of drama and pure romance Jodi Thomas has definitely done an awesome job at writing this story as the characters were righteously perfect and the action paced plot of the story is never truly over the top I can name out so many things about this book that I simply loved, but that is too many to list, so I will just mention the characters themselves The heroine of the story, Bailee Moore, is such a lovable character I loved the way that Bailee has such a caring and courageous nature, especially when she tries to do everything in her power to protect Carter from any kind of danger that comes their way, even if it means putting her own life on the line I will admit that sometimes I get a little irritated whenever Bailee does not seem to trust Carter completely, but her heroic actions throughout the novel truly makes up for that Another character I really loved in this book was Carter McKoy himself as he was the first silent hero I have ever read about in any romance novel I have read The aspect of Carter s personality that truly stood out for me was his slightly silent nature because he sometimes uses sign language to communicate what he wants to say with everyone and I have always wanted to know how to sign language myself, so this aspect of Carter s personality is so interesting to me since it shows another level of communication that I rarely seen in most romance novels I also loved how courageous Carter is as he will put his life on the line to save Bailee from any misfortunate that befalls her and it s that aspect that I truly love in a hero The best part of the entire book was the romance between Bailee and Carter as it was genuine and caring enough to put other romance novels romance to shame Sure, at first Bailee and Carter did not really trust each other because they did not know each other at first, but as the book goes on, Bailee and Carter s romantic relationship was truly astounding as I loved the way that Bailee did not judge Carter because he did not speak at first, but once she starts realizing what a wonderful person Carter is, she starts falling madly in love with him and does everything in her power to protect him I also loved the way that Carter treated Bailee because even though at first, he was really shy to be near her, I admit that the moment that Carter first began to talk clearly with Bailee, I was totally surprised yet felt cuddly inside that Carter felt comfortable talking about anything with Bailee and that proved how solid and real their relationship with each other is.There are some brief sex scenes in this book, although it is not as explicit as most romance novels I have read So, anyone who does not like reading about certain sex scenes, might want to skip over these scenes All in all, if you are looking for drama, sizzling romance and adventure in the Wild West, then The Texan s Wager is definitely the right romance novel for you Now that I read the first installment in the Wife Lottery series, do you think that I want to read of this series You bet I do I am definitely looking forward to read the next book in the Wife Lottery series, When a Texan Gambles so it will definitely be interesting to see of this series I would like to thank my Goodreads buddy, Lady Danielle, for recommending me this book Review is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog

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    3.75 starsThe first half of this book was really great Thomas writing style was clever and entertaining However, somewhere after the halfway point, the romantic relationship wasn t quite as compelling for me any I think it is probably just me, based on my mass of mediocre ratings and DNF s in recent weeks The hero, Carter, was a good man and likable hero The heroine, Bailee, was great in the beginning, but had a bad moment towards the end Of course, they got their sweet HEA though I think I will probably be giving this author another try.

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    4.5 STARS While I really enjoyed this book I just couldn t completely get to love it as much as I did others This is a very well written story, totally entertaining and I definitely recommend it In it we read about a different type of hero, one I had never read before Carter is just not one of those guys who stands out, he seems very plain and normal and not the guy you would care to read about He s a farmer and a guy who hates talking to people literally , till the heroine nobody had really spoke with him because he s a loner But then, 3 women come to town and need to find a husband able to pay to get them out So a lottery is organized with 40 guys from town Carter s name gets out the last and he ends up getting married with Bailee She is a pretty normal heroine,one who suffers some terrible fortune later, but there s just nothing very remarkable about her How then this two very plain characters got to become such an amazing read Well, many reasons First, the author writes incredibly well You can really get into the story with her words, she just knows how to describe things But than that, what you get to love the most about this book is the romance between the hero and the heroine They are just perfect for each other It s pretty obvious from the beginning that the hero needed something, a change This was a very sweet romance and I really enjoyed it I just can t give it a higher rating because I am a chick who loves alpha heroes I know, those assholes many hate, yep, those are my men,LOL I love them being jerks to everybody buy finding a soft spot in their hearts for their heroines Still this was a great change, and I must tell you all to read this beautiful story.

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    This is such a beautiful book and I loved the qualities the hero Carter and the heroine Bailee had in the book Carter and Bailee had experienced hard times, but they did not let that harden them Bailee had been disappointed in love and never expected to marry Carter had lived through a traumatic experience as a child and was considered a loner It was really by chance that they met each other and married I loved reading how they grew to respect and love each other in the book There were also changes each had to make and I thought that was moving as well I did not want their story to end and I hope I will still get glimpses of their life together in the rest of the series Jodi Thomas is a new author for me and I am so happy to have found her I cannot wait to read the rest of her books.

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