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The Skin I'm In chapter 1 The Skin I'm In, meaning The Skin I'm In, genre The Skin I'm In, book cover The Skin I'm In, flies The Skin I'm In, The Skin I'm In 7df1ca24db1a8 Miss Saunders, Whose Skin Is Blotched With A Rare Skin Condition, Serves As A Mirror To Maleeka Madison S Struggle Against The Burden Of Low Self Esteem That Many Black Girls Face When They Re Darker Skinned Miss Saunders Is Tough And Through This, Maleeka Learns To Stand Up To Tough Talking Charlese

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    This book is about a girl named Maleeka who is very dark skin and thinks that she is not beautiful because of the color of her skin But when her father died she stop believing that she was beautiful and kids started picking on her In the seventh grade a girl named Char who is the most popular girl in the grade told Maleeka that if she did her homework Char would stick up for her, let her hang with her, and give better looking clothes because Maleeka s mom made her clothes And there is this one boy that likes her his name is caleb, and girls loved him Including Maleeka but she thought that she wasn t good enough for him and that s where she is wrong.Maleeks faces going to school feeling like an outcast because voice s just laugh and talk about her behind her back and in front of her face On day a teacher comes in and she too gets picked on because she has this big black mark on her face which is a birth mark So she starts to get envolved with Maleeka because she can feel her pain One day Char gets into trouble and drags Maleeka so now Maleeka has to work in he office.While working in the office Caleb starts liking her and wants to be her friend but he cant even do that because everybody talks about them and so he stops talking to her and try s too avoid even looking her way so people dont think that they are envolved with eachother Later on Char makes Maleeka set Miss Saunders class on fire and bailing on her leaving little Maleeka to take the blame Maleeka have a journals and where it is her own fantasy where it is inspried by her life Where she is an ugly princess Who have been locked away in cave looking and smellig like se haven t taken a shower inwho knows what, and teeth and breath stanking, and is basiclly bald headed not literally And the prince who too is stuck with her and he likes her for who she is no matter what she may look like Miss Saunders likes her journal writings and tells her to do of it and dont be afraid to go out there.Oe day Charlease comes over to Maleeka house and tell s her to come with her over a friends house Maleeka not feeling so sure but she goes anywhere because she wants to seem cool So goes to this neigborhood thats worse than hers Char doesn t even pay attention to her and winds up abandoning her and now Maleeka isn t sure that where she is going is the right way she is going It s so dark and there are three white boy s walking around taunting her and they almost raped her but she got away Wanting going to tell her mom but when she gets there she cant even spaek because of the way she feels.To all come down to the end Maleeka is getting fed up with Char Char tells her to do something and Maleeka leaves her hangig justlike she does her, pay back Caleb has an epiphany of his own And doesn t care what people say about him and Maleeka hanging around eachother because he enjoys being aound her So Char s misdeeds catches up with her and she gets kicked out And having 2 new friends Saunders and Caleb, possibly her new boyfriend Things are looking pretty good for Maleeks s new beginng.

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    as brewd and amoral human beings we are bound to make mistakes and be judged by our natural flaws and less our intuitions, we may change for the better and or the worse, nevertheless some cases may be prominent distincts of our own natural apperance or habits constintly trying to fit in, you must unconquerably love yourself for you no matter how you walk talk or look.meet Maleeka a seventh grader at williamson Jr high, Maleeka came from an destitute family and religious backround she came up without a father so it was only her and her mother Maleeka had a lack of demeanor compared to the average teenager, her mother sowed all her clothes and she only owned one pair of socks , thats only the subordiante and artificial problem what really botherd her was the lack of respect she recieved while walking down the depth and shallow halls of her school, all because of her complexion Maleeka s skin was dark and smooth like and baby s bottom, she was tall and skinny as a toothpick with pretty big brown eyes that was round like the moon no one seemed to notice the good things she had going for her like her smarts or her pretty hair and flawless smile her skin got the worse of her most of all for her conspicious attitude she only wanted to be like the rest of the girls.the torture that came her way was ridiculos people would poor water in front of her locker so she would trip and fall the would force her to do their homework and if it wasnt completed it was major prices to pay she earned tons of nicknames like blackberries, poop face and charcol Maleeka that she described as deep cut scars that can mark her physically and mentally maleeka was religious like her mother she was sanctified in Christianity she would run in the stalls of the girls bathroom and just pray and cry the pain she felt was intense and chronic to her ears and heart Maleeka stayed to her self she had no choice , she also had a crush on the basketball teams number one leader Caleb but caleb would follow the crowd and betray her also.Charlese Boons a.k.a Char walked and owned the halls of Willamson J.high even the teachers was threatend by her Char was short and thicker than a snicker she never missed a meal and you could tell she was a gorgeous smile and wore braids that her back , Char stayed up with the latest trends in fashion everyone was scared of her even her crew besides apperance Char wasn t doing so good she gotten left back two times she was 15 years old one day she approached Maleeka and wanted her to start hanging with her but little did Maleeka know it was only for her to do Char s make up work so she could get promoted to her right grade in return Char would bring Maleeka The newest outfits and lunch.Maleeka and Char have gotten close by now and she told Char about her crush on Caleb and Char went behind maleeka s back and went out with caleb It ,broke Maleeka s heart when she found out and in the end Maleeka stop being with Char it wasn t worth the headache she returned all her clothes and accessories.Being judged by something artificial is one thing but being judged by something that comes naturally is another, always be yourself and love yourself no matter the flaws that stand in they way I LOVE THE SKIN IM IN

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    So far in this book everybody at school is making fun of Maleeka because of her nappy hair and her raggy old clothes John John is being racist to her and singing a song about her Maleea Maleeka we sure wanna keep her but she is so black we can t see her.Maleeka thinks the new teacher Miss Sunders will make things worse, all the teachers don t like her because she s too pushy.When Maleeka was coming home one night two guys tried to kipnaped her but she scratched one of the guys eyes and bit the others dirty hand and they left her She ran home as fast she can then cried all night.This makes me think she has a diffucult life.

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    A quick read but such a common story of young children coming of age The main character Maleeka is a dark skinned black girl who encounters bullying, grief, low self esteem, self love, standing up for herself, and so much It is powerful in the fact that it does not sugarcoat what is realistic A young black girl finding her voice is one of the most beautiful things in this world I m black, real black, and if you don t like me, too bad cause black is the skin i m in

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    Number of Pages 171Level of Book YDay I Started Reading It 9 28Day I Finished The Book 9 28Main Characters Maleeka,Charlese,Ms.Saunders,Caleb,and Makeeka s MomThis book is about a girl named Maleeka who hates the skin shes in the title makes it obvoius People are always making fun of her They also make fun of her homemade clothes Her mom started making her clothes since her father died This new teacher comes along with a big scar in her face Maleeka thinks that the new teacher is going to ruin her life..but she might think again.Ms.Saunders,the new teacher, is always getting in Maleekas business, and Maleeka is not liking it at all Maleeka started hanging out with the wrong crowd Charlese and the twins she only hangs out with them becuase Charlese lets her borrow really nice clothes And she also has to do Charlese s h.w.This boy named Caleb loves Maleeka, Maleeka sort of likes him too but she cant tell noone..becuase of what Caleb did to her He humiliated her in front of the whole class in the bus when they were in a feild trip to Washington something like that Charlese is making lots of bad choices and Maleekas following them Dont think of Maleeka as a baad girl who plays her own rules.she doesnt She has very good grades but Charlese is always making her do bad choices Maleeka only supports her becuase of the good clothes Charlese brings her Maleeka finally decides to stop listening to Charlese Ms.Saunders is proud of Maleeka becuase she noticed it.At the end Maleeka still likes Caleb and chooses her friends wisely something like that The theme of the book is to love yourself no matter how you look, how you dress,if youre rich or poor,etc This book is very interesting and teaches you something at the end I recommend it to anybody that feels insecure about themselves This book helped me becuase I felt kind of insecure about myself I still do kind of Setting Of The Book School, Maleekas house,and Peoples houses.

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    I learn so much about this book What I have learn about this book is that you can t judge people by the book of it s cover.I ready this book when I was in the 3rd grade I, Like Maleeka, am a dark skinned Barbadian When I was younger, I was often teased about the complexion of my skin I always wished I were a little brighter After reading this book, I learned to love myself, and accept me for who I am I also came to the conclusion that my family, and my real friends would love me no matter what Maleeka went through many struggles, but she overcame them This book is awsome for anyone around middle school age, because that s when peer pressure kicks in.

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    I enjoyed this story so much i gave it to my preteen grand daughter Jayda.

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    I totally LOVED this book

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    The Skin I m In.hmmmmm..No The Skin I m In has a great plot Good characters, good concept, good life lessons, but is just executed horribly THE WHOLE ENTIRE BOOK IS ABOUT THE CHARACTERS NOT THE PLOT 75% of this book is focusing on the personality of the characters and their minor issues Finally, the author starts tying the plot into the story and 10 pages later the book is over Ladies and gentleman of goodreads, let me tell you I was not satisified I literally looked around my room to see if any of the book s pages had fell out, because truthfully, I didn t even think the book was over Ladies and gentleman of goodreads I persuade you not to read this book, but write a new version of it.

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    I really liked this book.It s about a black girl try to fend for herself trying to survive all the JERKS I recommend it to people who get bullied.READ IT

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