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The Silver Rose chapter 1 The Silver Rose, meaning The Silver Rose, genre The Silver Rose, book cover The Silver Rose, flies The Silver Rose, The Silver Rose fd123a4400a5a Four Hundred Years Ago, Immortal Warlock Aden Dragunis Defied His Elders And Married A Mortal Without Magical Potential On His First Wedding Anniversary He Crafted His Beloved A Magical Silver Rose Which Bloomed Only For Her When She And His Mortal Children Died One By One, He Buried His Heart With Them And Vowed Never To Love AgainSent By The Supreme Coven, Marylebone, To Ensure The Mortal Witch Rosa Greenwood Meets Her Fate As The Bells Of Marylebone Have Decreed, Aden S Vow Begins To Unravel When He Discovers Rosa In Possession Of The Silver Rose Rosa Risks Being Consumed By Her Own Power She Must Bind Her Magic With Her Destined Mate Within One Calendar Month, Or Surrender Her Magic Forever If She Fails To Do Either, Marylebone S Dragons Will Hunt Her Down, Burn Her Magic From Her And She Will Die Convincing Aden He Is Her Destined Mate Is Proving To Be Difficult Than She Ever Imagined With Time Running Out The Only Option Left Is To Sacrifice Her Magic But She Knows She Will Be A Mere Shell Without A Soul If She DoesThen She Learns Aden, The One Who Could Ultimately Save Her, Is Also The One Sent To Kill Her Should She Fail

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    I received an ARC of The Silver Rose in exchange for Review and I m glad I did Not only is the cover gorgeous but the story was hard to put down Author Rowena May O Sullivan deserves kudos for her world building Most of the story is physically set in a wind swept New Zealand small town that is home to three magical sisters Rose is the oldest and most powerful but she s afraid to tell her sisters she s heard the Bells In the mythology O Sullivan created, this means she has one month to bind her magic with a powerful wizard or else she will either lose her magic or her life The reluctant hero, Aden, is her equal but hides his power Will the two find out each other s secrets in time I ll let you find that out.I also want to note the loving care taken to describe the silverwork throughout the novel The sisters are artisans and Aden is a master silversmith The Silver Rose of the title is so beautifully described, I could almost feel it against my skin I felt as if I were in the art gallery looking at various pieces I can t wait to return to the world O Sullivan created for the next sister s story.

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    This was a refreshing paranormal for me to read I loved how the three main women were witches I m so used to reading paranormal about vampires and werewolves that, though I love the classic paranormal characters, I was riveted to the world of these three witches And the conflict in this story is flawlessly plotted Both Rosa and Aden have to face their own personal worst nightmares and do what they thought they never would for love.

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    After reading the book blurb, I was not disappointed in this story Aden and Rose are perfect for each other Romantic tense rolls off the pages and wraps you in its spell I found myself desperate along with the heroine to bind her magic and live Rose is a feisty who doesn t woo easily Aden is tortured by a past that he can t see past This is a wonderful spun story and I can t wait for the next one I was given a copy by the author for an honest review.

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    Witches and spell casting are two of my favorite elements in a book, so I really enjoyed The Silver Rose I loved the dynamics between the heroine Rosa and her two sisters I was glad to learn this is the first book in a trilogy I think Rosa s sisters will make interesting heroines The hero Aden has a haunted past I couldn t wait to read about He was my kind of hero, both physically and emotionally A great read

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    Imaginative paranormal fiction Beautiful witches, New Zealand atmosphere, silversmithery, and dragons, oh, my And let s not forget Aden, Ms O Sullivan s handsome warlock, a tortured soul who has grieved for four hundred years over the loss of his true love Will he find his happily ever after I ll let the reader guess, although the twist at the end will surprise and delight you.

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    A powerful paranormal novel about witches.At the heart or it, The Silver Rose is a beautiful romance story Rose is strong minded and fighting for her life, while Aden is dealing with his tortured past, which just adds to his heroic qualities Plus, he s hot But Rose and Aden are hiding secrets from each other, and time is running out The conflict in this story heightens the tension, and I loved every bit of it I really felt for both Rose and Aden, wanting them to come together I adored Rose s sisters, and can t wait to read about them The ending was fantastic I won t give anything away, but you ll want to read it.Rowena May O Sullivan s writing is flawless I enjoyed her creative imagery, and the world building she introduces us to is excellent I m so happy to see the next book is already out.

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    This was a wonderfully powerful story of three witches I have been blessed with getting to read some amazing witch books lately This story was based in New Zealand which is so beautifully described in the author s words Aden is just the type of guy that I find makes a wonderful hero The interactions between he and Rosa are well described and flow gracefully Rosa has me intrigued from the beginning and I am anxious to discover how her magic will survive The author guides me through a world that I never imagined and I love the silver angle to the story I am excited that this is a trilogy and look forward to discovering about the sisters.

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    Dragons, magic, meddling sisters and a ticking clock with everything at stake there is nothing a Paranormal Romance reader could ask for Read full review in the 2013 July August double issue of InD tale Magazine.

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    Review coming soon.

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    I was so sad to see this book end So I bought the next in the series DThank goodness for long summer days and hours spent reading on my deck and at the beach and on vacation I m a little addicted to the Greenwood sisters.

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