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The Seven Rays txt The Seven Rays, text ebook The Seven Rays, adobe reader The Seven Rays, chapter 2 The Seven Rays, The Seven Rays 381664 You Are Than You Think You AreAT IS THE ANONYMOUS MESSAGE That Beth Michaels Receives Right Before She Starts Seeing Things Not Just A Slept Through My Alarm Clock, Late For Homeroom, Haven T Had My Caffeine Fix Kind Of Seeing Things It All Starts With Some Dots, Annoying Pink Dots That Pop Up On And Over Her Mom And Her Best Friend S Face But Then Things Get Out Of Control And Beth Is Seeing People S Pasts, Their Fears, Their Secrets, Their Desires The Images Are Coming At Beth In Hi Def Streaming Video And She Can T Stop It Everyone Thinks She S Crazy And She S Pretty Sure She Agrees With Them But Crazy Doesn T Explain The Gold Envelopes That Have Started Arriving, Containing Seeing Keys And Mysterious Tarot Cards To Beth, It All Seems Too Weird To Be True You Are Than You Think You Are But Here S The Thing What If She Is The Creator Of Bring It On, Jessica Bendiner, Brings Her Teen Savvy Writing To This Paranormal Romance, The Seven Rays

About the Author: Jessica Bendinger

Jessica Bendinger is an acclaimed Hollywood screenwriter who launched onto the scene with her original script for the hit hip hop cheerleading comedy, Bring it On Never shying away from challenges and new opportunities, Bendinger has also added the title of producer, director, and most recently, novelist to her repertoire A self described creative seeker, Bendinger relies on her enthusiasm and

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    I stumbled across a free copy of this book online, and with the gorgeous cover and intriguing premise, I dove into it right away Oh, how I wish I looked at the Goodreads ratings first I should give anyone reading this a warning I will be ranting A lot.Firts off, this was the weirdest, most ridiculous, juvenile, annoying book I ve read in a long time And the most painful thing is that it could have been great It really could have Underneath the mess of a plot were some good, orginal ideas Unfortunatley, several things ruined it.Let s start with the narrator Beth is supposed to be smart She is a seventeen year old senior finishing high school early and taking college courses Instead of a sophisticated young lady, we get a narrator who is fond of bathroom humor and nonsensical slang Seriously, she is constantly talking about bodily functions, and refers to her name as Pee Poo She ll be in a dire situation and be all Oh, yeah My name is Pee Poo Her slang isn t cool or hip, but something a twelve year would be embarrassed to say She refers to her visions as grooze or feelsees , and uses them casually in conversation as if anyone can tell what the hell she is talking about She is not witty either, just very cheesy Beth devotes the same amount of energy to worrying about body odor as she does in life threatening situations I just cannot believe some of the stuff the author wrote My eyes were in constant eye rolling motion.Then there is the romance between Beth and Richie aka Hot Guy Who is Richie you may ask Richie is the attractive older guy who suddenly falls for our narrator after spending five minutes with her for no apparent reason at all Other than that, I have no idea who he is I have no other physical description of him other than that he is hot, and his only personality trait is that he is sweet I know he has a younger sex obsessed brother and an alcoholic mother, but these concepts were just pushed aside in order for Beth and Richie to have omg we can t make out or else risk electrocution time Other than that, it was just flat out weird and weirdly written I have no problem strange if it is at least written well, but this is not the case Bendinger would rely far too much on the visual, assuming her readers know what the hell is going on She might as well have been describing a keleidoscope She would often clump up the supernatural Some parts would be devoid as so much as a feelsee , then others were just leadened with it The ending was rushed, but nothing was resolved anyway I m not sure whether this book is a result of an author trying too hard to be trendy, or an author having a good idea lazily executed I just pretty much hated it the entire way My lip was constantly curled in a snarl You might be asking why I bothered to finish it then Once I have an answer I shall get back to you I will not be reading the sequel Oh, and one thing Song gasms WTF

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    I was drawn to this book by its cover and book trailer and I was excited to read it About ten pages in I got skeptical The jacket said it is written for 14 years or older Already within the first chapter we were talking about things that are not at all okay for 14 year olds I kept reading because the plot was interesting, but it just got worse By page 200 I had to put the book down and stop reading It made me, a 34 year old married woman with children feel dirty In my opinion the book has soft porn designed to stimulate young minds to desire music that pushes sex The main characters went for 0 to 60 in a couple of minutes Why It is sad to me that some Young Adult fiction can be wrapped up in great appealing characters and push trashy values The author here threw in a semi feel good ultimate message Her premise that jealousy and lies be combated by love was lost for me amongst all of the sexual, alternative undertones I gave it 2 out of 5 stars.

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    I m not quite sure how to describe this book OMGWTFBBQ is really the only apt phrase that springs to mind I started reading it months ago and had to put it down because it honestly made my head spin There s a girl Beth and she can see things ropes of emotion, memories, stuff like that The premise is different, but not that far off from your regular YA fantasy, you think, right Well, no, because there are things in this book that I can t even describe properly Like when Beth listens to her iPod she can feel the memories of the artists, which ends up being thinking about sex and she has her first orgasms To make it better, the boy she likes, Richie, sees her and this is romantic Maybe Side note At the end there is an ad telling us we can buy the Seven Rays Soundtrack on iTunes Um no thanks When they first kiss, his whole body gets covered in a crust Yes, I said crust And this is good Not cause for a trip to the doctor He breaks Beth out of a mental institution and they go on a cross country spree together, making lame jokes and talking about how much they love each other Except, I really can t imagine it I mean, the relationship feels so wrong as to be like another language Oh, and while I m on the subject of language The author, Jessica Bendinger, has a lot of word play I guess if you ve seen Bring It On you can think of the she puts the whore in horrifying type lines in that movie And then picture it on every page It gets old real fast, is all I m saying Not nearly as clever or endearing as the author seems to think Finally blessedly the book finally comes to an end Beth and the other girls sprinkled throughout the book are all told they have powers and they are sisters That s pretty much it We can only hope there isn t to the girls story Ugh

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    This book is weird, as in was I on something when I read this An hallucinogen maybe And a lot of WTF moments riddled throughout the story But I thinkI kindasort ofliked it and all of it s strangeness.What is the story about Well, to be honest, I have no clue Still, after I have read it, I m confused and unclear of the story But it was compelling somehow It got me to keep reading with this question repeating in my head of what the heck is going on Unfortunately, the ending didn t give a wholly satisfying answer It only vaguely touched on what Beth actually is I m assuming there is a sequel And now, I feel like I have to read the sequel to understand the first book.Okay, so let me try to tell you what this book is about or at least what I think happens in it In a nutshell, Beth goes crazy she actually goes to a psychiatric facility but wait she s not actually crazy All the strange things she s seeing and they are very strange indeed this book is very visual and it kind of feels like you re stuck in a kaleidoscope are actually there And if she wants to figure out the truth of the weird symbols she sees and why she is seeing them , she must journey to New York And who helps her get there Hot Guy aka Richie The whole romantic part of the novel was just as strange as the rest of the novel Now I keep saying strange but what is strange I think you have to read it to fully grasp it But a little help for you is this electricity, music proxy orgasms, skin peeling, ropes, knots, grooze, feelsees, dots, energy monsters, baby personal demons, and so much I can t even describe.If you re into the strange or weird originality, then I d give the book a shot Just beware that you may not find many answers or much closure when you finish.

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    I almost put this book down, 80 pages from the ending I was so put off by the developments in the plot, that it was almost unbearable to continue I hardly ever fail to complete a novel, and thus I pushed forward hoping for the upswing that never came.What kills me is that this could have been a great book The premise is very interesting and original I was intrigued to see where the plot could go and how the story would unfold Unfortunately I was very disappointed It almost seemed as if the author put a lot of thought into the idea, but lost interest in its execution.This is one of the first books of this nature that I have read that used a lot of juvenile slang Maybe I am showing my age here I am only 26 , but there were words and phrases that I could hardly decipher This made reading very exhasperating at times.I read a lot of supernatural ya novels, so I can tell you that for a book marketed to young adults, this book is filled to the brim with sex, and inappropriately so InStyle even listed this book on its holiday gift guide under the section for Kids and Teens Imagine a mothers mortification when she finds out she gave her 13 year old daughter a book that has R Rated references than some romance novels.Finding out that the writer of this novel Jessica Bendinger, wrote Bring It On, was really surprising This is nothing like that story, so don t assume you will like this if you enjoyed that story, or prepare to be disappointed.Pass on this book.

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    Beth Ray is beginning to realize she s not just your average teenage girl She s seeing strange visions, and then there are the letters shiny gold envelopes containing hints of a great destiny Her mother tries to keep them from her, but the envelopes manage to find Beth wherever she goes.And then a big hairy bloke shows up on a flying motorbike and takes her to a wizard school in Scotland wait, wrong book.What happens to Beth, instead, is that she undergoes laser eye surgery to try to correct her sight, and when that just makes the visions intense, the next stop is psychiatric help Meanwhile, she s having a whirlwind romance with an older bad boy, Richie McAllister And when I say whirlwind, I mean whirlwind Beth and Richie go from mere acquaintances to making out in about 2.5 seconds, and for no discernible reason This romance is simply not developed at all There s nothing, then BAM they re dating, and then BAM they suddenly have a deep devotion to each other.Anyway, kissing Richie leads Beth to yet another discovery electricity passes between the two of them when they touch, and not the metaphorical kind Is this yet another YA novel about two people who have some supernatural reason they can t fool around Yes This abstinence porn thing is getting kind of tired, people Have your characters stay chaste if you want, or put them to bed if you want it can be done tastefully see Maggie Stiefvater s Shiver , but hundreds of pages of but we caaaan t angst It s been done.All of this is narrated in a slangy style that doesn t sound like any actual teenagers I ve met It reads like an adult trying too hard if you ve read magazines like Seventeen, you get the idea Beth gets into the fetal posish, and when she listens to something, she s giving it her ear tention While spying on someone using her visionary power I eye bandoned my eye dropping and decided eavesdropping might be easier Richie is loaded with flirt juice Then there s the pseudo mystical poetry Beth finds in the gold envelopes It doesn t scan smoothly, and contains an awkward mix of informal and elevated language.Later, Beth meets the six other Rays who will be her companions All of these young women are interesting than Beth, and if future books follow them instead, I would consider reading them There s an initiation of sorts, and Beth learns about her destiny and her powers The ending implies that this is a set up book, introducing the characters and putting them into position posish for further adventures The Seven Rays is a book in search of a target audience The finding yourself theme is a classic motif in young adult literature, and the frequent sexual references place this firmly in the older teen range However, constant mentions of pee, poo, and snot will probably annoy everyone over 10 The cheesy teen slang, I suspect, will turn off teens and adults alike I think there s supposed to be a spiritual message, but the story and its putative moral get bogged down in illogical plot twists, bathroom humor, and the irritating writing style I can t really recommend it to anyone.There are several scenes toward the middle of the book, though, that are actually quite moving I really felt for Beth when she was committed to the mental hospital, trying to prove her sanity to a smarmy doctor and wondering why she d been sold out by those who were supposed to love her The scene in which she wanders New York alone and bereft is also affecting These scenes give the reader a glimpse of what The Seven Rays could have been if it hadn t been trying so hard to be trendy and or enlightening Jessica Bendinger has assembled all of the essential ingredients of a good coming of age fantasy it just wasn t realized very well 1.5 stars.

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    This book, to a person not open to a new readin experience, could be interpreted as confusin and not connectedat all, but to me, this book made perfect sense Now, im not sayin my readin skills are any higher than anyone else on this page, im 16 and i know my brain isnt done developin and im also not as smart as some of the Adults who have read and reviewed, but since my brain isnt as fully developed, it is open to many ways of doin things, which is what this book needs To read this book you cant just READ the book, you have to probe deeper and be able to jump from story to story and remember things and be able to connect them at the right moments This book will give you a peice of information in the beginning that wont click or make sense till the end and thats where you need to make the ropes like Beth does Also in the probin deeper parts, for example the relationship between Beth and Richie, Beth has been crushin on Richie for a while, and it was obvious that he was flirtin with her, and their instant love thing isnt completley out there, by that i mean when they kiss and they get electrocuted it isnt just a random zap, if you probe deeper you might find that this could represent the spark two people will feel towards eachother that CONNECTS to love at first sight and the mom part, that could be interpreted as when the mom realizes that the child SHE raised because 7RI gave her up is now goin BACK to those people and her mother feels betrayed because those people didnt help her get older, see her through her pains, her sorrows, or see grow up and help at all So again, once you PROBE deeper and CONNECT to the back story at the end, you get a deeper connected meaning to the story Im not sayin the other reviews are wrong im just sayin those people must have just read the book by goin through the motions and not stoppin to smell the roses I stopped, so to speak, and found this book very interesting and intriguing, you just have to be patient and open to new experiences.

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    The first word that comes to mind is Original Whoever said this is the next Twilight was really reaching I read this book because of the originality I sensed from it, not because it is a redux which it isn t It is far from being that kind of love story This book is about self discovery Realizing who you really are Growing up This is one of those books that must be read a couple of times in order for you to grasp the whole concept It was engrossing, and I read it in under 4 hours I simply could not put it down.Did I love it No.Did I hate it No.Did I like it a lot Yes.I m afraid my rating of 3 stars will possibly turn to 4 once I read it again a couple of times.This book was mind boggling at times too Without giving too much away, make sure you pay attention at the beginning of each chapter it means something This book totally took me to places I wasn t expecting You grow up with Beth You wonder right along with her Why her There is so much to be explored from this book So many storylines that need exploring, and I look forward to Mrs Bendinger elaborating on these stories because believe you me, the name of the book The Seven Rays wasn t an accident There are seven delectable stories to choose from, so which way will she go next As long as Beth and Richie are in it, I m game.See I liked it so much I m actually thinking sequels and spin offs

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    Beth Michaels might be going crazy One day she s perfectly normal, and the next, she starts seeing these strange pink dots everywhere Unfortunately, it doesn t even stop there Ropes, chains, and disgusting black gunk show up on virtually every person she sees, as well as glimpses into a people s minds, memories, secrets, and fears if she looks at someone for too long But even though other people think Beth is crazy too, the thing is, she might not be Because along with this strange new vision, Beth also starts receiving gold envelopes with mysterious message, envelopes Beth soon finds out she s been receiving her whole life but hasn t been aware of until now The first message Beth gets says You are than you think you are And as Beth soon finds out, that s probably true.The Seven Rays is one confusing jumbled mix mash of too many things at once Yes, there are paranormal occurrences, lots of them in fact, the period of doubting sanity, and romance, among other things That s precisely the problem with this book Bendinger tries to include way too many things into her debut novel that the story loses its sense of purpose On one hand, Beth has normal everyday problems with her mother and best friend On the other, there s this romance with Beth and Richie Then, on an imaginary third hand, there s all that supernatural stuff It s this imaginary third hand that screws this book up the most There s just so much about destiny and special skills as well as some kind of special prophecy or organization that s never adequately explained that floods the story in the worst possible way This is the kind of novel where I really wonder how it got published considering the story is such a mess Is it because Bendinger is a moderately well known screenwriter If that s so, I think Bendinger better stick to that.The Seven Rays may be enjoyed by fans of Swoon by Nina Malkin and The Hollow by Jessica Verday I doubt I will read any sequel to this novel.reposted from

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