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The Sentry files The Sentry, read online The Sentry, free The Sentry, free The Sentry, The Sentry 9f56d7e38 Dru Rayne And Her Uncle Fled To LA After Hurricane Katrina But Now, Five Years Later, They Face A Different Danger When Joe Pike Witnesses Dru S Uncle Beaten By A Protection Gang, He Offers His Help, But Neither Of Them Want It And Neither Do The Federal Agents Mysteriously Watching ThemAs The Level Of Violence Escalates, And Pike Himself Becomes A Target, He And Elvis Cole Learn That Dru And Her Uncle Are Not Who They Seem And That Everything He Thought He Knew About Them Has Been A Lie A Vengeful And Murderous Force From Their Past Is Now Catching Up To Them And Only Pike And Cole Stand In The Way

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    While stopping to air up a tire, Joe Pike sees two men beating up a restaurant owner Pike intervenes, falls for the owner s niece, and gets himself and Elvis Cole entangled in an FBI investigation involving a street gang and stolen drug money Only everything Pike and Cole think they know is wrongI ll be honest I read one Robert Crais book before this one and wasn t completely sold For most of that book, the Monkey s Raincoat, I thought Elvis Cole was little than a ripoff of Robert Parker s Spenser and Joe Pike was a collection of guns following him around to do the dirty work When I saw this come up on FirstReads, I entered the giveaway, thinking I d give Crais another chance if I won Sure enough, I won the FirstReads giveaway and here we are What do I think about Joe Pike now My thoughts on The Sentry can be summed up with the words Holy Shit Bad ass Joe Pike has some feelings after all and you feel for the poor bastard after all he goes through While Pike is a mercenary, Crais doesn t make the book a mindless action fest The suspense builds slowly until the orgy of violence at the end.The characters were well done, from Wilson Smith to Jack Straw, the FBI agent in charge of the operation Even Jerry Button, the asshole LAPD cop, was a multi faceted character While I wasn t that enad with Elvis Cole as the lead, he s great as a supporting cast member Los Angeles as a setting was well realized I felt like I could find my way around LA based on what I read Crais s writing rockets the story along I devoured this four or five hours This story has twists and turns than a thirty foot anaconda, one right after another Crais kept me on my toes through most of the book For fans of suspense and detective fiction, The Sentry is a must read Looks like I ll have to start taking Robert Crais a little seriously now.Later edit The Sentry is another victim of the downgrade parade No idea why I rated this a 5 back in 2010.

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    If you can t stop to put air in your tires without having to prevent some thugs from beating up somebody then you just might be the hero of an action crime novel.Professional bad ass Joe Pike keeps a sandwich shop owner from getting pummeled by some local gangsters running a protection racket, and as a bonus he meets the owner s good looking niece, Dru, who seems interested in him Unfortunately, the punks seem intent on getting revenge, and when Joe can t locate Dru or her uncle following some gruesome vandalism at the restaurant he fears the worst Joe enlists the help of his detective partner Elvis Cole to help him find the missing people What looks to be a simple case of payback by a street gang soon turns out to be a tangled mess involving murder, the FBI, and a psychotic hitman whose deadly skills are than a match for Pike s.This series started out with Elvis as the main character who was your pretty typical smart ass private detective with Joe as the trusty violent friend who always wore sunglasses and rarely spoke Elvis got better when Robert Crais toned down his smart mouth and gave him some feelings, and by switching Pike to the lead character in some of the later novels we learned that he s actually a tragic and damaged figure than the typical 80s macho action type he seemed at the start That shift continues to pay off in this book, and one of the selling points for me is the odd couple friendship the two men share with the outgoing and friendly Cole completely understanding the closed off Pike to the point where almost no conversation is necessary between the two.While the set up sounds like a straight ahead action thriller there s also a lot of solid twists and turns to the plot that constantly subvert expectations and make some detective work necessary So we get Pike in full hunter mode as he keeps pushing to find the missing people That keeps the story momentum going while Cole does some of the leg work that uncovers that Pike s potential new snuggle bunny isn t quite who she said she was Which also adds some emotion to the Pike part of the equation while Cole has to worry about how his friend is dealing with all of it So it s a nice blend of tension with enough character stuff to make it feel like it has some emotional stakes to it.The only thing I found lacking was the sadistic killer He s genuinely scary at times as well as a former mercenary like Pike so that gives us a worthy foe However, he s just a little too crazy town banana pants to be believable It s hard to accept that a guy who actually hears voices in his head and believes that zombies are real can be operating at such a high level and also capable of staying ahead of the law for years.Still, that s a minor complaint, and overall I really enjoyed this one as another solid piece of work from Crais.

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    Button s face was blank as Pike approached, but a deep line cut Futardo s brow Pike wondered what she was thinking Button s jacket was already off in anticipation of the coming heat, and his hands were in his pockets He didn t take them out to shake Instead, he nodded toward the canal There you go Pike looked, and in that moment he realized all his assumptions were wrong I think this could be my favorite Joe Pike yet It begins with a torture scene as Hurricane Katrina rages, and it s clear within a couple of pages that the torturer is in an actively schizophrenic phase For me, it was a truly awful way to begin a book, and I only managed to make it another chapter before setting it down with serious doubts about continuing Once again, let this be a lesson though Crais may write at the borders of mystery and thriller, he is still able to avoid many of the crutches that irritate me so about the genre I came back to it a couple weeks later and finished in two days, really enjoying the pace and the twists in the story.Joe stops for gas and witnesses some homies purposefully walking down a street into a po boy sandwich shop Joe assists, and in the process meets the owner s niece, Dru Joe is quite taken with her smart eyes, which was adorable and offers his help There s plenty of action, but almost as much problem solving, which made a nice plot balance Pike stepped into the first bay and spotted the man from the Monte Carlo in an office at the rear of the building He was in front of a television with his back to the door The Dodgers were playing a day game Pike checked to see that the other two men were still struggling with the fender, then slipped toward the office as silently as a fish gliding through water Crais has moved away from some of the staccato style that characterized the first Pike book and let himself lapse back into his sophisticated writing to describe Pike s thoughts and actions We still don t know very much about how Pike feels, but I d argue that s because Pike doesn t know either There s a little complexity in the relationships, and Crais doesn t go to the easy narrative places that he s been before in the series, such as when Pike is briefly under suspicion by the police, or when he is talking with a community activist I appreciate that Overall, an extremely solid book for 14 in a series and 3 in the Pike sub series.Three and a half stars, rounding up.

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    Joe Piike is a man of few words This is evident with sentences such as I m good Ask your questions This isn t a threat Lister If you knew me as well as you knew Rainey, you wouldn t be here After helping an old man and his niece from being beatup from gang bangers in Venice, California, Joe Pike and his friend Elvis Cole are entangled in an FBI sweep This sweep is looking for a man who has stolen over 12 million dollars from the Bolivian drug cartel The Bolivans hired a executioner to kill Wilson Smith and his niece Dru Rayne Joe Pike has become their protector and protecting is what he does best A thrilling novel that will put you on a roller coaster ride of unbelivable tension A good read Quote The blood and heads and the message on the wall felt like than an act of malicious vandalism.Pike wondered if predators swam this far inland He wondered if they hid beneath the surface.

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    This is the first Robert Crais that I have read, and I enjoyed it very much It is certainly action packed and fast paced from the very first page There is a lot of brutal violence involved, and plenty of blood.The hero, Joe Pike, watches out for the oppressed He is a very tough guy, and I would certainly prefer to have him as a friend than an enemy Surprisingly, for such a character, he sometimes lets his heart lead his mind His supporter, Elvis Cole, is tough too, but seems analytical in his approach, and tries to make Pike see the sense in his actions The balance is great.Some of the FBI agents and police officers involved are complete idiots, and some are bent However, some of them are doing the right thing, and are straight down the middle The twists and turns in the story keep you wondering which is which until the author chooses to reveal the truth That is good suspense writing The bad guys are also very tough, and the match is almost even Who will prevail Well you have to read the whole book to its very gory conclusion to find out The one thing that did confuse and distract me, was that one of the characters is called Chloe, and is male I have always thought of Chloe as a girl s name, so I was thinking, This is one helluva tough chick, for about two thirds of the book Maybe it s a common guy s name in America, but not here in In ger land Anyway, this is a book that I d recommend to anyone who can cope with a good story ladled with a huge dollop of violence.

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    It all started because Joe Pike stopped to put air in his tires While he is at the service station, he notices two suspicious men about to enter a sandwich stop across the street Pike follows them and stops them from beating up the owner, Wilson Smith When Pike is waiting to talk to the police, he meets Wilson s niece, Dru Rayne Both of them are refuges from New Oreleans, feeling after Hurricane Katrina five years before the story starts When trouble comes for the duo again, Dru calls Pike, who brings his friend and partner Elvis Cole in to help Elvis begins to uncover clues that things aren t quite what they appear to be What has the innocent act of stopping at a service station and doing a good deed gotten the duo into Thanks to the multiple view point narration, we have an idea what else might be happening before Pike and Cole do, but that doesn t mean we aren t interested There is so much going on that what we are privy to is only a small part of the story There are plenty of twists as this thriller works its way to the climax Along the way we get new insight into both Joe Pike and Elvis Cole We do see a few of the recurring characters, but they don t get enough page time for any real development The new characters are engaging enough to help keep us invested in the story Even though we get some passages from Cole s point of view, his humor is missing here, and I would have enjoyed it Even by this series standards, this book is violent While these books always have language and violence than my normal cozy mysteries, I felt what we got here could have been tone down without impacting the story in the slightest.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

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    Another excellent Pike Cole novel This one really stands out due to the fantastic antagonist You gotta have a great villain I m really glad I took a chance on this series.

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    What can I say about The Sentry except it was good We got another glimpse into the mysterious Joe Pike and the deep bonds that hold Joe and Elvis together It was what we all have come to expect from a Robert Crais novel an action packed, exciting ride to a heart stopping finish with twists and turns along the way that you won t see coming.As a writer I like to try and figure out what will happen next and where this ride is taking me, but as always I was stumped by the master storyteller and humbled by his skill Joe Pike falls in love, yes you heard me right people he is not a monk Dru and her uncle Wilson have blown in from the devastated New Orleans, with a few other stops along the way Joe Pike does what he always does, he helps people in distress and these two have their hands full of drama and violence.Elvis plays a major role in this novel as well from the eerie dream in the beginning, to the stunning conclusion So many things in this life aren t what they seem, but Pike charges forward to save the woman who has captured his heart, no matter what the cost.From a rich and varied cast of characters to Robert s wonderful descriptions, this book held me tightly in it s grasp from the beginning straight through to the end.

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    I do love my detectives and their tough guy sidekicks Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin, Spenser and Hawk, and now Elvis Cole and Joe Pike Elvis Cole is an ex Ranger with a Mickey Mouse phone, a bright yellow Corvette and a troubled past Joe Pike is his silent partner dark shades, distinctive tattoos and very few words The bonus for fans like me is that Robert Crais has taken the sidekick in his popular detective series and given him a series of his own double the reading, double the pleasure for me His latest Joe Pike novel, The Sentry, draws Pike into the problems of a lovely woman and her shady uncle whether they want him there or not.Joe Pike is the silent partner for a reason he doesn t talk much He keeps his thoughts to himself and he never gives a two word answer when one word will do He s ex military, a sniper, and has his own troubled past to deal with He is fiercely loyal, which is how he ends up involved with Dru Rayne, and why he stays involved when a lesser man would have thrown up his hands and walked away.Pike sees an assault in progress and steps in to stop it The victim, Wilson Smith, isn t exactly grateful He seems unreasonably annoyed with Pike for saving him from a pretty vicious beating Then, Pike meets Dru, Smith s niece He s immediately drawn to her intelligent eyes, which seems out of character for Pike He s too tough and closed off to be much of a ladies man, but he feels a real connection with Dru She tells him her story and then she disappears The official story is that she and her uncle left town, but Pike isn t buying it His instincts tell him that Dru is in danger and he looks for her, even as he story begins to unravel.Elvis Cole also has his part to play in this, and it s not the role he wanted No one wants to tell a good friend that someone they care for may be lying to them, but it s what a good friend does He is always going to be there for Pike, no matter what it costs Their relationship is one of the things I ve loved about these novels.I devoured this book I love detective fiction and I am especially fond of Cole and Pike They work well together, the story was interesting with a number of twists and turns, and each Pike novel seems to reveal a little about Joe, the enigma I just wish they could tell us about these guys without ripping their hearts out.I would strongly recommend The Sentryto any fan of detective fiction or cop stories My copy was an Advanced Reader Edition, provided free of charge by the publisher.Originally published on my website, AliveontheShelves.com.

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    Another good action adventure with Pike and Cole I must admit that I got interested in the series following Joe Pike than E C I suspect that both these characters have readers who are interested in one than the other The writer presents both of them realistically yet without wearing us out relating detail though I am thoroughly informed now about Joe s running and dietary habits.I don t need to hear it again But I suppose I will Here Joe gets involved with await a minute, I better put that under a spoiler warning view spoiler Okay, now you know there may be spoilers here, so read on at your own risk.Joe gets involved with a young woman and the man she says is her uncle They have apparently fled New Orleans after Katrina and begun life anew, with a business and pluck Joe apparently likes pluck When Joe sees the uncle being beaten up he intervenes and in spite of the uncle s protest that he leave well enough alone has the police called Of course things escalate and do go from bad to worse, with Joe feeling responsible for Dru the young woman and possibly a bit than just responsible Again, of course, things are not what they seem and things that have gone from bad to worse will manage to continue on to worst hide spoiler

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