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The SEAL's Valentine summary The SEAL's Valentine, series The SEAL's Valentine, book The SEAL's Valentine, pdf The SEAL's Valentine, The SEAL's Valentine 9c68d4a6ac The Moment Off Duty Navy SEAL Tristan Bartoni Meets Feisty Yet Vulnerable Brynn Langtoine, He S A Goner He Sure Didn T Have Plans To Be Attracted To A Recently Widowed Pregnant Woman Who Is Already Mother To A Troubled, Grieving Young Son Nope, The Struggling SEAL Came Home To Ruin Bayou, Louisiana, To Finally Deal With His Haunting Past Decisions Not To Start A New RelationshipBrynn Has Enough Problems Without Her Hormones Going Crazy Whenever Tristan Is Near Her Son, Cayden, Constantly Lashes Out At Her Her Baby Will Be Fatherless So What Does Tristan Think He S Doing, Making Her Life Even Topsy Turvy Than It Already Is But When It Comes To Putting Her Heart On The Line, Who Could Be Trustworthy Than A Navy SEAL

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    Maybe she was caught up in the fun of the moment, but she felt his words as clearly as if he d whispered them in her ear She imagined his breath, warm on her neck, and despite the day s heat she shivered Something about the silent exchange struck her as intimate And good And she never wanted the feeling to end. 55%Okay, right off the bat I want to say kudos to Altom for her great characterization in this story I may not have liked the hero and heroine, but Altom nailed their personalities Sometimes in Harlequin romances it feels like the hero and heroine are cardboard cutouts scribbled on in crayon Not so here, where Altom takes care to fully flesh out her characters It s well done.STORY Tristan is a Navy SEAL His wife remarried, moved to California, and took his young son with her He s out of sorts.Brynn is eight months pregnant She also has a six year old boy named Cayden Her husband was a baseball player, and he was dirty, and he was shot to death She was driven out of St Louis by angry fans THE GOOD1 Like I said earlier, the characterization I may not be crazy about these characters, but they are fully formed I can see and imagine these two in my mind I m actually surprised by how well Tristan was crafted, he seemed so misogynistic and immature in the previous novels.2 The characters have their own problems, unrelated to each other Brynn is reeling from her experiences after her husband s death Now that she knew none of the horrible things she d believed about him were true, that didn t mean a magical rewind button could be pressed Former friends couldn t take back indescribably hurtful actions and words Her mind s eye couldn t stop seeing the morning she d woke to get the paper only to have the front yard literally covered in slime from thrown eggs The entire town of St Louis had hated her for Mack s actions and hadn t hesitated to show that hate in an assortment of creative forms. 43%Tristan is fucked up because his ex left him and took their child with her Know the feeling, he said The stuff I went through with my ex wife Jaw clenched, he shook his head Hell, I ve been shot and had it hurt less 9%3 Tristan cries He cries when he is on the phone long distance with his son I thought this was touching and not something I see too often.4 Tristan reads novels I rarely see heroes who read This book has him sitting in his house, reading a spy novel I liked it Nice touch.5 Brynn is hugely pregnant I tend to like when romances feature pregnant heroines She gives birth halfway through the novel, though.THE BAD1 I am going to put a trigger warning here for readers who are anorexic or are in recovery for anorexia or struggle with ED in any form Tristan lives with his mama, Donna, and he s always on her case about what she s eating, how much she s eating, and whether food is healthy or not This will be nothing to the majority of readers, but people with ED or who are in remission from their ED could struggle with this Fair warning 2 Brynn s friend Vivian is a real jerk, and I could not figure out why they remained friends for the whole book Personally, I think Brynn should cut Vivian out of her life.3 Altom forces us to suffer through passages written from six year old Cayden s perspective I fucking hate romance novels that write from a child s POV It s annoying and horrible UGH This took away a lot of enjoyment of the novel for me It s unpleasant.4 Everyone is a gossipy busybody, including the hero Everyone goes around telling everyone the most personal stuff they know about other people It s gross.HOW S THE SEX, CARMEN Well sips coffee They don t even kiss until 70% On one hand, I m glad they were building up a relationship first.On the other hand, the sex in here is really bothering me So, Brynn and Tristan get into a huge fight about him leaving to go back to the naval base They go to argue at a lake They are arguing She is saying, I hate you I hate you and sobbing Then they are fucking.WHAT I m sorry, I m not on board with this THIS is how you choose to have first time sex with each other I m really disappointed They don t use condoms, either.When they are done fucking, she just automatically assumes that since they ve had sex now, he will NOT be a Navy SEAL any.He s like, Hold up, I never said that, I am still going to be a SEAL, and I m still leaving for Virginia Beach tomorrow And she throws an absolute fit.I would like to state here that I am against forcing people to do things I think when two adults are in a romantic relationship, they need to respect each other as adults Not try to force the other adult to do something he she doesn t want Some examples telling your SO what to eat, what not to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat Badgering your SO to lose or gain weight Badgering your SO to marry you, issuing ultimatums about marriage, pressuring someone to marry you Unilaterally deciding you are going to have kids, force your SO to accept that you two will have kids, even though SO doesn t want to have kids or is unsure about it.In this case, Brynn wants Tristan to quit his job He loves being a Navy SEAL Navy is his life Brynn doesn t give a fuck, she wants to see him every day, she wants him to see the children every day She s worried he will get hurt.The logical, responsible, adult thing to do would be to discuss this with him and, I don t know, actually CARE that he loves his job and doesn t want to give it up and take that into consideration.Instead, she goes from screaming I hate you at him and sobbing really immature and distasteful, btw to fucking him the first time they are having sex together and then instantly assuming that since she s had sex with him, he will drop his career and his dreams to be with her and the kids.That s really disgusting behavior on the part of the heroine, IMO Tristan doesn t get a pass either, he shouldn t have fucked her in this situation He should have remained coolheaded and not had first time sex with a woman who was screaming that she hates him while crying uncontrollably I couldn t deal with this.They both make huge parenting errors in this book, by the way They both make bad judgment calls in how to deal with Cayden, treating him like a pawn and a crutch than a human being and a child He deserves better than to be a prop in their drama When Tristan is deployed to Somalia, I don t think Brynn handles it well at all She tries to refuse to let him talk to Cayden in a rare phone call She won t give an inch in her demands to Tristan.She triumphs Her insistence, ultimatums, using Cayden as a pawn, and inflexibility beats him into refusing active duty and becoming a SEAL instructor This is very true to real life, where often a partner is beaten into submission by their SO who REALLY wants marriage, a kid, or the person to quit their job However, I don t feel happy about this, just like I don t feel happy in real life when I see my friends badger and manipulate their men or their women into doing something they don t want to do It s even worse when it is framed as reasonable and for their own good I understand WHY he did it because his woman said he d never see her and the kids again if he didn t bow to her demands Demands that, he should realize, are for his own good, for the good of the family, and really for the best Gag me I hate this manipulative, immature behavior Sure, you can make your partner do a lot if you threaten to leave them and cut them off from the children they love Way to go But I don t think this is the basis of a good, healthy marriage, that s for sureAltom is trying to tell me this is a happy ending, I m not really seeing it.TL DR I had a lot of problems with this book On the plus side, Altom s characters seemed like real people to me.ROMANCE CATEGORIES Contemporary RomanceMilitary RomanceNon Virgin Heroine Widow HeroinePregnant HeroineShe s works in a Plant Nursery Part Time, He is a Navy SEAL

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    Very good book with lots of emotion Both Tristan and Brynn had some hard issues to deal with in their lives Brynn had been widowed when her pro baseball player was gunned down because of his illegal activities She s living in his childhood home awaiting the birth of her second child and trying to deal with her son s heartbreak The last thing she wants is to get involved with another man She can t help her attraction to him though she fights it all the way She knows he isn t going to stay around But he is very good with her son who is starting to return to normal under Tristan s friendship Her biggest issue besides not wanting to depend on a man again was her fear of losing another loved one Tristan came home to try to come to terms with his own past His marriage ended because his wife couldn t handle his job She has remarried and taken their son to California where he hardly ever gets to see the boy He blames himself completely and it has caused him to lose focus on his missions He finds himself drawn to Brynn and her son and starts helping out with things she needs and helping Cayden with baseball stuff He makes it clear to her that he won t be there for long and is bad relationship material anyway I really liked the way that Tristan kept helping Brynn and how good he was to Cayden He didn t see the boy as just a replacement for his own son but as his own person His biggest issue was the guilt he felt over the breakup of his marriage and how he blamed himself I didn t like the way that he never held her responsible for part of the problems I could see how much he wanted Brynn and the kids to be part of his life but that he was afraid of messing up again I really enjoyed the way that their relationship grew over time and how they had to learn to compromise I loved Tristan s solution to his dilemma.

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    Detailed Review 2.5 starsTHE SEAL S VALENTINE just didn t really scream romance to me The romance took a while to get going, but in a way I think it also made the story feel realistic A single mother with another baby on the way isn t going to jump into another relationship and neither is a SEAL on leave after losing his ex wife moves his son half way across the country So I guess, the book just wasn t a perfect fit for me I did like both Brynn Langtoine and Tristan Bartoni They were both likeable and so was Brynn s son Cayden It was nice getting in Cayden s point of view and watching him adjust and go through very real emotions After the scandal following Brynn s famous baseball playing husband s death, she s relocated and is trying to rebuild She s gun shy at making friends after the way she was treated after Mack s death When Cayden doesn t make the town s little league team, he s so disappointed he ends up running into the woods Going after him, Brynn is then in need of a rescue herself When Tristan finds her, it sets the entire story up, as he takes instantly to Brynn and Cayden Soon, he s helping build Cayden s birthday fort, mowing the lawn, and giving Cayden extra baseball practice which gets him on the team Nothing romantically happens for a while, but Brynn finds herself leaning and on Tristan, but once baby Mackenzie is born, Brynn finds Tristan avoiding her I really enjoyed the town characters and Tristan s mother They added the always nice town matchmaker gossip Tristan deals with the loss of his son and can t see how he can go through losing another family if Brynn were to decide she couldn t deal with his EAL schedule like his ex wife did A visit to his son shows him he s in good hands and also reinforces his missing of Brynn and Cayden When their walls finally break, Brynn believes this changes Tristan leaving, but when he still decides to go, it seems like the end to their budding romance All through Tristan s deployment he s missing the potential family he left behind When Cayden goes missing, it s like a brick drops in him and turns on the reality switch Life s to short not to take what you want Talking to his buddies with successful relationships, Tristan comes up with the perfect compromise On Valentine s Day, Tristan gets Cayden s approval and shows up on Brynn s doorstep with his plan in hand Together they celebrate their one year anniversary on the beach with both boys, his mother and a baby on the way.

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    I really enjoyed this book I normally read books with action and romance This book was a pleasant book that tugged at my heart Brynn s husband was murdered in front of her All her friends turned against her When her husband died she was left with a house, and a car, and little money She moved to the small town of Ruin Bayou She is pregnant, and a mother to Cayden who is a 5 year old Cayden is having issues dealing with his father s death, and his mother being pregnant He is afraid his mother won t love him any Bryann accepts the help of Tristan who is a Navy seal when he offers to help mow her lawn, and build her son s fort before her Cayden s birthday party She keeps her heart closely guarded though most of the book She does enjoy the company of Tristan and is thankful for all he does to help Tristan has a failed marriage behind him, and a son he never get to see He also keeps his heart guarded It s their friendship that grows into something pretty amazing I love the buildup of the charactors, and the story itself I would recommend this book to all that enjoys a good romance.

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    The SEAL s Valentine by Laura Marie Altom 4 STARSThe Seal s Valentine was tender,funny,family story and baseball all thrown in together.Brynn Langtoine moved to her deceased husband s family home She is 8 months pregnant and has a 6 year old Last year she had it all Mack a professional baseball player,big house,with housekeeper no fiance problems Then her husband was in trouble accused of fixing games,gambling on out come of games,her husband was murdered right in front of her Thier bank accounts were siezed,lost thier home The only assest She had was a expensive car and his family home She sold the car got a lot cheaper car and moved.Brynn plans to get a job after the baby is born Caydan wanted to make the baseball team with his friends Even with his father having been a baseball player Caydan was not very good Caydan is having a hard time with allthe changes in his life When he doesn t make the team he runs away and gets lost in swamp.Tristan Bartoni is a Navy Seal on leave to figure out some issues He is helping his friend Jason at the baseball tryouts He notices Brynn s car is still thier after everyone had left except the two coaches His friend Jason is the police chief Tristan had words earlyier with Brynn and new Caydan had runoff So they both went searching for them.Brynn had runoff trying to find her son but got lost herself She was greatful when Tristan had found her She was 2 miles away from her car Jason found Caydan.Tristan had been good friends with Mack growing up He had a hard time believing Mack was guilty of cheating He went over to Brynn s house to see if she needed anything.He ended up spending a few days putting up Caydan s birthday Fort up for her.Tristian exwife just moved with her new husband and moved his son to the west coast and he had a hard time trusting in a relationship.Brynn 8 months pregnant did not want to date anyone but her neighbors kept trying to matchmake with Tristian and Brynn.I like the characters and how they were all dealing with different life problems The humor It is a fast quick read that lets you escape into thier lives.I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.01 02 2013 PUB Harlequin Imprint Harlequin American Romance 224 pages

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    This novel started out fairly strongly Brynn and Tristan s respective baggage and hesitance to get involved struck a chord, and their attraction to one another was nicely written Everyone else s constant matchmaking eventually got to be nearly as annoying to me as to the main characters, though it did have its moments Tristan We got to playing one of Cayden s video games and she beat the pants off me His mother So pants were off Most of this book would have been a three, three and a half star read for meuntil Tristan decided that he had to get back to his job and Virginia Beach which hello, he s a career SEAL, he s going to have to do That s when it all went downhill, and fast Brynn s attitude was over the top, immature, and unrealistic She knew he was career military, and he was always going to go back he never lied about that to her or anyone Her response, thoughas an army widow, I just didn t appreciate it Throwing the Nook across the room crossed my mind than once, but I managed to hold back At least by that point I was nearly done with it.There is, of course, a happy ending, nicely achieved by Tristan It was a bit of an obvious fix, though, and really had me wondering why on earth he hadn t thought of it earlier I had thought of it already, thanks to my obsessiveextensive reading of Suzanne Brockmann novels , since it would have solved the initial problem that had him on leave in the first place.But then of course he d never have met Brynn Hmmmm.

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    This book tell the story of Brynn who wanted so much for her son, Cayden to be happy and happy to Cayden is to have his father back home and he is able to play good baseball just as good as his father is However, it is not going to be as his father has passed away and his name is marred by accusation of fixing games, and gambling on out of games and is murdered Alone with a son and 8 months pregnant, Brynn returned to her hometown and is determine to provide a normal life for Cayden and her unborn daughter On a practice day for selection of players for the next term, Cayden run away into the wood after disappointed of not making into the teams and Brynn who went after him, could not find their way out A SEAL s officer who is on leave and at home, Tristan, found Brynn and seeing Cayden s in need of guidance from a father figure, he offered to coach and talk to him as Cayden seem to be trusted him Cayden reminded him of his own son, Jake who was being taken away by his ex wife Soon, his close relationship with Brynn and children turned into attraction but Tristan, who failed in his first marriage, is unable to convince that he can provide both their needs.The story is about second chance for both Tristan and Brynn Each of them is having their own conflict and demons to overcome It is indeed a story about family who is recovering from their losses and building a new life from the mistake of their past.

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    Two people sworn off love and marriage meet the exact opposite of what they need or so they think Eight months pregnant and already a mom to a troubled, seven yr old son, newly widowed Brynn has enough to deal with without adding a SEAL into the mix She s committed to making a life for her family dependent on the only person she can trust, herself Tristan is on extended leave from the Navy trying to get mentally focused his ex wife has re married and taken his little boy across the country leaving Tristan to grieve for the loss of his son Tristan is angry with his ex but also feels that his commitment to his job was responsible for the disintegration of his marriage Brynn s ready made family is a painful reminder of what might have been for Tristan But he can t ignore his best friend s widow no matter how much she tries to reject him especially when she obviously needs help and a friend What happens when neither can deny their attraction but duty and past fears beckon Tristan back to action I received a complimentary copy of this book from Night Owl Reviews in return for an honest review See the rest of my review here

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    I liked this story specially because it showed a SEAL, but it was sweet to watch Tristan helping Brynn and her family and at the same time wonder about his kid and try to understand where his life is headed.Brynn is a very strong person and I do not agree with the way her husband lied She trusted him and he never even considered to tell her how much his life was in risk She had a little boy and was pregnant, so her husband was very wrong in hiding things from her, plus after he died all her money was in the hads of justice.I felt sorry for Brynn in the book, but Tristan was actually very good for her and her little boy The kid could not understand his father had passed away and was very difficult to Brynn to accomplish a few things with a eight months belly.Tristas was suffering to because his ex wife decided to move and married and now it was really difficult for him to see his boy After almost losing control during a mission his boss decided to send him to spend some time thinking and I think Brynn actually helped him understand and acpte the changes in life.

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    Reviewed at HarlequinJunkie.comRating 3.5 StarsNeither widowed, pregnant Brynn Langtoine, mom to a young son Cayden, nor divorced Navy SEAL Tristan Bartoni is in the market for a new relationship, but when they meet in the small southern town of Ruin Bayou, the sparks fly Stick with SEALs and your every problem will vanish, Tristan kids Brynn at one point, and in some ways that pretty much sums things up as the story unfolds he helps her find her little boy when he gets lost, coaches Cayden in baseball, and generally becomes increasingly involved with Brynn and her growing family as weeks go by But Tristan has a failed marriage behind him, a young son of his own whom his ex wife has removed to California, and a career as a Navy SEAL, always on the go and in danger Under the circumstances, what kind of a husband and father could he possibly make Read More

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