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The Rook pdf The Rook, ebook The Rook, epub The Rook, doc The Rook, e-pub The Rook, The Rook 0afc66edd27 The Body You Are Wearing Used To Be Mine So Begins The Letter Myfanwy Thomas Is Holding When She Awakes In A London Park Surrounded By Bodies All Wearing Latex Gloves With No Recollection Of Who She Is, Myfanwy Must Follow The Instructions Her Former Self Left Behind To Discover Her Identity And Track Down The Agents Who Want To Destroy HerShe Soon Learns That She Is A Rook, A High Ranking Member Of A Secret Organization Called The Chequy That Battles The Many Supernatural Forces At Work In Britain She Also Discovers That She Possesses A Rare, Potentially Deadly Supernatural Ability Of Her Own In Her Quest To Uncover Which Member Of The Chequy Betrayed Her And Why, Myfanwy Encounters A Person With Four Bodies, An Aristocratic Woman Who Can Enter Her Dreams, A Secret Training Facility Where Children Are Transformed Into Deadly Fighters, And A Conspiracy Vast Than She Ever Could Have ImaginedFilled With Characters Both Fascinating And Fantastical, The Rook Is A Richly Inventive, Suspenseful, And Often Wry Thriller That Marks An Ambitious Debut From A Promising Young Writer

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    Yes, Minister, it turns out that there was a mysterious force that caused that plane to crash We call it gravity I can t believe no one has recommended or even mentioned this book to me before It s a creative, complex urban fantasy with an hilarious and likable protagonist, monsters, and an intriguing mystery.The Rook grabbed me immediately Myfanwy Thomas awakes surrounded by bodies with no recollection of who she is or what she s doing there All she has is a letter in her pocket a letter that begins with The body you are wearing used to be mine She soon finds herself caught up in this life she never asked for, trying to figure out how she lost her memory, who s out to get her, and how to manage the basics of Myfanwy s job at the secret agency known as the Checquy Group.Just so you know there s a lot of infodump I usually don t like that, but it was fun enough here that I kept sprinting through pages anyway The background of this world and the Checquy Group are revealed through letters that the former Myfanwy Thomas wrote before she lost her memory These letters appear throughout the book and are, basically, witty infodumps Still, I enjoyed them.Watching Myfanwy try to adjust to a life she doesn t remember is hilarious And she s kind of badass but not in the usual kicking ass way, in a I guess this shit is happening, but I m still going to eat my Toblerone first kind of way My kinda girl.Turns out this Checquy Group is a secret organization that deals with all the supernatural nastiness in Britain O Malley gets a great balance between the humour and drama of Myfanwy s day to day life and relationships no romance, though , and the greater mystery behind it We all want answers to the big questions, but it was just as enjoyable to follow Myfanwy into the office.Some very weird and wonderful creatures exist in this world, and some of them are Myfanwy s colleagues Like the creepy, awesome Rook Gestalt Three boys and one girl Two of the boys were identical That s not the weirdest thing, however The weirdest thing was that when all four pairs of eyes opened, only one mind was looking out from behind them This was Gestalt. Then there s strong female friendships, snarking, and people who are willing to rip your face off first and ask questions later Funny, compelling, and just the right amount of weird HELL YES This should be a pleasant little interview All I have to do is put on my scary face You have a scary face Ingrid sounded skeptical Yes, said Myfanwy indignantly I have a very scary face Ingrid surveyed her for a moment You may wish to take off the cardigan then, Rook Thomas, she advised tactfully The flowers on the pocket detract somewhat from your menace Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Store

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    This is ridiculous, she thought I m possessed of terrifying powers Why am I relying on a ridiculous little gun that I picked because I thought it was cute I don t need this thing She threw it contemptuously over her shoulder.There s something foul wandering the underground tunnels beneath my office, something that s invisible to my vaunted powers.Crap.Where s my gun This book is X Men meets X Files meets The Bourne Identity meets Johnny English And that may sound like a clusterfuck to end all clusterfucks, but somehow it works, or maybe my mind is just trying to make it better than it is because I m coming off a massive chain of horrible books Whatever I loved it.If this book were made into a movie, I can totally see Tina Fey in the lead role.The good Witty, dry, humorous writing A female assassin secret agent not afraid to kill A fun and interesting secret agency, think paranormal MI5 A well executed amnesia premise A racially diverse and fun suporting cast of characters NO ROMANCE CAN I GET A FUCK, YEAH The not so good Questionable character development The length it s a good book, but it could stand to be cut by a good 100 pages The infodump It s a fun infodump, but it s still an infodumpThe Summary Dear You,The body you are wearing used to be mine. A woman stood shivering in the rain, surrounded by a circle of dead bodies She has no idea who she is A letter inside her pocket informed her that she is a Myfanwy Thomas, pronounced miff UN nee The letter gives her instructions, where to go, what to do She checks herself into a hotel, as instructed, finds letters The next morning, she leaves the hotel, and is promptly attacked by four people, one of them the receptionist.Myfanwy s reaction is a little unexpected She almost kills them When she opened her eyes and took a breath, she realized that there was no one holding her Instead, the four people were lying on the ground, twitching uncontrollably. Interesting.These letters will continue for the rest of the book They tell Myfanwy who she was, how she grew up, most importantly, they tell her that Myfanwy now works for a secret agency known as the Checquy Group They ve been in existence for hundreds of years, and Myfanwy is a Rook One of the highest ranking members of the group Once you re in the Checquy Group, you don t get out I ve only ever heard of three people who tried to leave the Checquy, and I know the history inside and out.The first was a powered individual called Brennan the Intransigent who made a break for it in 1679 He was crucified on the cliffs of Dover.The second was a soldier in 1802 He was carefully brought back to the Checquy stronghold and then buried alive in his village s graveyard.The third was a woman who could grow tentacles out of her back and exuded some sort of alarming toxin through her fingertips Her stuffed body is currently displayed above the mantelpiece in one of the London offices. The Checquy Agency employs normal, loyal people, but the epistle of its powers lies in those with special powers, such as Myfanwy I gained the power to touch people and possess instant control of their bodies I could make them move however I pleased I could read their physical condition, detect pregnancy, cancer, a full bladder. Only, instead of being a super secret special agent, the old Myfanwy appears to be nothing than a glorified paper pusher, albeit a very powerful one So what happened How did she lose her memories Why did the old Myfanwy plan so carefully for such a scenario Lots of questions Few answers But for now, Myfanwy s still got a job to go to She has to step into her former life without a beat, while avoiding her colleague s questions Yes said Myfanwy What, do these guys keep tabs on my comings and goings Well, Ihad an appointment They regarded her with expectant eyes, and she was suddenly filled with a desire to shake up those proprietary stares A gynecologist appointment She smiled triumphantly at the twins To have my vagina checked And it has to be confessed that Myfanwy isn t altogether convincing at times I m sorry, Rook Thomas, but your car is here, she said My car Myfanwy said It s time for your dinner with Lady Farrier Oh, crap, she sighed, then noticed Clovis s shocked expression I mean, oh, good, this should be delightful There s a lot of weird crap thrown at her, including horrifying colleagues who wouldn t hesitate to literally rip someone s face off, and acquaintances who have been alive for thousands of years past century she is notable for having kneed Joseph Stalin in the groin during a drinks reception, and she played a large part in the South African diamond industry, Ingrid went on She also cured one member of our royal family of cancer in the 1950s, and infected another with syphilis in the 1960s On her quest to find the truth about her memory loss, Myfanwy will face terrifying danger, manipulative colleagues, plagues, vampires, werewolves, mold monsters, and company parties I can t wear this Myfanwy exclaimed in horror You can t wear that the housekeeper exclaimed It s like all the material that s supposed to be on top migrated to the bottom, said Val.Any wedding in which this dress appeared on the bride would have to be pretty damn open minded, thought Myfanwy And might well incorporate the honeymoon on the altar. The Setting This book is an infodump I usually hate infodumping, but it was done exceedingly well in this book Through a series of letters, the old Myfanwy explained the inner workings, the history, and the stories surrounding the infernal Checquy Agency It s a pretty typical paranormal agency, but it is so well presented, from the internal politics, to the ranking, to the little known details only an insider would know It s an old agency, it is resistant to change Paranormal or not, some things remain the same Occasionally, someone will point out these flaws and attempt to institute a change, but that person is slapped down The reasons for this down slappage are If you re in the Court, you have an impressive title, and you don t want to change it for something generic.Tradition.It s supposed to remind us of the importance of strategy and of rank.It s cool. The premise of the superpowers are similar to that of the X Men While most of them lack the extent of the full mutant appearance, the players within the Checquy Agency are quite dangerous and abnormal Like the fabulously Children of the Corn Rook Gestalt Three boys and one girl Two of the boys were identical That s not the weirdest thing, however The weirdest thing was that when all four pairs of eyes opened, only one mind was looking out from behind them This was Gestalt.Gestalt is kind of disconcerting, because it he she they is are spread over four bodies. f you wanted people with freakishly awesome powers who aren t afraid to use said power to maim, torture, and kill, you won t do much better than this book.Myfanwy The good She is hilariously average She is quite plain in appearance and no, nobody falls in love with her , her body is nothing special She has terrible taste in clothing She likes bunnies She loves Toblerone chocolate She has a tendency to stumble While the old Myfanwy was a wallflower, the new Myfanwy is apt to put her foot in her mouth, with a preference to run and hide rather than do anything heroic But she can t, because she s a powerful person without being able to remember it Crap.She is jealous sometimes while never, ever slut shaming or hating another female for her appearance In fact, one of the women with whom she works Please let her have slept her way to the top, thought Myfanwy No one deserves to be this beautiful and clever too. Turns out to be not only beautiful, but awesome, nice, and a great friend She is super super super deadly, and is kind of a special snowflake at times My God, you were the most exciting find in decades All of us knew about your potential The tutors at the Estate were babbling about you to everyone But it doesn t piss me off because she doesn t really give a fuck The old Myfanwy is scared, she chokes, she hates using her powers to harm The new Myfanwy doesn t have those reservations, but she s still not inclined to get into dangerous situations because 1 She doesn t want to, and 2 She really doesn t have a clue what s going on most of the time Blending in When you re an amnesiac, trying to get back into the swing of things at your paranormal MI5 workplace is kind of hard, especially when you have multiple body psychic colleagues I mean, what are you supposed to do when they re mentally killing something in front of you Finally, after a high pitched kiYAA , they settled back, breathing heavily, and explained that Eliza had just broken the neck of the leader of the antler cult, and that the complex was secured Wow Great, said Myfanwy Nicely done Hmm, said Tidy Twin absently Eliza has blood on her boots That s lovely, Gestalt, Myfanwy said, trying to keep her cool More coffee Or orange juice No Perhaps I could have Ingrid fetch you a couple of moist towelettes The Not So Good Really, there s only one thing Her personality change She has amnesia, and as mentioned, Myfanwy has trouble trying to get back into things and appearing normal She s clumsy, but sometimes, she is far, far too competent and take charge very early on when she largely hasn t a fucking clue of what s going on Like during her first meeting, when things get out of hand, Myfanwy decides to take charge Gentlemen she finally shouted, and her voice cut through the noise like a scythe through a poodle There was dead silence, and everyone stared at her, stunned You all need to shut up and stay focused on the task at hand Dr Crisp, if you will turn your eyes back toward the interrogation, I wonder if you could revive the subject and question him This is entirely too confident, too much for me to believe I can understand a personality change, but I can t accept that Myfanwy can be so utterly silly and incompetent sounding on one page, while being competely take charge in the next.The Writing It was an old room in an old building and was decorated in a very specific style that showed the decorators were lacking both imagination and a second X chromosome. It s hilarious, but it s not like ha ha hilarious The author is American, but he does a damn fine job of replicating dry, deprecating British wit.The Romance THERE IS NONE HALLELUJAH

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    Audio re read so I can carry on with the next book There are too many next books I need to get read I freaking loved this book I can t believe this was the author s first book It s got all kinds of cray, some ewww, some funny parts Well, I almost peed my pants at times but I digress.Myfanwy Thomas, known as Rook Thomas, wakes up not knowing who she is There are dead bodies all around There is a note in her pocket and lots of instructions and letters through out the book Rook Thomas has powers along with all kinds of creatures do that her form of government work to oversee so to speak I m still confused as to whether Rook Thomas was before and was she after only people that have read the book will know what I m talking about Maye D And then there is Rook Gesalt Wasn t it great fun I will let you all meet it for yourself God, I freaking loved Myfanwy and Shantay together Shantay came over from America when Myfanwy s group found out some stuff from this person they had captured The group was going to torture him and some stuff went down and freaked everyone out But oh, the girls had the best time I almost cracked a rib laughing when they went into this place together to see what kind of freaky thing was causing chaos I wish I could excerpt the whole thing Poppat gripped her arm desperately Myfanwy, we both know this is not your field I can t let you go in there alone No came a firm voice from behind them They turned to see Shantay zipping herself into a Pawn combat uniform She d coiled her hair up at the back of her neck and suddenly looked much dangerous She s not going in alone I m going in with her Absolutely not, said Mayfanwy There may be legal precedents for you coming along to observe, but can you imagine the repercussions if a Bishop of the Croatoan was harmed on a Checquy op Yeah, but you ll probably be dead too, so it s not like it ll be your problem Well, then, said Myfanwy As long it causes me no inconvenience When they got inside I about peed myself I felt like I was reading a weird version of Stephanie and Lula only Plum series lovers will get that reference Anyway, I had loads of fun and am going to be getting my next book as soon as BN sends me my reward card Enjoy Mel

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    Finally First great read of the year Admittedly, that s because I m hoarding Days of Blood Starlight and The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There like a survivalist with canned goods, or a chocoholic with a secret stash of Toblerone in the back of the freezer not that I m speaking from experience And while I tempered down my five stars to a reasonable four, the fact is this was a perfect read the first time through I ll save the detailed summary this is one time when the blurb gets it right It starts rather hard core action movie woman coming to consciousness in a midst of a circle of bodies, no memory of self or events, dripping from the rain and blood She discovers an envelope in her pocket from the Myfanwy That Was Soon it evolves into a James Bond style government agency spy thriller crunched with identity disorientation of The Bourne Identity. Halfway through I realize O Malley is channeling The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy, or at least Men In Black, and that the flashbacks felt a lot like X Men. I m finding it disturbing that I m describing a book by referencing movies Is that acceptable in a book review Narrative shifts between letters from Myfanwy That Was to the current scramble of Myfanwy That Is to solve the mystery of who is trying to kill her While that had the potential to become a tiresome device, O Malley uses it well, giving context to Newbie just before she needs to use it, cuing the reader at the same time Sometimes Senior relates an incident, sometimes she lays out structure and organization, or gives a dossier on other characters For the most part it was able to maintain pace and tension through the shifts At times, O Malley is tongue in cheek right as Myfanwy thinks, I suppose I should do some homework on how this organization actually works, the next section is from one of the letters, under the title of How This Organization Actually Works I actually found it rather delightful, highlighting the mental similarities in how they process information As the story develops, Myfanwy starts to take on her own personality, abrupt and direct than the prior, who she now thinks of as Thomas, their last name I thought the transition between the two was handled well, and as the story developed, I cared just as much about what happened to Thomas and wanted to know her story, even though I knew where it would end here s where my habit of peeking at the end of books comes in handy it s kind of like the book is a spoiler for it s own self because we know Thomas is dead, or at least, gone I enjoyed Myfanwy s character breaks, and it set the stage for gentle humor as she responded almost but not quite in character An emergency has emerged, and both you and Rook Gestalt have been summoned to an interrogation, the secretary replied in an unruffled manner Oh Okay Myfanwy looked down and her desk, thought for a moment, and then looked up Are we getting interrogated, or are we doing the interrogating she asked.Then there is It s time for your dinner with Lady Farrier Oh, crap, she sighed, then noticed Clovis s shocked expression I mean, oh, good, this should be delightful The humor isn t out front in the beginning, which now strikes me as one of the delightful parts about the writing Tightly wound around an action core at the start, O Malley sneaks in humor one subtle comment at a time, gradually becoming absurd The first hint that we aren t in London any comes about three chapters in when we meet Rook Gestalt, really one of the innovative creations in sci fi fantasy literature that I ve happened upon One mind, four bodies I found myself trying to wrap my head around that one somewhat distracted by comparing it with Zaphod and his two heads and just got rather smacked with the possibilities By the end, the absurd veered out of control at a couple of points, but for the most part O Malley was able to maintain the balance between chuckles and tension Before too long, the American version of the Court comes to call, and the subtlety gloves come off when the American Bishop Shantay and Myfanwy take on some fungus after lunch, of course That is experience talking, said Shantay In these situations the glass is always half empty Always Always, confirmed the Bishop Right until it fills up with some sort of spectral blood that grows into a demon entity Or a threat I ll kill you first, promised Myfanwy in a cold voice I ll kill you twice if I feel like it Truly riveting fun, exactly what I needed after an awful start to the week it was the ideal book experience of immersion and diversion Highly recommended to anyone who likes a dose of humor with their surreal action spy mystery thriller.Four out of five stars Or are they Update from Dec 2015 re read I think I nailed it fairly well the first time, except that part about humor It s seriously funny almost all the way through, in that very British way.Cross posted at from September 2019 idk almost all the way through There is a lot of back story.

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    page turner, page turner lady wakes in park with no memory battered bruised bloody surrounded by dead people that she killed with her bare hands cause she has special powers the same special powers that i have often imagined myself having if dreams came true quelle coincidence the narrative is propulsive the ideas are automatically right up my alley the whole thing is clearly built for fun i gave it to a colleague and he immediately halted the book he was reading because the jacket description alone was enough to give him a massive boner same here but i could have been challenged or surprised a bit the narrative goes back and forth between the present day actions of the woman before us and past letters that the woman she used to be wrote to her which could have opened up many interesting possibilities not even necessarily literary possibilities but maybe something along the lines of a potboiler cum meditation on memory like Memento but nope, all those letters from the past serve a very straightforward function infodumps hella infodumps entertaining and intriguing infodumps, and nothing .but page turner, page turner young woman is named Miffanwy, rhymes with Tiffany she works for a secret government agency that is staffed by people with super powers and whose goal is to protect the world from super powered and supernatural threats including the evil Belgian Grafters the high level administrators have titles named after chess pieces cool my favorite is one who lives in multiple bodies and whose name is Gestalt Miffanwy is in charge of domestic operations and her title is The Rook you know what i hate well, many things, but in this instance the answer would be cheap snarkiness ugh, i even hate the word snarky such an ugly word, like it was made up by a 12 year old the only cheap snarkiness i appreciate is the kind that pops out of my mouth or from my keyboard otherwise, it needs to be good or the eye rolling will commence Good as in the films of Howard Hawks or Joss Whedon, some of the time unfortunately, most snark is of the CW or SyFy networks variety, which to me is just lazy, shallow writing unfortunately this novel is full of cheap snarky dialogue that comes out of nearly every character that is when they are not sounding like The Lord and Lady of The Masterpiece Theater Manor and so characters end up sounding just like each other and as if they just stepped out of one of the Scream films it grew tedious and hey, Daniel O Malley, listen high level government administrators in both the U.S and the U.K., particularly ones who are women, probably do not refer to other women as chicks on a regular basis now that was just intolerable to read.but page turner, page turner ignore the bitching above this book was all kinds of fun and i read it like reading was going to be declared illegal at the end of the night pure pleasure i can t wait for the sequel plus no tedious romance to speak of yay woot win

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    2.99 Kindle sale, July 14, 2019 Loved it Review posted at www.fantasyliterature.com As Daniel O Malley s supernatural thriller The Rook book one of THE CHECQUY FILES begins, Myfanwy Thomas comes to herself with complete amnesia She s standing in a London park at night Surrounding her is a ring of motionless bodies They are all wearing latex gloves.Myfanwy rhymes with Tiffany finds two letters in her jacket pocket from her former self Dear You, The body you are wearing used to be mine I m writing this letter for you to read in the future. Myfanwy s former self was aware that in some way her brain was going to be magically wiped of all memories, and did her best to smooth the way for future memory less Myfanwy by writing a number of letters to herself All you need to know immediately is that someone I should be able to trust has decided that I need to be removed I don t know exactly who I don t know why It may be for something I haven t even done yet. The second letter presents her with a choice go into hiding for the rest of her life, using the fortune in a bank account specified in the letter, or jump back into her prior life and try to find out why she was betrayed.New Myfanwy fully intends to grab the money and take off, but another attempted assassination convinces her that the only feasible option is to stay and fight Having selected Option 2, she and we embark on reading a long series of letters from her former self, which explain Myfanwy s past life as a high ranking member of the Checquy, an organization of people with superpowers who help Great Britain and the world with various types of supernatural threats It s sort of like the X men, except with a lot British bureaucracy Myfanwy needs to figure out who in the Checquy betrayed her and why, while trying to hide from everyone the fact that she no longer remembers anyone or anything.As an info dumping device, the letters are a bit transparent, but it s all interesting enough that I never felt like complaining except for one or two times when these flashback letters interrupted a particularly suspenseful scene First get Myfanwy out of mortal danger, THEN give us another letter In an interesting conceit, the Checquy organization is based upon chess pieces there s a Lord and a Lady the king and queen of the organization , two Bishops, two Rooks, etc Only those people who have some kind of supernatural power can be in the top ranks of the Checquy All others are Pawns which leads to some understandable resentments and tensions in the ranks Also, it quickly becomes apparent that former Myfanwy, for certain reasons in her past, was an extremely sensitive and timid person and, despite her stellar organizational skills, was not much respected within the Checquy New Myfanwy, not burdened by those painful memories, soon starts to spread her wings and exercise her clout within the organization.There are multiple types of superpowers on display in The Rook, but they re not your run of the mill superpowers We have, for example, Gestalt, who is a single mind that inhabits four very good looking and frequently homicidal bodies Others can exude poisonous clouds of ink, sprout quills, or develop an impenetrable steel coating The Rook is written in a breezy, easy to read style, with a lot of wry humor in the writing and dialogue There are several laugh out loud moments It was a dress designed to draw attention You look like Cinderella, said Val in awe Yeah, if she d been into bondage and had Christian Dior as a godmother Myfanwy is an easy protagonist to root for as, despite the handicap of her memory loss, she gamely takes on both her coworkers in the Checquy as well as the enemies they re battling After the initial set up there s a lot of action in the plot except when it s slowed down by the ubiquitous letters from Myfanwy s former self The mystery of Myfanwy s secret enemy kept the plot suspenseful, and there were some interesting twists that I didn t foresee The Rook may not be Great Literature, but it was just so much fun 4.5 stars.Content advisory scattered F bombs a fair amount of violence and gore.

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    I tried to like this book, I really did I have disliked so many books lately that I am afraid of becoming a book curmudgeon But this book deserved my dislike it ASKED for my dislike This book reads like the beloved project of the geeky high school junior who has been told by too many English teachers that he has talent and should be a WRITER What little action takes place, does so between enormous wads of italic description You know how you ve read books in which a character finds letters left behind, that help her figure out what s going on Imagine a suitcase full of letters Imagine a fictional world that is so weak and spindly it needs pages of explanation to keep it going Imagine an amnesiac taking the helm of a major international organization and nobody being the wiser Imagine high school humor masquerading as clever Imagine an interesting premise bludgeoned to death by its own ego Imagine yourself reading a different book I did, and put this one down before the halfway point Gosh, this is a bit negative, isn t it.

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    I mean, I loved this book Myfanwy Thomas wakes up with a note that says, This body used to be mine YEAH I LOVE AMNESIA PLOTS Except this is a bit than that Secret societies are kind of my fave, and this book builds a GREAT one The secret Chequey I love all the chess terms battle supernatural forces in the world, and this new amnesiac is now fully immersed in it I definitely felt like this could be a TV show, the richness of the world is so good The tone is a bit hard to grasp, but it s classic British serious but also cheeky , so once you get on the tricycle you re golden It s just FUN, like Dr Who.The pacing of this book was the only part I can quibble with, a bit erratic at times, but the world building was rich and the characters super fun, I loved it and would like to see in the world

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    Sale Alert Oct 13, 2019 Kindle Deal for 3.99You ve woken up and are surrounded by a handful of dead people wearing gloves and have no idea who you are or how you got there But luckily there is a note and with this note and a few others you learn about a world you had no idea even existed Dear You, The odds of your reading this are slim to none Who would choose uncertainty and vaguely worded warnings over a new life of wealth and luxury I can only assume that you were put under a massive amount of stress, touched someone s skin, and they were paralyzed Or blinded Or lost the ability to speak Or befouled themselves Or one of several other effects that I won t outline right now. Well the good news is that at least you woke up awesome with some kind of superpower The bad news is that you now have to impersonate someone you have never met, figure out what happened to you and who is probably trying to kill you since whoever they are they don t seem to have any idea that you are no longer her.Confusing Nah, not really What it is IS a wonderful set up to a completely interesting idea Myfanwy the W is silent Thomas is going to pretend to be a member of a super secret government agency that deals with supernatural and paranormal situations and disturbances She is going to try and figure out who tried to have her killed and why, just as soon as she figures out how to be Myfanwy Thomas.I enjoyed a very large section of the story because I found it fascinating on quite a few levels But, since I read this in a group there were varied opinions on the layout of the story and I will say that while it didn t bother me it did bother a few of them See there is a lot of infodumping But I m going to give it a pass because of the way it was presented Thomas wrote letters to herself after a psychic told her she would lose all her memories and in those is where we get a lot of history to the Checquy Her Majesty s Supernatural Secret Service and Thomas s position in it Not every letter ends up being pertinent to the story because how was Thomas supposed to know and sometimes I think it reads a lot like a journal of someone s day So while I liked this aspect of the story because of the extra details and such I think others got bored with it since some of it had nothing to do with the story I was completely entertained and so I will allow it For me this is a great blend of humor and Urban Fantasy Myfanwy is easy to like and I enjoyed even the times she is fumbling through her life Seeing this world around her as she discovers everything that you never knew existed was a fantastic tale and I really wanted to get to the bottom of who on the inside is trying to bring it all down This should be a pleasant little interview All I have to do is put on my scary face You have a scary face Ingrid sounded skeptical Yes, said Myfanwy indignantly I have a very scary face Ingrid surveyed her for a moment You may wish to take off the cardigan then, Rook Thomas, she advised tactfully The flowers on the pocket detract somewhat from your menace SO IN CONCLUSION If you are looking for something with a solid premise the has some new takes on lore, mythology and such and doesn t really have any romance looming in the wings than this might be for you I enjoyed all the extras we get from Thomas as she tried to lead her new self after the amnesia creates a new person in her body and I m pretty interested in seeing what becomes of Myfanwy in the future.

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    Epistolary Buddy Read courtesy of the BBB masochists DNF at 62%.Introducingthe Be Happy Little Barnacles for this Shall not Be a Pit Stop Requiring Review Review BHLBftSnBaPSRRR Because I don t have time to write yet another Oh Bloody Hell this Review is so Long I Might Have Great Grandchildren by the Time I Finish Reading it Review OBHtRisLIMHGGbtTIFRiR And because I ve wasted enough time on this book as it is So let s do this Let s Warning yes, the crap shall be cut in this review, but worry not, for it will be tastefully decorated with a crap load of gifs to make up for the demoralizing lack of words Lucky you Fact 1 I would have enjoyed this a lot if it hadn t been a very pale imitation of a Tom Holt book Minus the total wackiness But it was, so I didn t Fact 2 I would have enjoyed this a lot if the author hadn t tried so freaking hard to be freaking hilarious But he did, and it wasn t, so I didn t view spoiler Team Grumpy Cat FTW hide spoiler

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