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The Romanov Conspiracy quotes The Romanov Conspiracy, litcharts The Romanov Conspiracy, symbolism The Romanov Conspiracy, summary shmoop The Romanov Conspiracy, The Romanov Conspiracy 8b330d21 Dr Laura Pavlov, An American Forensic Archaeologist, Is A Member Of An International Team Digging On The Outskirts Of The Present Day Russian City Of Ekaterinburg, Where The Romanov Royal Family Was Executed In July When Pavlov Discovers Two Bodies Perfectly Preserved In Permafrost In A Disused Mine Shaft, They Offer Dramatic New Clues To The Disappearance Of The Romanovs And, In Particular, Their Famous Daughter, Princess Anastasia, Whose Murder Has Always Been Shrouded In Doubt What Pavlov Discovers Is About To Change The Accepted Course Of World History And Hurl Her Back Into The Past And Into A Maelstrom Of Deceit, Secrets, And LiesBased In Part On Historical Fact, The Romanov Conspiracy Is A High Tension Story Of Trust And Betrayal, Of A Fight Between Good And Evil, And Of Love And Friendship Thwarted By War, All Set Against One Of The Most Bloody And Brutal Revolutions In World History

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    Oh my word I ve been enthralled with the tragedy of the Romanovs since my early teens, so I anxiously looked forward to MEADE s version of the events of that dark night I expected adventure, action, and a tinge of romance And I sure wasn t let down What I didn t expect was to be on the edge of my seat I mean c mon we know how this story ends, right But who wants to read THAT ending I ve done that through numerous history books, etc I started worrying as the book neared its end Would he go there Would MEADE leave us hanging Would it be cheesy, or unrealistic I am delighted to say MEADE pulled it off and left me nearly giddy, teary eyed, and really wanting to read .There were a few detractors to this story for me, but most of them were writerly things However, there was one element I feel I should mention and that s the seemingly cavalier attitude about sex outside marriage during wartime Nothing is on stage, but than one character remarked along the lines that Hey, it s war It s a natural instinct It s okay To me, that was an atrocious justification excuse.THAT SAID it did not impinge on this story s brilliance It s poignant and heart gripping Very, very well done I am impressed and satisfied I d rate it 4.75 stars, if I could LOL I received a copy from Howard in exchange for an honest review.

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    The Basics2.65 starsIt was 3 stars until about page 400, where the flaws in this book seemed to become pronounced The thing is, though, I saw potential in this book but I never got into it enough to see it come through It was confusing The characters were all kind of shallow They used the same strategies over and over again, yet somehow magically escaped Like a lot of books, at least the writing was good though.Trope Check one dimensional villains Evil Russians Anastasia survived Anastasia had a lover Full RantThis is also a book that is not what it seems to be.Think Tsarina, but with a lot of extra subplots, testosterone, a body count of at least thirty, and minus the magic but still with a whole lot of logic issues It could ve been this but it ended up like a bit of thisand characters that made me feel like thisIn regards to the actual plot, it is about a group of mainly middle aged white men running around Russia and Ireland, shooting things, avoiding underdeveloped reds who twirl their mustaches and occasionally spouting TFIOS esque philosophical quotes about love There was also this one thing in the writing that annoyed me how he wrote like Joe said, blah blah blah instead of blah blah blah, Joe said It might have something to do with the fact the author is Irish, but I mean The captain thought, That s rich. Kazan didn t take long to change allegiance The Romanovs are inaccurately portrayed, though hardly portrayed at all, and the conspiracy is a bit ridiculous Anastasia Romanov A was most likely not a brilliant pianist who alternated between mature conversation and childish pranks as an adolescent And even though Meade could have used Maria instead, he had to use Anastasia because otherwise no one will know what he s talking about and it s not like he can t just explain to everyone that even though Anastasia s the famous one and all that, it was actually Maria that survived and all After all, there was a pretender who might have been Maria living in South Africa at one point view spoiler see hide spoiler

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    I liked this one Very good story interwoven with real events really well Must read I was lucky to have bought this in a promotion for 99c.

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    Before I get into my review, I just have to say this is incredible Go buy this today My Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars Disclaimers I received an arc of this book from the publisher, Howard Books a division of Simon and Schuster in exchange for my honest opinion My Overall Thoughts Impressions Wow Just wow That s all I really need to say about this book I adored everything about this book It is easily one of my favorites of the year.I feel like the synopsis accurately describes maybe 18% of the novel if not less In the first thirty pages, Dr Pavlov does discover two bodies perfectly preserved in permafrost that leads to her discovery of the Romanov conspiracy however, most of the novel is told as if the characters from 1918 were telling the story themselves.The first thirty pages were great, but not spectacular The rest of the novel was mind blowing I absolutely adored the story that Meade created because it was gripping, compelling, and addicting I didn t just devour this book, the novel consumed me I couldn t think of anything else I read for hours and then realized I hadn t eaten all day However, I couldn t stop reading I loved all of the characters in this novel I won t take the time to list them But they all seemed so realistic They didn t all get the happy ending I wanted them to have either, which made Meade s novel realistic and also heart breaking.I could gush about this book for hours But I m just going to say I adored this book Don t just read this one, buy this one You will absolutely adore it I love mystery, thriller, action books and this book ranks among the best I ve ever read In Summary I can t find the words to adequately express how truly incredible this book is This book consumed me I couldn t think of anything else Definitely worth buying The Wrap up This book was one that I was sad to finish It was so incredible that I couldn t bear the thought of parting with it I will definitely be stalkingI mean keeping tabs onthis author In case you can t tell, I LOVE LOVE LOVED this novel Go buy it right now Love,Danica Page

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    This was a great retelling of what happened in Russia when the Czar and his family were kidnapped and held in Ekaterinburg So many live and vibrant characters from the Princess Anastasia and Sorg, to the people who tried to save her from the fateful night in 1918 You get to see what these people did to try to save the Romanov s While Dr Pavlov is doing a dig in Russia she stumbles across a frozen person with keys to a long ago mystery she seeks out someone who sent her on this path, and in so she learns so much about the people who had nothing left to loose Definitely a gripping thriller and that had me pulled in until I could put it down Took four days off and on to read this book I don t know that any review can do it justice it s that good a book Can t wait to see what Mr Meade comes up with next

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    From the beginning of this book I was captivated I had to know who the bodies where that were found Glenn does an excellent job of spinning a web and keeping you glued to the pages I have always been interested in the Romanov s and this book added to my appetite It is definitely fast moving and will keep you up reading late into the night Highly recommended

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    The Romanov Conspiracy by Glenn Meade, published by Howard Books.Category Historical Fiction Mystery ThrillerThis is a book for the Historical Fiction addict and the Mystery Thriller addict that enjoys conspiracy, action, and fact woven into fiction There are many stories surrounding the death of the Romanovs but none can compare to The Romanov Conspiracy This is a well researched book that is fact than fiction, and it s up to the reader to determine what is and what isn t Embedded in all of this is the story of Anna Anderson who claimed to be the Princess Anastasia.A daring rescue has been put into motion to get the Romanov family out of Russia The participants are an unlikely mixture of a Canadian, an expatriated Russian, a Brit, and an American They well know of the dangers that exist, and the chances of their coming back are not good This fact fiction tale is loaded with deceit and unexpected turns on every page, sometimes it is difficult to tell whose side one is one It is also difficult to determine the motives for some of their actions.A chilling account is given of the night of the Romanov murders and its aftermath.The final chapter is an attempt at substantiating the premises in the book by contacting people who would have knowledge of what happened that fateful night.A book not to be missed

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    Well, this was a quite engrossing and entertaining tale about a very intriguing subject I ve read other novels about the Romanovs and this was one of the better ones The author does a good job bringing all of the characters together at various points in the story, with each of them having an important part to play The struggles of that time are depicted very well, showing the various mindsets of those on opposite sides Glad to have added this author to my list and look forward to reading of his works.

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    Title The Romanov Conspiracy A thrillerAuthor Glenn MeadeYear 2012Pages 528Publisher Howard BooksNote I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility Other reviews can be read at Also follow me on Twitter lcjohnson1988Get your mind ready for an intriguing adventure that includes spies, espionage, archeology, mystery, murder, mayhem, and The reader is greeted with the setting of a mystery that has grown in increasing proportions as a varied team of people seek to solve the mystery in Ekaterinburg, Russia The teams of scientists are made of men and women from differing sciences, headed by a woman archeologist, Dr Laura Pavlov She has a family history that includes memories of the Tsar Romanov Royal Family The plan, if possible, is to find irrefutable evidence of what happened to the Tsar s family when they fled from Lenin s gaining grasp on Russia to avoid execution However, the Reds found them and the whole royal family was slain Now, Dr Pavlov isn t as sure as the rumors that a daughter, Anastasia and her brother may have escaped, avoiding execution The archeologist s team uncovers a body completely mummified, holding a locket that bears the crest of the royal family Dr Pavlov orders tests to be done on the remains and then seeks to contact an elderly gentleman who had been giving her information about the Romanov family When she lands finally in Ireland and meets this man, the story he begins to tell is one he claims has never been told Next, the reader is thrown into the past The time is January 1918, when the Reds are seeking to take over Russia as well as other parties Russia Civil War is enmeshed somehow in the family mystery All the while, the people of the land either swear allegiance or face a certain death Here, the reader is introduced to a young boy trying to care for his pregnant mother since his father ran off to America The doctor cares not just for the mother, but for the young boy as well The doctor s son is introduced to this young man This meeting turns out to be the beginning of a deep friendship that is tested when they choose different sides in the civil war In the second part, the reader continues the thriller in May 1918, with the American Ambassador meeting with Britain s King over an immediate situation What causes President Truman to have the ambassador meet with the king in the middle of the night The king is told of the Romanov s captivity and loss of power Somehow Russia s gold is being kept within two separate nations for safety What do America, Britain s King, and the gold have to do with what is occurring in another nation Intricately entwined in this masterpiece are fates of peoples and nations There are relationships put to the test during the war, whether they are marital relationships or friendships Who can be trusted There are people of Irish descent gun running, making sure they have what they need should the British or Russians decide to attack them as well Spies, traitors, poverty, wealth, life or death are issues different characters face in a host of complex scenes There are seven parts to this maze of a thriller, and then the reader is brought back to the present The storyteller has woven a great story that has plots, subplots, twists and turns that will keep you reading until the end If I say much , I might spoil the work of fiction for you so I won t reveal any of the book I highly recommend this thrilling novel You will find yourself reading page after page because the story is spellbinding all the way to the end My rating 5 stars.

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    This falls somewhere between a Clive Cussler and a Ripping Yarns adventure Let me start by saying that I have no real problems with Romanov Rescue Novels as a genre and boy howdy, is it a genre at this point , but I do ask that they either be 1 so well written that I happily suspend common sense City of Shadows or 2 make some attempt to take the latest findings into consideration you know, like the DNA Books in which Tatiana becomes a vampire, Alexandra is a being who can shoot death rays from her eyes sadly, not making that one up , Tatiana ducks out of the House of Special Purpose and runs off with a doctor Who Has Previously Showed Her What Life is All About written by Carrolly Erickson, who should know better and Alexei either loses his virginity to some kind of succubus whatever or is texting the future from the cellar just before the shooting begins do not pass muster The Romanov Conspiracy has improbabilities than statistics have laid down for our guidance, as dear Lady Bracknell used to say how wise she was The hero is the best friend of the villain, who may not be the villain, who is in hopeless thwarted love with the hero s wife who is perhaps the least developed character in the book Everyone is in love with the madcap Irish revolutionary girl, who just happens to be a crack shot, expert horsewoman and who literally learns to fly a plane across Europe on the spot In 1918 The putative main character makes a terse appearance in the first chapter and then shows back up at the end to tie things up in the most deus ex machina chapter I have read in eons I haven t even begun to describe what Meade does with the actual historical character of Grand Duchess Anastasia Look, I think the girls were beautiful, but no one ever claimed they were burning up the turf in the brains department Anastasia is portrayed as the heroine of a bodice ripper, the kind of literature that her mother wouldn t have let her read, let alone emulate Moreover, Meade can dance around this as much as he wants, but she is flirting her brains out with one of the characters at the age of 15 he is in his twenties , and while the object of her affections does stop and question whether he should really be attracted to an adolescent, it doesn t stop him At all Plus there are all sorts of nitty details that Meade gets really, really wrong For starters, Tatiana there she is again and Olga were the musicians among the the girls The book is filled with mysterious tunnels that fortunately empty onto the Ipatiev cellar, plucky nuns Meade seems to have trouble separating Orthodox and Catholic nuns, but what the hey and seens of derring do that would make Indiana Jones look like a slacker It s all kind of deleriously bad, but I give him credit, he does keep the balls in the air, and once you start it, you will probably finish it.Kind of like cotton candy Which doesn t mean it s good Recommended for those who read everything and those who have read nothing at all.

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