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The Romanov Bride files The Romanov Bride, read online The Romanov Bride, free The Romanov Bride, free The Romanov Bride, The Romanov Bride 3152b43a5 As The Russia Of Nicholas And Aleksandra Rushes Full Speed Toward Catastrophe, The Romanov Bride Follows The Lives Of Two Revolutionary Souls, That Of Grand Duchess Elisavyeta Or Ella , Sister Of The Tsaritsa Aleksandra, And That Of Pavel, A Simple Village Man Yearning ForThe Life Of Grand Duchess Elisavyeta Begins Like A Fairy Tale Born A Princess Of Germany, She Marries The Grand Duke Sergei Of Russia And Enters The Most Lavish And Magnificent Court In The World, That Of The Mighty Romanovs, Where She Is Renowned For Her Sumptuous Fashion, Jewels, And Beauty, Not To Mention Her Kind Heart Her Husband, However, Possesses No Such Grace, And He Rules Moscow As He Does His Wife, With A Cold, Hard FistFor Pavel And His Bride, Though, Living In Sankt Peterburg Means Sharing A Crowded Cellar With Other Families, And Being Barely Able To Afford Bread Nevertheless, They Are Full Of Optimism, For Their Grandparents Were Serfs And This Young Couple Is The First To Leave The Countryside To Seek A Better ExistenceHowever, After An Explosive Confrontation Between Peaceful Demonstrators And Tsarist Soldiers, The Lives Of Ella And Pavel Take Two Very Different Turns, But The Fire Of Revolutionary Russia Eventually Links Their Fates ForeverRobert Alexander Once Again Masterfully Combines The Power Of True History And Riveting Storytelling To Bring This Fascinating And Legendary Period To Life

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    I invoked the Rule of 50, and therefore only read the first 53 pages It was really all I could stomach This man writes like a fourth grader he clearly has no understanding of the way people talk, or if he does, his idea of how people spoke at the turn of the century is just laughable It s very stilted and contrived dialogue.I can t tell if he had a good story on his hands or not, because I was too distracted by the awful dialogue and the unnecessary descriptions of people s clothing It s really, really odd that he spends so much time describing trivial things or moments and then bolts past moments that are actually important to the story For example, why weren t we shown Pavel s meetings with the terrorists plotting Grand Duke Sergei s murder That would ve actually been interesting Also, he clearly has no idea how women think of themselves We don t say to ourselves I think I shall push my fair hair from my eyes, dab at my tears with my embroidered handkerchief and straighten my puffy pink afternoon gown, embroidered with small diamonds in the shape of orchid leaves Also, women don t cry nearly as often as he seems to think they do which is, apparently, every five minutes.Maybe it s just how he chose to tell the story in small first person chunks, as though Pavel and Grand Duchess Ella are trading stories back and forth because something clearly was not working Maybe if he d tried third person, and actually showed these scenes taking place, it might have worked better As it is, this is a rushed mess, with unbelievable caricatures of human beings swapping lines they hope sound Shakespearean and describing everything about themselves even though no one cares I am completely serious when I say it reads like a fourth grader wrote it It seems like a youngster s first try at a novel, and if that s what it is, Robert Alexander should ve left it in his box of keepsakes or else rewritten it before inflicting it on an unsuspecting public.

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    This is the third book from Robert Alexander, and like the two previous books, it is set during the turmoil of the Russian Revolution This book follows the paths of two victims of tragedy Pavel, the worker turned revolutionary assassin, and Ella, sister to the Empress Alexandra and Romanov princess.Alexander explores the two very different paths taken For Pavel, the murder of his wife and unborn child leads him to revenge and hatred At many times, he seems to be acting purely through the direction and orders of others perhaps that way he doesn t need to explore his conscience He is almost machine like in the way that he carries out his duties, but unlike a machine there is a deep rage and hatred the fuels his gruesome actions Ella, whose husband is assassinated, doesn t rage against those who killed him instead she follows a path of love She truly believes that the Russian people are like good children obedient and loving but easily led by their emotions and ugly rumors She makes it her life s mission to reduce the suffering of her adopted homeland and becomes a nun Her duty is to all the wounded, suffering, dying, and orphaned and their welfare influences her decisions.In many ways, this book was depressing Virtually every reader knows enough Russian history to know that the revolutionaries do overthrow the government, so reading sections where things could have gone differently or how the revolution resorted to blatant lies and manipulation to destroy the government and the lives of so many innocents , was very difficult However, it is a book that provides much to think about reflect on The Russian Revolution is one of the critical eras that the world should not forget this particular history need not repeat itself This book made the suffering of the common people very real for me, and I sympathized with the starving, confused, and hurting masses.

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    What I love about Robert Alexander is the fantastic historical detail he includes in his novels I love that he uses the diaries and letters of his characters so that he can use their actual words and language in his novels I also love that he presents such a tumultous time in history in such an even handed way He doesn t portray the Tsar and other Royals as perfectly evil or perfectly innocent Neither does he portray the revolutionary activists as perfectly innocent or perfectly evil He really shows the good and bad of each side.and shows just how tragic it all was.This book is yet another excellent offering from Robert Alexander.

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    I was reminded of Nancy Pearl s character, plot, writing, or setting theory a lot during this reading While I really didn t love the writing style and rolled my eyes several times, I thought that the way that Alexander brought Ella to life pulled the narrative into a fascinating historical fiction that brought to the forefront history, the foment of the Revolution, and Ella s ever deepening faith So, clearly I m a character reader.

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    If I hadn t been sitting in an airport with nothing to do, I wouldn t have bothered finishing this It would be okay for someone who hasn t read tons and tons about European monarchy and the Russian revolution It wasn t historically inaccurate, just intellectually scaled down for a precocious fifth grader.

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    As much as I loved The Kitchen Boy, I have to say I mostly endured The Romanov Bride I have read many stories of the famous Romanovs Nicholas, Alexandra and their children but had only heard of this older sister of the Empress as a passing mention in some of the other books So I was intrigued by the chance to read a story focused on the lesser known sister Perhaps if the book had focused solely on Ella as the heading of her chapters dubbed her , it would have been a better story I did at least enjoy some of those chapters, although the style felt too simple On the other hand, that helped enhance the pace of the pushing through to the end Yes, I am one of those readers who almost never leaves a book unfinishedunless it is just morally offensive, and I tend to filter those out fairly accurately before I ever bring them home But I digress The chapters devoted to Pavel were largely uninteresting and completely predictable Granted, he was of an uneducated and obviously lower class than the Grand Duchess, but the writing felt like that which I was reading in upper elementary school and the potty humor written for the revolutionaries felt grade school as well Other than the few occasions where the two main characters crossed each other s path, Pavel s chapters added nothing of consequence to the story.I was therefore not overly surprised to read the author s note at the end that indicates many of the diaries and letters of the Grand Duchess were used in sharing her actual words and inner thoughts for the book She simply came off the page, for the most part, as a fully formed individual.It has been at least a few years and many, many books since I read The Kitchen Boy, so I don t claim to remember my thoughts on it unerringly but I do not remember feeling irritated by a simplistic and uninspired writing style And I do remember quite clearly being kept guessing and being surprised by its ending With The Romanov Bride, I was simply glad to see the ending.This book will NOT be finding a home on my bookshelf It will go from the to be read pile right back to my local used book store Thank goodness I did not pay retail for this one.

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    I loved working on this book and I hope it shows I ll be talking about it on my live webcasts

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    This book was pretty good I didn t hate it, I didn t love it It held my interest enough that I finished the audiobook fairly quickly I liked that I learned a lot about a time period that has always interested me but I didn t know that much about It was basically about the time that led up to the killing of Anastasia and her family What led up to the revolution It focused on a revolutionary and the sister of the czarista I liked the two points of view I was able to understand both views Although I didn t support the actions of the extremist revolutionaries I obviously understand why they d want to revolt The monarchy side of it is hard They live based on traditions that had been around for hundreds maybe even thousands of years And from this book it seems like at least Ella was trying to be a decent person through it all no matter what she did or felt needed to be done At least she wasn t supporting murder I don t know HOW accurate these events were I read reviews that other books by this author weren t entirely accurate and were biased I m hoping it s mostly accurate as far as the major events anyway I felt like I learned a lot and I m hoping it wasn t made up.

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    What an AMAZING book I so enjoyed reading this and tried to devour it in one sitting but sleep claimed me before I finished After chores, a walk and breakfast I finished it, sobbing into the pillow held tightly to my chest as I read the last 2 chapters Poignant, touching, heartbreaking, yet gloriously uplifting so many emotions This is seriously an amazingly wonderful book I look forward to reading the other books by this same author.

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    It was very slow The writing was too much, there was plenty that wasn t necessary It did however make me Google some things about the Russian revolution that were interesting.

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