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    I like books that come in a series, because I like to get to know characters, and I like to follow them through their different story lines, and the Rock Star delivers that perfectly As you read it you get the feeling that this book is the set up, where Rick Soper is establishing a large group of characters and story lines that are going to be going through the next set of books and I have the sneaking suspicion that many of them aren t going to be there for the final book in the series, but I really don t know, and that s what s going to keep me coming back for That feeling of not knowing, but actually caring about the characters is what really made me enjoy this book, and makes me want to recommend this author to my friends.

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    I am a librarian at a juvenile detention facility I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads The following is a review from a student Very suspenseful and well written I can t wait to read the next one The beginning may be confusing for some people with all the characters introduced at different times, but I followed it just fine There were a few small spelling errors The suspense and action were awesome and I loved this book a lot I would recommend it to anyone who reads mystery novels I didn t want the book to end.

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    The Rock Star by Rick Soper is a very competent and intricately plotted novel Perhaps at times too intricately, at least for my taste It is obviously the first part of a series as a multitude of characters is introduced and their fates followed as they interact, cross paths and oftentimes antagonize each other Thanks to Soper s clear cut style of writing, i haven t experienced any confusion, but there were times where the sheer number of different characters and each chapter shifting focus from one to another took away from my sense of enjoyment and immersion in the book Some plot lines were intriguing for me than others, and the wait to get to the next installment was a bit frustrating, making me impatient and at times wishing to commit the grave sin of skipping parts of the text Thanks to some tight plotting i remained innocent of that sin, as the action would have otherwise been difficult to follow I found the novel to be enjoyable, interesting and quite a competent piece, yet didn t experience the sense of pull to rush to the end, which i would have liked to I do have to stress that this is in all probability due to my reading preferences than to any failings the novel might have because it really doesn t.

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    The Rock Star ReviewI received this book as part of the goodreads first reads program I am so glad that i was able to read it This book focus on a variety of characters who are intertwined through a series of significant events What do a russian mob boss, magical twins, an nba star, an fbi agent, and a desolate man named Jake have in common They all come together to form the magic that is, The Rock Star You might get confused at first, as the author flips back fourth between the characters, however I found this tactic left me wanting to read You really get a sense of the characters and Rick does a wonderful job at building their backgrounds By the end of the book you are left wanting the next one Will Gabriel ever be caught Who is he, and what is his connection to max Harris Why are the twins so captivating You will find yourself with lots of questions at the end and I bet Rick will deliver the answers in the next book, The Singer I can t wait

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    I dig reading books about music, so when I got this one it was because it had a cool cover, and you know it was like called the Rock Star, so I figured it was all about music, but man this dude just took some turns, and I first I was totally confused, but then chapters kept coming back to different characters, and I got into it Now I really want to see what the Russians are going to be doing with Jake, Jimi, and the rest And those Twins, man those Twins, every time I read about them I m like turned on and freaked out all at the same time, they say all this stuff and I m not sure what it means, but they keep like saying stuff that happens, which is like trippy Overall the songs, and the music, and all that other stuff is pretty cool, so if you want check out a pretty good book, this pretty good one it.

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    The Rock Star has the three elements common to all thrillers characters, plot and action lots of all three The action is fast and furious, almost kaleidoscopic There are lots of characters, and they are developed gradually as the multiple plots unfold The plots are complex and intriguing The result is compelling and highly entertaining.Merged review The Rock Star has the three elements common to all thrillers characters, plot and action lots of all three The action is fast and furious, almost kaleidoscopic There are lots of characters, and they are developed gradually as the multiple plots unfold The plots are complex and intriguing The result is compelling and highly entertaining.

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    The Rock Star is a mystery story with a host of characters including singer Jake, FBI agent Stevens, and teen temptress Raven.This book is fast paced and attention grabbing right from the start and it remains entertaining and action packed throughout There were quite a lot of characters to keep track of, but this is a minor complaint in a book that has been carefully plotted to deliver fantastic shocks and twists as the story begins to unravel.I could easily see The Rock Star being made into a movie It s such a brilliant book the ending just made me want to read so it s just as well this is only the beginning of a series A thoroughly entertaining read full of mystery, horror, suspense even a little bit of romance.

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    I really liked this book because the author actually assumes the reader is intelligent enough to keep up with all of his characters and story lines Too many times I read a book and there just isn t enough going on, and you can guess where the story is going long before it gets there, but the Rock Star takes so many twists, has so many characters, that you just can t guess where it s going, and when you finally do get where the author takes you, your jaw is literally on the ground This is listed as the first book in a series, and I m not sure how many books are going to be in the series, but you can rest assured I ll be picking up the next one for sure, because this is a great start.

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    Soper returns to the seedy side of California wealth in this installment of Agent Jon Stevens investigations The troubled and that s putting it mildly Stevens races to unravel a strange series of events that bump up against the horror genre, in order to prevent one murder from becoming Multiple storylines weave sex, drugs, rock roll into the central mystery, with enough red herrings to keep you on your toes I tip my hat to Soper for keeping me off balance and off the right trail throughout That s a difficult achievement in mystery fiction, but he gets it done admirably.

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    Having just finished Rick Soper s debut novel the first of the series, I can tell you that you will never be bored There is a series of entwined stories ranging from horror filled ritual sacrifices to modern day Robin hood vigilante who is dismembering the bad guys my favorite character , to a rock album coming together with old school hard rockers making magic It was definitely not a beach read like an algebra equation with plenty of variables to solve and exponents to grapple with This book is for the engaged thinking reader.

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The Rock Star summary pdf The Rock Star , summary chapter 2 The Rock Star , sparknotes The Rock Star , The Rock Star 8968a73 Jake Martin Saves Rock Star Jimi Christian From Drowning On A California Beach, And Triggers A Wave Of Unintended Consequences Injured FBI Special Agent Jon Stevens Is Back On The Job, With A Broken Skull, A Broken Spirit And A Ritualistic Murder Case Only His Talents Can Solve And A Vigilante Begins Targeting Celebrities He Deems Worthy Of His Own Savage Brand Of Justice What Ties Them All Together A Revenge Served So Cold And So Calculating That It Uses Everyone From Opportunistic Russians, Corrupt Businessmen, An Agoraphobic Hacker To A Rock Super Star To Reach Its Goal The Rock Star Is The First Thrilling Book In The Rock Series Trilogy

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  • The Rock Star
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  • 25 September 2019

About the Author: Rick Soper

Rick currently lives in the wild forests of Poulsbo, Washington with his three rescued terriers where he enjoys cooking, traveling, and writing.