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  • The Revolution: A Manifesto
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  • 27 March 2019
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    Whether you agree or disagree with Ron Paul s views, this book serves as an important political primer on the real issues facing America today civil liberties, the economy, the failing dollar, foreign policy issues mostly ignored by a national media obsessed with superficial catch phrases and meaningless scandals Primarily a concise collection of the views and ideas expressed during Ron Paul s 2008 Presidential campaign, this book also contains an extended reading list for a free and prosperous America Please read this book It s short and sweet, informative and inspirational Realize that there is a difference between the way things are and the way they could be.

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    Government is not reason it is not eloquent it is force Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master George WashingtonThe Revolution is what our founding fathers did Give me liberty Freedom isn t free If you give it up it will not be yours by right any longer The constitution was written in mind of those who would twist it to give themselves power Checks and balances It was protection for the people against a government that would exist only to serve itself, defeating the sole purpose for its creation That is not the country that the United States was in 2008 when Ron Paul wrote The Revolution A Manifesto It isn t the country in 2012 either He was running for the presidential race that year A story that I only heard because my mother was present at the GOP convention in Fla this year was that the party changed the rules at the last moment to keep Paul off of the ballot cheating We get to have Mitt Romney as the option Why didn t the media cover this Free press Nope Regardless of which candidate one supports, it should send chills down anyone s spines that a political party would get away with cheating in this way What proof do people need that the ideal candidate who will be the kindly parent who will take care of all your concerns for you is not going to happen Voter fraud is not new that it is not new should not take away from the importance but the shooting down of the plane carrying the votes of the military this election scared me a great deal My sister related to me the idea that American politics was like voting for a sports team The empty sports jersey to root for, regardless of ability to play the game, or the outcome That s the only way I can reckon the absence of opposition for Obama where Bush was censured for the exact same things by the same people The war became just over night Crippling sanctions in Iran would have been evil under Bush, I suspect Oh, politicians are evil You can t expect any better so Lesser of two evils anyone else get told lesser of two evils by both Romney and Obama supporters The solution is to be scared shitless when President Obama says that HIS presidency won t abuse all of these new powers but you don t know about the NEXT guy However you feel about Obama, if you are okay that the next president will have these same powers and you are willing to risk that they won t abuse them then you don t understand what the USA is supposed to be about What you are hoping for is a benevolent despot There is a constitution so this kind of shit does not happen The federal government shouldn t be in control over everyone s lives That means the rest of the world too They are not supposed to own us The government is only supposed to work for the people USA history is filled with law breaking The draft that turned citizens into slaves The Korean war when Truman acted without congress Troops are still there There are American troops in 130 countries around the world Obama and Bush would follow in his law breaking footsteps Ron Paul has a valid point that there should not still be American troops in Germany and Korea Whatever the good intentions , a government that sets out to impose their will on another will end up a dictator I can t take seriously that governments that disrespect women should be bombed Is the USA going to bomb all of the places in the world that disrespect women Where will it end Or is that just the countries that have oil and make the corporations very, very rich I believe that constitutional lawyer Glenn Greenwald has identified a fatal contradiction in these claims If it is true that the executive branch knew the locations of so many people with al Qaeda links, why were they seeking merely to eavesdrop on their conversations Why were they not arresting them instead This, after all, is an administration that has detained people indefinitely, without charges, on the basis of some shaky evidence of an al Qaeda connection This time, we are supposed to believe that the administration had knowledge of countless al Qaeda figures and decided to let them remain free Not plausible, and that is why it seems likely that the targets of this surveillance included many Americans who had no ties to al Qaeda or terrorism at all.Did you know that the USA monitors all pharmaceutical use of every American Why That s not covered in this book it does get into the mandatory mental health screenings and subsequent mandatory prescription use for school children I had not known about this Why didn t I know about this if we have a free press Oh, right The hand holding of the people Do people want the government to control this much of their lives It isn t just the federal government, of course Zoning restaurants out of poor neighborhoods because they aren t smart enough to make the right choices The hell I know everyone knows about the illegal big gulps in NYC The revolution says that the government does not tell you what to eat That is what freedom is.The revolutionary ideas include that the federal reserve stop printing money This makes everyone poorer by devaluing their money I have deep concerns that the American people are nothing but a personal piggy bank and reserve of fleshly fodder for corporations to send out to fight their overseas interests Pointless and endless wars over seas that cost trillions of dollars More money is printed Who is paying for it all I know who is benefiting from it Follow the money, as Lester Freamon on The Wire was fond of saying Who got billions in campaign donations from Goldman Saks Who gave the banks bail outs The media turns a blind eye to what is going on Who gave campaign donations to both candidates Rupert Murdoch, who monopolizes the media Hey, aren t monopolies supposed to be illegal Not any Ron Paul also illustrates how big business lobbys the government for restrictions they know their little competitors will not be able to meet What happened to job creating , anyway, and the free market correcting itself The job creating that appeared suddenly before this election time was because due to the Obama Care restrictions on employers to pay for health insurance after a certain number of full time employees The full time hours were changed from 40 to 30 That means that a lot of employees were dropped down to 29 hours a week to keep them from being full time More part time jobs Could you live on 29 hours a week If you aren t full time that means you are not getting health care National health care, eh No single payer plan was implemented It is not national health care Not to mention if you a preexisting condition fat people are included in this, I don t know if many people know that you cannot get covered If you get sick you still get fired If you get fired and lose health insurance you will be liable for what the insurance had paid before that point America is a cruel country Health costs go up first because of the printing money out of the Fed Reserve It s comforting to know that the government has been spending the only program that had a surplus, social security They tell the public that it is CHARITY when they had been paying into it out of their paychecks Something that they are legally obligated to do I wonder how long before They are going to die anyway is trotted out about the elderly Why did government meddle in health care in the first place Why was this their job It wasn t supposed to be.It shouldn t be revolutionary that the Patriot act should not be Americans should not be indefinitely detained for terrorism and I will keep saying this because the media does not and now gangs and drugs The war on terror is now permanent The loss of liberties occur during war time Does that scare the shit out of you too Torture is illegal, of course Still happens Remember when Obama said he was gonna get rid of Gitmo in 2008 National security, oh yeah Somehow Americans are in danger and there are multiple wars raging that no one can afford Is anyone defending the usa Because terrorism had nothing at all to do with the crippling sanctions Blow back Do you feel safe because they can spy on us all I don t By the way, my hometown is a drone site Why Ron Paul still had hope that America could pull out of this crisis in 2008 I wonder if he still feels that way I haven t read it yet but will soon historian Tony Judt s Ill Fares the Land it looks to be in a similar vein to this and Glenn Greenwald s With Liberty and Justice for Some that I highly recommend He had had hope too That was before the bail outs No strings attached bail outs that everyone now knows were used to give out bonuses to the executives who caused the mess in the first place Why were they given these bail outs with no restrictions Why were bail outs given to Europe Two under the table without the knowledge of the American people, no less The German president was vilified for actually asking for austerity measures for Greece What happened Everyone knows that they did what the American bankers did Bonuses for the criminals Bail outs shouldn t have happened in the first place The media tells us that Obama is a hero to Europeans This is a great book about asking the questions that Americans should be asking and their representatives are not going to talk about unless it is demanded that they talk about them I m pretty ignorant about economics Paul suggests some places to start for beginners There s even a reading list at the back of the book for those who want to become better informed I don t know how I feel about the gold standard idea I do know that printing and money is the worst thing to do Gold can t be printed out of the whim of the administration so there is that I don t see eye to eye with Paul on abortion, exactly, but it does make me ever so sore when I hear people talk about abortion as if it is the ONLY issue that should ever come up during election time See, that s a big problem Why are the American people ignoring all of these issues that really and truly do effect their lives, and the lives of their children I do think Paul has a point that people shouldn t cede rights from the states because they think some of them will make the wrong choice I can t tell you how much I don t agree that my state has the death penalty I have voted against it every chance I have had We still have it Would I want it to be decided by the federal government and then get a president that feels as the current governor of Texas does they ve had 250 executions during his term Too much power to one person is bad is the idea, right I do wonder about people who are okay with millions of deaths in war rather than using birth control please don t take me the wrong way here I find the idea that anyone should be forced to have a baby absolutely abhorrent It drove me crazy when a favorite musician, John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats, twittered the other day that people should vote for the candidate least likely to overturn roe vs wade as if it was even an issue, as if they weren t than one candidate, as if there wasn t any other possible factor to vote for I know this is a prevalent attitude from people I have talked to in my real life I have to ask why If there was one issue that I saw eye to eye with Ron Paul on than anything else it was ending the war on drugs People should not be in prison for a health issue Clinton went against the constitution when he prosecuted users of marijuana where it was legal to use it for medical reasons I didn t know how the war on drugs began A senator on the floor of the Texas senate said All Mexicans are crazy, and this stuff is what makes them crazy It became a federal tax act in 1937 It became against the law in 1970 instead of the tax charade you could still call it an act, I suppose The war on drugs has ruined communities, lives, imprisoned countless people If the history of American government teaches us anything, it is that the time to fight oppressive and absurd programs is before they are established, since once they are in place they are essentially impossible to dismantle They need to be blocked before they have a chance to start Otherwise, local programs with federal funding will grow larger and larger and be found in many localities, until we finally have a mandatory federal screening program This is how it always works.One thing the loss of the right to protest Why is this being allowed to be given up Isn t that one of our fundamental rights One of the things that made the usa what it was How change happened The revolution is don t give up what the usa is all about Don t let anyone take it away from you If the government doesn t have too much power you don t have to be terrified that the wrong guy could get elected into office.

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    I spoke too soon I guess I should have trusted Ryan This book was wonderful I felt Ron Paul is a much better writer than speaker I really enjoyed learning about the purpose of the constitution I agree with the philosophy of smaller government and liberty and independence for the people His economics chapter was my favorite Great reminder that we don t work for the government, the government works for us Taxes great reminder that if we completely got rid of taxes, the FED budget would have to be cut by 40%.crazynobecause we would have the budget we had in 1997, a great time to live Not so bad huh All the info., about HMO s, Military draft, free market economy, taxes, illegal drugs, welfare, and so so much was very interesting It made me really think about the goals of our founding fathers and how I envision America It puts the responsibility back on communities, families, and church s to guide the people..not the government Perhaps I am a Libertarian afterall This book made me passionate about politics and what I believe We shall see Now I need to do research on politics and economics Best read in a long time

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    This book was a fascinating eye opener for me I started reading it because I was curious as to Ron Paul s core beliefs He was ridiculed and pushed aside during the republican debates that I watched, so I became curious as to why they would not let him be heard His ideas are in fact nothing new to the American tradition It s just that we have gone so far astray from constitutional government that these ideas now seem revolutionary Small government, non interventionist foreign policy, fiscal responsibility and free trade are the heart of our nation More and of our personal rights and liberties have been taken away in the name of the greater good by the government, who should not pretend to be a moral authority Mr Paul outlines his ideas on how we can get back to basics and what needs to be done to reign it all in again His examples are well researched, intelligent and inspired This book has changed my views and given me hope for our future I recommend it to all Americans Even if you do not agree with all of the opinions expressed, there is much to be learned about the way our government works by reading this book.

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    LOVED it I admit, I thought Ron Paul was this close to a loon during the 2008 election His positions and the shorter, strident sound bytes from his supporters just seemed so impractical The staging of his ideas in ALL media simply reinforced my perception and convinced me that I didn t have to bother researching what he actually said, or why.Wow I was wrong not just in my assessment of him, but in my lazy, dismissive, and I might even say sheeple ish approach to his candidacy, as well.Thank goodness for a patient friend I decided to check out what Congressman Paul actually says and thinks.I learned the background and actual Congressional Record type history behind the Fed, about which I m totally on board with him the criminalization of marijuana possession use, about which I m undecided and Additionally, his explanation of the issues we have with our money supply was the first that actually sunk in for me I d heard the words before, but they honestly never really came together sensibly until reading his explanation This book is full of coherent, consistent facts and philosophies Now I actually understand his positions, and it s a great feeling to be informed.Please, if you have any interest in politics, economics, ethics, or security, give this book a read Whether you agree with him or not, at least you ll know what you re talking about

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    I think most conservatives are fans of Ron Paul that simply don t know it yet As the Republican party has changed over the last several years we have lost sight of what it means to be a conservative Conservative once meant being an advocate of small fed gov t, less intervention, with a reliance on sound fiscal policy The new conservatives Republicans have lost that tradition as they spend than ever and seek to grow the power of the federal gov t I think the problem with Ron Paul is he has been labeled as an isolationist and an extremist Everyone would do well to read this book and get a better insight into his beliefs and opinions The I read the I realized that Paul is right on many accounts I was a Ron Paul fan all along and simply didn t know it As far as foreign policy goes he is a noninterventionist , not isolationist He believes we need to trade and interact with other nations but do so delicately He believes we need to reduce the size of the fed gov t and cites the numerous problems that have resulted in gov t intrusion I definitely recommend this book and believe if we want to turn the gov t around the only revolution that will save us is a conservative revolution, a return to sound, conservative principles applied to an ever changing world.

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    Five minutes of reading this at random has, three or four times now, proved informative about the economic workings of our country than any number of months keeping up with headline news It s also remarkably sane and intelligent Take this quote, for instance Abolishing the income tax on individuals would cut government revenue by about 40 percent I have heard the breathless claims about how radical that is and compared to the trivial changes we are accustomed to seeing in government, I suppose it is But in absolute terms, is it really so radical In order to imagine what it would be like to live in a country with a federal budget 40 percent lower than the federal budget of 2007, it would be necessary to go all the way back to1997 Would it be so hard to imagine living in 1997 again In return, we would have an economy so robust and dynamic that it would doubtless shatter even my own optimistic expectations

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    I read this book at my brother s request after he went to hear Ron Paul speak a while back I agreed with almost all of the problems he presented in the book, but needless to say, my liberal leanings had some problems with some of the solutions he presented Abolishing income tax, smaller government, states rights are not the answers I don t think While I agreed with most of the civil liberties chapter, I don t think that homeschooling is a right people have He presented his arguments a bit strangely as well Sometimes he credited his quotes to a philosopher who once said and that bugged me Then other times he mentioned people by name, but they were famous historians that I d never heard of Finally, there were times that he criticized policies of past politicians, esp in the foreign policy section, and while he openly criticized the policies of the most recent Republican government he didn t name any names, whereas he had no trouble calling Clinton, FDR, Teddy Roosevelt out on their problems He was clearly hedging his bets, not wanting to put blame on specific members of the Bush administration just in case he could lock up a Republican Presidentail nomination in the future.

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    I have always respected Ron Paul, but felt that I didn t agree with him on many issues Now having read The Revolution, I realize that I didn t know what he believed, I only knew what people said he believed I absolutely recommend this book to everyone whether conservative or liberal or in the middle.Reading the book has forced me to reconsider issues that I thought were closed in my opinion in particular, the ineffectiveness of U.S foreign policy and the debate about legalizing marijuana As of now, I am not sure where we should go from here, but I am convinced that Americans need to explore these issues fully, and at least discuss what Ron Paul has to say I loved what he had to say about Economic freedom, money, and the current health care debate, which is interesting because being written in 2008, his arguments are very current considering what is going on now Besides mentioning a lot of facts that I had already been aware of, he goes into even greater detail using examples from history, and things he has witnessed as a Washington insider about the unintended and intended consequences of Government intervention.

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    If you are familiar with Dr Paul, you already know where he stands on the issues This book goes and discusses his stance and why he feels the country today has turned its back on the Constitution and is no longer based upon the Founders philosophies This book is a simple read, only 176 pages and has a great recommended reading list at the end Anyone who is interested in the beliefs of Dr Paul and the Libertarian Constitution parties platforms would be well advised to read this book.

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