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    The Return is the third outing in the highly acclaimed series featuring the grumpy and sardonic DCI Van Veeteren and whilst the suspense is admittedly fairly muted, a meticulously plotted case, deadpan humour and some prescient flashbacks will once again keep readers thoroughly entertained Written in 1995 but not translated until 2007, the murder of a twice imprisoned man sees Van Veeteren in typical philosophical form, often bemusing his colleagues along the way.Opening in August, 1993 with the release of a man after twelve years spent inside the Big Grey prison, he steps into the morning light with an unspecified clear intention firmly rooted in his mind At the age of fifty seven and with a combined total of twenty four years spent behind bars he can afford to be patient Fast forward to April, 1994 and the discovery in the woods at Behren by a group of children of a corpse rolled inside a filthy carpet, lacking a head, hands or feet and thus impeding identification As the lengthy process of identification drags on, DCI Van Veeteren has the worry of the imminent removal of a four inch cancerous growth from within his large intestine and is summoned to hospital for the operation Typically restless, grumpily recuperating and the scourge of the nursing staff, sidekick M nster keeps him entertained with the rather amusing physical defect one testicle of the victim making for uncomfortable questioning of his nearest and dearest as the team attempt to verify his identity The body is of one Leopold Verhaven and on hearing his name Van Veeteren immediately assumes charge of the case into a man who was no stranger to the headlines As a leading middle distance runner in the 1950 s and the holder of several national records, his subsequent ban from competition and disgrace for substance abuse saw him return to his childhood home, Kaustin, where he was always regarded as something of an eccentric loner Verhaven is also a notorious criminal and something of a one off in that he is the only person in the country to have ever been found guilty of first degree murder twice, despite denying it on both occasions DCI Van Veeteren s predecessor, DCI Mort, led the two investigations with Van Veeteren involved on the fringes of the second murder as a uniformed cop, with a now eighty four year old judge, Heidelbluum, presiding over both cases.Two convictions for murder, separated by twenty years and with a guilty verdict issued in both cases despite largely circumstantial evidence, only for the release of Verhaven to bring a swift meeting with his maker and a brutal death It falls to Van Veeteren and his team to uncover just what has seen a twice convicted killer end his days as a victim As the two convictions for murder are reprised and the efficiency and efforts of the former investigating officers come under scrutiny covering nobody involved in glory, the spurious reasoning leaves a bad taste in the mouth of the current detectives With technical proof rudimentary at best and circumstantial evidence minimal, the entire team are left scratching their heads wondering just what how watertight Verhaven s sentences were Along the way DCI Van Veeteren exposes the media s role in Verhaven s conviction and how public opinion impacted on the cases from both his days as a disgraced athlete to his outsider status in his home town More significantly, if Verhaven was wrongly convicted of two murders then who is the real killer of the two women and who acted to quickly silence Verhaven As the media coverage over the course of Verhaven s life is analysed, Van Veeteren comes to think that he may have been condemned in advance of his two trials Could the rural backwater of Kaustin have been harbouring a double murder all this time As morale amongst the team flags and they await a stroke of genius from DCI Van Veeteren upon his release from hospital, chief of police Hiller assigns all but his unmanageable chief inspector onto other cases More at home tending his botanical office than running a police force, Hiller s inability to comprehend irony is a constant source of amusement for readers and the officers he commands As Van Veeteren formulates his theories he suspects that perhaps Verhaven knew the identity of the murderer and a confrontation has brought a third murder Beatrice Holden in 1962, Marlene Nietsch in 1981, Leopold Verhaven in 1993. did the same man murder them all Given there is nothing that Van Veeteren hates as much as hospitals and things he doesn t understand, his recuperation period sees him issue an ultimatum to satisfactorily resolve a baffling triple murder.Traversing back and forth courtesy of some well placed flashbacks contributes much to the story and has the benefit of inviting readers to make their own judgements and assess the extent to which a person s past and the popular opinion of their peers can prejudice the course of justice Despite the limited suspense, The Return brings readers closer to the secondary police cast, sees Van Veeteren appraise his life and health after a brush with his own mortality and is a plotting triumph with plenty of opportunity for some memorable Nesser characterisation The Return is also an excellent opportunity to learn about the people and passions in fifty seven year old DCI Van Veeteren s life.

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    First Vam Veeteren s team must deal with headless corpse found rolled into an old carpet the body is missing its hands and feet as well Van Veeteren is happy to step aside in this investigation, that is until the body is identified as a former athlete and twice convicted murderer Van Veeteren almost misses his abdominal surgery to take over the reins on this one.

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    The Return by Hakan Nesser.Inspector Van Veeteren is scheduled for surgery A portion of his colon is coming out due to cancer A body has been found in a wooded area of a small quiet town A body with no arms, legs or head Who this person was has the whole dept perplexed including Van Veeteren The Inspector starts attempting to organize the pieces of information he s given by Munster while still in recovery after the surgery Who this victim turns out to be and what became of his life prior to his murder will become one of the most baffling cases in the files of Inspector Van Veeteren to date An excellent mystery and one that any fan follower of the Van Veeteren series does not want to miss The ending was a staggering, mind blowing shock.

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    For some bizarre reason I started listening to this book while mowing a couple of summers ago and then dropped it and only recently came back to it Bizarre because it s it s a good mystery with some bizarre events glued together by Chief Inspector Van Veetteren, known to his colleagues as VV When someone calls and asks to speak with a particular inspector on the case but can t remember the name, he says, you know, the unpleasant one, the really, really unpleasant one He is immediately put through to Van Veeteren A man is found dead and the only apparent identifying trait the head, hands and feet had been removed is that he had but one testicle It turns out that a man convicted of murdering two wives, Verhaven, years before, had just been released from prison after serving a twenty four year sentence and fit that description Whether the man was actually guilty of the murders remains a mystery even though the presiding judge at his trial was absolutely sure he did it But the man didn t care whether he was incarcerated or not And who would want him dead Or did he know who the real killer might be And what is the role of the close knit small community The story jumps around in time, which perhaps was a bit distracting in an audiobook, but it was enjoyable, nevertheless, but somehow also dissatisfying VanVeeteren is an interesting character with untapped promise for a series, yet some of the events and conclusions seem improbable at best.

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    This book introduces a concept I ve not seen before, Klimke s Razor Klimke s Razor is a simple guideline for civilized and intelligent behavior you can not demand of any person you are talking to in a civilized conversation than you are prepared to give yourself Regardless on what is learned, mysteries by Swedish authors should be relished for their own sake.

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    , Nesser.

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    Acho que este livro tem uma melhoria em rela o ao anterior, sem d vida Neste deu mais para entrar no ritmo do policial, sem ter coisas desnecess rias.

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Återkomsten download Återkomsten, read online Återkomsten, kindle ebook Återkomsten, Återkomsten 7ac257f9afb9 A New Case For Chief Inspector Van Veeteren The Complicated History Of A Nearly Perfect Murder On A Sunny August Day A Man Is Released From Prison On A Rainy April Day Children At Play Find His Corpse The Fact That The Dead Man Is Leopold Verhaven Only Becomes Clear After Some Time Because The Mutilated Corpse Is Without Its Head, Legs And Feet Who Would Be Interested In Killing This Man, A Double Murderer Who Spent Years In Prison Determined To Let No Case Go Unsolved, Chief Inspector Van Veeteren Reopens The Case What He Discovers Is That Verhaven Was A Star Sprinter Before He Went To Prison For Allegedly Killing Two Of His Lovers However, He Never Confessed To The Murders And Spent A Lifetime Proclaiming His Innocence Was He Killed Because Someone Thought He Had Not Been Punished Enough Or Was Someone Afraid Of Verhaven S Revenge A Terrible Suspicion Stalks Van Veeteren Had Verhaven Been Telling The Truth Was He Really Innocent