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The Pink Motel quotes The Pink Motel, litcharts The Pink Motel, symbolism The Pink Motel, summary shmoop The Pink Motel, The Pink Motel 6a1e61e8 The Moment Kirby And Bitsy Arrive With Their Parents At Their Newly Inherited Motel In Florida, They Know It S An Unusual Place First Of All, It S Pink Not Just Regular Pink, But Pink, Pink, PINK Then There S The Roster Of Regular Guests An Artist From Greenwich Village, A Magician From The World, And A Carpenter Form Nobody KnowsIt S The Perfect Combination For Adventure From Mysterious Messages To Alligator Hunting, Dognapping, And Great Granduncle Hiram S Rud Secret Treasure The Action At The Pink Motel Never Stops

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    Cute and humorous, though not very realistic Kids would probably eat this one up, but as an adult I saw some glaring holes, likewhere were the adults while the kids were roaming the motel and using things at will from the office Fun, though, even though the setting is of a sketch than a vibrant scene This was my first ever ILL book, so if you re looking for a copy to read, you might just read the same pink hardcover from Texas that I did

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    I liked this one so much I read it aloud to my kids two times What a wonderful story of a family who takes over a motel in Florida, complete with eccentric house guests, friendly neighbors, and even criminal types Our favorite lines come when one of the kids meets a poodle belonging to one of the guests She tells him the dog s name is Pantaloon He says, Nice to meet you, Panty No, it s PantaLOON, she replies To which he responds, Nice to meet you, Loony The kids cracked up so hard and made me read that part over and over These are the kinds of stories that wonderful memories are made of, memories of sitting on the couch with the kids around, just reading and reading till my voice got tired, all of us enjoying the wonderful escape into the world of the story I m so thankful to great writers like Carol Ryrie Brink who helped make those special times possible..

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    I last read this maybe 30 years ago and couldn t have told you a thing about the plot so I decided to read it again I had lots of Oh, yeah moments Oh, yeah, a family from Minnesota inherits a Florida motel, Oh, yeah, the lady and her little show dogs stay at the motel, Oh, yeah, there are gangsters and alligators and a mystery It was sweet and I liked it When I m 70 and have forgotten it again, maybe I ll read it all over.

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    I wasn t going to write a review for this one for a lazy lame reason haha but here are a few thoughts on the story and content It won t be as thorough as my other reviews, since I wasn t planning to give an account for everything in it, but hopefully it will be of some use I liked how the story began Brink had a nice, narrative flow and the opening sentences definitely were curiosity piquing I was just as excited as the children were when they went to the Pink Motel and just as curious over their discoveries And the characters that staid at the Motel were funny, memorable, and all slightly and purposefully over the top the Browns who were too busy to do anything but tan, Sandra who was not interested in anything, Miss Ferry who leaned towards the sarcastic side, and the others who all had their comical moments.The ending was just okay though It turned into a mystery if you can call the obvious a mystery , with the parents being very silly and lacking all manner of discernment, and their son having to solve the mystery to save the day The bad guys felt bad for stealing and planned to give up their thieving ways They were forgiven and everything ended happily ever after.Though not stellar, it was still an enjoyable read And if you like purposefully silly and overblown stories and characters, you ll relish this.Ages 7 12Cleanliness Uses of good gracious goodness goodness sake merciful heavens gee and the like are throughout the book Screwy is used a few times There is a magician who has lost his magical touch he performs little tricks and eventually gets his touch back There is an old woman that teases about having left her wand at home in the broom closet and there are a few other references to being a witch it is left somewhat ambiguous The parents have no discernment and are part of the silly characters of the story Mentions that a boy is colored Like my reviews I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too These reports give a complete break down of everything in the book, so you ll know just how clean it is or isn t I also have Clean Guides downloadable PDFs which enable you to clean up your book before reading it Visit my website

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    A childhood favorite, I cannot say much about the quality of writing or story line, except that I do remember loving it as a child and that must count for something, for though we as adults love to rate and compare children s books from the viewpoint of an adult, there is value in what a child likes to read as a child.

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    There s a weird kind of magical thinking in these books that has gone out of fashion these days Most modern kids books either are firmly rooted in reality or are over the top fantastic This book rides the line in a way you just don t see as much any For instance, the kids teach poodles tricks in hours that would take days or weeks People do and say things that would be schizophrenic in real life and even the villains are cartoonish and silly I m not complaining about any of the above, just saying it s got a definite 1950s feeling about it and it is a lot of fun because of it, not in spite of it.

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    This was my favorite book as a child, and my brother recently reminded me of it It s about a family from Minnesota who inherits a pink motel in Florida Since it was written in 1959, the motel is a series of pink stucco cottages with spanish tile roofs very vintage mid century I ve just re read it thank heaven for Marketplace and loved it just as much Its language is a little archaic, but in a good way And the story holds up well.The Pink Motel attracts all kinds of odd types, and the children in the book are always having adventures, and believable adventures at that.But there s something magic about the motel and the book It s a great read.

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    I vividly remember Mrs Hannah, my 4th grade teacher and one of my all time favs, 1969 , reading this book to us I can still hear her voice and the crinkle that the pages made as she turned them I wish I could remember the content of the story clearly Think I might have to see if there is a Kindle edition and revisit the past This has to be a 5 Star book if I can still remember it after all this time

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    This was one of my top 5 favorite books as a child It s not in print any, as far as I can tell, but if you ever see a copy you should read it It s not the most dramatic plot ever written, but it s such a sweet story and the characters are endearing I highly recommend for children and adults alike.

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    I have the original hardcover copy of the 1960 edition I loved this book as a child in elmentary school I wanted to inherit a pink motel and go to Florida so I could meet all these interesting people What a great introduction to the world of mystery solving I have read it over and over.

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