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The Parade's Gone By... files The Parade's Gone By..., read online The Parade's Gone By..., free The Parade's Gone By..., free The Parade's Gone By..., The Parade's Gone By... 77be1a517 The Magic Of The Silent Screen, Illuminated By The Recollections Of Those Who Created ItA Narrative And Photographic History Of The Early Days Of The Movies, Combining Fact, Anecdote, And Reminiscence In A Critical Survey Of Films, Actors, Directors, Producers, Writers, Editors, Technicians, And Other Participants And Hangers On

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    Totally an Ur text for silent film nerds Fascinating and great 5 stars for the loving description of Buster Keaton s man cave.

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    Kevin Brownlow, who won an Oscar last year in recognition for his work in film preservation, conducted these priceless interviews with silent film actors, directors, and technicians back in the 60s when the pioneers of what would become Hollywood were beginning to die out, rescuing many precious and unique memories from oblivion A one of a kind classic of oral history whose achievement will never be duplicated.

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    This is the book that hooked me on early movies Brownlow was curious, and persistent, and around when the giants were still alive He is also a writer who cares about his subject, and is passionate that you care too He led the way in restoring silent pictures to the place of respect they deserve In Brownlow s view, 1927, the last silent year, was the best year for pictures, ever After you read this, you might agree.

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    I knew this book would be a good resource since I ve seen several other resources cite it, but I still cannot help but be impressed This is a work of love and passion in chronicling the silent film era Not only does it discuss the stars, but it goes into great detail about the technical aspects and how they evolved throughout the time period and how various people played vital roles in that process There are photographs throughout The hardcover book is a veritable tome this is the kind of book you want to throw at a burglar and while it is comprehensive, there are odd omissions Women played a major role in the silent film industry over half of scenario writers were women and while Mary Pickford and Anita Loos are given appropriate nods, women like Clara Bow aren t present at all I wonder at how the availability of interview subjects played a role in that aspect as well One of the great things about this book is that Brownlow didn t simply rely on other books or issues of Photoplay He interviewed repeatedly, in some cases many of the subjects as he assembled this book in the 1960s I m impressed that so much knowledge was preserved because of his work.I was inspired to look on YouTube, and I was surprised to see Brownlow s work didn t end with the completion of this tome He is one of the major figures of film preservation in the last 60 years In particular, he seems to have devoted his life to the work of the French director Abel Gance who he extensively examines in the last chapter of this book and a very recent Blu Ray re mastered release of Napoleon is credited to him I ve said it before, I ll say it again I m impressed.

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    This book can t be bettered for first person source material about the silent era Brownlow seems to undertake monumental tasks as a matter of course, and the quality is always top rate The chapters in this book span every genre and job in the film industry, and they have all kinds of interesting and hilarious things to say.

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    Originally published in 1968, for many, this is understandably the bible for the lover of silent films It s written with genuine love, enthusiasm and knowledge by the film restorer Kevin Brownlow The book is full of stories from the days these films were made, told by the people who made them In many cases Brownlow was lucky to capture the interviews just before it was too late Not only has Kevin Brownlow been a saviour to the physical medium of film, but also to its memory The text is greatly enhanced by many fine, well printed photo s.I do wish the author s epic 1980 TV series Hollywood could somehow get past the various rites issues and get a release It was this series which opened the eyes of many to what the silent film could be, that it was not all about wrong speeds, jerkiness, chases and pies in the face but also beauty, sophistication and emotional power If in doubt, check out Louise Brooks in Diary Of A Lost Girl or Pandora s Box, or Lon Chaney in The Penalty It s a fantastic world.

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    I have wanted to read this book for a long time It s a detailed, well researched encyclopedic gaze into the lost world of silent films Because it s narrated by a camera man, it s also filled with technical detail about the hardware used to create those mesmerizing effects that made us hold our breath Excellent for any film buff The book is excellent because it magnifies the minutia of the silent era There are many names stars, directors, producers, film techniques, studios, and so many talented people who helped create our first cinematic dream world If you like Silent films, get this book tomorrow Even if you ve never read a word on the genre, get it the day after tomorrow You will thank me

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    The granddaddy of silent film books, The Parade s Gone By is a must read, period end of story Brownlow related that this was a book he never wanted to read, he simply used it as an excuse to interview the subjects, it became a book, and a damn fine one, at that This book, probably singlehandedly, inspired me and many others I ll wager to go and explore silent films It s a testament to an age long gone, but told through the eyes of people still who were very much alive and living in the now The first in what I call Brownlow s Trilogy, it s a book that simply must be on any serious film scholar s bookshelf.

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    Kevin Brownlow is a great film historian who spcializes in silent cinema Especially America silent films Also one of the first to really focus on American cinema of the silent years The Parade s Gone By was written in the 60 s, so Brownlow actually interviewed all the participants that are featured in the book What gives this book a little extra something is that he focuses on the cameramen and technicians as well as the stars and the directors You are not going to get much closer to the world of Silent cinema than this book Sort of the big brother or sister to Kenneth Anger s Hollywood Bablyon.

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    Great book, very interesting read, especially with the sections where the author takes stories right from the mouths of the people who lived through the silent era of films It was a good balance of interesting stories, technical aspects and only a tiny bit of gossip In fact i liked the fact it didn t rely heavily on silent era shade and T, there are plenty of those books out there My only criticism is that there is a lot of technical sections regarding the film process and I have no knowledge or interest in the technicals, so those sections dragged for me.If you want to consider yourself a film historian you have to read this book.

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