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    Blood soaked sinfully sexyIt was everything I hoped it would be Sex, blood, pleasure and pain created a wicked lovely blend like no other experience in this world. Travis Luedke has a knack for blending erotica, violence, and humor which keeps me entranced Add to all that a dash of romance and action, and this book is unstoppable.Michelle She was his confessional, his priest, his savior, his own personal Jesus Christ, laying his demons to rest with her touch, presence, and silent acceptance. Michelle has been hunting alone for years As soon as she was free from her abusive master, she vowed to be her own woman beholden to no man or vampire Solitude means safety for her and the human population all of her relationships seem to end in death and sorrow.While stalking the streets of New York, she s accosted by two crooked cops they assume she s a hooker and think they can coerce the pretty little blonde into bribing them with hush money or sexual favorsMichelle has no worries about the cops they re an easy dinner for her Unfortunately, a good Samaritan steps in to save her from the perceived threatAaron Pilan He was now a blood sucking vampire with amazing physical strength and agility, and some rather interesting talents for seduction He had exceptionally acute senses and could read the minds of those nearby He was a slave to the will of his drop dead gorgeous though slightly psychotic vampire master whom he found difficult to trust and was fast learning to fear The question was how did he feel about it Stuck Stuck on her, and stuck with her. Wrong place at the wrong time Aaron was walking home from work when he caught sight of the blonde bombshell being accosted by New York s finest His honor and sense of justice demanded that he step in and help.Funny how one moment can change your fate A struggle with the offers ensues, a shot rings out, and Aaron is left bleeding to death on the sidewalk Michelle has a decision let this sweet innocent man die, or give him a new life.Here s the catch anyone who is turned into a Vampire is basically a slave to the Vampire who created them Michelle s traumatic experience with her own Master kept her from turning anyone, but she can t keep herself from saving the honorable young man who tried so had to save her.Aaron learns all about his new abilities from the powerful woman who now owns his body an soul He s falling under her spell a little each dayAdd to all that A jealous ex,two crooked cops,a clueless roommate,a cougar with a crush,a pimp trying to go legit,and all the excitement of New York CityYou ve got one hell of a story set up A note about the subjective nature of reviews This is not the first book in the Nightlife Series which I ve read My first experience with Travis Luedke s Naughty Vampires was actually The Nightlife San Antonio.Metaphor time Have you ever gone back and listened to the EPs of your favorite artist before they made it big Ever had the pleasure of hearing their greatness being overshadowed by the fact that they were recording in a garage with a cheap microphone This book was a little like thatNightlife San Antonio was a standalone published in 2014, the most recent violently sexy novel in The Nightlife universe The Nightlife New York, however, debuted in 2012 that means Travis Luedke had an additional 2 years and 4 books to perfect his story structure and character development within this series alone The author has several other books outside of this series which also helped him gain proficiency I don t know how I would have felt about this book if it had been my first introduction to this author and series I wasn t crazy about the pacing or the plethora of POVs I admit, I might not have rated this book at a solid 4 stars if I didn t know that this book is a springboard for a pretty fucking spectacular seriesSo there you have it, reviews are subjective, and my experience with this book was colored by my experience I still enjoyed it, and I know I m going to need even of this series Some of My Favorite Moments view spoiler His limited intimate encounters taught him there was considerable effort and occasional begging involved in the removal of women s clothing.What would she do with him if he did come out of it She had lived alone for decades She wasn t exactly prepared to share her life with anyone What a foolish, impetuous thing to do She should end it now, save both of them from years of complications.This time she would dominate, the boy would answer to her in all things But if he began to exhibit the signs, if he became anything like her former master, she d snap his neck without a moment s hesitation The world you once knew is no for you It was so true The freedom he once knew was gone He had begun to learn there were very finite limits to Michelle s patience.Standing there looking down on the world, he felt divorced from the human race, an outsider peeking in windows but never truly entering within He d felt this way before, especially after his father s death, but now it was real He was truly disconnected from all of humanity.He was now a blood sucking vampire with amazing physical strength and agility, and some rather interesting talents for seduction He had exceptionally acute senses and could read the minds of those nearby He was a slave to the will of his drop dead gorgeous though slightly psychotic vampire master whom he found difficult to trust and was fast learning to fear The question was how did he feel about it Stuck Stuck on her, and stuck with her.Whether she was a guardian angel or a demoness didn t matter He was smitten, infatuated, and he could hardly keep his eyes off her She had him good, right where she wanted him, and there wasn t a damn thing he could do about it She owned him body, heart, and soul, and she hadn t even fucked him yet He knew she didn t feel the same way about him.Michelle thought it possible she might eventually develop some sentiment for him He had a certain boyish charm, he seemed so guileless He was not a deceptive or malicious person Those two points alone were enough to hold her attention Such men were a rare find in this culture of artificial personalities He was genuine, maybe a bit too naive, but still genuine.Konowicz ate, slept, and drank of ineptitude to such excess that it rivaled his alcohol consumption.Sex, blood, pleasure and pain created a wicked lovely blend like no other experience in this world.She was his confessional, his priest, his savior, his own personal Jesus Christ, laying his demons to rest with her touch, presence, and silent acceptance.In truth, his existence wasn t entirely carefree His autonomy ended where Michelle s began Being her slave, her servant, was the great misfortune that defined his life, giving distinct flavor to all his moments of freedom and triumph Yet he wasn t bitter He loved her for all that she was, mistakes and attitudes included All things considered, being Michelle s slave was the most fulfilling and enjoyable life he d ever known.He was so much than she ever expected him to be He filled so many diverse roles in her life She couldn t imagine living without him He filled a place in her heart she had not realized was vacant hide spoiler

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    Travis Luedke writes like a woman and I mean that in the most complimentary way If you have followed my reviews, then you know I have historically steered clear of male erotic or romance authors, but over the past year, I have become less discriminating and given books written by men a shot and I ll be the first to admit, I have not been disappointed But that s not really what this review is about, so back to the matter at hand, the book THE NIGHTLIFE NEW YORK is chocked full of naughty characters and I mean naughty in every sense of the word dirty cops and pimps who need to be taught a lesson, along with strippers, hookers and pimps and let us not forget the VAMPIRES After many years of solitude, Michelle, the French vampire seductress and escort extraordinaire finds herself in a precarious situation when she encounters Aaron, a fragile human male on the verge of death Does she leave him for dead or help him along into the world of the supernatural Decisions, decisions Turning him into a vampire will force an eternal bond and a responsibility to him and their secret world that she is just not sure she is willing to take on On the other hand, mastering another could certainly have its perks, so, proving she hasn t lost all her humanity, she saves him, while at the same time, bonding him to her for eternity Michelle and Aaron s journey into the unknown was sexy and exciting to watch as the drama of their new lives together unfolded.THE NIGHTLIFE NEW YORK proves, true to Travis Luedke s description that the Nightlife of New York is never boring Can self control and indulgence go hand in hand Yes, apparently it can and I am game for a lot of both With a bevy of interesting characters and a fantastic story, you are sure to come back for a second helping of what author, Travis Luedke is dishing out I certainly did Reviewed on I Bookie Nookie Reviews______________________________________________________________________If you like this type of book, you might enjoy one of these groups Check us out Menage ReadersErotic EnchantsBookie Nookie s Erotic Lending Group

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    Fair warning, rant ahead No punches held For starters, this book needs some serious editing Michele is a vampire bitch with a holier than though attitude, and the mind and behaviour of a child Aaron is her newly turned pussy whipped slave, one she had no choice but to make vampire because she caused 2 corrupt cops to shoot him Delia, Aaron s ex, is a whiny cunt, yet she still SO DID NOT DESERVE what that monster of a vampire woman Michele did to her at the end The only redeeming quality of this book was BFF Kyle cool dude, decent and honouring the Bro code.As a long term Role Player, I am fascinated by the paranormal and the mysterious aura of the Vampire race In most of the stories I have read, they are the epitome of smooth authority, subtle dominion, overwhelming and incomprehensible charm, and a je ne sais quoi that makes them downright dangerous and irresistible at the same time It hurt me to read a vampire portrayal like the one Mr Luedke described in his book Like, physically hurt Too much cringing Ugh.You would think, someone with the gift of immortality would have had enough time to ponder on life, death and the pursuit of happiness and not react like a teenage goat in heat Oh how I detested Michele Everything about her was just wrong Yes she is French, so I understand the random foreign phrases here and there, but seriously, all these years in New York, and she STILL could not speak proper English A Korean 10 year old would speak better than her in a year Seriously, most of the time, I didn t know if it was the speech that was not properly said to convey her foreign identity, or the bad editing that skipped articles and mismatched tenses.I wish I could write , but I just want to put this book behind me and never go down that road again Not with Mr Luedke anyway

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    Author Travis Luedke has shown a mastery in writing about vampires that is the equal or better than anyone in this genre today Aaron, the innocent young man who had lost his girlfriend, Delia, is ill used by his money grubbing flat mate Kyle But in looks Aaron has potential, and he is intensely interested in beautiful women That s just as well because in this well paced narrative few could ever be unaware of the drop dead gorgeous vampire French cussing, eye popping Michelle We get off to a good start as the local constabulary try to arrest her for prostitution Now, if you are a cop you really must never mistake a vampire for a whore The cops are sent flying, but not before onlooker Aaron takes a bad gunshot wound Michelle carries him to her pad, feeds him her own blood to activate the self healing process that vampires take for granted Alone with Michelle, Aaron who is told she is a vampire and that he is now subservient to her every command is healed, empowered and linked to her forever by the blood she gave him So we come to the book s well documented twin paths to orgasm There s the usual route, which is well illustrated several times in the book, and also there s the a quick sup of blood route Beware the effect of having both together it s like all your birthdays coming at once Not too much blood, however, or the bitten one may become addicted to the biter So starts the couple s nightly search for blood We find out that that the police will be revenged for their humiliation, but we also learn that Michelle is of two minds whether to keep Aaron as her slave or destroy him An artificial ploy that did little for the book These ingredients call for Superman type leaps, fierce eroticism, and Aaron s final dash across New York to answer his mistress s desperate call for help But that s enough of the story R rating is obvious Putting the book down is not advised I only thought the Author went too far when Michelle s disposed of Delia, otherwise this was an impeccable, sexy vampire tale that will be hard to forget.

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    I read this book while riding the subways underground in New York, it seemed appropriate There were a few times when I wondered if the person next to me was trying to read along as I turned the pages, as some of the scenes are a tad graphic, and potentially attention grabbing if one s eye sees a choice word or too while glancing over This book assumes you already know a few specifics about how vampires live It draws from the recent wave of supernatural vampire driven books and adds the specifics of a locality In this case, New York I thought the book was immensely readable Michelle was a well rounded character, as was Aaron I wish there was background on Michelle perhaps in upcoming works in the series Aaron s background gave his character a lot of added dimension.I d recommend this book for people who like a character driven story with a few titillating scenes here and there, and of course those who like vampire novels Looking forward to seeing the series develop All in all, a solid read.

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    My actual rating on this is 3 1 2 stars This was quite a hard review for me to do, as I know Travis Luedke through a couple of the author forums I m on In that regard, I really wanted to love his book, but instead found myself sitting on the fence, not really sure which side I wanted to be on There were things I loved about the books, and there were things I didn t particularly enjoy Overall, it was a book I found myself turning the pages on, and wanting to find out about, which is always a good start It must be said that this is definitely not a Young Adult book Nightlife New York is vampire porn with a sprinkling of romantic attachment The emphasis is definitely on the sex scenes with the rest of the action really acting as spice I have no problem with that aspect of the story, as I knew ahead of time that s what I was going to read So, to the aspects I truly loved The whole vampire bite equals orgasm was a new one I haven t seen before though it might exist elsewhere It was hot, hot, hot, and really drew me in For the most part, I liked Aaron and Michelle and really wanted to find out of their story There were some great, descriptive lines that I had to highlight because I loved them so much For instance, at the start of the book, when highlighting Aaron s naivety, the author says His limited intimate encounters taught him there was considerable effort and occasional begging involved in the removal of women s clothing When describing a vampire s hunt for prey, the author says The vampires slid through the crush of swaying bodies like snakes in tall grass Their prey could not see them coming until it was too late I loved that Michelle spelled out to Aaron exactly what the changes would mean for his life She explained the pros and the cons perfectly, setting up the vampire lores of the Nightlife For instance, they do not stop aging but age very slowly They can also die but are just difficult to kill It was cleverly done Another scene I loved was where Aaron was referring to Michelle s ability to read his every thought He began to get a sick feeling in his gut, suspecting that maybe he could not attain any privacy Would he be doomed to a life where his every thought, no matter how petty and disgusting, his every sin was laid bare for her perusal Who could live with such a burden Could any man live every moment of every day with perfect thoughts This paragraph instantly put me into Aaron s mindset He was living every man s worst nightmare having his every thought invaded and picked over by his girlfriend There d be no of the dreaded tell me what you re thinking Instead it would be let me into your mind Travis got the show don t tell method right when he described the women in the nightclub All these women really wanted was to meet a man not just any man, a man who might be the one These women go out with their friends hoping to be romanced off their feet as they dance the night away with that special man The reality often than not was ridiculous The ladies stayed securely locked away in their safe zone with their girlfriends, brushing away the majority of men who would chance to meet them These girls discouraged and actively worked against the very thing they desired most, a meaningful romantic encounter What a sad, sad truth of how the club scene often works There was also one scene, where Aaron was remembering his father s death that drove home how different Aaron s new life was to his old It came at a perfect time, when Aaron was starting to come across as a cartoonish porn star, reminding me of his humanity and vulnerabilities That being said, there were certain aspects of the book I didn t like as much To be fair, I will split them into two categories storyline and technique Storyline For some reason, the sub plot of the cops was distracting I know it was supposed to add drama to give Aaron and Michelle a life and death situation they had to overcome But the two cops were so dishonest and corrupt that I found myself rolling my eyes at the clich s that came out about them The storyline would have been just as strong, if not stronger, without them I personally think the author spent too much time exploring the backstory of Talco who was of a supporting character Nope not a word, nada Kyle got a kick out of throwing in random words of Spanish He took two years of it in high school This sentence made me curious enough to keep an eye out for any Spanish words coming from Kyle but there was nada, nothing, nil Not one single other Spanish word uttered besides that first, which makes that whole sentence a red herring and completely redundant The one issue I have with most erotic books is that they sometimes fall into the trap of thinking they must one up the last sex scene For me, as a reader, half of my thrill comes from the seduction, not in having the actual sex act explained in intimate detail Less is sometimes , and in this book, I actually found the seduction scenes with the humans far engaging and scintillating than the sex in every position and in graphic detail I got between Aaron and Michelle In fact, their sex scenes barely got my pulse rate up at all, and I found myself skimming over them in the end In some ways, they actually ended up sounding clinical rather than sexy As for the ending, and Michelle handling of Delia I did not like that at all It really was the one thing that almost knocked me to the other side of the fence Maybe it is a personal thing, or a female thing, but I found the justification of their revenge to be a little too misogynistic for my liking Perhaps if Aaron had pulled Michelle up afterwards and told her he didn t approve, I could have overlooked the scene I don t mind rape in a book, as long as it is in context, and definitely not glorified It has to be recognized as an horrific act, and seen as traumatic for the victim Delia was a pain in the ass who was jealous that her ex had a hot, new girlfriend I would have liked to cheer Michelle on for dealing with her, but her punishment was way over the top Just because the person raping Delia was a woman, doesn t make it any less disturbing or disgusting There were far better ways Delia could have been dealt with Until that ending, I was going with a four star rating but I did find it so disturbing that I had to drop half a star Technique Repetition the author got bogged down with a few words Blond being one of them In the opening chapters, the term blond was used to describe Michelle so many times that it became overkill In the space of 2 pages, Michelle was referred to as the five foot blond bomb, the blond goddess, and a beautiful blond vision of perfection Reference was made to her tousled blond curls Aaron could not take his eyes off the blond to save his own life Then the blond hesitated, the blond offered, the cop shot the blond By the end, I was yelling at my Kindle I get it She s blond Get over it already There were a couple of other words the author fixated on like cattle to refer to the humans as well as relying too heavily on he as a sentence starter but the blond was the one that really grated on my nerves Using bold to emphasise a statement is like using a sledgehammer to crack open an egg shell I noticed the author used it quite a bit to transmit urgency Trust that your readers know when things are urgent You don t have to spell it out for them In terms of grammar and spelling, there was slightly than average The one other major complaint I have is the use of gangster speak I get it in dialogue, and am okay with it when used sparingly Personally, I don t think it should find its way into the narrative, which it did on quite a few occasions in Nightlife New York Again, less is Used sparingly, it can be effective Overused, it just becomes distracting Overall, I did enjoy The NIghtlife New York and look forward to reading Nightlife Vegas, and definitely Nightlife Paris It s a good book to read if you like your vampire stories to get your blood pumping, and a very good first outing for Travis Luedke I do feel kind of guilty for the 3 star rating, and really would have liked to give four stars, but you need to remember that a large portion of your readership are female, and will feel quite disturbed by Michelle s heavy handed pun intended handling of Delia Riley BanksAuthor of Vampire Origins The Strigoi Book 1 Project Ichorous and The William S Club

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    A sexy vampire love storyMichelle is introduced to the reader as a vampire with a conscience shaped by her past with a nasty vampire master Her last intention is to convert sweet, innocent Aaron, but he was in the wrong place at the wrong time so her choice is limited blood enslave him or let him die.The author has created a vampire world, which is colorful, full of life, sex, and danger The human cattle display flashes of decency, but also weakness of character that makes us poor mortal souls seem rather depressing although there is one human story that comes good which was great to see But what I loved most about this story was the character development Aaron comes into his own as a vampire and, by the end of the story, I was smitten by him Michelle has to overcome her personal fears and open herself to love and trust The result is a relationship I for one like to see The writing is unique another reviewer mentioned slightly narrated I think I agree with this There was a slight distance to the telling, but it was refreshing and flowed beautifully Overall, an easy and very enjoyable read with solid character development, a realistic plot threading through, and some despicable antagonists who receive their due.

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    Let me start by saying that I don t read vampire books After years in the corporate world, I ve had enough of bloodsucking freaks and people looking for the opportunity to take a bite out of me to last a couple of lifetimes I write comedy and generally wouldn t know a good vampire book if it bit me Sorry, couldn t resist But I ve gotten to know Travis T.W through a writer s group we re both proud members of and I ve been impressed by how hard he works and how supportive he is of other writers Many other indie authors should take noteI also don t reviews books I haven t read, and when I read outside my normal comfort zone for the purpose of doing a review, I look for several things, regardless of genre The ability to tell a strong, coherent story through some great characters is central The Nightlife New York delivers on both fronts Luedke is a very good storyteller and he s developing a style that provides readers with the ability to see things for themselves as opposed to merely being talked to by the author The two main characters are handled well and they share commonality as well as maintain enough differences to keep the conflict at the forefront Luedke maintains solid pace throughout the book and it has a well executed arc I think his secondary characters could have been drawn a bit sharper but that s a very minor criticism.At the end of the book it s clear that Luedke has set himself up for a long run with this series There are a limitless number of locales where individual books can be set and he s done a nice job of opening up potential directions on a number of different fronts I ll be interested to see if he decides to use a major third character as the consistent pursuer of the two main characters as they change locations in the tradition of Detective Girard in The Fugitive or if Luedke uses different ones in each book Regardless, I ll be keeping an eye on this one.As an indie writer, I often hear from readers that they re reluctant to give self published indies a shot And I say to them, once again, that books like The Nightlife New York is one example of what you re missing.

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    Plain ol ordinary, long suffering Aaron Pilan is too good for his own good and it gets him involved with the sexy, beautiful Michelle when he intervenes in a confrontation and receives a mortal gunshot wound for his trouble Now, his life is irreversibly changed, and no two ways about it.Travis Luedke has woven an astonishing vampire tale, utilizing some tried and true details along with his own special twists resulting in an unputdownable book The rapid pace of the writing is very engaging so engaging I was compelled to read it in a single sitting.The sex scenes were amazing, and the action was at least equally spectacular Did I mention I couldn t move my eyes from this book Until now, I ve been very disappointed in the modern vampires and have assiduously avoided them Luedke has pulled me back into the fold with The Nightlife New York.I m giving The Nightlife New York five stars only because I haven t any stars to give I can t wait to sink my teeth into the next installment Well done, Mr Luedke

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    Travis Luedke is the author of the series The Nightlife New York is the first book and is written with a fluidity that shows the experience of someone who has a solid grasp of the writing craft The characters pulled me into the plot, and I lasted in my seat until I was finished with the story It is a compelling read It is flawless I m really interested to see how Luedke continues with this compelling Saga It is a Vampire story with a unique twist, which is certainly needed in this time when so many writers are copying the genre that made Twilight what it is, but I m afraid many of these writers will fall away I m confident Luedke will remain a prominent author once the dust settles and I wish him all the best

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The Nightlife: New York download The Nightlife: New York, read online The Nightlife: New York, kindle ebook The Nightlife: New York, The Nightlife: New York c3a1207b01e8 Vampires, Strippers, Escorts, Night Clubs, Gangs, Pimps And Corrupt Cops, The Nightlife Of New York Is Never BoringIs She A Beautiful Blond Guardian Angel As He Imagined, Or Something Else Entirely When Michelle Saves Aaron S Life She Shares The Benefits Of Her Blood After Getting Him Shot Accidentally He Awakes A Changed Man, Living In A Purgatory Of Eternal Night, Never To See The Sunrise AgainMichelle Drags Aaron Through A Hardcore Learning Curve Of Vampiric Slavery Forced To Adapt To Servitude, Aaron Is Subject To Her Authority Of Compulsion She Orders Him Around Like A Puppet On A String, A Dog On A Very Short Leash First Things First, He Must Learn To Feed Properly Without Creating Bloodslaves Humans Addicted To The Powerful Drug Like Effect Of Their Venomous BiteAnd Then She Puts Him To Work A Male Escort In The Sex Trade Same As Michelle Aaron Walks A Tightrope Of Strictly Controlled Feeding Regiments And Intensely Erotic Sexual Adventures While Catering To The Neurotic Control Freak Tendencies Of His New Master It S Do Or Die, Michelle Vows To Eliminate Him If He Proves Too Difficult To Control The Real Kicker Amidst All These Shocking And Degrading Adjustments, Aaron Finds He S Falling In LoveCan He Maintain And Keep A Sliver Of His Humanity Intact Innocence Is A Luxury Few Can Afford In The Decadent Nightlife Of New York In A World Where Sex, Blood, And Power Over Women Is So Readily Accessible, Aaron Struggles Against The Predatory Instincts Deeply Rooted In His New Psyche He Must Find His Way Quickly, Practicing Rigid Self Control, Or Risk The Consequences Of Michelle S Wrath