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The New-Old World pdf The New-Old World, ebook The New-Old World, epub The New-Old World, doc The New-Old World, e-pub The New-Old World, The New-Old World 5c44256ef9e A Magisterial Analysis Of Europe S Development Since The End Of The Cold WarThe New Old World Looks At The History Of The European Union, The Core Continental Countries Within It, And The Issue Of Its Further Expansion Into Asia It Opens With A Consideration Of The Origins And Outcomes Of European Integration Since The Second World War, And How Today S EU Has Been Theorized Across A Range Of Contemporary Disciplines It Then Moves To Detailed Accounts Of Political And Cultural Developments In The Three Principal States Of The Original Common Market France, Germany And Italy A Third Section Explores The Interrelated Histories Of Cyprus And Turkey That Pose A Leading Geopolitical Challenge To The Community The Book Ends By Tracing Ideas Of European Unity From The Enlightenment To The Present, And Their Bearing On The Future Of The Union The New Old World Offers A Critical Portrait Of A Continent Now Increasingly Hailed As A Moral And Political Example To The World At Large

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    The irrepressible Peregrine turns his sights on Europe Let the bourgeoisie cower, for none is safe from his rapier wit Anderson on French Theory an intellectual fever in the mid sixties that spilled over into society in general by 68 There s a certain intuitive plausibility to that Just as the arguments assuming they had arguments of Derrida, Foucault, Lacan, Deleuze co, are notoriously difficult to summarize, it s also very hard to pin down the exact cause that led to the revolts in Paris A pure libidinal upsurge quoting Marx and Nietzsche

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    This book is composed of articles Anderson had written over a decade or so, mostly for the LRB This gives the book an uneven structure, as the pieces were written at different times for slightly different purposes What s as surveys of specific nation states they ll date Having said this, they are brilliant examples of synthesis Anderson is terrifically erudite, and these show his command of other sources for there is no primary research involved here Anderson gives sweeping outlines of the various countries Germany, France, Italy, Cyprus, Turkey If you want examples of how to do a concrete examination of various nations political cultures, these are wonderful Still, one never quite gets a sense of Europe as Europe as a semi unified entity, with its own larger dynamics Indeed, the opening and closing essays only highlight this lacuna, for they examine the history of Europe as a concept and creation and its potential future What s , most of the essays were written before the GFC, which means that already they feel a little dated In a decade, one suspects the book will feel all the so.

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    A beastly tome in the Pez mode I will note my dissent from his all too casual dismissal of science fiction, an error I could have forgiven if he hadn t professed his love here for the truly God awful films of Jean Luc Godard.

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    The New Old World by Perry Anderson is an excellent work of European political history It narrowly avoids the classification of history and political science by explicating, reflecting, and commenting on the various individual political and theoretical writings addressing its various pursuits while pointedly avoiding laying out its own theoretical framework Anderson offers a collection of essays that explore the political histories of the European Union s core countries, its theoretical justifications, and in particular, its expansionary philosophy More than this it exposes the individual political cultures and pertinent histories of these countries to divine their relationship to the European Union conceptually and practically This offers a fantastic insight into contemporary academic streams of thought in these countries, as well as their detailed political developments In the core countries this focuses on the last 30 years or so, while in the cases of Cyprus and Turkey it goes back to their foundational years.Anderson s language and writing style are academic but eminently engaging His original expression is both enjoyable and rewarding I have a list of words I ve seldom or never encountered before The single challenge I can offer this work is its partial time sensitivity Anderson s detailed engagement with contemporary political writings, not to mention political developments, will make this work slightly less valuable as time, and the EU, move forward Eastward.

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    The New Old World is a collection of essays written by Perry Anderson over a period of ten years, between 1995 and 2005 It covers the origins of the European Union, from its inception after World War II, under a strong Atlantic influence, to the threshold of the Euro Since the last essay was written the book was published in 2009 a lot has changed in Europe, and the world The value of this work is still the perspective it gives on the utter treachery that distorted the European idea, as conceived by its precursors, Monnet, Schuman, De Gaulle, Adenauer From the onslaught of neoliberalism, starting in 1973 in Chile with the Pinochet coup, through the Reagan and Thatcher years, a united and democratic Europe sank to the depth of lost ideas The neoliberal, banksters , crisis of 2008, the sinking of Greece, the fascist coup in Kiev, the utter obscenity of the so called anti Russia sanctions, have buried the dream, perhaps forever.The book is now out of date, particularly the chapters on France one of the losers in the new Europe dominated by the Berlin Washington London axis and Turkey, now in the grip of a new fascism under Erdogan Yet it does evoke what could have been.

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    Does a decent enough job knocking down those pompous Eurocratic fart sniffers a peg or two but sadly doesn t go all in as much as possible on bashing the moronic skull of Habermas fully into the ground There s some interesting commentary not overtheorized Marxoid babble on the modern cultural faults in France Germany Turkey before the full outbreak of the Eurozone mess of the 2010 s exposed the Eurotards collective bad faith.

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    Grandes reflexiones sobre la historia reciente de Europa y la construcci n de la Uni n Europea centradas en Francia, Alemania e Italia El autor se fija en la decandencia y auge de sus proyectos pol ticos tanto como en su conexi n con las ideas intelectuales Muy recomendable.

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    Reaction can solve tasks the revolution has failed to acquit.

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