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  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • The Moon Over Star
  • Dianna Hutts Aston
  • English
  • 14 December 2019
  • 9780803731073

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    Loved it I ve been mulling around a review for a week or so now and just don t think I can fully capture how much I enjoyed and appreciated this story It focuses on a family s experiences surrounding the launch of Apollo 11 and the subsequent moon landing It s wonderful in that the little girl s enthusiasm and imagination are so vivid, yet this contrasts with her grandfather s perspective that the space mission is a waste of time and money that could be better spent elsewhere Gradually, the granddaughter comes to understand that her grandfather s challenging life of hard work and scarcity with the Great Depression and she gains an appreciation for all that he endured, although her imagination has been so sparked by the Apollo 11 mission that nothing dampens her enthusiasm and her belief that she can make her dreams come true The illustrations are as wonderful as the story Highly recommended So many books about space focus on the scientific realms, or what it is like to be an astronaut IN space, that I think this book brings a beautiful comparison in that it focuses on the wonderment that the moon landing brought to others, just the everyday people who could watch and be amazed.

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    Gorgeous paintings A story that ended up bringing tears to my eyes, even though I thought it was not much better than mediocre for quite some time The story didn t flow easily, I didn t think, but it ended up being emotionally moving The granddaughter grandfather relationship is wonderful.Not only wasn t I in awe but I wasn t even properly impressed with the first moon landing Since then I ve read books that have helped me to see the importance of that moment This is one of them, and the best part of this book other than some of the illustrations is how the girl in the story and her grandfather too find personal meaning in what s a worldwide sensation.This is one of six books for the November space theme at the Picture Books Club at the Children s Books group and I m so glad, because even though I like Aston and Pinkney, I doubt that I would have picked it up otherwise, and I ended up really enjoying it I m glad we have this historical fiction selection in the midst of mostly non fiction books this month.4 stars for the paintings and 3 stars for the story.

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    This is a story of a girl named Mae who follows the first moon landing in 1969 This book is wonderfully illustrated with a heartwarming connection between a girl and her seemingly set in his ways grandfather Mae is intrigued by astronauts moon landing and her grandfather thinks the money spent to fund the landing could be well used on earth In the story Mae sits in front of the TV watching the landing with 600 million other people around the world That moment must have been amazing My favorite line from the book is when Mae and her family were staring up at the sky, And what I could see in my imagination, Were better than any picture show I could just feel how she felt at that moment and what she must have been imagining I enjoyed the uplifting moment at the end when Mae and her grandfather talked about dreaming So sweet This is a Picture Book Club read found here

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    3rd 5thJerry Pinkney s illustrations in watercolors grab a reader when they first open the book In the course of this 32 page book he has illustrations of a rural farm, where kids are pretending to be astronauts, to the span view between the earth and the moon, to the launch of a rocket and the surface of the moon The realism that he creates in watercolor is remarkable He created beautiful landscapes and also is able to represent the loving relationship between a young girl and her grandfather The story by Dianna Hutts Aston is an account of the day the United States astronauts landed on the surface of the moon and how that accomplishment inspired a little girl to believe that she could someday be able to achieve her goals also The story does a good job interjecting factual material to create this story about a girl s family and their reaction on that historic day.Social Studies Science Language ArtsLesson s about the US space program and the sense of pride that Americans felt about the accomplishments that were made can be illustrated by using this book with Social Studies classes in conjunction with a lunar landing lesson This book could also be good in Language arts by having the children write about the things they felt Mae would accomplish in her life after being inspired that day.

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    Further back than my memories go, there have ALWAYS been footprints on the moon They were there than a decade before I was born, so I always sorta took this for granted There have ALWAYS, to my mind, been footprints on the moon even though I know there haven t , and there have ALWAYS been space shuttles even though I know there weren t and there have ALWAYS been astronauts and so on.For my young nieces, we have ALWAYS known about extra solar planets some of which are earth like , and we have ALWAYS had a camera on Mars, and Pluto has ALWAYS been something OTHER than a planet We ve always had cell phones and GPS and satellite TV, for that matter, as far as they re concerned It s hard enough for anybody born after the moon landings, I think, to really feel what a big thing that was How quickly it became history, just another obvious fact that everybody knows This book does a good job of encapsulating the wonder and amazement that I imagine must have been all around for everybody well, almost everybody at the time Space It was different then, I guess.

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    A beautiful, verse written account of a family s fascination with the launching and landing of Apollo 11 Mae s interactions with her grandfather are sincere and heartfelt Mae s interactions with her cousins is a great example of childhood exploration and fun I was rather fond of Mae s thinking, her maturity, and her ability to dream Pinkney s illustrations are pieces of art, remarkable, never has the moon looked so beautiful.

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    I loved this book My four year old wasn t super into it, but at least he sat through it.

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    Journey back to 1969 and the lunar landing seen through the eyes of Mae, a young girl who has lots of dreams of her own Aston s poetry pairs flawlessly with Pinkney s illustrations as we see a group of children celebrate the landing in their own way They build a rocket of their very own with scraps from the yard and gather together with rapt faces watching the landing as it happens All are caught in the moment of history except Gramps who isn t sure it has anything much to do with him But even he is captured when the landing itself is on TV, and he begins to recall his own dreams as a boy.Both author and illustrator capture the same tone, something not easily done They both linger on images that unite us all Youth and age, hard work and dream, family both small and large Through Aston s gem like poetry we can experience the wonder of the day Through Pinkney s illustrations we can see and also feel the heat, the closeness, the amazing moment.An amazing achievement in cooperation, just like the lunar landing, this book truly brings the landing itself and its importance to modern children Appropriate for ages 4 7, it will be most appreciated by older children who can understand the beauty of the book.

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    One summer day, in 1969, a young girl named Mae, together with her extended family, gathered to celebrate a momentous occasion in human history the landing of three astronauts on the moon Praying for the safety of those far off voyagers in church, acting out their adventures with a home made shuttle of their own, watching Walter Cronkite s broadcast on television, Mae and her family were moved and inspired by the events of this extraordinary day All of them, or so it seemed but Mae s GrampsI found myself unexpectedly moved by the conclusion of The Moon Over Star, a fictional examination of the famous lunar landing by Dianna Hutts Aston, whose non fiction picture books, like An Egg Is Quiet and A Seed Is Sleepy , have been such hits with me The pencil, ink and watercolor illustrations by Jerry Pinkney were absolutely gorgeous, of course, but the narrative took a little while to win me over I just didn t feel that involved in the story, at the beginning But by the end, I was convinced that Aston had done something pretty remarkable perfectly capturing the wonder of that day, for young Mae perhaps named in honor of Mae Jemison, the first African American woman astronaut , while also ably depicting the bittersweet nature of such celebratory moments, for those whose dreams may have remained unfulfilled I liked the fact that the author didn t feel the need to beat us over the head with anything Gramps didn t feel as enthusiastic as the rest of the family, and while we can intuit that this was owing to the hardships of his life, and possibly an inability to follow some of his own dreams the passing reference to the magical experience of seeing airplanes for the first time , in the end, the focus is on the love between grandparent and grandchild, and their mutual acceptance of the other s emotional response to the day Just a lovely little book, really and one I might not have picked up, had it not been one of our November selections in The Picture Book Club to which I belong.

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    In The Moon Over Star by Dianna Hutts Aston and illustrated by Jerry Pinkey is a 32 pages picture book in a first person point of view focusing on Mae s emotions of witnessing Neil Armstrong as being the first man landing and walking on the moon When the news said Armstrong and his crew were planning to make a historical movement by being the first human being on the moon, Mae and her cousins were influenced and inspired which caused them to use their imagination to play and act as if they are astronauts They will often time use any boxes they can find to act as if is the space shuttle When Mae was playing, she told her cousins that she plans to become a successful astronauts like Armstrong someday and to go and see the moon One night, Mae and her family witness Armstrong taking his first step on the moon and Mae and her cousins were extremely excited because they never seen anything that amazing While she and the rest of the family were celebrating, Mae s grandfather was sitting on the front porch and she went to ask why is he not joining the crowd to witness a historical moment and expressed to him that she wants to become an astronaut and someday travel to the moon Her grandfather was proud of her and encouraged her to not give up but to pursue it He began to tell her about a time when he first saw an airplane which amazed him and he still continued to dream about driving an airplane This is a recommended book for children to read because it is very inspiring and encouragement to the readers that they should never give up on their goals and should pursue it Everyone have their own inspirations and goals they want to accomplish but sometimes feel they will not be able to because they feel they are not good enough One of my favorite quote from the book is Gramps had looked to the moon all of his life It told him when to plant and when to harvest And once upon a summer s night, It told me to dream Aston This quote is so inspiring because it made me realized that as long as we have faith in ourselves there is nothing we cannot complete in life As individuals we need to be brave and have the courage and need to keep dreaming and looking forward to the goals we have for ourselves.

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The Moon Over Starcharacters The Moon Over Star, audiobook The Moon Over Star, files book The Moon Over Star, today The Moon Over Star, The Moon Over Star f8146 In July , The World Witnessed An Awe Inspiring Historical Achievement When Neil Armstrong And Buzz Aldrin Became The First Humans To Set Foot On The Moon For The Young Protagonist Of This Lyrical And Hopeful Picture Book, That Landing Is Something That Inspires Her To Make One Giant Step Toward All Of The Possibilities That Life Has To Offer Caldecott Honor Winning Painter Jerry Pinkney And The Poetic Dianna Hutts Aston Create A Moving Tribute To The Historic Apollo Mission, Just In Time To Commemorate Its Upcoming Fortieth Anniversary

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