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The Main Corpse chapter 1 The Main Corpse, meaning The Main Corpse, genre The Main Corpse, book cover The Main Corpse, flies The Main Corpse, The Main Corpse 6a3a5ca21d3c8 She Has Been Called The Julia Child Of Mystery Writers Now, Diane Mott Davidson, Who Masterfully Served Up The Last Suppers, Killer Pancake, And Dying For Chocolate, Returns With An Irresistible Five Star Helping Of Suspense When Caterer Goldy Schulz Takes A Job With A Multimillion Dollar Financial Firm, She Finds Herself In A High Stakes World Where Someone Is Out To Make A KillingGoldy, Owner Of Goldilocks Catering, Barely Weathered A Disastrous Spring In Which Relentless Rains And Driving Snow Put A Real Damper On Her Business But Now, Thanks To Her Best Friend, Marla, The Colorado Caterer Is Suddenly Cooking Up A Stormlovingly Preparing Crab Quesadillas, Tomato Brie Pie, And Gold Foil Wrapped Fudge Bars For Her Wealthy New Client, Prospect Financial PartnersThe Prospect Partners Financial Whiz, Tony Royce, With Whom Marla Is Having A Tempestuous Affair, And Albert Lipscomb, Who Is Personally Managing Marla S Money, Have Hired Goldy To Prepare A Sumptuous Party To Kick Off Their Latest Venture The Reopening Of The Eurydice Gold Mine Anxious To Take Advantage Of A Golden Opportunity, Goldy Arrives At The Mine Site Early, Loaded Down With Goodies Yet Just When She Thinks She Can Relax, All Hell Breaks Loose And The Main Culprit Is MarlaHer Best Friend Is Sure The Mine Venture Is A Scam And When, Several Days Later, Albert Ends Up Missing, It Looks As If Marla Was Right Why, Then, Is The Police Captain Treating Goldy S Best Friend As If She Had Committed A Crime And How Can Goldy Keep Her Fourteen Year Old Son Arch And His Unreliable Bloodhound From Making Matters Worse As Goldy Works Furiously To Restore Her Business By Whipping Up Hot, Fragrant Sour Cream Cherry Coffeecake And Featherlight Cinnamon Scones, She Findsherself Drawn Into A Most Unusual Situation Of Missing Partners, Stolen Millions, And Multiple Homicides And Only When Goldy Can Discover Which Of The Victims Is The Main Corpse Will She Be Able To Unravel The Mystery That Threatens To Cancel Out Her Friend S Dearest Asset Her Life From The Paperback Edition

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    Book Review 4 of 5 stars to The Main Corpse, the 6th of 17 books in the Goldy Bear Shultz Culinary cozy mystery series, written in 1996 by Diane Mott Davidson In this release, Goldy must protect her best friend Marla from a potential financial scheme and possible murder They say money is the root of all evil, and sometimes, it is true I m not sure where that saying originated perhaps something to research , but it s definitely accurate in this delectable cozy mystery Marla, Goldy s best friend, who has inherited and made a significant amount of money over the years, is looking to invest it in something new When Marla mixes business with pleasure, Goldy warns her to be careful, but it ends up too late Marla is accused of causing her boyfriend s disappearance and then additional murders Goldy uses her culinary skills to try and solve the case by baking delicious meals for the financial firm, of course , hoping to clear Marla and make some money herself Though I love these books, and I totally understand why not, wouldn t it just be easier if Marla gave Goldy some money and they focused only on cooking and not trying to pay the bills and track criminals But then where would we beI enjoy cozy mysteries and this particular one is an example of why It s well rounded, has some fun crimes to solve, delicious recipes and memorable characters When I need a few hours of respite, away from work or the other stresses of life, curling up on the couch or in bed with some down home, friendly people, putting my brain to a little bit of a welcome challenge, and immersing myself in someone else s world, things somehow look rosier when I m done And this is one of those series that although there are a few weak books, for the most part a good 85% of them are either good or great stories Certainly not a thriller or suspense series by any nature, but still a good mystery with several criminals and a few fun side stories with interesting characters About Me For those new to me or my reviews here s the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads, and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you ll also find TV Film reviews, the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I ve visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the who what when where and my pictures Leave a comment and let me know what you think Vote in the poll and ratings Thanks for stopping by.

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    For once I thought that Goldy wasn t going to do anything too over the top ridiculous and then I got to page 197 adobe ebook version I know I just need to get over it and suspend all disbelief when I read these books, but I still hold on to some shred of hope that Goldy s actions will be based somewhat on reality In this case, she, General Bo and her son Arch hold up an ambulance, kidnap Marla from it she had been arrested but on her way to the hospital due to a risky idea of Goldy s , throw away the gun of law enforcement, allegedly knocks out another law enforcement officer and track down a murderer Why her husband puts up with her condescending attitude towards him or even condones her law breaking, I m not sure, but it baffles this reader Aside from the craziness, the story was an interesting one and while I did figure out the murderer fairly early on, there were some good twists and turns Not to mention, I must try the cherry coffee cake recipe it looks amazing.

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    Well, if this book is anything to go by, this year will be a great year for me, reading wise Diane Mott Davidson wrote an amazing book with the perfect amount of suspense mixed with mystery Simply, wonderful

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    Now I understand that when you read this genre, you have to take a giant step away from reality, but when a caterer kidnaps a jail inmate while she is being transported to a medical facility not all should be forgiven just because your husband is a member of the local police department.That really was my only complaint about this book I enjoy Goldy Schultz and the crazy antics that she gets herself into Really, who else is called to cater a company luncheon in an old mine that four wheel drive vehicles have a hard time getting to but her old trusty catering van has no trouble with Goldy really does have the golden touch, not just with food, but apparently with terrain also Goldy s best friend Marla is now out of the hospital after suffering a heart attack and has invested in the Eurydice Gold Mine On a deeper look, boyfriend Tony Royce and financial advisor Albert Lipscomb may have something to hide When a fraud is discovered and the partners are missing, Goldy rushes to her friend s aid, but this time Goldy may have gone too far and has managed to put not only herself, but her loved ones as well, in great danger In this book, you will say goodbye to one character and hello to another I will miss one, who always brought a smile to my face and will I withhold judgment on the new addition There is real potential in this young man, but we will see where Ms Davison goes with him Once again, I suggest that you start this series from the beginning so you can appreciate all the quirks that are Goldy She is quite an endearing character, and one that you will enjoy coming back to time and time again.

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    Of all the cozy mysteries that I listen to, this is my favorite.

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    Been a while since I have read a book in this series I forgot how much I enjoy them.

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    This book was a good distraction from real life, especially the news of late Still, I m surprised by how much trouble Goldy chooses to get into, especially considering she s married to someone in the Sheriff s department

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    Although I did like this one than The Last Suppers I did have a small issue with it Goldy goes completely rouge in this one For what ever reason that bothered me It was kinda slow moving up until the point of the book where she breaks Marla out of jail The whole book seemed kinda all over the place.very manic.which I guess makes sense because the whole thing with Marla being accused of murder is making Goldy crazy I felt better after she called Tom that morning after being in the Hardcastle place It was like an anchor was dropped It kinda upset me that Goldy just took off and left without any regard for anything With that being said, I thought the ending was kinda badass Love how Goldy went after Tony with the shovel.

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    I thought this series was okay, if not my favorite, before I got to this book When the protagonist commits multiple felonies that were completely unnecessary in my opinion , and there are no consequences for her actions, that is just too much for me This is the last book of the series that I read I won t be back.

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    A WONDERFUL BOOK I love the characters in this series They really feel like family to me I just couldn t believe that Marla got duped in this one She just doesn t seem like someone that would take a bunch of bull off of anyone I can t wait to read in the series

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