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The Lipstick Laws txt The Lipstick Laws , text ebook The Lipstick Laws , adobe reader The Lipstick Laws , chapter 2 The Lipstick Laws , The Lipstick Laws 711a3e At Penford High School, Britney Taylor Is The Queen Bee She Dates Whomever She Likes, Rules Over Her Inner Circle Of Friends Like Genghis Khan, And Can Ruin Anyone S Life With A Snap Of Perfectly Manicured Fingers Just Ask The Unfortunate Few Who Have Crossed Her For April Bowers, Britney Is The Answer To Her Prayers April Is So Unpopular, Kids Don T Know She Exists One Lunch Spent At Britney S Table, And April Is Basking In The Glow Of Popularity But Britney S Friendship Comes With A High Price Tag, And April Decides It S Not Worth The Cost Inspiring And Empowering, This Is The Story Of One Girl Who Decides To Push Back

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Lipstick Laws book, this is one of the most wanted Amy Holder author readers around the world.

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    This was a nice fun read that is realistic YA Fiction and does center on the topic of bullying which ISN T so light but the format of the book does not get all that heavy and retains its light quality through most of it.April is starting her second year at this school and has no friends..her bestie has moved away and she is all alone Not for long though April is thrilled when Britney the most popular girl in school invites April to eat with her And just like that..a friendship is born Not really Britney is not a nice person and gets pleasure in tormenting other students When Britney turns on April she decides to fight back.I know I have not said alot..I have not even got into the Rank a skank or the Lipstick laws follow them or you could find yourself out of the clique But that s OK as I think you get the picture.I enjoyed this It is told from April s POV and she is a witty and fun narrator I should warn though that this book is very YA and it bothered me a bit The whole thing about April swooning over Mathew and the corny nicknames she gives him I could have done without But on the whole, I liked this It is not the best book on Bullying but it is not the worst either and if you can deal wit h the whole YA aspect you will find a cool story in here that does make you think and that is very involving Four stars from me.

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    If you don t take this book too seriously, it s a fun and enjoyable read filled with laugh out loud moments It s not particularly life changing and the angst is only small scale thank god but this is what made it so refreshing It s the age old story of surviving high school and all the cliques, bitchiness, gossiping and heartbreak that goes with it Put simply, this is a novel about boyfriends, girlfriends, and make up Naturally, it s full of jealousies and insecurities as well but the tone is very light.The book opens up on the school bus with April the protagonist comparing her non existent boobs with that of Double D Darci and admitting to her obsession with bra stuffing If only I could say I never did that to get in to older films at the cinema It s a story that nearly every teenage girl can relate to in some way and anyone who s ever been to high school will definitely recognise some if not all of the characters It reminds me a lot of Mean Girls, a movie that is so much than meets the eye.April is a decent character, but not a great one funny and easy to relate to, but nothing special She has all the stereotypical qualities that we expect from a teenage girl in a young adult chick lit novel, and exactly nothing extra to make her stand out she delivers our expectations and never exceeds them.So. will you like this book You probably will if You enjoyed the movie Mean Girls You are a fan of light hearted, chick lit novels You re into the less than serious high school dramasThis book won t change your life or give you a brand new perspective on some philosophical idea, but who reads a book called The Lipstick Laws for that kind of thing anyway It s humourous and very easy to read.

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    The first thing that grab me about this book was the striking cover that makes it hard to resist Normally, I would say no to the whole mean girl subject, as I am not a big fan But I thought I give it a try and well I was right, it still isn t my thing.The Lipstick Law is a fun and quick read that made me laugh out loud several times but as an older reader reading young adult, I found this too young for me I couldn t relate to the characters and the choices they made Not that I didn t like April, the main character, she has all the factors that make her likeable but rather I couldn t understand her reasons why she let her so called friends treat her that way There just wasn t enough depth to the characters However I do think younger teens will love this I am thinking of buying a copy for my 13 year old niece The fast moving plot and fun premise makes the pages just fly by Actually, I could see this book being made into a hit teen movie.Overall, this book just wasn t my style Would I read something else by Amy Holder Probably if the blurb on the book interested me Thank you to netgalley and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for providing me a copy.

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    I loved this book Filled with witty, laugh out loud moments, The Lipstick Laws had my attention from the first page Each character was unique, some lovable and others loathe able I loved April, her Lipstick Lawbreakers and of course, McGerk From a disastrous beginning to a happy ending, I loved experiencing April s journey and watching her grow and get some well earned revenge I won t say much as I don t want to spoil this for anyone else, but there was not a dull moment in the book in my opinion For anyone who loved The Lonely Hearts Club or The Karma Club I d definitely recommend this one for you Of course, I d happily recommend The Lipstick Laws to anyone, I thoroughly enjoyed it I can t wait to read from Amy Holder hopefully there will be soon please o

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    This tried to be Mean Girls for tweens and it failed miserably I thought maybe I read this at the wrong time with the sweltering heat and the power outage caused by electrical fires in front of some fucking idiots houses who think they re so cool for renting to a billion people and buying even air conditioners to keep their empty heads a frigid 65 degrees Fahrenheit Seriously I like the smell of burning wires and kerosene better than this book.April Bowers has been in the same high school for two years but she had no friends except for Haley, who moved before sopho year to Kansas Probably to get away from April With Haley gone, April had no one I don t believe that one bit Even in a small school, there is always someone to be friends with I go to a big school and every period, I had at least two people to talk and laugh with And I m not even the friendliest person around April had Delvin McGerk but she wrote him off as this dork with a long nickname I never cared to remember He had a genuine interest in being friends with her but I guess their mothers friendship made her think that Delvin was hanging on her because his mother told him to.She doesn t stay friendless for long when she becomes gym partners with Britney Taylor, the clich popular mean girl Britney quickly invites her to her inner circle Those girls put the me in mean Like everyone else in this book, they were underdeveloped Jessica is the nice one, Brianna is the desperate to be accepted one, and Erin is Britney s second cousin Can t forget the incompetent Britney She isn t quite TSTL because that s April s role but I suspect Britney was made stupid on purpose to make April look smarter in comparison Only April would hang around a girl who calls her jumbo me and tolerate her Rank a Skank game And then Britney dumps April for ruining her designer shoes from Paris Boo hoo It took a month for that I would have dumped April before the first week was up.Which brings me to April, the worst protagonist I ve read this year She took way too much crap from Britney Her bra stuffing addiction would have been a fun quirk if she had used chicken cutlet inserts instead of Kleenex tissues Think about the trees Both for the tissues and the paper used to print this crap After she got her ass dumped by Britney and her poodle minions, she still cared about what Britney thought of her Grow a backbone For most of the book, April fawned for Matthew Brentwood, who she nicknamed Mr Hottie Body Brentwood Why she liked him besides his hot body, I wouldn t know Except near the end when he disagreed with April s actions toward Britney, saving him from being completely one dimensional She did say that they flirted but it was all behind the scenes Cut the crap and just go for it, you stinky gym sock Calling Britney a bimbo, tramp, and melon boobs for having a nice body and making a move on Matthew when April was too chicken to was low It s like April is saying that all girls with big breasts are bimbos and tramps Britney knows what she wants which was getting back at April for ruining her fugly shoes April can learn a thing or two for her Too bad she can t hear this wonderful advice I m giving her.Don t get me started on the Mean Girls comparisons I think the word fugly was used a good fifty times The Lipstick Laws was a wannabe Burn Book I ll stop before I get out of hand than I already have.The ending was perfect because it was just as dumb as everything else view spoiler April was revealed as flat chested and so was Britney But April deserved it for harming the environment Britney got ratted out by her friend Jessica I bet Jessica was still angry at Britney for not letting her wear the prom dress she wanted These girls give real high school girls a bad rep Not all of us dump friends over material items And stupid April tried to use Britney s past against her The nerve of that bitch I was praying for a badass dragon to swoop in and slay her.April did do one good thing she started the Lipstick Lawbreakers, other girls dumped by Britney The girl had initiative There were three other Lawbreakers whose names I can t remember I think they were Melanie, Ashley and Rachel but it doesn t matter They ended up being plot devices along with a cross dressing boy when April s Reign of Kleenex Boobs ended The girls and the boy told her that she was nice and showed her their body flaws to make her feel better If someone called me nice, I d throw this book at them That word has no meaning when there is a lack of events to back it up Those plot devices made me realize that though April and Britney are mean, at least Britney knew it and didn t try to be anything but Wishy washy April had no solid place in this book, period hide spoiler

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    Total DNF for me I think this is my first ever DNF too.It was just so tired and cliched The characters weren t so much cardboard cut outs as strange archetypes constructed from tissue paper The story was cliched, the set up overtly familiar, the teen speak often cringeworthy and the archetypal high school teenagers tired and boring.It was trying so hard to be Mean Girls and failed miserably Tina Fey s movie works well, even though it s a derivative set up, because it s smart Regina George isn t stupid unlike the queen bee in this book, Britney yes, she s called Britney who is extremely stupid to the point where you wonder how she functions at all , plus she s subtle She doesn t scream like a banshee or just insult people to their faces with terms as worn out and overused as old shoe leather she s subtle and plays the game well All the humour, wit and non condescending attitudes that Mean Girls gave the high school queen bee comedy are used to painfully bad effect in The Lipstick Laws I did not care at all about the supposed plight of the heroine there was no need for her to put up with any of the BS and her reasons for doing so were ridiculous, even by the standards of trashy high school comedies The story just made teenagers look stupid and only good for our mockery If you ve ever seen a 1990s high school movie, you ve read this book and probably gotten enjoyment from it.

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    This contemporary YA book was a nice read It has the typical formula of high school girls, drama, and boys, but not annoying in the least I wasn t quite sure if it would be hokey or good based on the cover, but I can honestly recommend this as a clean read, may even be middle grade worthy.We learn about shy, unnoticed April Bowers whose best friend has moved to another city The first day of school is a scary ordeal to face with no friends to speak of until she is paired in gym with one of the most popular girls in school Britney seems to have it all, looks, money, and a gaggle of girls to follow her She takes an interest in grooming April to be her next goose in the flock.Being popular and looked up to by others is every high school girl s perfect scenario I don t care who you are, deep down, we all want to be considered attractive, liked, and wanted April is no different and seizes her opportunity to rise in social ranks by Britney association Little does she know Britney is also one of the meanest girls and rules her fans, I mean friends, with an iron fist In order to be friends with Britney, you have to be deemed suitable and moldable to Britney s will A perfect puppet as one of the geese was overheard to have said If you fit that bill, then you are asked to swear to The Lipstick Laws I won t go into all of them, but basically Britney owns you and everything you do is at her approval and for her benefit.Needless to say, April ends up not being able to be the perfect puppet and is soon kicked out of the circle Her problem now is anyone Britney doesn t like will be made an example of at school Britney is notorious for scaring girls into transferring schools, which becomes her goal toward April Thankfully, the author gave April a spine and she does not go down without a fight She forms The Lipstick Lawbreakers with other girls that have felt the wrath of Britney and lived to tell about it Their purpose Get back at Brittney, Lawbreaker style.One tactic after another ensues, Britney and April firing shots at each other to get the upper hand Among them a black eye, a tampon episode, stealing another s man , and an unfortunate stuffed bra incident I will say, with the drama of high school, some of these things could happen, but this being fiction, all things are exaggerated for a full year s worth of drama Through this experience, April begins to take on Britney esque qualities herself in the pursuit of revenge But, with a wonderful new support team around her, she doesn t completely give into the Dark Side The love interests in this book are not the main focus, but a side bar to the feuding The guys include Hottie Body Brentwood, Stalker McGerk, and an unexpected cross dresser I won t tell you who ends up with whom, but April and Britney both have things revealed about them at the spring dance that changes the rules of the game for all.This book was a cute read and Holder did a nice job of capturing the essence of high school girl drama I would have hated to have someone like Britney not like me, so I m grateful and hopeful that the Britney s of this world stay fictional or cause less damage I do hope the April Bowers of the real world make the same decisions in the end and learn there is to life than high school s petty issues It s just a drop in the bucket compared to the rest of your life.

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    Original post at One More Page The Lipstick Laws is one of those books that is good to read when you have been too immersed in out of this world books, particularly ones full of magic or suspense or people chasing other people to kill them This is the kind of book that you d want to read to get back to reality, to remind you that real life could also be as exciting and sometimes, as terrifying as fantasy ones.I picked up The Lipstick Laws as a palate cleanser after reading books about witches and warlocks and zombies Even if I have been reading a few contemporaries in between the fantasy ones, I felt like my brain needed something easier, something with less mystery and emotional baggage than the ones I have read recently.April is practically invisible in school, until she gets paired with popular Britney Taylor, who accepts her into her circle of friends Even if Britney was a horrific friend, April could not resist the lure of popularity, especially if it would make her new crush, Matt Brentwood, notice her Before she knows it, she takes The Lipstick Oath, and it sends her life spiraling out of control because of the silly rules and the price of Britney Taylor s friendship.I have never watched Mean Girls movie in full, but this book reminds me of that Britney was absolutely horrible and shallow and it s easy to dislike her for her stuck up attitude, at least until the author reveals why Britney changed and what she had to live with This gives Britney dimension as a villain in April s life, even if it doesn t excuse her attitude April, on the other hand, can get a bit frustrating at times because it took her so long to realize what she was in danger of turning into something she was trying to destroy While her epiphany on how she was acting didn t make heavenly light shine upon her but instead felt like a light bulb moment, it felt like a natural realization for someone April s age to think as she assess her situation I like how the author gave the heroine and the villain unique voices and yet still manage to juxtapose their lives for us readers to see how similar they can be.Reading The Lipstick Laws makes me very thankful that my high school life wasn t like that My high school life was relatively boring, really, save for some contests won and Student Council projects and trips Then again, I wasn t a part of the popular clique I wasn t even sure if there was a popular clique in my school This lack of similar high school experience prevents me from empathizing with the characters in this novel, but it certainly did not make me enjoy this book less The Lipstick Laws will be out on April 2011 from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Much thanks to NetGalley for the advanced reading copy ebook

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    First of all, the cover of this book was part of the reason I wanted to read it, because it s pretty and I m a girl and girls usually like pretty things Plus, the whole premise of the book just sort screamed one word out at me FUN And I was so very not disappointed, either.The Lipstick Laws is sort of like Mean Girls plus Clique equals a world of fun, flirty, sabotage Also, who doesn t want to be one of the most popular girl s in high school, sitting with the best and the prettiest girls at lunch, and hanging with them at the mall on a Saturday afternoon The main character of the book is extremely relatable and pretty much down to earth, witty, an all around good girl just trying to get through high school unscathed without experiencing humiliation than possible, while trying to end up dating the hottest boy in school Oh, and she s got to have friends.The lipstick law s themselves, oh my lord I don t even think I could have lived by them I mean, seriously, I think they d probably have to invent a few just to accommodate me Those laws were hilarious and heinous at the same time and way too crazy Everyone has flaws and these girls are no exception to the rule, in fact that s why a few of these laws were designed around those flaws The mean girls aren t just mean for the sake of being mean, there are reasons why they act out In a lot of ways, the book sort of reminded me of that old saying, Walk a mile in someone else s shoes It s a good message to be sending to the younger generation or anyone in general Plus, by telling the story this way and having each of the girls invent a law wrapped around their issue, past, or whatever the case may be, it gives the story a new twist on an already older story that s been told For me, personally, one of the things I enjoyed most about this book, is how realistic the author wrote each one of her character s, from the mean girl Britney to the geek who actually turned out to be a hottie after all, Delvin McGerk It was just really fun to sit back and watch the feud between the Lipstick Lawless and the Lipstick Lawbreakers unfold, with all of their crazy schemes and antics all to the tune of a Taylor Swift song, she took him faster than you could say sabotage In the end, after all of the feuding, the schemes, and the crazy shenanigan s April showed that she was the better person, by taking the high road and refusing to let Britney and the leftover Lipstick Lawless lackeys ruin the rest of her senior year, when presented with a chance to stoop to her level she simply didn t It was a nice wrap up to a story that I was half afraid would end up being a bit clich , I was very pleasantly surprised and happy with the how quickly I became engrossed with the story and just didn t want to put the book down until I d read the last page to make sure that April did end up with the hottie of her dreams and a group of really fantastic friends to round everything out Oh, and the boobical cubical was pretty damn funny I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that might be looking for a fun, fast paced, light summer read or just in general It gets four stars from me easily and is a book that I will re visit every summer or at random times during the year for a re read, when I need something to make laugh out loud hysterically and root for those crazy rebel Lipstick Lawbreaker s.All in all, I was happy to receive a copy of this in e pub format through Net Galley and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in exchange for an honest review I do not charge for my reviews, as I enjoy reading and speaking honestly and openly about what I did or didn t enjoy about the books I read.

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    What do I say about this book Did I like it Yes Did I dislike it Yes This is one of those books where its length works in its favor I sped through The Lipstick Laws in two days and only that slow because I read it on my computer and while I was reading it I pretty much enjoyed it A few things rubbed me wrong, but overall I had a fun time It wasn t until I had finished and was thinking back on what happened that I realized I didn t actually like it as much as I had originally thought.The book is narrated by April, an insecure girl who catches the eye of mean girl Britney and her gaggle of followers April s voice is very readable She has a sarcastic sense of humor and just the right combination of insecurity and spunk to make her relatable I never got tired of her adorable names for things like her crush Hottie Body Brentwood and all of her hilarious names for boobs and bras Every time she referred to herself as a bosom sculptor she stuffs her bra I cracked up Am I easily amused Yeah, maybe, but, come on Bosom sculptor That s just funny The humor is really what carried the book for me April s running commentary had me chuckling and there were a few scenes that had me laugh out loud And I mean loud There s this one scene by a pool that just kept getting funnier and funnier with each event As far as mean girl revenge is considered, well, let s just say someone got OWNED and it was glorious in that totally immoral I would never do that kind of way I was so busy laughing through this book that it took me a while to realize I didn t actually like the main characters.I could totally see where April was coming from with wanting to be popular and not incur Britney s wrath, so I understand why she went along with the Lipstick Laws That didn t bother me I get that What did bother me, though, was how almost every heinous aspect April correctly complained about in Britney was something April did herself In a lot of ways, Britney came off as sympathetic than April because at least Britney had horrible parents who made her how she was April had no such explanation.I kept hoping this would be the moral of the story April would recognize how similar she was to Britney and she d change her ways This was touched on and the point was sort of made, a little, but.it wasn t enough By the end of the book I wasn t convinced that April had really learned anything and was going to make any lasting changes especially with that last page After letting the book settle with me a little I realized that I was very annoyed with April for not growing enough In the beginning I could even like her because she hadn t realized her behavior yet, but after she realized it and still stayed the same That bugged me.This is a big reason why I lowered the rating If April had really learned her lesson in the end, I probably would have rated this a four It wasn t fantastic literature, but for a mean girls book, it was fun.I recommend this book to readers who liked the movie Mean Girls, The Clique series by Lisi Harrison, or Art Geeks and Prom Queens by Alyson Noel This was a cute, quick read that was undoubtedly funny I am sold on Amy Holder s writing, so I will definitely be interested in picking up her next book I just hope whatever she writes next has a likable character with growth than April showed Originally posted at Small Review

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