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The Lions Tail (The Fruängen Bureau Book 1) chapter 1 The Lions Tail (The Fruängen Bureau Book 1) , meaning The Lions Tail (The Fruängen Bureau Book 1) , genre The Lions Tail (The Fruängen Bureau Book 1) , book cover The Lions Tail (The Fruängen Bureau Book 1) , flies The Lions Tail (The Fruängen Bureau Book 1) , The Lions Tail (The Fruängen Bureau Book 1) 895edc6f89978 You Re Never Too Old To Become A Private Detective Gunvor Strom May Be In Her Sixties, Her Hands Might Be Too Shaky To Perform Operations And Her Body Complains Every Time She Works Out But Her Mind Is As Sharp As Her Scalpel And She Embraces Change After The Divorce, She Moved From A Well Heeled Stockholm Satellite To The Far From Idyllic, Inner Suburb Of Fru Ngen It Gets A Little Lively, But She Likes Being In The Middle Of Things She S Smart, Experienced And Innocent Looking All Qualities Appreciated By A Detective Agency As The Agency S Rookie, She Gets A Surveillance Job A Straightforward Case, They Say Typical Domestic A Wife Suspects Infidelity Just Track The Husband But When The Husband Is Attacked And Viciously Beaten, His Wife Calls Off The Assignment Too Late Gunvor Is On The Trail The Agency Aren T Paying Her, But Her Free Time Is Her Own Business After Intervening In An Incident Of Bullying, Gunvor Finds Herself With Two Unlikely Allies David Is A Young, Jobless Waster Who Hangs About Fru Ngen Tube Station Year Old Elin Is Shy And Introverted, After Spending Too Long In Her Bedroom Hiding From Her Parents Fights Out Of Curiosity, The Pair Join Forces With Gunvor Who S Going To Notice Two Young People And An Elderly Lady Slinking Around The Stockholm Streets Only Someone Who S Watching Their Every Move, Biding His Time, Waiting To Pounce Curiosity Can Be Deadly A Story Of Violence, Madness, Passion And Bravery A Cat And Mouse Game Of Life And Death Never Play With The Lion S Tail

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    1 2 rounded up This originally appeared at The Irresponsible Reader. What did he say Think Try to remember It might be very important Gunvor struggles to hide her impatience Something about how even your dreams can be dangerous About how I should keep my dreams as just dreams And that if you try to make a dream come true you can mess up everything You can ruin your life That s what he said That your whole life can be destroyed Gunvor Strom hooked me almost immediately she s a feisty woman in her 60s who we meet as she s helping a young woman deal with a handful of teen males harassing her She s creative, crafty, wily and ruthless in this, and it s a great way to bring in an audience.We quickly learn that Gunvor is a rookie Private Investigator, forced to leave her career and changing her life after a divorce, she signs on to a Private Investigative Agency and mostly does grunt work but does get the opportunity to do some investigative work As much as she misses her old life, she relishes this new one although she might like joints that are a little less painful Gunvor is assigned to find out what s behind a husband s odd behavior the client, his wife, adamantly refuses to accept the idea that he s being unfaithful, but his behavior is different and troubling Gunvor isn t on the case for long before she decides she could use a few eyeballs so she recruits, oddly enough, Elin the young woman above and David the ringleader of those harassing her She s a student, he s unemployed and both need something in their life to care about, neither one of them realized that they were interested in investigative work.Really, this book has two stories one is the investigation into this man and things get violent shortly after the trio gets to work It s at this point that the husband talks about the potential of dreams to destroy your life If anything, this violence causes Gunvor and the rest to work harder not long afterwards there s a murder and the number and types of criminal activity that they re investigating grows and grows.The other story is following the development of Gunvor as an investigator and her two young prot g s Elin discovers sides to her personality that surprise her and Gunvor, actually , and really comes out of her shell David, on the other hand, response to the trust and responsibility given him by rising to the occasion and even maturing a little bit Now, none of these characters grow perfectly or in a straight line there are ups and downs to this development and the suggestion is that this will continue after this book.Both stories are wholly satisfying and serve each other well The conclusion is as tense and taught as you can hope for, and at a certain point, you ll forget that the trio you re rooting for aren t the kind of detectives you re used to, all you know is that you re hoping they survive.This book, time and time again, came so close to wowing me the clever twists, the dramatic turns, character development, and so on but almost every time that Miller brushed against great she ended up settling a few notches down at being really good Is it possible that if this was written in English, or set somewhere that I understood than Stockholm that I d be able to appreciate nuances and rate it higher Absolutely But it wasn t, so I can wish I understood what it means for someone to be from X neighborhood district versus Y, and missing other things that don t come through the translation as cleanly as they might.ON the whole, this was just a pleasure to read it grabbed my interest from the beginning and never let go I m keeping my eyes peeled for the sequels, I can assure you, and I expect most readers will find the book as compelling Disclaimer I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.

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    The Lion s Tale is a Scandinavian noir thriller set in Stockholm.Gunvor is unusual in that she has made a recent career change from medical surgeon to private investigator at a late stage in her life she is sixty five.Her latest case is a husband acting strangely and a wife suspicious that he s having an affair Gunvor follows her suspect but he spends his evenings in bars filled with a young set of customers Believing that she will stand out in the crowd, Gunvor enlists the help of two teenagers However, the case soon takes a darker turn for Gunvor and her proteg es See full review here

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    The type that thinks he owns the world, Gunvor thinks Swedish author Luna Miller has published three books and they are available in Swedish, English, Portuguese, Spanish and German, specializing in Scandi noir She self publishes contemporary fiction and the Gunvor Str m detective series She lives in StockholmLuna has created a unique and memorable character in Gunvor Strom and we get the flavor of this strange detective on page one It started on Monday, although it had presumably been going on longer than that But it was on Monday that Gunvor happened to be on the same tube as the girl who later introduced herself as Elin Gunvor had been sitting towards the back of the train, so when she got off in Fru ngen most of the other passengers had already left the station, apart from Elin and the young man blocking her route through the barriers He didn t say anything, he just stood in front of her and grinned When she tried to go past him to one side he blocked her way and when she tried the other side, he moved and blocked her again Gunvor noticed that he had two friends sitting on the bench nearby who seemed to find it all highly amusing What are you two laughing about You re a bit old for this sort of nonsense, aren t you Gunvor snapped at the boys on the bench before going forward to help the girl get past her tormentor Elin had thanked her and said it wasn t the first time it had happened She tried to brush it off She told Gunvor that the boys weren t doing any real harm The flowing style in which Luna gradually unwinds her series not only captures our imagination but it also entertains and invites us into the strange world of Detective Strom The plot is complex and the summary helps launching the tale You re never too old to become a private detective Gunvor Strom may be in her sixties, her hands might be too shaky to perform operations and her body complains every time she works out But her mind is as sharp as her scalpel And she embraces change After the divorce, she moved from a well heeled Stockholm satellite to the far from idyllic, inner suburb of Fru ngen It gets a little lively, but she likes being in the middle of things She s smart, experienced and innocent looking all qualities appreciated by a detective agency As the agency s rookie, she gets a surveillance job A straightforward case, they say Typical domestic A wife suspects infidelity Just track the husband But when the husband is attacked and viciously beaten, his wife calls off the assignment Too late Gunvor is on the trail The agency aren t paying her, but her free time is her own business After intervening in an incident of bullying, Gunvor finds herself with two unlikely allies David is a young, jobless waster who hangs about Fru ngen tube station 19 year old Elin is shy and introverted, after spending too long in her bedroom hiding from her parents fights Out of curiosity, the pair join forces with Gunvor Who s going to notice two young people and an elderly lady slinking around the Stockholm streets Only someone who s watching their every move, biding his time, waiting to pounce Curiosity can be deadly A story of violence, madness, passion and bravery A cat and mouse game of life and death Never play with the lion s tail This is bound to become a very popular series just the right amount of humor, sarcasm and funky characters to make it fly Recommended for a large spectrum of audience.

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    I really loved this book and it s because it reminds me of my childhood favorite books by authors like R.L Stine and Diane Hoh This book that was translated from its original language of Swedish, is one fast paced read with endearing characters that will linger in your brain for a while after you are done reading it It s got action, it s got sex, and it s got suspense which builds and builds until you are at the edge of your bed or sofa by the end It is the story of a 60 ish female sleuth by the name of Gunvor yes, very Scandinavian and her two sidekicks Elin and David who work together to try and crack a mystery involving a man whose wife complains to be acting distracted and strange around her Gunvor gives Elin and David tasks to keep watch on Gunvor s client s husband to see what is causing him to behave mysteriously Elin and David go to bars around a designated area, dressed in formal attire that Gunvor buys for them, in the hopes of looking matured and classy to try and crack Gunvor s assignment In the process, Elin becomes smitten with an older guy who beats up Gunvor s client s husband and David witnesses the grisly murder of a woman he s keeping his eye on and who happens to be associated with Gunvor s client s husband.I give this book five stars because of the way it captured my attention and the very smooth way it flowed as its storyline unfolded It greatly brings up memories of Diane Hoh s YA fiction books which has this formula of featuring the antagonist s thoughts as a whole chapter The villain s thoughts are made known to the reader and they are psychotic and dangerous This is an element of this book that made me want to read to discover what will happen next, who is the killer going to be, you know So my closing thought will be If you grew up on Point Thrillers by Scholastic or if you read a novel by R.L Stine, then you will understand what I am talking about I tell you, it is not a regret, it is a must have for your kindle collection The characters are endearing themselves and the whole notion of an aged private detective being helped by young people is just cute Have a great day Happy reading

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    Scandinavian fiction may just have a new star in Luna Muller ad her new book The Lion s Tail the first in the The Fruangen Bureau Series The protagonist is the magnetic Guvnor Strom, a formidable woman in her sixties who completely overhauls her life swapping surgery for the streets as a private detective Sharp minded and insightful, she is well suited to the role, but find standing by and being just an observer of injustice But, has she made herself too visible Whilst she is watching others, who is watching her This is a fast paced and exciting thriller that is packed full of violence that is balanced out with humour and a really endearing friendship between Guvnor and her two misfit teen partners I can see this series being one that just surges in popularity, thanks to a fantastic main character and an exciting, twisting plot I can t wait to see what challenges Guvnor will face next.

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