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The Life of Charlotte Brontë chapter 1 The Life of Charlotte Brontë, meaning The Life of Charlotte Brontë, genre The Life of Charlotte Brontë, book cover The Life of Charlotte Brontë, flies The Life of Charlotte Brontë, The Life of Charlotte Brontë 376b6479fa15a Elizabeth Gaskell S The Life Of Charlotte Bronte Is A Pioneering Biography Of One Great Victorian Woman Novelist By Another Gaskell Was A Friend Of Bronte S And, Having Been Invited To Write The Official Life, Determined To Both Tell The Truth And Honor Her Friend This Edition Collates All Three Previous Editions, As Well As The Manuscript, Offering Fuller Information About The Process Of Writing And A Detailed Explanation Of The Text Than Any Previous EditionAbout The Series For Over Years Oxford World S Classics Has Made Available The Broadest Spectrum Of Literature From Around The Globe Each Affordable Volume Reflects Oxford S Commitment To Scholarship, Providing The Most Accurate Text Plus A Wealth Of Other Valuable Features, Including Expert Introductions By Leading Authorities, Voluminous Notes To Clarify The Text, Up To Date Bibliographies For Further Study, And Much

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    Charlotte Bronte one of my favorite authors of classics, i think she s a fascinating person,her writing were emotional and honest reflecting life and people at that time, focusing on moral values and responsibility.i read about her life before but i enjoyed reading this book toothis book is written by her friend Elizabeth Gaskell who used charlotte s letters to her friends to write this biography,the letters showed some aspects of Charlotte s feelings and personality Charlotte Bronte lived a hard life, lost her mother and two older sisters while she was a little girl, she became like a mother to her younger sisters, and worked as a governess for almost two years.the three sisters Charlotte, Emily, Anne were talented in writing, they first published their works under pseudonym, and after the success of their novels they revealed their true identities.she was heartbroken and emotionally disturbed after the death of her brother and sisters Emily and Anne within eight months, but continued writing and published two novels, she married 1854 and died while she was pregnant 1855the first novel she wrote was published after her death

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    A biography of Charlotte Bronte written by one of her contemporaries and as biographies go it s very good If you are interested in or are a student of Charlotte Bronte this is a must read It s probably subjective than one would like a biography to be, but it s obvious Gaskell liked Charlotte and wanted to show her in the best possiible light But this is a very detailed work, full of interesting information about Charlotte and the entire Bronte family And the fact that Gaskell is a very accomplished writer and novelist adds a style that you don t normally find in a biography.

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    After I read that wretched book by Gelsely Kirkland, I was refreshed and encouraged to read a biography of Charlotte Bronte I recently read Cranford , and Elizabeth Gaskell became of interest to me In searching other books that she had written, I found that she had known and been a friend of Charlotte Bronte s, and was asked by Charlotte s father to write a biography of her after her death Hence the beginning of reading The Life of Charlotte Bronte.It is a very worthwhile book, based largely on the lovely letters written by Charlotte herself over the course of her lifetime to friends, publishers, and acquaintances Oh what enjoyment to read letters that expressed such real and genuine depth of understanding about literature, art, character, and the place of Christians in a fallen world I am thinking here of the comparison of Charlotte s letters to so many blogs that are tepid, shallow, and so flabby in their language and intellectual structure Whipped out in a fast food world of seconds and minutes contrasted with a slow food world where her letters took hours or days to write and evidenced long and deep thoughts, carefully considered and mulled over before being put on paper I had always heard of the grim existence and life of the Bronte sisters Mrs Gaskell puts real faces to each of the Bronte children, and shows how the difficulties in their lives actually was used probably to mold them into the creative people they became Six children were born into the home of Patrick Bronte, an Anglican priest and Maria, his wife Tragically, the father outlived his wife and all six children The first two daughters, Maria and Elizabeth, died within a month of each other when they were 12 and 11 years old respectively They had contracted TB at the girls school they had attended for clergymen s daughters Charlotte became the older sister caring for her younger sisters, her aging father and for her chronically ill brother Branwell, the only son, died when he was 30, a broken and tragic young man Seduced by the older wife of his employer, he suffered the loss of his job because of her, then was rejected by her and became an alcoholic and opium addict Less then 3 months after Branwell died, younger sister Emily died from TB and grief at the age of 29 Less than a year later, youngest sister Anne also died, probably of TB, at the age of 27 Charlotte was left alone to take care of her aging father in his parish in Yorkshire While the environs in Haworth, Yorkshire were indeed severe and difficult, and the family situation filled with great trial and sorrow I would not describe any of the Bronte s as grim Charlotte was a deeply devoted Christian, who understood that much of our lot in life on earth involves suffering Her father being an Anglican priest, she knew from her teaching in the church and from the Bible the truth of the fallen world we live in, and that truth enabled her to live with courage in very difficult circumstances While she struggled with discouragement, poor health, and grief for long periods of time, she never despaired or projected any sentiment that would have reflected poorly on Christ who is her Lord She loved her family, loved her father, and with her sisters banded together to write poetry and books suitable for publications The perseverance of the three daughters, Charlotte, Emily, and Anne, to get their work published shows amazing tenacity and grit After reading Jane Eyre , Charlotte s most famous book, I was struck by the vast education Charlotte had from the Bible, the Book of Common Prayer, from the book of nature, and from books she read to educate herself An interesting article to read alongside Jane Eyre is at The article is Specific dates the link between Jane Eyre, the Book of Common Prayer, and the Bible and provides a fascinating link between the Bible Charlotte was so familiar with the Book of Common Prayer used daily in their readings and prayers, and dates in the book of Jane Eyre Fascinating reading She married when she was 39, and died a mere 9 months after her marriage, most likely of severe dehydration from terrible nausea and weakness from her pregnancy She and the baby died and are buried in Haworth.

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    I like Elizabeth Gaskell s work She tells engaging stories and that is exactly what she has done here Originally requested by Charlotte s father to write a biography of Charlotte s life Patrick Bronte together with Charlotte s widowed husband, Arthur Bell Nicholls, wisely realised that if they did not select someone to write about Charlotte s life, then someone who was not their choice would certainly do so Unfortunately, while Gaskell seemed the most suitable choice for a fair, unbiased account, they would have been better to have chosen one of Charlotte s many other female writer friends Gaskell certainly does not allow the truth to get in the way of a good story She certainly did do a fair amount of research, although she was happy to pass over various sources who had a better claim of intimacy with Charlotte than she herself did Gaskell did visit Haworth during Charlotte s life and Charlotte visited Gaskell in London where, it is to be noted, she was extremely uncomfortable and taken to gatherings where she would be considered an oddity with a curious lack of sensitivity in her host however the friendship between them was not nearly so close as Gaskell intimates.She also compounds the issue by giving an unequal and selective portrait of the rest of the Bronte family which does a great disservice to Patrick, Branwell and even Emily Patrick wrote to Gaskell on several occasions to politely request that she clear up and amend certain inaccuracies Gaskell never replied to any of these letters and went abroad just as the biography was published In the end Patrick dropped the matter, preferring to let his daughter s memory rest.Part of the problem with writing a biography of the Brontes, is that they wrote such strong and enduring characters that they frequently became confused with their creations This biography gives a flavour of the times and certainly tells us a lot about Elizabeth Gaskell but get your Bronte facts elsewhere Julet Barker s The Brontes is excellent.

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    A thoroughly brilliant, moving and engaging read letters and commentary than a biography at times, but well worth a read.

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    I read this book because Truman Capote recommended it in one of his letters, and so far he s batting 100 It explains so much about this very serious, judgmental, somewhat dour woman and the darkness in her work My God, she lived across the lane from an overpacked cemetery whose rotting bodies leaked into the town water supply and caused much sickness and death, including many members of her family I was fascinated to read that she admired the French writer George Sand, who was her temperamental and philosophical opposite, and yet, under the skin, a kindred spirit On several occasions in the book Gaskell mentions that Charlotte was not fond of Jane Austen for her preciousness, lack of depth, and sheltered life So interesting I myself have never been able to get than 100 pages into Jane Austen without falling into a deep sleep Charlotte Bronte was a fascinating woman, who lived in a dark country She lived without hope Death was familiar to her than life And we are so lucky she wrote it all down.

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    Me ha gustado mucho pero realmente es m s bien una recopilaci n de la correspondencia de Charlotte Bront , y precisamente por eso hay momentos en que se hace un tanto pesado leer carta tras carta, adem s de que algunos fragmentos me parecen irrelevantes.

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    This is not the one book to read about the Bront s, but certainly not to be skipped if one is reading several.It was completed and published only two years after Charlotte s death, by a personal friend of Charlotte s who was also a friend of her father s and who gained access to many of Charlotte s letters and who traveled to all the places that were important to Charlotte and interviewed people there who knew her.So, despite the omissions, the softenings, the biases that Mrs Gaskell wrote along with the truth, her Life of Charlotte Bront is important, nearly as a primary source In it are not only long excerpts from many letters which can, of course, be found elsewhere but also Mrs Gaskell s own reports of conversations with Charlotte and clear descriptions of Haworth, the Rue d Isabelle in Brussels, and other places that were so important to Charlotte s life and writing.The Life is also very beautifully written I m now eager to read Mrs Gaskell s novels, but I think one pleasure to be expected from them her ability to describe a landscape is probably greatest in this biography, since the landscapes are real As I m not a Victorian reader with boundless patience, I often skip over descriptions of scenery, and I almost did so at the beginning of the Life That would have been a mistake This chapter, which carries the reader from the Leeds and Bradford railway, to Keighley station, to the steep hill of Haworth village, leads the reader into the Haworth church, to stand before certain inscriptions to the right of the communion table.Anyone familiar with the story of the Bront family will of course know what these are the grave markers of a family marked by death Mrs Gaskell gives their texts in full A powerful, somber, and appropriate beginning to Charlotte Bront s biography, I can t imagine.I read the Penguin Classics edition, edited and introduced by Alan Shelston in 1975 He explains that the text given is that of the first edition The biography was substantially revised for a third edition some new material was added at that time but two major episodes that of the Cowan s Bridge school for clergymen s daughters, upon which Charlotte Bront based Lowood in Jane Eyre, and that of Mrs Robinson s role in Branwell Bront s downfall were revised to be less scandalous Notes and an appendix give the important additions and changes of the third edition.Shelston s introduction is a bit severe on Mrs Gaskell than I thought justified although I m easily swayed by good writers but I was glad of his argument that she was compelled to write this biography because she perceived Charlotte Bront as a real life version of one of her own heroines a moral paragon This was a good thing to keep in mind while reading the Life it explains not only the major omission of Charlotte s feelings for M Heger an omission which can also be explained by readers sensibilities and the need for approval by Charlotte s still living father and widower but also some minor smoothed edges.

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    I read this as a stand in Gaskell while I was waiting for of her fiction to arrive at the library I can see why this biography is still considered one of Gaskell s important works.First of all, Gaskell makes heavy use of letters to and from Bronte to illustrate Bronte s life and character This is good biography practice, of course, but it also lets you see just how much intellectual Bronte had become by the end of her life Her letters become much interested in ideas, and much thoughtful as the book draws to its conclusion The letters and conversations Gaskell chooses to include give the sense of a character developing through life, even if they are a bit rose colored.The book also did much to make me overcome my distaste for the Brontes Their whole childhoods seem to be made up of Edward Gorey illustrations come to life a mother who died soon after bearing the 6th of her children, a distant, though accomplished, father, a creepy manse for a home with an aunt for governess, little neighborhood society, two older sisters who die young, and the rapid deaths of Charlotte s remaining brother and two sisters just as their literary productions became recognized Gaskell clearly loved Charlotte Bronte and thought she was brilliant, but maintains a Victorian insistance that Bronte was Finally Whole when she got married, even better when she got pregnant, despite the miserable illness and death that quickly ensued.Gaskell as author is very present in the book, and since that is something I enjoy in biography history, I loved her interpolations The OUP edition I had was made from the 3rd edition that Gaskell put together, which eliminated some of the names and scenes mentioned in earlier editions because people had objected or Gaskell had been threated with libel suits As usual, Gaskell doesn t shy away from difficult topics like Bronte s distress with Harriet Martineau s book to do with atheism, or the fact that Bronte didn t see how indelicate Jane Eyre could be, etc This sounds all fussy it isn t it s a firm statement of Bronte s character in the face of what must have been quite a lot of criticism Because the book is made up mostly of recounted conversations and letters, Bronte s voice shines nearly as clearly as Gaskell s I was surprised to like it so well Good stuff.

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