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  • Hardcover
  • 431 pages
  • The Last Empress
  • Greg King
  • English
  • 06 October 2019
  • 9780735101043

10 thoughts on “The Last Empress

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    A very good read, well researched and well written I expected a little about Alexandra s relationship with her daughters and those girls themselves Instead, they are barely mentioned and Alix s motherhood seems to start only with Alexei s birtha lot is told about him, almost nothing about his sisters, which felt a bit unfair I liked King s being hard on Alix because usually there s a tendence to justify her because this and that, or blame exclusively Nicholas though he was undoubtedly usuited for the role of tsar Thanks to the fact that all of her errors are strongly pointed at and judged, once the revolution reaches Tsarkoe, the reader can enjoy how Alix started to question her position, her choices and ultimately falling into depression and this is where King, between the lines, draws a comparison between her and Marie Antoinette, who instead rose to high moral grounds once her hardships began Although the book came out before the discovery of the second burial site hence exploring the possibilities of Anastasia s surving the shooting, it never feels outdated, so rich as it is with details Missing two bodies gives an interesting turn, treating the reader into a series of speculations, analyses of the official and unofficial documents, drawing hypoteses about how and who could have survived, a piece of reading obviously absent in the recent biographies.

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    I ve been fascinated with the Romanovs for decades This book gave me new insights into what made Alexandra the woman she was I had not realized just how close she was to Queen Victoria growing up and into the reasons she in essence took over the ruling of the country while Nicholas was at the front I also was struck anew by the tragedy that she thought she was protecting herself and her family by decamping to the Alexander Palace when in fact isolating them from St Petersburg was the worst thing she could have done One quibble the final few chapters were standard fare end of the Romanovs lives and not as specific to Alix as the rest of the book There were some diary entries, such as from the final day, that I was surprised not to find in this book Overall, however, definitely worth a read.

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    This one gets five stars from me because Mr King offered an interpretation of Alexandra Feoderovna that was balanced and insightful Many historians simply savage her by blaming her for single handedly bringing down Imperial Russia Mr King s presentation is nuanced and I appreciate that He also offered a way of looking at the relationship between the Empress and Rasputin that made sense to me than anything I had read before that Rasputin merely gave Alexandra the excuse she needed to proceed with her own ideas by echoing what he knew she wanted to hear, and coming from Rasputin, in Alexandra s eyes, which now bore the word and will of God himself.

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    This was my first real shove into Russian history, and I am now hooked Greg King presents a look into the Alexandra, and her family Romanov, and does it in such a way that one can really grasp the rawness of every aspectthe details, the solemnity of their last year, and so onif you want to read about the Romanovs, Greg King has it.

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    Best book about the Romanov s I have ever read.

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    Yes, I admit it, I am a little obsessed with the Romanovs but it is all so fascinating to me This was an excellent book written by Greg King although it is a bit dated Some of his theories about one of the daughters and or Alexei surviving the basment shooting were tantalizing back in the mid 90 s when he wrote this biography but sitting here in 2012 we know that all bodies of the family have been found and identified But the general information about Alexandra, her background, her family, her children, all of that was beautifully presented I especially loved looking at all the old family photos For those interested in Nicholas and Alexandra, Greg King also wrote an excellent book about their family called The Fate of the Romanovs which is up to date.

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    A very interesting book that gives some background to the Tsarina and it seems like most of the Royals related to Queen Victoria, there seems to be an underlying issue with Queen Victoria or that is the impression I get from most of the books I read I, of course, take this as a personal view and may in time change my thoughts on it, but if you are interested in the Russian Imperial Royal Family then this one for your collection It is somewhat of an accident I started reading this on the 100th anniversary of Nicholas II abdicating from the throne in favour of his son who then abdicated the throne on his son s behalf, many believe that Alexandra was to blame for this but the question is was she That, however, is for you to decide and form your own opinion.

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    I ve always been interested in the family of Nicholas II, Russia s last tsar Greg King has written what was for me, the best biography so far about her He doesn t sugar coat anything either, which is a relief The reader may not agree with everything that he has to say here, but he does make a very convincing argument for his conclusion Recommended.For the complete review, please go here

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    I am half way through this book Very interesting, and well written Historical detail seem very accurate once again learning about this time in Russia Fascinating Have finished this book Extremely well written I have been reading all I can about the Romanof and the Revolution before I visit St Petersburg during the summer There is so much History, and this book really explains the inter connectivity of the Monarchies in Europe.

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    it s sad because of the decisions Alexandra made in favor of Rasputin she could may have avoided the deaths of her family and herself As a reader i can see how it was evident she was digging herself into a hole, but she did what she thought was right because she placed so much faith in Rasputin, so sad.

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Greg King born 1964 is an American author, best known for his biographies of prominent historical figures.He is the author of eleven internationally published works of royal and social history, specializing in late Imperial Russia and Edwardian era royalty, including The Fate of the Romanovs, The Court of the Last Tsar, and the UK bestseller The Duchess of Windsor A frequent onscreen expert and