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The Killing Song summary The Killing Song , series The Killing Song , book The Killing Song , pdf The Killing Song , The Killing Song 71d7ddc41e Matt Owens Is A Pulitzer Prize Nominated Journalist, But At Thirty Five, He S Adrift, Inclined To Hit The Bottle Alone Than The Miami Beach Club Scene But When His Beloved Younger Sister Mandy Comes To Visit, Matt Wants To Show Her A New World It S The Trip Of Her Dreams, But The Nightmare Begins When Mandy Disappears From A Crowded Dance Floor When Her Lifeless Body Is Found, One Clue A Grisly Rock Song Downloaded Onto Her IPod May Be The Calling Card Of A Serial Killer Shattered With Grief And Guilt, Matt Begins A Lonely Journey To Find Mandy S Killer, Following A Chain Of Musical Clues That Lead Him From An Abandoned London Rock Club To A Crumbling Scottish Castle And Finally To The Ancient Bone Strewn Catacombs Below Paris Only One Person Believes In His Quest Eve Bellamont, A Dedicated French Detective Whose Own Five Year Obsession To Find The Phantom Killer Has Left Her An Outcast In Her Own Department Together, They Race To Decipher The Killing Songs That The Madman Leaves With Each Victim And Stop Him Before Another Beautiful Young Woman Dies

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    Another excellent book by the Sisters I must say first though that I am really disappointed that this is not a Louis Kincaid book and that I think the fans of the Sisters have waited long enough for another one This character was fantastic though easy to be sucked into the book Lots of thrills and just an all around good read But, it is time to get back to Louis

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    A First Reads Giveaway I finished it in one and a half days it was that compelling The first chapter didn t really grab me Thought it would be just another routine find the killer of a young girl plot Within pages, however, it became clear that the characters in this book, especially the killer, were complex and interesting The writing style just kept leading you deeper and deeper into the mystery glimpses of the murderer and his history making you want to learn ever about him The settings, too, kept me reading from the nightlife of Miami to the streets and metro and catacombs of Paris, to the fading rock scenes of London, to the pastoral settings of urban parks and countryside Scotland The brother of a murdered young girl and the female Parisian detective with whom he joins forces lead the reader ever closer to the madman who kills with the pick of a cello and leaves musical clues to prior murders behind Gripping to the last coda.

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    I loved this book Some of the parts in the tunnel were hard for me, because I am claustrophobic This book grabs you from page 1 and doesn t let you go until the last page I can see where Matt could have a series of his own I liked going to Europe this weekend in this book and some of the scenes were written so clearly I felt like I was there.I am giving this 5 out of 5 stars and hope to see with Matt Owens.

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    THE KILLING SONG by P.J Parrish is one of my favorite reads so far this year It s a very compulsive read I was driven to read page after page of breathtaking, heart pounding suspense to the point where I just couldn t tear myself away from it until I finished I personally think that this book is the best one YET that the P.J Parrish sisters have written to this day The story starts out with Matt who is a Pulitzer Prize nominated journalist that now spends time lost drinking himself in to a stuper instead of writing something worth while His little sister Mandy, who recently returned from Paris shows up to visit All along, the only thing Mandy loved talking about was her job at her big computer corporation her dream of someday becoming a professional Tennis player her six toed cat named Toby Also she went on on about her boyfriend who stole all the ir savings from the bank took off without a word Matt decides to show his little sister a good time by taking her to a popular dance club, but while waiting on Mandy to have one last dance, Matt takes his eyes off his sister for just a minute when he turns around again, she seems to have vanished in to think air At first he thinks she was in the ladies room but when he looks for her, she s not there either Striken with grief Matt goes to the police for help, but after the police find his sister s broken body, he starts on a breathtaking search for her killer after the police seem to ignore clues only Matt believes the killer left behind Little does he know that this search will take him all over the world, even to one of the most macabre places find in the underground of France I can only say that I hope that the P.J Parrish sisters continue to write thrillers like THE KILLING SONG Even though I m a huge fan of their Louis Kincaid series,it was a nice refreshing break from his character.

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    How far would you go to catch the murderer of a loved one For journalist Matt Owens, no distance is too great in pursuit of the man who abducted his younger sister from a dance club and brutally murdered her When Matt realizes the killer downloaded a violent song onto his sister s iPod, he believes it holds the key to finding the man The lyrics lead him from Florida to France, where his search connects him with a beautiful inspector obsessed with finding the same monster, revealed to the reader as a professional cellist Matt and Eve s hunt takes them from upscale apartments to a Scottish castle to the catacombs beneath Paris Can they stop the murderer before he plays his killing song again The two sisters who write as P.J Parrish prove conclusively that two heads are better than one The Killing Song alternates between the viewpoints of the flawed hero and the deranged killer Matt may be a top reporter, but the loss of his sister forces him to realize he needs to change if he s ever to find happiness in his personal life.Despite the deep emotional elements, though, Parrish keeps the reader s feet to the fire with unrelenting tension While the graphic murder scenes will bring on chills, the true artillery lies in the detailed insight into the killer s twisted mind as he performs his murders with the same concentration he brings to his music You may never view classical music the same way again This review originally appeared in Shelf Awareness Readers Edition Sign up for this free and awesome newsletter at for the latest news and reviews This review refers to an ARC provided by Shelf Awareness.

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    The author of The Killing Song, P.J Parrish is actually two sisters, Kelly Nichols and Kris Montee How I have not been aware of this writing team, I do not know, but I want to read This book was intense I could feel the evilness of the serial killer seeping off the pages He was twisted, disturbed, kinky, and very cunning everything I love to hate in a villain Matt Owens is the ideal broken hero From Putlitzer Prize nominated to just shy of an alcoholic, he has to pull himself together to find his sister s killer He s not perfect, but he s determined, and I found it easy to care about him and root for him to succeed.The story moves quickly from clue to clue with snippets of the killer s evil doings in between It s not a fast read, but it s a gripping, emotional one When you start reading it, be prepared, and hang on for the ride It s worth it Disclaimer I received this book from the publisher for free, I was not required to write a positive review.

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    I have read all of P.J Parrish s books about the P.I Louis Kincaid and enjoyed them all This one had a different main character,Matt Owens, a journalist chasing the killer of his little sister across France, England, and Scotland By midway in the book I was bored silly and skimmed the rest just to have it done with Maybe knowing who the killer was from the first was the problem or maybe I just didn t like the chase, but at the end all I can say is there was nothing thrilling about this thriller.

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    First time reading this sister duo who are known as P.J Parrish The book was on the new shelf at my local library and decided to give it a read This novel is written with a new hero, taken them away from the Louis Kinkaid character which you may be familiar with This novel kept me riveted right from the beginning The flow of the events ran smoothly all the way to the terrific ending Look forward to other novels with our intrepid reporter Matt Owens.

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    I started this book on a flight home three weeks ago I got a third of it read when I arrived and had to put it aside because I had 3 library books to read that were due in a week I really hated not finishing it, but when I went back the other day it didn t take me long to remember the great story.It contains all the things I really enjoy in a good thriller good characters, serial killer, great plot and interesting locations

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    Killing Song is a great mystery set in Miami, London, and Paris not just in above ground world of Paris, not just in the sewers below, but also in the mines that apparently exist below Paris The mystery is well thought out, the characters interesting, and the plot, not just exciting, but also psychologically thoughtful Novelist pair Kristy Montee and Kelly Nichols come together in the form of PJ Parrish to write a terrific mystery and it is definitely worth reading

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