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The Informationist (Vanessa Michael Munroe, #1) chapter 1 The Informationist (Vanessa Michael Munroe, #1) , meaning The Informationist (Vanessa Michael Munroe, #1) , genre The Informationist (Vanessa Michael Munroe, #1) , book cover The Informationist (Vanessa Michael Munroe, #1) , flies The Informationist (Vanessa Michael Munroe, #1) , The Informationist (Vanessa Michael Munroe, #1) 6dee9d725910e Vanessa Michael Munroe Deals In Information Expensive Information Working For Corporations, Heads Of State, Private Clients, And Anyone Else Who Can Pay For Her Unique Brand Of Expertise Born To Missionary Parents In Lawless Central Africa, Munroe Took Up With An Infamous Gunrunner And His Mercenary Crew When She Was Just Fourteen As His Prot G , She Earned The Respect Of The Jungle S Most Dangerous Men, Cultivating Her Own Reputation For Years Until Something Sent Her Running After Almost A Decade Building A New Life And Lucrative Career From Her Home Base In Dallas, She S Never Looked Back Until Now

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    Honestly, I m only halfway through this but I have absolutely no idea why this book is rated so highly everywhere Not to be that guy here but did anyone else READ the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo First of all, the main character Michael who is actually a woman named Vanessa is such an almost painfully blatant poor man s version of Lisbeth Salander that it s almost ridiculous HOW IS NO ONE CALLING THIS OUT And ok, not that every intelligent, super gifted, socially inept main female character should automatically get tagged to Salander but COME ON Michael speaks TWENTY TWO languages That in itself is pretty damn ridiculous Granted, most of them are briefly explained away as dialects , as if the author subconsciously realizes how unbelievable twenty two language proficiency really is At least Lisbeth has a photographic memory which is a lot believable and way endearing considering her general attitude and complete lack of social skills Gifted in one thing, handicapped in the other It s a believable balance Michael, on the other hand, is a super gifted linguist with an almost equally ridiculous fighting capability that is only explained away as a fragmented version of her past involving an abusive caregiver figure The author would have done better to only give away bits and pieces of Michael s past at a time a la Salandar making the character appealing and intriguing instead of giving it all away up front like a hurried exhale of breath Literally, in about four or five paragraphs Michael s entire history is summed up to basically rebellion from parents because she s a super genius, wandering around Africa with some random dude she met through some other random dude, and then being physically abused by some OTHER random dude who was also traveling with them And somehow this all adds up to angst and a supposedly bruised and endearing main character When really, I m just annoyed at how much the author keeps shoving the facts of Michael s supposed awesomeness on her audience instead of actually demonstrating it throughout the novel It s the typical rush job explanations of a wam bam thank you ma am action crime novel Except even Patterson does a better job then this The dialogue is choppy at best, not well thought out and at times painful to read At one point Michael holds a knife to a companion s throat after a very poorly described upper hand gaining action scene that only takes about three sentences to get to across, saying, I could have easily killed you Never forget that And then promptly dropping the knife It s some of the most lazyily constructed almost dime store novel dialogue I ve come across in awhile Nobody talks like that I m sorry, it s ridiculous I don t know, maybe I m just one of the many tainted by Stieg Laarson s total awesomeness at writing what is some of the best action crime fiction I ve come across in years but this is nowhere near that status It s so depressingly far away from it in fact I m not sure I could even be bothered to recommend this book to anyone And I got it for free Not to mention, the main crux of the novel who killed Emily Burbank is basically the entire premise of The Girl With the Dragon tattoo Wealthy tycoon insert old Swedish billionaire tycoon hires genius investigator informationist Insert Lisbeth Salander to find out what happened to his adopted daughter insert Swedish niece here who suddenly goes missing Hello Anyone else seeing this here Oh and also I m not entirely sure why exactly I m bothering to wade all the way through this dizzing epic of nonsense considering the mystery of what happened to Emily Burbank is given away in the first four pages of the novel via someone else s point of view Sooo.why am I still here Good question.

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    Overall, a bit weird, a bit different though engrossing The strategic part was with way too much emphasis And the emotional line rather crazyish You get employed by a guy 1 You run from him You screw lots of guys implied You screw some stranger somewhere on a business trip 2 You turn to guy 1 for help You use the guy 1 You manipulate the poor SOB 1 You love the 1 You get into a love triangle with the initial, brainy, 1 guy and another, hulkier, one 3 The poor brainy SOB 1 dies You go crazy over his death Take your revenge, scaring half the jungle Q Where is she Fuck if I know If we re lucky, she jumped overboard c You go to Morocco to rescrew the guy 2 Nice approach to replacement, huh What a downerThe timeline is also very thought inducing 1 Q Each of his steps brought back the dread of her first entry into the United States Similar doors and a similar experience how much could have changed in nine years c 2 Q The arrangement had been going on as far back as Munroe had known him that muggy summer night seven years before, when prejudice in a hole in the wall bikers bar had turned to violence and she d thrown in her lot with the underdog c From 1 it followed that Vanessa hasn t been to the US for 9 years From 2 it followed she was in a fight in some godforsaken bikers bar in the US 7 years prior 3 Q SIX YEARS AGO Kate Breeden had a thriving law practice in downtown Austin Breeden took what was left, put it into an investment fund, packed up, and moved to Dallas to start over.They d met on the Southern Methodist University campus, where Breeden had returned for an M.B.A and Munroe was in her sopho year c 4 Q Breeden spoke again It s been two years, Michael Consider it a good omen Come on home c 5 Q Now came the possibility of an assignment far outside the area of her expertise, and for that reason it intrigued her that, and the fact that she had not returned to the continent of her birth since abruptly departing it nine years ago c Overall it seemes the timeline is as follows some thinking and some very thorough explanatory feedback from the author were needed to understand the sequence 9 years ago, Munroe s first entry into the United States which involved a visit to that room 7 years ago, Munroe met Logan6 years ago, Munroe met Breeden2 years ago, Munroe last left the United States and hasn t returned since A bit tangled but it was a core part of the plot, allowing our gal to be a wiz with languages.And don t even get me started on the villain s Naive, that s their second name The narrative is really different from this reading segment which guarantees the book its 5 stars I always praise originality and novelty than anything Basically, this book clicked quite a bit with me, which gets it bonus points.

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    I ve read The Informationist at least four times and just finished listening to the audio tape Let me take a moment here, Hillary Huber narrated the audio and did a fantastic job I might actually listen to The Bible being narrated if she was doing it Okay, back to the The Informationist,Vanessa Michael Munroe VMM burst out of the jungle, smuggled herself into the US even though she was born here and reinvented herself as an almost normal person A chameleon, she could take on the coloration of her surroundings It helped that she was a polymath, able to pick up a language within days VMM could also usually keep her demons inside She utilized this unusual skill set and became one who could find out almost anything about anyone or anywhere for high end clients VMM didn t work cheap, but even she was shocked and intrigued by an offer of millions to go back into Africa to find a missing girl Not her usual kind of work then again, those millions Plus her attorney and dear friend really wanted her to take the job But VMM wanted a long rest from a year long job A chance to become herself again demons and all So welcome to the world of one the most intriguing, and beguiling characters I have ever come across Those four readings and one listening should be a hint to how amazing I find VMM and her world The action was non stop, the setting of Central Africa, a true love hate portrayal of a terrifying part of the world.Read a bit about the author, Taylor Stevens, and you will encounter someone with a background far different from VMM, but just as fascinating and the wellspring of her portrait of growing up as an other.

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    The Informationist has one of the most daring and distinctive heroines I ve personally read about Vanessa Michael Monroe is practically a force of nature Her personality is hard to pin down, even if you know her very well, which few people do And she makes a very bad enemy While some characters might go to Africa to run away from their past or to define a new life for themselves, Monroe is the opposite She was born in Africa and raised there Although she is Caucasian American descent, Africa flows in her veins and helped to make her who she was, and not all in good ways Monroe doesn t let fear define her, instead she walks in defiance of it Being afraid is not her problem It s the rage and anger she keeps under lock and key She struggles against demons from her past that simmer in her blood and make her heart beat fast with the tribal beat of war Control is a way of life when she knows just what she s capable of Yet, she is unafraid to go into dangerous places when others would shirk such a responsibility When Emily Burbank s adoptive father contacts her to find out what happened to his daughter in Africa four years ago, she is going to have to go back to the place she was born and face her ugly past.I love to read about heroines who are tough and resourceful Who can kick butt just like the action heroes Monroe is definitely one of those kinds of heroines I like that she is very adaptable and clever about thinking through situations While she has other weapons, she uses the one between her ears very well Her personality is really abrasive and she s not what I would consider a typical likable heroine And yet, there is something about her that resonates with me I like that she is such a survivor I mean, who could go through what she did and still be 100% sane and free of scars She actually is quite sane, although I think deep down, she fears what lurks in the abyss she keeps locked away inside She s sort of the opposite of Kurtz in The Heart of Darkness She s been there and she walked away It holds no appeal for her.I liked the complex relationship that Monroe has with Francisco I didn t expect it, yet when it happened, I thought, Of course I knew that Monroe would have to come full circle and get closure about Africa in order to heal That process was ugly and painful, but necessary I also liked her relationship with Miles Each encounter helped to shape her in different ways, as relationship with others should do While I didn t like everything about the narrative, I did like how the author builds tension and unfolds the story, and keeps me guessing what s going to happen next While one could easily draw conclusions about what happened in Equatorial Guinea, it s different from what I thought, and complicated I think this is a book that lends itself well to audio, because some of the written facts about Emily s disappearance and the various places she went the stonewalling she encounters, and Monroe s search in those places might be a bit dry on paper I also think that some of the action scenes could have been suspenseful and intensely written There was a sense of risk, but it was a bit muted at times As far as the narrator, I liked her voice a lot She captures who Michael aka Monroe very well This is one of those books that doesn t build up one s faith in humanity Corruption runs so deep and twisted in this world, and some places are built on this foundation And while some of us who are lucky to live in a lawful country, those same individuals go to other places in the world and make things worse in their conquest for power and money because they can get away with that in some places in the world, where life is cheap Like some of my other thriller suspense action hero favorites, Monroe is there to teach them a lesson, but in her case, that lesson is a costly one for her as well.I couldn t imagine living the life that Vanessa Michael Monroe has lived One of the things I love about fiction is that I can go on a journey with a distinctive heroine like Monroe and see life through her lenses I can feel her pain and her anger and experience the victories and defeats she has, and it helps me to understand that life is a complicated thing, but we can make it through things we never imagined possible This book might not work for everyone, but I found it interesting and thought provoking It felt unique and Monroe is an unforgettable heroine She s kind of lawless in some ways, but deep down, she has a code that she won t stray from She s a complicated women Readers who enjoy this kind of heroine or a reader looking for something different might enjoy The Informationist.

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    Bought this book because of the reviews and it s title Started and stopped couple times Vanessa character is one hard woman, learned somethings about Africa But overall story didn t much entertained me Parts were really slow and bloody As always money and how to deceive someone to get what they have.

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    Absolutely absorbing thriller At times, Michael s character is just ludicrous in her abilities but that s okay This was still one of the most enjoyable books I ve read this year Dark, violent, kind of sexy That s what s up.

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    I m reviewing the audiobook version and although I threatened during the experience to tear my stereo from my car, I am happy to report that it is still intact within its housing.What would push a gentle person such as myself toward such automotively destructive fantasies a commuting in general b an author who uses the same descriptive phrase for every character s posture while sitting over, and over, and over again WTF Where s the editor How many times can a person sit with their forearms or elbows on their legs or knees Why do they all do it Why is it even worth talking about or mentioning if they all do it The saving grace s or Why I don t need to go to stereo repair a The main character is female and she kicks ass very cool b She is crazy, but her psychoses are not explored as though they are the raison d etre of the story c Relationships between various characters are well presented and the dynamics change over timed the African locales and characters in the book what great settingse the special edge the main character has is her skill with languages, especially local dialects f the voice actress she was good An A for effort for Hillary Huber Narrator g the audiobook production it was above average in my limited experience.All the above made for a fun read that was above the typical sensationalist audiobook production of popular fiction.

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    She s a tool A weapon Like Jason Bourne or James Bond Able to blend into her surroundings She speaks 22 languages, and she s damn near deadly with a knife And she s androgynous She s Vanessa Michael Munroe Or Michael for short.Revenge might as well be her middle name, though She reminded me of Lisbeth Salander with the way rage completely consumed her And yet she still managed to show some heart, or at least her slightly abbreviated version of it Emotions seemed to fill her, consume her, even as she struck out at the imperfections of this world.Her ability to seek out, consume, and process information rapidly helped explain the title Even when she was just traversing through a particular area, it felt as though her brain worked at a higher level than everyone else around her Almost like a game of dominoes where she already had the perfect plan mapped out in her head.The Equatorial Guinea setting proved as real and as feral to me as she was, and it was the perfect setting for such an untamed creature Had THE INFORMATIONIST been set anywhere else, it probably wouldn t have worked as well as it did.Kudos to you, Ms Stevens Michael is one interesting, intriguing character, and this proved to be one interesting and intriguing read.Cross posted at Robert s Reads

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    I can t say that I liked it I thought that it was boring, over written, and unbelievable to the point of being silly To be honest, I couldn t even enjoy it on the level of fantasy or escapism.It reminded me of your standard, second rate, mildly ridiculous gun for hire novel only this time written with a tormented female lead, instead of a tormented male lead I m guessing that one is supposed to like the book largely because of the gender switch If you enjoy silly, poorly written fantasy novels where jaded men with super macho abilities struggle with their demons, while beating the corrupt bad guys but you ve wanted to see a woman in the lead role instead of a man well, this might be the book for you For me, though, the gender switch didn t really add anything terribly interesting, other than perhaps a few laughs The character basically ended up seeming just like a man, to me Plus, there was nothing even slightly believable or real about the character.And although it started off intriguingly enough, it just kept getting ridiculous as the book went on.I felt like I had to read the same, over wrought scenes over and over again Vanessa Who is the traitor I m going to bitch slap you until you tell me the truth I wish I worked alone Some have compared the main character to Lisbeth Salander While I found Salander to be compelling, I just thought this heroine was basically a flatly drawn, selfish b ch sorry for my French with ridiculously unbelievable super abilities And I have to laugh if this was supposed to be some sort of a knock off of The Dragon Tattoo series, that fact was completely lost on me I did appreciate the introduction to that part of Africa, but that s about all the positive I can say about it.

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    This is the worst book ever The writing is boring, the plot is brain dead dumb, and the character Vanessa Michael Munroe is the stupidest genius I ve run across since the biker Eric Von Zipper in the Beach Blanket Bingo movies starring Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello Munroe, the main character, unfortunately, is the dumbest one of all No one is SUPPOSED to be dumb in The Informationist This is supposedly a serious thriller Really Really This novel is such a stinking piece of dung Can anyone do a phrase count on how often Munroe thought, she fought down the urge to cut his throat What a douchebag moron Her focus IS rather amazing However, if you notice a person thinks only one thought, and that one thought is to cut everyone s throat, would you be thinking she is so intelligent and cool Or, like me, would you be thinking, RUN If this character was on Paxil or if she had at least taken up chewing Khat, she might have of a personality But all the handsome lads love her manly physique and wooden unsmiling face and hands of steel What a guy, uh, girl Let s not forget the 47 saber nicks on her scarred hide, or her strange inability to avoid daily rape for three years while volunteering to be an adventurer with a jungle martial arts gang in Africa She is a genius and manly and strong and independent, but in spite of her superior mentality she sticks around and pays up when she loses in martial arts lessons by giving head, body and soul to a man she hates , every day EVeRY DAY Holy masochistic charms With all of her native brilliance, she can t think of some way to avoid being raped daily to learn her craft, like learning it somewhere else where being raped isn t on the table Gee whiz.There are Arnold Schwarzenegger movies and there are Jackie Chan movies and then you ve got that zombie walking Chuck Norris Could any movie star imitate a piece of wood better than Chuck Well Hello Munroe Chuck Norris demonstrated emoting in his movies than anyone in these pages A dead animal has character than anyone living in these pages Not to mention motivation or logic.Emily, the victim who is supposed to need help, is a Stepford wife who has absolutely no interest in being rescued except when people tell her she should, at least for a minute There is the bad guy in Texas who doesn t want Emily found but he sends the world s best tracker after her instead of a hit squad, which would have been the logical thing Then there are the African towns, where young tourists are abused and threatened and beaten on their vacations, which is such fun that after many near death experiences and much hatred from the inhabitants the tourists study maps to find even dangerous African countries to party on in rather than go home to their parents I wish I could say this all was a satire, but it was written obviously as a serious thriller with a serious group of characters Despite the occasional and unintentional hilarious scenes, this is really such a bore to read.

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